China Solar Energy Production – the Biggest Base in the World

Constructing the Solar Valley, a China Solar Energy Production center that is supposed to be the biggest on the earth, the organizers are adopting clean energy technologies rivaling the Silicon Valley in California.

Himin Solar Energy with headquarters at Sun-Moon Mansion launched this program. Likely cost of the project is around $740 million and it is likely to accommodate around one hundred tenants. In fact the project was initiated by Huang Ming that is known as the “Sun King” of China.  Its large office building is completely powered by solar energy.

A reality providing viable alternative to traditional energy sources like coal, water, oil, and wind; the China Solar Energy Production has already been successful in attracting around one hundred and more companies as their customers. Best part of it is that solar power is cheaper in comparison to any other forms of power.

The only downside is that its reliability as a full proof substitute to traditional power is yet to be established beyond reasonable doubts.

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Samsung Ziepel e-Diary Refrigerator

With a 10” touchscree display in combination with high quality WiFi software, the new Samsung Ziepel e-Diary Refrigerator is a creation of the Italian Jewelry designer named Massimo Zucchi. The product however is made exclusively for the Korean market.

One of the novel features of the new Refrigerator is that it enables the consumers check up to date news, weather forecast, and at the same time download the favorite electronic albums including the instant Internet access. In fact such features transform the Refrigerator into a unique modern tool for communication.

Samsung Ziepel e-Diary Refrigerator is available in multiple models. For instance the 25 ft3 capacity model comes saddled with LED lights on the surface of both the doors and is highly energy efficient. Smart Eco system drops the electricity rate to 32 Kwh per month. The only downside could be the price that comes at an average of #2170 per refrigerator.

Rock and Roll Modular House

Latest trend in the market is that of modular home. Rock and roll modular house has become the modern trend. Though even a decade ago they were a rare sight, they are now found in many cities and towns around.

Considered double-wide trailers their sight veritably offended the sense of the home buyers as well as the builders, architects, and also the preservationists in those days. Today the scenario has completely changed and instead of repelling the potential buyers, the rock and roll modular house is now attracting them.

The trend is easily visible in the fact that while the sale of other real estate properties including the homes have slumped during the past few years, no such thing has happened in case of modular houses.  By 2006 such houses accounted for 3% of United States houses and 11% for houses in New Zealand and the percentage is on the rise over the years.{via inhabitat and archdaily}

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Elegant house with tasteful interior and clever storage solutions

In order to obtain a perfect interior design you have to pay attention to all the little details. Everything has to be handled with care and you need to focus on specific elements. However, you also have to pay attention to the whole picture. It’s very possible for the elements that you like to look great separately but to not match when you put them together. But let’s better take a look at an example.

This lovely house has a very harmonious interior design. It’s simple but it’s elegant, cohesive and still interesting and eye-catching. Everything has been carefully selected. The furniture and the architecture match and all the accent features do exactly what they’re supposed to. There aren’t many focal points here. The living area is not particularly spacious but the interior décor is simple, with neutral colors and simple shapes. The white walls and the wooden floor create a very nice balance and all the furniture and accessories emphasize and complement it.

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Mono-block and Modular Kitchens

Mono-block and modular kitchens offer high levels of flexibilities as well as performance. Besides traditional modular kitchens, they also manufacture mono block cooking tops. Some of the top customers of the gadget are the leading restaurants and these innovative cooking appliances are gradually making a roadway into the affluent homes around.

One of the leading models is Qubica flexible mono block kitchen made by Inoxpiu. Equipped with hidden wheels, Qubica is light weight and agile and can be easily moved around. Covering of zero models is made with carbon fiber, the material that is used for aerospace industry. A wide variety of colors and textures are available in respect of mono block kitchen.

Another form of mono block modular kitchens is the Unica that is an exclusive and unique type with a limited edition of only nine pieces synthesizing perfect design, elegance, technology as well as passion for gourmet arts.

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Apartment with stylish furniture and white walls

We often emphasize the fact that natural light is very important in every home. A décor is more beautiful when it’s properly lit and a room seems more inviting and more open when there’s lots of natural light coming through the windows. Personally I prefer the lack of shade and trees rather than a house that’s always dark and gloomy. It’s why I find this house quite attractive.

The house is tastefully decorated and it has an elegant design with traditional touches. The wallpaper from the bedroom with that floral pattern and that particular combination of colors definitely gives a room a traditional look. Similar colors were also used throughout the house. The chromatic palette is mostly composed of beige and brown shades with golden accents, a combination that is usually considered a standard for elegance.

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Chic and modern house with beautiful surroundings

Everyone knows that when you build or pick a house it’s not just the interior that matters. The exterior and, most importantly, the views and the surroundings are extremely important as well. Not only that they have to be pleasant and beautiful but they also have to create the environment and atmosphere that you desire. In the case of this house, the balance is perfect.

The house is very beautiful and stylish and, in addition to that, it’s situated in a very beautiful and picturesque area. Balance is also present on other levels as well. For example, the house is indeed beautiful to look at and stylish but it’s also very comfortable and inviting which is very important for its inhabitants. Let’s take a closer look at its interior. As you can see, it looks very clean and well organized. There’s a very nice combination of shapes, clear lines and balanced patterns.

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