Attractive Kids Storage Solutions from the Land of Nod

No matter how big your dwelling is, your kids will always fall short of the storage spaces and therefore you need to look for additional storage solutions to please them. The Land of Nod is resplendent with such storage solutions and shelves and they are not just attractive but also inexpensive at the same time. The useful collection of storage solutions is available in a number of versatile shapes and is finished in a number of different materials.  Not just that shapes and material, the sizing is also very versatile and these storage solutions are good enough for any room size.  From toy boxes to shelving and bookcases to closet storage, the land of the nod is offering it all.Prices from 80-200$.

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Alila Villas Uluwatu Bali Clubs Vernacular Architecture with A Modernist Design

The union of vernacular and modern architectural patterns is always an interesting proposition but the results will not always be exciting. It is a domain where the architects and designers need to tread carefully to succeed. The same combination was used by firm WOHA for the Alila Villas Uluwatu located on the Island of Bali and the results are definitely pleasing. The intention was to come up with a pleasurable lodging instead of replicating the famous generic resorts that are so famous in Bali. Photography by Tim GriffithPatrick Bingham-Hall.

The location is absolutely gorgeous and the views are extraordinary. Having a house there is like a dream come true. Still, it’s not easy to come up with something that looks impressive and is simple and practical in the same time. But it seems like this structure has it all figured out. It’s a very beautiful construction, with a modern but relatively simple design. Still, there are some very impressive elements, like that terrace and the outside space. But while the exterior is imposing and impressive, the interior design of this house is more quiet and simple. It’s a very chic place and it could be a great place to spend the holydays and vacations.

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Tribeca Lofts in Pink and Green from Ghislaine Viñas

You must have come across numerous loft designs here on Homedit, but a very few of them have been finished in colors pink and green. It is because not many designers choose those two colors however interior designer Ghislaine Viñas who finished two loft designs in Tribeca, New York begs to differ. She has used both the colors (check images) to great effect in the Tribeca Loft and though most surrounding appears neutral, the limited use of those two colors adds a spark. Her usage of the color pink does not make the surrounding look girly either. Instead, she uses the color pink in a manner that the surrounding appears cozier and comfortable than feminine.

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Mobile Home Kitchens – Luxury on the Wheels

Bedroom, bathroom, and Kitchen constitute the three most important parts of the modern home. For sometimes past the manufacturers of home kitchen accessories were trying to make the experience of the kitchen users mobile. Combining the modern technologies with gourmet spirits and contemporary aesthetics, they have come up with a real luxury on the wheels; the mobile home kitchen.

For instance the luxury Unica mobile home kitchen brought in the market by Inoxpiu is the example in hand of these modern mobile kitchens. One of the unique features of the device is that it can be completely customized befitting the requirements of the end user.

User can thus decide on the technical equipments to be used, the color, the material plans, and above all; the finish to the item for style. In any case the new mobile home kitchen is ideal for the current day open concept homes since they offer functionality without compromising the space management of the home where they are used.

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Modern and stylish Glass Bookcase

The best furniture that one can keep for their modern and stylish homes is from Antonello. These are simple Italian designs but of perfect quality and a sleek design which adds a new dimension to the existing décor of the house. These use the colours in a bold way that make these stand out and have used polished chrome and solid wood for making them which makes them very durable. The Diana bookcase is a perfect example of the chic furniture that comes from Antonello. This has four black and white painted toughened glass shelves which are places on polished chrome and have a walnut frame which ensure that this blends in any room that it is placed in.Available for £1,405.

High Tech Massage Bath Tub Combining Shower and Tub into One

These are the days of combo devices and when it comes to the high tech massage bath tubs, many people prefer the new combo invention of bath tub with shower and tub in one. While the bath tub is quite stylish the combination of shower enhances its utility manifold.

Usually the acrylic high tech massage bath tubs include built in thermostat, devices for checking the water levels, massage jets, headsets, automatic cleaning systems, ozone sterilizers, and all the accessories are computer controlled.

But the icing on the cake in the new combo device is the setting up of 15 inch LCD TV and FM radio system with the high tech massage bath tubs. Combining relaxation and therapies with entertainment and music, the manufacturers have added novelty to the item.Normally massage functions are only available on outdoor and portable hot tub models like those offered by D1Spas.

No wonder that the new bath tubs combining therapy, bath, and entertainment; all in one; is becoming immensely popular in the market.( the item its available on Product Page )

Extend in Style by Padilla Nicás Arquitectos in Spain

This tastefully done house is essentially an extension of a single family home. The extension though stands out with its laminated wood structural frames but it has been integrated with the existing structure with the sloping roofs. The house has been made with prefabricated laminated wood frames which were assembled on the site itself and then painted so that they blend completely blend with the existing house. The two parts have been assembled together by using a steel plate which holds the web of each frame and is also bolted from the exterior. The house has been done in a beautiful way where it has a distinct identity of its own yet is a part of the existing structure.

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