Attic Apartment With Rustic Charm And A Spacious Balcony

Situated on the 5th floor of a building which dates back to 1882, this attic apartment has all the ingredients of a perfect dream home. In total, it measures 87 square meters, 17 of which are occupied by the balcony. Attic apartments don’t usually have spacious balconies and this makes this particular apartment that much more special.

The attic was built in 2008 and the style chosen for the interior is a mix of rustic and modern. Simplicity defines each of the rooms. The living area has a corner fireplace which can’t possibly go unnoticed.

The wooden floor and the antique furniture make this space feel very charming and welcoming. The bedroom is all white and it too has a corner fireplace. The fireplace, like the walls and the furniture, is white and it has bronze accents that somewhat match the floor and bring in a subtle contrast.

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Bunnies and Chickens and Eggs, Oh My! (20 Ways to Prepare your Easter Table)

Whether you’re hosting the family’s Easter meal this year or you just want to spruce things up for spring, decorating a fresh and festive Easter table is always fun. There are so many options – classic springtime color schemes, classic Easter season items, and classic seasonal animals, to name a few. You can mix things up, turn classic décor into modern or casual or formal or whatever you need.

Whatever your dining dreams this Easter-time, check out these fantastic Easter table decoration examples for some inspiration.

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The Pros And Cons Of Having A TV Over The Fireplace

It’s so much easier nowadays to hang the TV on a wall instead of occupying floor space with a piece of furniture. If you also have a fireplace then you must have though at least once that hanging the TV over the fireplace could be a good idea. However, it’s difficult to decide. Both the pros and the cons of doing that are strong enough to let you doubt yourself.

The BIG PRO of displaying the TV over the fireplace is that you get to save space. The rest of the walls can be used to display artwork or for mounting furniture on. Also, since both the TV and the fireplace are focal points in any living room, putting them both on the same wall means that they’ll create a common focal point.

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Dipped in Lime: Monochromatic Rooms

Green is invigorating and it packs a punch without becoming over-the-top in dramatics or posh flavors. It’s down-home, yet trendy and versatile, even when the entire room has been saturated with lime tones. Lets take a peek at some rooms that have been dressed in this lively color, shall we? Here are some of our favorite green, monochromatic rooms. Get inspired!

1.Victorian, Trendy.

The ombre effect, mixed with Victorian pieces and trendy patterns, this green bedroom is infused with a lively attitude and a breath of fresh air. That’s what a bit of green can do.

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Choose Wood Accent Walls For A Warm And Eye-Catching Décor

Everyone knows wood always makes a room feel warm, cozy and inviting. Wood walls are what makes a cabin so beautiful and charming but they can also be incorporated in modern decors. A wood accent wall is an excellent idea for any type of décor. You can incorporate one into your bedroom’s design, into the living room, even in the kitchen.

Wood accent walls in the bedroom give you the opportunity to have matching furniture

by by Andrew Pogue

Wood accent walls look great just about anywhere and there are numerous ways in which you can include one into your home’s décor. For example, a bed wall covered in wood is an excellent idea for the bedroom. You’ll create a very calming and relaxing atmosphere and the texture of the wood complements any décor.

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DIY Shoe Organizer Designs – A Must-Have Piece In Any Home

If there’s one thing every entryway has that would be a shoe organizer. It’s a crucial piece because it allows you to have a well-organized, clean and neat entryway and to also have a practical way of storing all your shoes. If you’d rather not buy a shoe rack or if you can’t find the design you like, try instead to make it yourself. There are plenty of designs and ideas you can use.

PVC pipe shoe racks.

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Flexible And Modern Community Center In Shanghai Made Of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers introduce a whole new dimension to architecture as we know it. They are affordable and they allow for flexible and easy-to-build designs to be created. It’s why they are currently used in a variety of projects, from residential spaces to playhouses and public structures. A very interesting project in this sense was the Shanghai Gucun community center.

Designed by the architects from INCLUDED, the center was designed to be affordable, mobile, scalable and highly flexible.

It serves the marginalized migrants of Shanghai and it can be easily moved around with the community in case they are forced to move. The project was completed in 2013 and it used shipping containers donated by OOCL.

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