Spanish Baby Nursery Furniture from PortobelloStreet

PortobelloStreet is an Spanish company which is specialized in kids and baby furniture. Now, comes with a new collection of furniture and decorative accessories to bring your house more color. This new collection includes a large selection of decorative elements which can complete the decoration Room of the children.

The furniture we choose can make a simple and ordinary room that is boring into a very joyful and colorful place. All highly functional accessories that will delight moms and tremendously fun, it also will appeal to children.

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Fincube: Sustainable Architecture Project

German company Studio Aisslinger came up with an interesting and sustainable architecture project dubbed the Fincube. The company built Fincube at an altitude of 1200 meters near Bozen, Italy. The target was to come up with a low energy consuming structure with a minimal CO2 footprint.

The Fincube is as good as a small apartment with its 47 sq m area that mostly encompasses the living space. In general, the interior design is minimal and that is because this house can be dismantled and shifted to a different location at any given time yet, there are all modern amenities in this facility.

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Kowalewski Residence is a Contemporary Structure in a Rural Setting

The Kowalewski Residence located in the Atlantic Beach community was a distinct attempt by Belmont Freeman architects to insert a modern house into the village context in a way that the traditional surrounding architecture wasn’t disrespected. This is the reason why the house does not use zoning and it has a narrow face towards the street with a customary side driveway and a rear garage.

The 3600-squarefoot house has three floors where the ground floor has open rooms for casual living while the second floor is a hallway with four bedrooms and three baths. The top floor is for guests with a sun room, a suite and a large roof terrace that brings in a panoramic view of the ocean.
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Borek Sipek Offside Wenge Table Football for Skitsch

Foosball is quite the way of life in continents where football is followed as a religion. Here is an interesting table for those fanatics who cannot just manage without soccer. Dubbed the Offside Wenge Football Table and designed by Borek Sipek for brand Skitsch, this offering can function both as a foosball table and dining table.

The playing surface and the bars you see atop can be removed and hung on the wall like a painting.  For dining purposes, a wooden board can be used to transform it into a normal table and Skitsch is also offering a tempered glass table top with it.

Convertible table are quite popular these days. The most popular seems to be pool table or the poker table. But here’s another idea: the foosball table. It’s actually logic to turn a foosball table into a dining table, because the size and shape allow you to do that. It’s an easy process and it only takes a few second, maybe a minute. So you can have both functionality and fun in the same item. You can use it as a foosball table whenever you want and when dinner time comes, all you have to do is modify it a little and it’s done. It saves space and it’s a nice way of making two people happy.

The Sidewall Loft Clauwaert from Adn Architects

The Loft Clauwaert from And Architects was an attempt to furnish a 100 sqm space casco in a spirit loft with a very limited budget available. The architects wanted to preserve the crossing spaces and bring depth into the surroundings and hence all the technical and functional elements were inserted into a piece of furniture along the side wall.

The bathroom found its place in the middle of the loft. To close and open spaces, a large sliding door was placed over the entire width of the apartment. The room was eventually raised by an estrade.

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Blebleu Large Whirlpool Bathing Tub by Thais Art

A good bath should have an inviting bathtub that can bring home the experience of a trendy spa. The Whirlpool tub by Thais Art for Blubleu is a warm enough design to bring home the spa experience where two people can enjoy a serene bath experience. The square shaped Whirlpool tub is ideally suited for the minimalist and contemporary bathroom designs as it measures 235 by 215 cm. There are seat cushions and head rests to allow you sit back and relax while taking a warm water dip.

The tub is finished in rick teak enclosure and it comes with ample space to store some books, lotions and potions that together complete the ultimate spa experience. I like it when I see simple and modern bathroom features. That is a room that doesn’t need a lot of details. It’s supposed to be mainly functional. Of course, the aesthetic aspect can’t be neglected, so a combination between the two is the perfect choice. And this collection has it all. It’s simple, very functional and it has a nice modern look.

This collection is great because it manages to incorporated a lot of functional fixtures in the design. For example, the bathtub has many options, it’s large and very comfortable and here’s also that storage space incorporated in the design that allow to store some books or other things like shampoo, conditioner or other items in there. It would make a great addition to a modern bathroom. Just be careful to have enough space before purchasing it.

Sinus House by CEBRA Architects Denmark

The Sinus House located in Denmark and designed by CEBRA architects is a great example of how pleated facades can be used to let maximum sunlight into the house despite the potion of the sun. There are concave cuttings in the long side of the wing house which function as large reflectors of light.

The large glass surface cuttings have white opposing surfaces which function as shielded terraces. The cuttings on both sides of the house lets a person choose between the sun and the shade. The Sinus House has rooms which are arranged as independent boxes which together from a central area for the kitchen, family room and sitting room.  The bedroom is altogether an independent unit with an attached bathroom.
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