Lahaina View Villa in Hawaii

Hawaii is blessed with beautiful views and it is up to you to choose what you like the best. If the hills above the Lahaina Town are where you wish to spend a luxurious night and enjoy the view of Lahaina Town as well, it is the Lahaina View Villa that you should go for. It is more of an island home which is ideal four people as the family can enjoy the panorama of the Pacific Ocean which so beautifully encircles Hawaii.

The west side is not far from here and it only takes five minutes to reach while the main Town is also merely ten minutes away. The Villa will cost anywhere between $950 – 1650 per night which is a decent rate considering the amount charged by other villas based on different locations across Hawaii.

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Modularing House in Madrid, Spain

A-cero Architects are busy redefining architecture with what they call a Modularing House in Madrid, Spain. You will not find the meaning of the word ‘Modularing’ anywhere in the dictionary so there is no pointing hunting. In layman terms, the design just implies that it is a modular home with amenities and features a progressive home buyer desires.

The amazing art is that the house is built from a number of factory-produced sections which offer three direct advantages- cost cutting, streamlining the production process and improving quality control. These amazing modular homes can be built for as low as $93,000 and A-cero is confident that the idea will click in the Spanish Home construction market.

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The Tropical Holiday House from Camarim Architects

I’ve always loved tropical houses more than anything and when houses based in such locations seek professional help, the consequence is an even better structure. This house here on view from Camarim Architects is special because it brings that perfect amalgamation of a modern structure with a tropical one.

Yes there are three bedrooms that make this holiday house an ideal place to rest, but it is the connectivity of this house to the outside surrounding which makes it really special. It was a purposeful effort on behalf of the architects to make a house that adores nature and hence all the three bedrooms are surrounded by a gallery. This house avoids the need of an air conditioner courtesy of the southern wind that blows over the suspended wooden roof.

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Coast New Zealand:Bean Bag Chairs Are an Ergonomic Solution

Bean bag chairs are a great thing to add to your dorm room, or even your bedroom, or outdoor. They are great for sitting around and it’s going to be a lot cheaper than buying a recliner, or couch.

It`s perfectly for me since working on a laptop while sitting in a bean chair is a comfortable seating method, bean bag lap desks have become popular. This premium bean chairs, ottomans, and lounges that include a waterproof lining for outdoor are hand-made in New Zealand using quality marine products such as Sunbrella fabrics and stainless steel fittings.

I would say that this chairs or whatever they are would be great for outdoor use. Just imagine how comfortable it would be to sit in one of these pieces, feel the sun caress your skin, maybe enjoy a nice cold drink and just sit back and relax. It’s really great. But they can also be used indoors, in a bedroom or anywhere you want.

It would have to be a modern and not very sophisticated décor in order to make this piece fit properly.  It’s one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever seen. I would love to have one in my room. Although before purchasing one you should really think about where you’re going to put, if you have enough space for it or if it matches with the rest of your furniture or interior décor.[Coast New Zealand]

Another Hawaiian Villa: Honu Kai

These amazing villas from Hawaii have mesmerized us since yesterday and we continue to explore more holiday options in the beautiful Islands. Today we’ve found Honu Kai which is a beautiful Balinese-style home that is blessed with a panoramic view of three islands from its basic location on Mau’s famous west coast.

The villa can accommodate up to 4 guests and the per night charges for booking this falls somewhere between $1100 and $1800. The entire structure is laid out on a single floor for convenience and the guests get to enjoy the pool terrace which also includes certain spaces for dining. The walls are fully retractable and thus the outdoor life is never just missed.

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Patch chair and stool by Benjamin Hubert

Benjamin Hubert is going to launch a new chair and stool, Patch, for Bla Station in Milan. Bar stool chairs can make for interesting seating in almost any room of the house. In the kitchen, they are fun to use at the breakfast bar or in the game room, using bar stools around a pub table will make you feel like you are out on the town. Well, the Patch comprises a patchwork fabric upholstered onto a plywood shell supported by CNC formed steel legs. The chair is inspired by the language of flat metal work construction used in civil engineering.

There are a lot of different designs when it comes to chairs and stools. But there’s also room for more. Someone always seems to come up with something new, even if it’s not completely original because it’s almost impossible to manage to do that. Take a look at this collection. It includes a number of stools and chairs that both share something in common: the structure of the base and the colors.

It’s a beautiful collection. I like the colors. You can choose from a variety of options like blue, green, red, or a dark tone of grey. The stools are relatively simple and so are the chairs. They could be used at the bar if you have one. The chairs could make a great choice for the dining room.

Cute and playful bedding ideas for kids

Decorating a child’s room is a job full of contrasts. On one hand it’s fun because you get to work with bold colors and cute shapes and you remember how it’s like to be a kid again but, on the other hand, it’s also difficult because don’t care about all the functional aspects of the furniture and all they want is for it to look good. It’s why choosing a bed is usually such a big challenge. The answer to the problem is simple: consult the experts. In other words, talk to your kid.

Of course, when you find a bed that looks like this it’s useless to ask for a second opinion because you just know your kid will love it. These beds combine a series of awesome elements: first of all, they’re cute and cuddly so you know kids like them; also, they have a strong and durable construction so you know they’ll last. It’s the perfect combination of functional and playful elements.

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