Bar Blocks for making the kitchen big

If someone is on the lookout for modifying their kitchen then there is no better alternative than an Integrated Bar block made by Henrybuilt which is an additional free standing piece on a kitchen. Now this is the best way to make an elaborate kitchen utilizing the space properly. These bar blocks are equipped with storage sections like a drawer, spice jar storage and many other storage spaces.

It’s a very good choice for apartments that have small kitchens. This single piece of furniture can instantly make your life easier and your kitchen practical and functional. It’s a simple-looking piece but when you open it up the surprise is revealed. There are plenty of storage spaces, of different shapes and sizes for all the items, utensils and fixtures you usually need in the kitchen.

Your kitchen will not only look elegant and beautiful, but it will also seem bigger because this single piece makes useless all the other cabinets. So you can save a lot of space and in additional you get plenty of storage space. It’s a great deal. So if you have a small kitchen and you’re having trouble organizing your space, consider buying one of these beauties. It will definitely make your life easier. It’s available in lighter or darker color tones, so you can also match it with the rest of your furniture.

Umarmung floor chair

This most modern design can inspire anyone around the world as this floor level chair called the “Umarmung” launches in the market. This new concept is based on the ancient culture in Japan, that is sitting on the floor. This furniture is also known as the floor-sitting couch. It is more of a backrest that supports the body than a chair.

This unusual furniture piece is very versatile, this meaning that it can be placed anywhere in the house, in the living room, bedroom, hallway, even kitchen and it also has a shape that allow you to sit in various positions and still be comfortable. The design is very simple and it has a very fluid shape that seems to confound with the environment.

It’s exactly the fluid and organic shape that allows you to adopt many sitting positions. It’s a very comfortable furniture piece, or at least it seems to be this way. The concept is very interesting and the result seems to be satisfying as well. This sofa, if it can be called like this, would look nice in a modern or contemporary home, one that shares the same style and curved lines. However, even if in the description are presented many different sitting positions, I don’t really find them as comfortable as they would be on a more traditional-shapes sofa. But this is just a presupposition.{found on yankodesign}

Countryside Palatial House With Amazing Architecture

With two houses separated as living and socializing areas, this breathtaking house with a progressive architecture made of timber was designed by Slovenian firm Superform. The house which has a massive monolithic form uses timber and stone in the bedrooms, bathrooms and the living rooms.

The socializing area of the house looks like a boat and is made of glass, steel and wood. The windows are constructed with wood as well. Surrounded by an immediate green verandah and the view of mountains, the house completely blends into the countryside with its wooden frame and astonishing shape. White sofas in a living room with large slanting roofs lined with glass windows, give the house a palatial look from the interior.

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Replace a traditional candle light dinner

Forget about traditional candle light dinners now and switch to a dinner around this highly stylish and modern Firefly table by Vuk Dragovic. These tables are intended especially for outdoor cafes and other eating-places, which are outdoor. This table replaces the traditional candle with a solar lamp for illuminating the space. The lamp, which is placed in the centre, emits a soft and soothing light that makes the atmosphere romantic.

It’s a very ingenious idea and the actual table looks very good as well. It’s a very good idea to include the lighting system directly into the table’s design. This way it doesn’t bother anyone and you don’t have to worry about the wind or anything else that might turn it off. The candles, if they can be called like this, work with solar power. So it’s a very economical system that also looks good.

Because it uses solar power, the table was designed for outdoor use. These cute and elegant tables would be a very good choice for a terrace, a coffee place or a bar. They have a modern shape and design and the innovative lighting system would be a very attractive fixture. When they are not working, they don’t bother anybody, but when lighted, they create a very romantic and beautiful atmosphere. It’s the modern version of the candle light dinner.

Nature inspired set of furniture

Tree & glass is another set of nature inspired set of furniture comprising of innovative tables and chairs. It’s from the popular designer Yuanbio Jin. The work done by him is truly amazing as he manages to blend glass with the branches of trees to make the table as well as the chairs look completely natural and innovative. The branches are very strong to hold the weight of the glass.

A lot of people love nature and don’t get to spend much time admiring it. So they are constantly trying to incorporate nature-inspired elements in their home décor. There are a lot of pieces like this, for example tree-shaped bookcases, or flower-shaped chairs and all sorts of ideas.

So here’s a collection that does exactly that. It’s a set formed from a coffee table and a chair that both share a very interesting design with curved lines and s very ingenious shape. But the real innovations are the decorative elements inspired by nature. The chair has a tree-like shape incorporated into the design which makes it look spectacular. The chairs are available in various color tones, including the transparent version. So if you think that your home would need some changes, maybe you should take into consideration just adding some interesting elements, like this beautiful collection for example.

Cool and Bright chairs with an added advantage

The designer, Joana Fernandez, makes these innovative seats and she named this beauty as A.L. The chair has a unique and catchy shape, which will be liked by everyone. The most important advantage of this type of chair is that it can be put in any way and still makes it possible for people to sit on them. The other thing is the bright colors in which these chairs are available.

So as you can see, this is a very versatile piece of furniture that can be used in many different positions and still be functional and comfortable. Of course, the classic position presented in the pictures is probably the best choice. But still, the fact that it has that quality makes it special and interesting. The chair comes in many different color tones, all of them being very bright and vibrant. The chair has curved and soft lines and this also makes it child-friendly, along with the attractive colors.

It’s not a very elegant furniture piece. But instead it’s a very fun and colorful one, that would make a great addition to a modern or contemporary home. The chairs can be used as seats at the dinner table and they can also be placed outside because they are made from durable and resilient materials. Pick a color or combine them.

A seat that looks like bike chain

These are truly splendid and innovative sets of furniture inspired by bike’s chains. The designer of this highly smart seat got inspiration for making this one when he was at the popular “Tour de France.” That is how he decided make furniture, which is inspired by cycling. The seat cushions for this one is made of high-density molded foam and the structure is made of chromed stainless steel.

This is a very interesting and clever idea. It’s always interesting to see what the designers can come up with in terms of new designs. And as we can see here, the inspiration is everywhere, you just have to be attentive and to know how to materialize it. This chair is the perfect example. It has a shape that has been inspired by the bike’s chain. It actually reproduces this design on a larger scale and using different materials.

The stainless steel structure provides a solid and durable base that can support a lot of weight and the soft cushions are the perfect choice for this design. It’s a very interesting chair, with an innovative shape. But more than that, it’s also very comfortable, which is not something you can say about all the new creations that have such an interesting design. So if you’re searching for something new and different for your home, and if you like cycling, this chair could be the one for you.

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