Atelier AM Interior Designers Break the Monotony

The contemporary interior designers and architects have become pretty predictable and monotonous with heir design patterns. Most of the times, the attempt is to come up with a trendy surrounding that please the eye more than pleasing the soul. Their design patterns clearly aim to define the traditional from the modern. Atelier comprising Alexandra and Michael Misczynski is one brand looking to break that monotony.

This unit believes in the timelessness of design, which will neither be traditional nor be modern, yet it will appeal to the soul. They have an authenticity in creating their own patterns which aren’t really inspired by some previously seen designs. They aim to make a surrounding comfortable, a surrounding that should have a global vibe.

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Satiya House Refurbished to Accommodate a Larger Family

The Satiya House was originally a 100 sqm facility sitting good for 30 long years until now when the client demanded an extension of the house to over 350sqm. Transformation was obviously a part of the project as the house was to now gain a contemporary form.

From the outside, the house had to maintain continuity with the neighborhood and hence an inclined roof, black tiles and white painted bricks were a direct choice for materials. The entrance of the new structure was defined by the street front while the exterior and interior volume includes a set of diagonals that open up living spaces.

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Haus M is the house winding up the slope

Sometimes the very nature of the property is the factor that brings up uniquely shaped structures that are a real eye candy. The Haus M by Titus Bernhard Architekten is a prime example of a structure that is uniquely shaped just because of north-facing slope of the property.

The Architects had to negotiate the slope by raising two stories to reach the flat garden level and hence they call it the ‘house winding up the slope’. The complex geometry of the house was however not a hindrance in dividing the house into zones. Lighting was also given lot of importance as lateral light is allowed from the south and the east while overhead light creeps in from the north and east sections.

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The Met Hotel in Thessaloniki Greece is for the Elite

The one thing money can buy you is luxury, and that is what you need, to be at places like the recently opened Met Hotel in Thessaloniki. Meant for the elite, the hotel comprises of a generous 212 guest rooms and amenities like a spa, VIP Lounges, Conference rooms, Gourmet Restaurants and atmospheric bars.

While the lobby and the reception area is extremely inviting and open, you get a sense of overwhelming class inside the twin restaurants that differentiate public from private.  Even the corridors leading to the bedrooms are warm and inviting thanks to the structural wood panel forms. The bedrooms get obviously better in the presence of wood, lacquer and glazing. I’ll spare you now to admire the images all by yourself.

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Ross Street Residence in Melbourne Defines Modern Architecture at its Best

Modern architects try to ensure that the there is a linkage and a constant fluidity of movement between an exterior and the interior part of a house. The Ross Street Residence located in Melbourne depicts the highest level of that consistency demanded by clients of our era. The architects have used frameless glass windows to create that kind of linkage which brings the outside in and takes the inside out despite the confined nature of the site.

The house uses timber, zinc and concrete for structure which is a unique choice in itself. It is appreciable that a person can move from one room to another with minimum obstruction and that opens a lot of living area inside the house, making it more spacious.

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Futuristic Minimalist Furniture from Boxetti

Modern furniture should suit the need of people who keep shifting their bases owing to work requirements and the minimalist furniture from Boxetti meets this criterion perfectly. It is dubbed minimalist because it requires minimum amount of space in your living area yet, it is highly functional with the amount of drawers and cupboards it holds in a single unit.

The entire furniture gives you that ‘inside the spacecraft’ kind of feel by adoring solid white geometrical shapes. It is always easy to move around with such furniture options rather than having to transport those bulky wooden pieces.

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Loft Hamburg from Graft Adds Modernity to Your Interiors

Modern Lofts have the potential to change the appearance as well as the utility of a house and the Hamburg Loft from GRAFT for client Vanessa Kullmann tells us exactly why Lofts can work their magic.

This Hamburg Loft has added everything to the house making good use of the space by accommodating a wood veneer kitchen, a half bath and some built-in shelves whose surfaces blend immaculately into the wall angles. The loft cost the client $200,000 but it’s worth the price given the warmth this loft adds by using materials like stone and wood.

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