Trendy Stump Stools from Cumulus Project

What is trendy is always in demand and I have mentioned numerous times that the customary furniture isn’t just good enough to spice up your living any more. You need itineraries like the Stump Stool from Cumulus Project to work up some magic. Stump Stools are made from wood harvested from fallen maple trees on the forest floor in Storm Bay, BC. Since the material used comes from fallen trees, it is nothing that the environmentalists will feel offended about. Talk about the upholstery and CP has used white leather and copper tacks over sustainably-harvested-latex foam.

These stools remain slightly off the floor which is a courtesy of their small and almost invisible feet. These stools are ideal for indoor use or the covered outdoors.

F.A.C.E Custom made Rugs from Loophouse

Custom made rugs from Loophouse have been ever so popular in the past and here is the brand again with its latest F.A.C.E collection of rugs. Loophouse has hired a number of designers who hail from various disciplines to compile the collection that aims to make the living spaces more aesthetic.

Be it the Darn Tootin, Barking Mad, Soft Spot or the Dash Away, you will need one of these rugs for sure if you understand what home décor is all about. You seldom come across so much variety being offered in a single collection and here is your opportunity to make your surroundings look all the more special.

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Attractive Bed Linen from Bontempi Casa King and Calligaris

If you think it is time to bring home some fresh and trendier looking bed linen, Bontempi Casa King and Calligaris have some wonderful bed furnishings ready to please your style penchant. Bontempi Casa King in particular whole heartedly wants your bed furnishings to be revamped from the core and there is a new lineage being offered which is beyond exemplary even when you look at all these images.

The most expensive one is the £533 ivory bed linen set from Bontempi while the most affordable one is the Calligaris summer double bed linen set which is modestly priced at £124.

The bedroom, as I see it, is the most important room in the house. And the most important piece of furniture from that room is the bed, which is obvious. So it’s very important to have a very comfortable bed, in order to be able to enjoy a relaxing night. But for that the bed is not sufficient.

You’ll also be needing the accessories like pillows and blankets, and of course a linen set. It’s important that every detail and element to be perfect, because everyone needs its sleep. I particularly pay a lot of attention to that because I like to sleep a lot. So the bed should be comfortable, starting with the mattress, the pillows and the bed linen set. Take a look a these examples and you’ll se why they are so complimented.

Christophe Pillet Designed Saint Tropez Lounge Chair

When it is Christophe Pillet working his magic on something, you can be rest assured of the quality and the style statement. Pillet has finished the Saint Tropez Lounge Chair for brand Porro (at the Salone del Mobile) and the creative item was a considerable attention grabber at the Milan Furniture Fair 2010.

Even in the simplest and neatest forms, this lounge chair is so much of an attraction and that is what Pillet brings to the table. The chair has a lovely low slung suspended seat and what makes it simple are the airy minimal lines of the base. Drag it into the sun, poolside, and have yourself a truly St. Tropez moment within your own vicinity.

I really really like this piece. It’s so simple and yet so beautiful and elegant. I like everything about it. The wooden legs, the way they cross together, the seat, the color, everything is beautiful. It’s a modern design that would look great in a home that shares the same style. Also, I’m sure it’s a very comfortable chair as well. If I were you I would definitely buy one of these. In fact you could even buy multiple items to form a collection. You can choose the same color or alternate the color tones for a little contrast. These chairs could be used both indoors and outdoors, as long as it’s in a protected area.

Lego Inspired Home Furnishings are Trendy

Lego is one phenomenon that a person can never get rid of at least till the time he is young and the passion for Lego is now touching new heights. It is not just limited to creating one off surreal Lego structures, but the design is now gone mainstream with Lego inspiring the home furnishings.

There are the Lunablocks which give Lego the form of a coffee table and even a console table and then there is the Lego Chandelier which has been designed by John Harrington. Another home furnishing item is the Lego LED Lamp which is an ED illuminated acrylic block lamp from Taiwan’s 25togo. Lego is something which lets a child explore his creative potentials and rightfully, the theme deserves to be an inspiration for home furnishings.

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‘Vision’ Free Standing Sink from Rapsel

Those amazing sinks from numerous famous brands add a lot of oomph to your bathroom surroundings but here is something which is utterly novel. The Vision free standing sink from Rapsel is the coolest integration your bathroom can ever get and it is way more stylish and trendy than any of your branded sinks you have already affixed.

Brand Rapsel has smartly brought to use Alicrite material and has clubbed it with internal lighting for that glittering effect. Just to ensure that the magic aspect of the Vision sink is at its best, you will need to light up your bathroom a tad moderately. This amazing sink is priced at £4,277.00, which is fair enough as such exclusivity never comes cheap.

I like it when I see simple and modern bathroom features. That is a room that doesn’t need a lot of details. It’s supposed to be mainly functional. Of course, the aesthetic aspect can’t be neglected, so a combination between the two is the perfect choice. And this collection has it all. It’s simple, very functional and it has a nice modern look.

These sinks are really special. They have a very beautiful and sophisticated appearance. I like the pattern and I think they would look very beautiful and interesting in a modern bathroom. Maybe you don’t need two sinks so you can just choose to purchase one.

Angelo Mangiarotti Designed Multiuse for Agape Casa

Agape Casa is offering the ideal furniture piece for modern individuals who look for items that offer ample storage and can be easily transported. Angelo Mangiarotti is the creative brain behind this effective and useful furniture piece and he has designed this item for the respected brand Agape Casa.

It is in the most simplest of terms a furnishing piece that features a structure in which seamless horizontal planes hold up the vertical elements and these are fitted with extruded aluminum cross-beams. This kind of setting allows the front doors to slide easily. There couldn’t have been a better name for this furnishing than ‘multi-use’ as it can be used as a multiple drawer rack or even as a simple table.

This is an interesting design for a furniture piece. It looks very functional but still, I have the feeling that there’s something missing. It’s a great storage space where you can hide your things. And there are those lateral spaces where you can also place some decorations, maybe even books. And on top you can even place a small tv. This is a very versatile furniture piece. It can be placed in the bedroom, and in this case you can store in there your clothes, or your other personal things. And you can also choose to place it in the living room. As you can see from the pictures, there are a lot of different color combinations for you to choose from.

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