Neff FlexInduction Hobs Make Cooking a Pleasure

Having the right equipment is crucial for any kitchen. The hob or hot plate or however else you want to call it is one of the most important elements. Induction hobs have proven to be very efficient. They direct the heat directly into the pot and nothing is wasted. This design was revolutionary so imagining how it can be improved is not easy. The Neff T44T43N0 FlexInduction however got our attention.

The Neff hob makes cooking significantly easier. It offers great flexibility by using an enlarged single zone that heats pans of any size that are positioned anywhere within it. This gives you better control over cooking requirements and more freedom when placing the pots and pans. The hob is divided into two different cooking zones. They are connected via a sensor button.

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Fokas Fiber Tech Furniture with Changing Color Fibers

I have always loved the chameleon for its unique ability to change its body colors and now even contemporary furnishings are looking to replicate that ability. At the Milan Furniture Fair, the Fokas Fiber showroom showcased a unique kind of tech furniture that could change colors just like the chameleon does.

These changing colors were embedded in the furniture itself and that made the Fokas Fiber corner a great attraction at the fest. Everything from the sofas to the carpets and even the chairs were changing colors at the Fokas counter courtesy of the fiber optics technology. Fokas mind you, is no ordinary name and the Greek company has been on the  job for the last 35 years innovating creative furnishings.

It’s a very interesting and revolutionary idea. It’s a new way of making your home attractive and fun. Technology is constantly working to make our lives easier, but sometimes it just makes it more fun and interesting. It might be annoying when you’re trying to hide somewhere, because you just can’t do that anymore. So the kids might not like that. But other than that it’s a really great invention. I’m sure a lot of people would love to turn their home into an experiment with these revolutionary pieces, but this might have to wait because the price is not that friendly.

Rain Drum Inspired Metal Drum Accent Table

This table on view here is something that can please both the traditional and the contemporary furnishing admirers as it is a cast-aluminum version of the age-old rain drums which were ever so famous in Asia. Dubbed the Metal Drum Accent Table its features a traditional relief pattern and though it is made of aluminum, the table is finished in antique-bronze. Crafted in Thailand this Metal Drum Accent Table is ideal both for indoor and outdoor use and it adds up to the aesthetic value of a surrounding courtesy of the smooth concentric patterns.

Despite the fact that it has a robust and heavy shape, it’s a quite interesting piece. Accent tables are usually interesting in terms of form, shape and details. So this is not something new. What is new is not the shape, but the fact that it was incorporated into a table’s design.

I would say this is an original piece. It’s also very versatile and it takes little space so it’s great for both small or big apartments or houses. Also it’s versatile in terms of style. So it would make a great addition to either a vintage home or a more modern one. It’s would be a very interesting piece and it also has some very beautiful details. Just make sure you don’t place it on a leaning space because it might fall.

Tonelli Naked Chair Finished in Leather and Glass

Glass has always held a special place in furnishings and this time we are witnessing the use of glass in a chair unlike usual times where we talk about glass tables. The Tonelli chair is actually a combination of leather and glass and it is a new concept in glass design, which is a consequence of a deep and lasting passion for research and experimentation for Tonelli.

This is a striking contemporary design where an armchair gets a black or white adjustable seat balanced between toughened glass sides. The opening in the sides forms comfortable armrests. The Tonelli glass arm chair costs £2,650 and gets shipped within 8 weeks.

I honestly don’t like anything about this chair. The idea of creating a chair from a combination of glass and other materials is not bad but the result is not positive at all. Even without the glass features, this chair would still be extremely ugly.  Plus, it’s not comfortable, it’s not functional and it takes quite a lot of space. So I’m sorry if this is offending, but the long time of experimentation was for nothing. With a few adjustments it could look better, and as for the comfort issue, I like the adjustable seat idea. But the design and the shape have to be changed. Maybe some people disagree with me, and that’s ok, it’s just an opinion.

Acido Dorado: A Golden House with Golden Interiors

You are making it a habit here on homedit to read about a rarity every damn day and we are not in the mood to disappoint you today. Today you get to witness Acido Dorado, a golden house that is a mirage and it is located in the Southern California desert.

Designed by LA-based architect Robert Stone,Acido Dorado features a sloped roof and a tinted glass grid among steel ironwork that distinguishes the house giving it a purely golden look on the sandy landscape. What is great is that the inside of this abstract house is also finished in a simple palatte of white which again shimmers in the golden hues. A large heart figure set into the glass at the front endorses this house with a rare stamp.

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Tim Baute Inspires with his SevenUp Chandelier

Chandeliers are of great aesthetic value and they always are a style statement in any surrounding but they sometimes commit the crime of weighing down your roof. This is where the SevenUp project from Tim Baute chooses to be different. Tim has an affinity for materials that are unconventional and it is because of this reason that the SevenUp is light, smart and obviously very nice to look at.

As the name depicts, SevenUp has seven arms and each of the seven arms holds a 5 watt light bulb through a fine steel cable. These cables are then attached to a light structure at the ceiling, aligning them in a manner that gives the chandelier a classical and lovely form.

2010 Karbon Bathroom Faucets from Kohler

Kohler is ready to invade your bath again and this time it is offering the 2010 lineage of bathroom faucets from the Karbon collection. As Kohler puts it, the Karbon 2010 bathroom faucets are made for fashion as wells as function and these faucets are modeled after the company’s successful kitchen faucet line. All these faucet designs get multiple moving joints that interestingly let you manipulate the faucet and lock it in any position. You will surely not have to think about the cost as this lineage is meant for people who relish custom fittings and do not care about the price.

I like it when I see simple and modern bathroom features. That is a room that doesn’t need a lot of details. It’s supposed to be mainly functional. Of course, the aesthetic aspect can’t be neglected, so a combination between the two is the perfect choice. And this collection has it all. It’s simple, very functional and it has a nice modern look.

These faucets have a very interesting design with beautiful details sculpted on the surface. They are definitely modern and would look great in a bathroom that shares the same style. It’s a shame that not many people pay attention to these details. The bathroom in an important room of the house and should be treated this way.

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