Modular Open Wine Buffet Finished in Mahogany

Built-in cabinetry for stacking wines has become a tad old-fashioned and the contemporary as well as the stylish alternative to the same is a modular open wine buffet. The buffet becomes all the more appealing when it is finished in Mahogany, hardwood and Mahogany veneers.

The buffet on view here from Pottery Barn includes a cabinet base and 2 wine grid bases and a single wine grid base holds 24 bottles. Also, each base has a breadboard pullout and a drawer for accessories. The wood swatches you see below are individually available for $25 each and are simple to assemble.
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Calligaris Seattle Storage Cupboard with Four Doors

Calligaris specializes in modern furniture which is very luxurious and yet very functional at the same time. Italian furniture seekers who look for clean lines and with elegant curves only look for a single moniker that reads Calligaris. One of the latest offering from the brand is the Seattle Storage Cupboards which are available in five different door finishes. Depending on what you prefer, a buyer can choose from high gloss white or black lacquer, glossy mahogany, walnut veneer and wenge stain.

Talk about frame finishes and you get the work done in glossy coffee, black or white lacquer or wenge stain. The doors simply work on the push-pull format and there are no handles. The shelves on the inside are adjustable to tree different height levels. This single luxurious cupboard bears a price tag of £1,279.

La Michetta Modular Blocks from Meritalia

La Michetta is a name of an inexpensive Milanese bread and the designer Meritalia seems to have drawn design inspiration from the same. These modular blocks may appear ordinary TOFU to you but these blocks offer the owner a chance to be the designer himself. Each block belongs to a mass produced unit but carries its own individual characteristic.

Each of the La Michetta block is made from polyurethane and fiber fill, and then upholstered in cotton. La Michetta offers you the ideal chance of getting creative with your living spaces and you surely require no designers diploma to get going.

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Calligaris Petals Rug is all About Style

We come up with brilliant surroundings but at times we forget that there are some luxurious frills’ for décor without which the job is half done. These Calligaris petals rugs fall into that category of luxurious décor items which give every surrounding that attractive edge. The brown acrylic rug is very contemporary and it features large white stylized flowers with oval petals.

The rug is all about clean lines and smooth elegant curves and importantly it uses advanced design materials which make it a pure design classic. The rug is capable of adding more value to you furniture as well and all that you will be required to shell to bring it home is £326.

Rugs are a little out of fashion. A lot of people don’t use them anymore because well, they don’t need them anymore. They were ok back in the old times when we didn’t have wooden floors or other types of floors and the image was not so pretty. But now they are no longer necessary. Still, some people still like to use.

The reason is either to protect the floors from scratching or stains, or either because they simply like them. Rugs also create a more intimate and cozy atmosphere. And some of them are really beautiful. Like these ones for example, the floral design is really beautiful. And the color combinations are also very inspired.

‘Day’ Living Room Design from Diotti A&F Italy

Living Rooms and spaces are the core living area in the house and therefore it is important that the designers work up their magic to come with a special living plan. ‘Day’ a living room design from Diotti A&F Italy is a good example of how the colors white and green can be used in a combination to make the living spaces more attractive.

The décor quality along with the availability of space makes this living area very very functional as well. The aim was to seek a blend of modernity and exclusivity and with ‘Day’ from Diotti A&F Italy, the same has been achieved.

Here are some very beautiful and modern living room design ideas. The shelves and storage pieces are really interesting and they are also very versatile. The cube-shaped wall feature is really interesting in terms of design and color.

It’s a very functional collection and it’s very functional as well. It allows you to use your imagination and creativity and create some really interesting images. The thing about these living room collections is that they are extremely simple, minimalist even, and they still manage to stand out and to look beautiful and attractive. The colors used are vibrant and beautiful. The combinations are equilibrated and the result is surprisingly great. The collection incorporates plenty of storage space and it’s no need for extra decorations because the furniture itself is decorative.

A Contemporary Home Blessed With Some Rustic Magic

At the first glimpse, the house on view above seems and ordinary one but as you run through the images, the rustic magic on view can surely captivate you. The white fireplace takes center stage predictably with the chimney design but, there are other traits which also draw you interest at the end of the day.

The re-worked kitchen with a stainless steel work area adds more value to the surrounding and what we also like is the dining space located next to the window. The rustic magic is a courtesy of the wooden finish that also grazes the bed-room which is spacious with ample storage space and an interesting choice of wallpaper.

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Amazing Pink Girls Bedroom Ideas With Indoor Tree

Here is an amazing pink girls bedroom design idea appeal to small children. The best part of these theme is the indoor tree with life-size leaves, birdhouses, lamps in the shape of flowers, mushrooms, a bean stock, they are all here creating a fantastic environment. As you can observe pink is the main color used and made a grate combination with the rest elements. In a kids room everything should be eye-catching and original: the shelves, the bed-stairs, the lockers.

Kids usually like the same things: colors, fun shapes and features, playful pieces and interesting and fun patterns. So their rooms are probably the most difficult to decorate. The parents need to be sure that the room is safe and child-friendly, with functional and easy to use pieces and with a beautiful theme. And the kids just want it to be pretty. So it’s not always easy to put all these characteristics together.

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