A Lovely Grey House in Paddington Sydney

Being in Australia is always a pleasure for such is the beauty of the country and just in case one intends to own a house there, Paddington in Sydney can be an ideal location. The only requirement is that you will need a hefty amount of money to be an owner of a beautiful house here. Check for instance this grey one here that is uber stylish and very private at the same time. It is a lovely accommodation that also incorporates an attractive poolside and a very useful sunroom where you can relax in your weekends.

It’s a very beautiful and modern house. It has a very nice design, both in terms of exterior design as well as of interior décor. Every room as specific look, a different atmosphere and décor.

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Latest Elica Hood Ventilation Designs are Mesmerizing

Elica is one brand which has relentlessly offered stylish kitchen ventilation hoods like no on else does. The brands keeps updating its lineage from time to time and it has now outed a fresh lineage of hoods that will make your kitchen look like no ordinary place. We just admire the unusually shaped variety of hoods from this brand which are good enough to match any kind of kitchen décor.

The latest designs include the Island vent hood with a soft open shape, Feel, Telescopic Wizard, Skin, Eywa, Seagull, Cloud Nine (ceiling ventilation), Alba, Butler, Air4Ear, Pure Wave and Pure Ola. There is so much variety to choose from and each design is distinctly mesmerizing.

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Jacobson Residence in Los Angeles Pleases Eco Buffs

Houses that offer great sustainable solutions are always appreciated in the present context where the earth is doomed because of the global warming. One such effort is the Jacobson Residence which is located in Los Angeles.

The house pleases the ecology lovers as it has been highly rated by Build It Green and Energy Star as it offers solutions like rain water collection, uses eco friendly materials for construction and allows a lot natural ventilation.  Finished by Wick Architecture, this 4,000 sq ft eco residence also allows for a lot of natural light through huge windows.

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Hangzhou Sports Park is a Beautiful Flower-Shaped Stadium in China

The last Olympics held in China left the country with many beautiful sports parks but even after the event has long been over, the country continues to develop furthermore on this count. The latest park being developed replicates the shape of a gigantic-flower and this will be the largest sports park in China with an Olympic-size stadium also incorporated in the design.

Dubbed the Hangzhou Sports Park, this 400,000 sq meter project will hopefully be completed by 2013. Located on the Qian Tang riverfront, it is designed to function as a sustainable public park amidst the surrounding urban development.{inhabitatand WAN}

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Hill End EcoHouse in Brisbane Australia

Architecture firms across the globe need to think like Queensland-based Riddel Architecture, to really save the planet from any further damage.  The firm has finished a beautiful high-end private residence dubbed the Hill End Ecohouse in Brisbane, Australia. What makes this structure special is the fact that it has been made entirely out of the house it replaces.

The house has been made from recycled materials bringing into use 80%of the material salvaged from the 1930’s structure that earlier occupied the site. What is more is that the house has managed to secure a six-star energy efficiency rating and that it manages without comprising on the aesthetic beauty of the structure.

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Vynebar Vertical Wine Rack Breaks the Monotony

We are tired of seeing those customary wine racks and therefore the Vynebar comes across as a real novelty. It is one of those items that can make it to every house where people intend to store a standard collection of a maximum of 8 bottles. It can effectively make it to modern homes as the Vynebar is comparatively smaller and is yet easy to install.

The Vynebar is ideal for a wasted space in the house and it is an attractive solution to display your smallish wine collection. Depending on what you prefer, the Vynebar is available in 18 different colors and finishes and if you insist, it can even include custom engraving as well. All available colors are formed of anodized aluminum so the fading isn’t really a problem with the Vineyard. The 4-bottle variant costs $40 while the 8-bottle option retails for $60.

This is an interesting idea. It’s certainly something different that the usual wine racks. But the change is so minuscule and basic that it makes you think how come we didn’t think of this before. I don’t know if this is necessarily a better design, but it’s a different one. It’s probably a little more unpractical than the usual one, but it’s a more interesting one when you look at it. Anyway, the number of different colors and finishes offer you many options so this is a plus.

Eels Lake Residence Canada from Altius Architecture

Living by the lake is an ultimate experience but it is a feat that cannot be achieved unless the dwelling you choose to reside in is capable of handling the weather changes. The Eels Lake Residence located in Ontario Canada and finished by Altius Architecture is the kind of dwelling you require to manage the feat. The dwelling draws its inspiration from the Southern Ontario cottaging tradition but is good enough to be used whole year long, unlike the cottages which are occasional dwellings.

The very base of this structure is a solid sustainable foundation while an efficient steel and engineered wood structure allows a delicate glazed skin to wrap the main volume of the structure. This is one of those projects which proves that green technology is a viable mainstream construction option.

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