Zhongguancun Christian Church by gmp architekten

GMP Architekten, a Hamburg based architectural practice organization has designed the Zhongguancun Christian Church. Located in Beijing, China, the project features various vertical fins that run along the perimeter of the building. The result is unique homogeneous skin formation creating an atmosphere generating special lighting inside the church hall. It matches the ecclesiastical functions of the space.

Religious sects around the world seem to be more and more concerned with the modern images and they want to draw the younger generations. Zhongguancun Christian Church provides one of the latest contemporary designs that would see the light of the day.

Basic feature of the design is the light flowing and streaming through the hall of the church. Shape of the body of the church not only allows slight line to the south media façade of the Cultural Tower but it also emphasizes the special function in contrast to the commercially used building surrounding the church.

Space Age Lights Collection from the Exhibition at Triennale Design Museum

Modern bathrooms aren’t just a space for utility but luxury as well. What better can this definition be explained than the examples from Italian bathroom brand Fir Italia.  The brand has introduced a new way to shower which includes a shower system that incorporates light, color and water to stimulate the muscles and the imagination ending you up with a spa like experience at home. The designs adore white vanities and countertops complemented by illuminated mirrors, ceiling lights and rain-shower panels oozing with unmatched luxury.

The bathroom is no longer just a small space somewhere in the house. It’s a room as important as the other ones and it should be treated properly. So to reflect this idea, the next bathroom design incorporates some very modern and elegant pieces that look very beautiful and stylish. Actually there are multiple ways of how you can make your bathroom look beautiful and stylish.

The next examples present some very beautiful ideas of how you can decorate your bathroom with style, using simple but eye-catching pieces and fixtures. If you have a large bathroom, then there’s plenty of space to do that. The purple and black bathroom design presented here is a very beautiful example. But there are also ways of how you can accomplish that when you have a smaller bathroom. The secret is to choose simple and elegant pieces and to use bright and vibrant colors.

Coastal Climate Proofed Home from DRN Architects

You must be aware of the phenomenon called increasing precipitation in the US coastal areas especially the east coast and therefore houses need to be built in this location with proofing against the climate. This house finished by DRN architects is an ideal way to safeguard the native dwellings from climate threats. On one count, it is a safe dwelling and on another, it renders amazing views of the surrounding waters from the high bedrooms.  It is important to think like DRN architects for this area as there has been 20 percent rise in the precipitation in the last 50 years throughout the Southeastern region of America.{via Doornob )

Eastern Design Office Designed The MOSTIP Shoe Shop

Eastern Design Office, a Japanese studio has designed the MOSTIP shoe shop in a huge mall in Japan. In the dynamic form the triangle has been shaped like the moon and shoes are displayed symbolizing the invisible men enjoying moonwalk. Moonwalk – MOSTIP by EASTERN Design Office is virtually a part of the moon.

A couple of big and small triangles have been placed in the space of 9m x 12.5m x 4 m size. Cloning the tip of the moon the structure is a huge designer construction. Over the ages man has always have a chant for the astronomical figures and moon has always enjoyed the prime position among them. That is what the new structure created by Eastern Design Office provides for the viewers.

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Private Cloud by Manuel Kloker

One of the unique features of the Private Cloud by Manuel Kloker is that it invokes the response for doing the nasty instead of the designs of the product. A patented rocking bed by the German designer Kloker; the bed is real in rocking that may be pleasant initially though may not continue to have the effect in the longer run.

The rocking could be quite pleasant and a new experience for the user they would also like to know about the price which is still to be publicized by the manufacturers. At the same time the rocking may not be suitable for all though many might like the experience akin to traveling in moving train or ferry.

Fact remains that the Private Cloud by Manuel Kloker is without doubt a novel invention but the affects on the user could vary with the anatomy, tastes, and requirements of such users.

How Do You Choose a Suitable Solid Wood Dining Table?

Are you in searching for a better dining table? As a human being, many a times we never really pay attention to the minor details and therefore we find that the furniture in the room does not serve our purpose. Most people usually look for better appearance dining table because they want to make the dining area look better. However, there are many other factors that are equally important when you are searching for a wood dining tables. There are many kinds of dining tables available today but nothing matches with the performance of a solid wood dining table.

Available for $2600.

Available for $2800.

Of course, solid wood dining table will be costlier than the regular plastic molded or glass dining tables but they are worth buying because they last really long. Hence, when you are going for a wooden dining table than the first thing you should know is the size of the table. You need to thoroughly measure the space you have where you will fit the dining table. You can discuss with your family members about where you should place your dining table. If you have any other furniture made up of wood than it would be a better idea to use the same type of wood for your dining table as well because the table will blend with the other household furniture and add elegance to your dining area.

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Pendant Teelight Lamp Adds Variety to Your Home Décor

Sometimes the most usual things around you can be recreated to become an amazing home décor item and this Pendant Teelight Lamp is a good example. It is basically an inverted tea cup which also functions as a lamp and the tea bag hanging is a fully functional light switch. You may say it is simple item but then did you ever think like the way this designer (Jan Bernstein of 10 Liter Design) did? Talking about the lamp, it has an E14 metal socket for 25 Watt bulb and it is made of a 10 x 12 cm china cup. Don’t know about your bedrooms but these lamps can replace all the other lamps in your kitchen and make it look uber cool. Each of these lamps cost $82.Also you can take a look at the coffee cup lights.

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