Cattelan Italia Atlas Glass Coffee Table

The name Cattelan Italia has been around for 32 years now and whatever the brand creates, designs or manufactures is never short of winning laurels and awards. The latest offering from the brand recognized and revered worldwide is the Atlas Glass Coffee Table and the brand touts the product as Italian contemporary design at its aspirational best. It is a choice of special metals, glass marble, crystal and leather which make these products a near piece-of-art glorifying the interiors. This particular coffee table comes with a decorative steel base in anthracite, silver, white or black varnish.

Coffee tables are usually a decorative piece. So there are a lot of different designs when it comes to this furniture piece. People are no longer satisfied with a simple and plain design so they want more. Usually the most common choice is wood but there are also a lot of glass coffee table that seem to be very appreciated.  In this case the base is usually the focal point of attraction, since the glass in transparent.

This is just the case with this glass coffee table. It’s simple, except for the base. It’s also modern and has a sophisticated look. So it would make a great addition to any modern home that shares the same style.The Cattelan Italia Atlas Glass Coffee Table is priced at £635.

Lennegan & Marantz Reaches Southampton

There is great news for the natives of Southampton as the ever so famous Lennegan & Marantz has opened new 3,000 sq. ft. showroom in the Village of Southampton, New York. The brand is committed to offering the best of English craftsmanship in handmade upholstery, European and American antiques, vintage one of a kind pieces and home furnishings.

The beautiful showroom also offers furniture collections that vividly use simple and cool linens, mohair velvets, leather and a dash of vintage fabrics. The attempt is always to offers subtle home décor items that ooze with a luxurious feel. Belgian Art linens and contemporary art is also found aplenty in this showroom.

As you can see for yourselves from the pictures, there’s a variety of different elements presented here that could inspire you in case you’re redecorating your home. There’s also a mélange of styles. There are some vintage furniture pieces, that maintain that retro look, but still, with a modern touch. There are also some piece that are more modern and simple. I would say that the thing they all share in common is probably the elegance. I don’t see a lot of colors in there. There are many quiet tones like brown, beige, white and some yellow, all of them warm tones that give you a pleasant feeling.

Robert Cannon Creates Magic with Moss and Concrete

If you thought moss is something you should always get rid of, you need to see how Robert Cannon, a Yale graduate interested in Architecture, works his magic. Robert, a multi-award winning genius is able to create overwhelming sculptures with moss and concrete. These modern and aesthetic sculptures are capable of adding a unique touch to your garden or even the terrace. The images of the sculptures are good enough to confirm the great aesthetic value of these designs.

These pieces are really beautiful and interesting. They are art pieces. If I has the space for them I would definitely like to include them in my home design. My favorite piece would have to be the horse, mostly because I have a thing for horses. Although, it looks a little creepy with those holes in the eyes.  Each and every piece from this collection is unique and very beautiful.

This is not something that you see very often. It’s obvious that the one who created these pieces has a lot of talent. They would make a great addition to a beautiful garden. It’s a really unique collection and art lovers probably agree with me. I really don’t know what else to say about this collection other than it’s beautiful. It’s quite amazing how the creator managed to do this with nothing but concrete and moss. Actually that’s pretty clever, to use moss in the design, because it gives the sculptures an animated touch.

BC House by GLR Arquitectos is a Sustainable Solution

It is always good to have the topographical advantage of height while raising a structure and the BC House by GLR Arquitectos is a good example. Because of the height, the BC House enjoys excellent outdoor vistas like surrounding parks and hills. The house intends to evoke an image of lightness within a language of heavy and massive volumes.

The house has used unusual materials like black granite and the white exposed concrete to present an attractive color scheme, which also involves a green roof. Talk about a sustainable solution and you get a  house which endorses diverse systems of isolation- double walls with poliisocianurate, an ecological insulator, double windows with low emissivity glass, systems of pluvial water harvesting and gray water treatment for irrigation, solar paddles for pool heating and garden illumination and solar water heaters. What more could you ask for in a structure that adores sustainable energy like none other.

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“Plasma” Decorative Leather Benches

We always love all these design competitions because they present to us the picture of the evolving world. Plasma here for instance is a great innovation that even won a Design Award back in the year 2008. The name would have better suited an LED TV; nonetheless, we like what we get to see here. These decorative benches are available in three different sizes (in length) and the best part is that these benches can be altered in shape. It is for you to decide where the deepest portion of the bench will appear.

Benches are not a common furniture piece in apartments or homes. But when you think about it, they could be a very good solution. The only problem that remains is the space. Here is a collection of benches, three benches actually. They come in 3 different colors: white, red and black. They all have different shapes and sizes.

In a modern living room, this collection could look very good.  The pieces are simple and have an abstract shape but they are very beautiful, from my point of view. I would like to have these benches in my living room. They would solve a lot of problems, for example when guests come over and there are not enough seats. So it’s easier to have some benches. They are comfortable, beautiful and they can be easily stored away when not needed.

Sally Living Room Seating by In Mezzo

Living room seating, be it in any form, has to be comfortable at all times. Sally is a bright alternative for living room seating that can be adjusted depending on varied seating needs. Its two-piece version can be pushed together to make one elongated sofa set   or split apart to divide the seating into different sections.  This living room collection by In Mezzo has a frame constructed of beach wood filled with polyurethane stuffing and topped with memory foam cushions. This sitting arrangement is good both for utility and luxury purposes.

The living room is the most important room in the house because it’s the place where you spend most of your time. It’s where family members and friends gather to chat or to simply enjoy each other’s company. And in order to do that it’s obvious that you need a nice sofa. It has to be relatively big and also it has to be very comfortable. Also you’ll probably need some extra seats, because the sofa is usually not enough. So choosing the right furniture for the living room is never easy. Here are some suggestions that might help you in the process or decorating your living room.

These options are modern and also good-looking. More important than that, they are very comfortable. So choose wisely. Maybe these example will help, or maybe the answer is somewhere else.

Bamboo Flooring Pleases the Environmentalists

Bamboo flooring is a trend which is getting popular by the day and even the environmentalists tend to appreciate the trend. The flooring is suitable for any kind of surrounding given the versatility and the attractiveness it generates. The challenging part can be the installation of these floors as there are many techniques and elements involved. There are processes such as acclimation, moisture testing, and proper floor preparation involved in the technique of installation.

People don’t usually notice the floor when they walk into a place, unless of course it’s ugly. But it’s actually a very important aspect. It’s the base that starts the rest of the design. So it’s important to pay a lot of attention when choosing your flooring.

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