Modern Bathrooms Design from Vanessa DeLeon

Nowadays bathrooms are used also for relaxation and when comes time to decorate a bathroom, people are adding every possible accessory which can add comfort to their washroom. The bathroom reflects lifestyle of a person someone, if the accessories and furniture are used correctly. The most important elements are showers and a bathtubs. A beautiful shower and a bathtub can make your washroom stylish.

Nowadays it seems to be an invasion of modern fixtures for the bathroom. But it’s not enough to have some beautiful elements in order to have a stylish bathroom. You have to know how to make them work together. Here are some ideas of how you can decorate your bathroom with style. There are some simple designs, that have a very elegant look, and there are also some that are a little more sophisticated, but still stylish, in case you want something a little more obvious.

I personally like the last two examples better because they have such a simple and elegant design and the colors are really beautiful too. They have a very inviting look and they would make your bathroom look very pleasant. Furthermore, they are also very practical and functional. But before you decide which one you like best, think about the space that you would need to create such a design, because not all the apartments have a big bathroom. For those who have the advantage of designing their own house, it’s simpler.[designed by  Vanessa DeLeon ]

Andreea Avram Rusu Living Rooms

Yet another new living rooms design ideas but this time comes from Andreea Avram Rusu. The white living room is highly fashionable yet comfortable and very trendy in nature It gives the feel of progression, pace and living comfortably but in a style. Nowadays living spaces are shrinking in size, modern living furniture has become the necessity and if you choose the white theme all will be clean.

These designs have a modern look and they manage to nicely combine different colors and patterns and make them work together very nicely. The living room should be a pleasant and inviting space, where you can spend some time with the family members or friends, chat, talk, or simply enjoy each other’s company. It has to be comfortable, but not boring or extremely quiet because this is what the bedroom should look like. The living room needs to be a little more dynamic and fun.

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Contemporary Living Rooms by Ammie Kim

The living room is often the core of a home. It’s a very important and can often be a multifunctional space. It’s where you welcome guests, where you spend time as a family and where you also get to spend most of your free time when you’re home. The living room can be considered a reflection of the entire house. It’s the room that best showcases the style you have chosen for the interior décor throughout your home.

Usually this space has a contemporary interior design. It’s a choice based on convenience and versatility. But there are numerous different variations for this style. Each designer has his or her own rules when transforming a space.

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22 Restaurant Interior Designs Ideas

Interior design is a tremendously important aspect of any restaurant. If you’re in the planning stages of opening a restaurant, if you already own one and are thinking of making changes, you will need to think about it carefully. Interior design is an awful lot more than deciding what color to paint the walls and which light fittings to use. Here are 22 Restaurant Interior Designs Ideas collecting around the world. Enjoy!

Here are some ideas that might inspire you. If you already have an idea of how you want your restaurant to look like but you’re having trouble imagining the whole picture, maybe these examples can also help you.
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16 Most Creative and Unique Bookshelves

Bookshelves are one of the most common pieces of furniture that you can find in almost any home around the world for the simple reason that a lot people like to read. Whether you own a collection of classic novels or volumes of work-related reference books, it makes perfect sense to get yourself a good bookcase or two for storing these books.I`m sure that some of this Bookshelves you saw already in my site, but now I want to spot all of them in an article called ” 16 Most Creative and Unique Bookshelves ”

Console Reading Bookshelve

Sit down and relax reading a book in this Console Reading Bookshelve Bench by Stanislav Katz.

Hanging Bookshelf

This Bookwave Hanging Storage would look awesome in a commercial space. The price tag for the Bookwave Hanging Storage is quite high ( £ 1,006 ).

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The Dudley House in NWS, Australia

If you desire to raise a dwelling for yourself somewhere close to NSW in Australia, it will be a crime if you think beyond the Dudley Beach as the ideal location. Well, this guy here committed no crime by contacting Bourne Blue Architecture and builder Danny Smith to raise the Dudley House for him. The project was exciting from the outset as the very site presented some dramatic opportunities, including views of the state forest, the Dudley beach (of course) and even the Pacific Ocean. The client here wanted a dwelling ideal for his small family and also good enough to accommodate the visitors from time to time. The involved brains ensured that the house was well ventilated and it also did not miss out on the amazing views on offer from the original site.

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A stylish two-in-one apartment with mood lighting

As we’ve said numerous times before, space only has to be a problem if you allow it to be. So don’t be too dramatic if you have a small apartment. It can be a wonderful home if you know how to decorate it. Small apartments can be very charming and beautiful provided that the aesthetics are taken care of. This apartment can be a perfect example. It’s small but it has a very distinguished interior décor.

The apartment only has one bedroom so it would be great for a single person or for a single couple. To make it look airy and to avoid a cluttered interior, the designer chose for this place a series of key features. For example, notice all the built-in furniture that creates a clean and clear décor. The accent falls on simplicity in this case. There’s no point in overcomplicating a décor when there’s little space to work with in the first place.

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