Calligaris Baroque Sofa by Stefano Cavazzana

If you are looking for a luxurious sofa finished in fabric or leather and with polish chrome feet, you needn’t look beyond the Calligaris Relax. This sofa has been designed by Stefano Cavazzana and it is also dubbed the Calligaris Baroque Sofa. The seating arrangement is ideal for 3-people be it in your living room or the office reception. This sofa is the essence of taste, function form and beauty which brags of smooth elegant curves and clean lines. The three-seater arrangement will cost you £2,087 and gets whipped within six to eight weeks.

This is a very elegant sofa. It has that precious look that makes it too beautiful to seat on. It’s almost an art piece. I would feel sorry every time I would have to seat on that sofa. The design it has is modern, a little asymmetrical, but most of all very beautiful and sophisticated. It would look wonderful in a living room sharing the same style and characteristics.

Also, it’s a very comfortable furniture piece. I like the little pointy feet, they look very nice and they go very well with the rest of the design. I would say this sofa would look very beautiful in a modern and simple living room, probably one that has contrastive color tones, like black. As you can see, the sofa has a very beautiful tone of beige, a really soft color.

Family House with Large Glazings Shuns a Typical Garage

If you are an ardent car collector and have the enthusiasm to the limit where you take your cars to an in-house garage, consider this. This family house with large glazings is as good as any modern contemporary house but what makes it different is its unique form factor which will appeal most to the car lovers.

This house does not have a dedicated garage or an in-house facility. The shape of the very house made for a single family in the city of Utri, the District of Klaipeda in Lithuani is good enough to please car lovers. One of the wings of the structure rises above the ground and that automatically creates a place for cars also offering them protection from weather.

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Modular Holiday Home on Pekapeka Beach New Zealand

You must have seen numerous modular holiday homes in your lifetime but architects tend to remember a design that is a unique in any sense. This modern holiday home on view here is discreet because of the architectural character and the economy which is something the modern architects seek desperately.

The building adorns a rectangular form which is divided into three parts including two bedrooms in the corners and the living space in between. From the living room, this design pattern gets the hills on the east and the sea to the west.

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Modern Swing Pendant Light by Monochro Design Studio

Even the smallest apartment has several rooms in need of lighting and most modern family houses have a minimum of ten interior spaces, not to mention the external areas that need illuminating. This can be a decorating heaven or hell, depending on how interested you are in lighting up your life, or at least: your special space.

This year at SaloneSatellite show in Milan, was revealed a colorful and modern pendant light designed by Monochro Design Studio.

TIP: In the living area, you can enhance the ambiance of the room and add dramatic effect to any artistic features by alternating pendant lighting with lamps or wall sconces.

This is an interesting idea. The design created a dynamic image and it also looks really good. It’s such a simple design and yet the image it creates is strong. The design seems to be inspired by the ribbons and the way they create those visual images when moved in circles. The light these suspended lamps create is pretty strong and because of the design they create all sorts of playful or dramatic images. There are multiple color options, like pink, yellow or blue but all the color tones are soft and quiet. So I would say this pendant could look good in a bedroom, but also in a living room. The location is really not important.

Northstar refrigerator with Removable Brew Master draft system

Northstar refrigerators are always good because of their high utility value and the latest version comes with a removable Brew Master Draft System. The system is factory installed and it includes through-the-door tap dispenser, coupler, connections, CO2 cylinder and drip tray. It is always up to the owner to decide what refrigeration need is the more urgent one for him.

The owner can add his preferred keg of his favorite brew and pull the tap to enjoy the serving. Just in case he intends to use the full fridge capacity, he will simply have to remove the keg and fittings. The company is offering a  total of 3 shelve configurations and the entire system bears a price tag of $800.The black color is perfectly for a white kitchen interior.

Miele Offers New Induction Cooktops

Miele is a brand ever so famous for its Induction Cooktops and the company keeps bettering its products with the changing times. The latest induction Cooktops are dubbed the EasyControl Plus, DirectControl and DirectControl Plus. Miele is offering a number of configurations with the sole aim of matching the requirements of every kitchen type.

The intention as always is too add performance, power and flexibility, something which induction cooking is known for. Both these new variants use TwinBooster, timer for each zone, Stop & Go functions and automatic simmer direct access system. What is more is that Miele has also introduced a new high-frame design, an opaque glass ceramic surface and a stainless steel frame. With Miele induction Cooktops around, cooking is as easy as pressing a button.

Electrolux Refrigerator with Bootom Freezer

Just in case you are looking to grab home a new refrigerator, a little bit of innovation is what you can surely afford. This product on view here is the AEG-Electrolux S75448KG fridge freezer stainless steel refrigerator and it offers the innovation we talk about. Where most of the refrigerators come with a freezer on the top, this variant chooses to be different with a freezer at the bottom.

The product is blessed with frost free chilling and freezing, holiday function and a dynamic air control to store food in perfect condition. Also, another attraction is the visual and audible high temperature indicator on the door which keeps you up to date about the freezing status.

The fridge also gets an extra large salad drawer with humidity control which helps keeping the veggies fresh. For the wine lovers, there is ample storage space available along with space for dairy items, an egg tray and a butter dish. You can fetch it right away.

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