Clover House made Katsuhiro Miyamoto & Associates Dig Deep

Clover houses usually follow a pattern where under-ground or excavated dwelling is an important part to give the house its eventual form. This one on view located in Japan made the Katsuhiro Miyamoto & Associates dig deep to excavate a housing land development ground and the existing retaining wall.

This helped them to create double height in the basement. To add to the basement, a flat glass box was layered on the ground in order to accommodate the living spaces. There are also some laterally excavated spaces in this house which gives it the look of Yaodong, a traditional Chinese underground house. Also, there are three loft alcoves on the ground level which are all bedrooms.

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Strick House by Legendary Brazilian Modernist Oscar Niemeyer

Oscar Niemeyer is a name famous for designing the architect of the capital city Brasília. Hailing from Brazil, his only major work in the US was the Strick House which he designed for film director Joseph Strick and his wife in 1963. Not many recognize this Santa Monica house as his genius because Oscar was banned in the US for his leftist associations.

The house that adores a T-shape plan was deprived of fame until Michael and Gabrielle Boyd bought the famous house. The single-story dwelling gets a flat roof and a row of tall narrow exposed rafters cover the entire roof in a serrated pattern. The house is sheathed using glass, brick, and stucco.

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Elysium 169 House in Noosa, Queensland, Australia

BVN Architecture has finished a generous and open house in Noosa, Queensland, Australia and this house duly celebrates its wonderful location on the edge of an environmental park that overlooks Lake Weyba. It is dubbed the Elysium 169 House and the name is so unique because it is a part of the 189 house Elysium Noosa development.

The house oozes with contemporary elegance thanks to the combined effect of whitewashed walls and deeply carved recesses along with the timber screens that have a softening effect. The arrangement of the house has been carefully planned to enable a sense of openness and connectivity.

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Magis Voido Rocking Chair Deserves a Space in your Living Room

If there is ever a living room that can be dubbed comfortable, this magis voido rocking chair deserves a space in that area. Nothing is more comfortable than to sway on a rocking chair after a hectic days work. With magis voido rocking chair you are guaranteed of comfort like never before. It is a novel twist on domestic design embracing the creativity of global designers coupled with the technological sophistication of the modern times.

The rocking chair is finished using polyethylene and is offered in five matt colors. This same matt finish makes the rocking chair a durable option for outdoor use as well. It ships for £413.

This is the modern version of grandma’s rocking chair. I like a lot the curved lines and the overall design. It looks very comfortable. I can even picture myself sitting in that chair, relaxing, thinking about peaceful things, feeling every muscle in my body relax. I think I would eventually fall asleep in there.

There are three color options for this chair. There’s the black one, with a lustrous finish, the white one and, my personal favorite, the red one, with a mat finish. It would look great in a modern home. I think it could also be sued outside in a protected area. The price seems a little high, but all good things in life come with a price.

Calligaris Baroque Sofa by Stefano Cavazzana

If you are looking for a luxurious sofa finished in fabric or leather and with polish chrome feet, you needn’t look beyond the Calligaris Relax. This sofa has been designed by Stefano Cavazzana and it is also dubbed the Calligaris Baroque Sofa. The seating arrangement is ideal for 3-people be it in your living room or the office reception. This sofa is the essence of taste, function form and beauty which brags of smooth elegant curves and clean lines. The three-seater arrangement will cost you £2,087 and gets whipped within six to eight weeks.

This is a very elegant sofa. It has that precious look that makes it too beautiful to seat on. It’s almost an art piece. I would feel sorry every time I would have to seat on that sofa. The design it has is modern, a little asymmetrical, but most of all very beautiful and sophisticated. It would look wonderful in a living room sharing the same style and characteristics.

Also, it’s a very comfortable furniture piece. I like the little pointy feet, they look very nice and they go very well with the rest of the design. I would say this sofa would look very beautiful in a modern and simple living room, probably one that has contrastive color tones, like black. As you can see, the sofa has a very beautiful tone of beige, a really soft color.

Family House with Large Glazings Shuns a Typical Garage

If you are an ardent car collector and have the enthusiasm to the limit where you take your cars to an in-house garage, consider this. This family house with large glazings is as good as any modern contemporary house but what makes it different is its unique form factor which will appeal most to the car lovers.

This house does not have a dedicated garage or an in-house facility. The shape of the very house made for a single family in the city of Utri, the District of Klaipeda in Lithuani is good enough to please car lovers. One of the wings of the structure rises above the ground and that automatically creates a place for cars also offering them protection from weather.

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Modular Holiday Home on Pekapeka Beach New Zealand

You must have seen numerous modular holiday homes in your lifetime but architects tend to remember a design that is a unique in any sense. This modern holiday home on view here is discreet because of the architectural character and the economy which is something the modern architects seek desperately.

The building adorns a rectangular form which is divided into three parts including two bedrooms in the corners and the living space in between. From the living room, this design pattern gets the hills on the east and the sea to the west.

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