Chic and modern house with beautiful surroundings

Everyone knows that when you build or pick a house it’s not just the interior that matters. The exterior and, most importantly, the views and the surroundings are extremely important as well. Not only that they have to be pleasant and beautiful but they also have to create the environment and atmosphere that you desire. In the case of this house, the balance is perfect.

The house is very beautiful and stylish and, in addition to that, it’s situated in a very beautiful and picturesque area. Balance is also present on other levels as well. For example, the house is indeed beautiful to look at and stylish but it’s also very comfortable and inviting which is very important for its inhabitants. Let’s take a closer look at its interior. As you can see, it looks very clean and well organized. There’s a very nice combination of shapes, clear lines and balanced patterns.

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Modern and Stylish in White Apartment With Bursts of Color

Creating a chic and stylish interior design for your home is actually not that difficult, especially if you prefer a simple style. A very nice example in this case would be this stylish apartment. It has a modern interior design and it stands out with its smart and functional interior. As you can see, the color palette is not very diverse. The main color used here would have to be white. It’s complemented by bursts of color in the form of artwork and other accent pieces and accessories.

The living area is a very chic space. It has white walls, wooden floor and a very nice choice of furniture. The sofa is simple and comfortable and doesn’t take much floor space, thus allowing the room to feel airy and spacious. The hanging pendant lamp is very nice and simple and it complements the décor is a subtle way. The pops of color are nicely introduced and well distributed throughout the room, creating chic focal points.

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Unique Butterfly Coffee Table

A coffee table is absolutely must have in a home.  People tend to gather round coffee tables, making the room feel homey. But if you love nature take a look at this extraordinary butterfly coffee table design by Svilen Gamolov. This modern coffee table will fit your modern apartment and I’m sure that its an eye catching piece of furniture. The Butterfly Coffee Table is made from glass, polywood, glossy paint that plays up the raw beauty of the materials.

Coffee tables are usually a decorative piece. So there are a lot of different designs when it comes to this furniture piece. People are no longer satisfied with a simple and plain design so they want more. Usually the most common choice is wood but there are also a lot of glass coffee table that seem to be very appreciated.  But it’s not the materials used to create this unique coffee table that make it so special. It’s the shape.

This coffee table has a very beautiful structure. It’s shaped like a butterfly, a very beautiful one actually. The details are very beautiful and they make the image seem realistic. Again, it’s a combination between a very detailed and amazing base and a simple transparent glass top. This combination seems to be very successful and appreciated. The butterfly is a black and white combination and when seen from above the image is gorgeous.

Hillside Residence – A Sustainable Gem

Hillside Residence located in Marin Hills can be considered as a sustainable gem representing the professional talents of Scott and Tracy Lee blending modern with green designs. Built in the hillside, it has four stories covering only 2,116 square feet of area, too small for a four storied structure.

The structure contains one guest bedroom, one tiny nursery, one child’s bedroom, and one basement. Master bedroom occupies one level and the living area caps them all. With its height the building offers exquisite views of the surroundings flush with natural beauty offered by the San Francisco Bay.
Entrance of the Hillside Residence has a porch swing greeting the visitors. Architecture of the house is such that one can hardly find out the end of the footage of the house. Interior includes patio, and a couple of outdoor showers. Indoor spaces are quite airy and outdoor spaces are partially enclosed. In addition the place also provides a fireplace for enjoying cool and foggy nights.

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Lloyd Flanders Furniture for Pool Area

Lloyd Flanders proudly extends its credibility with the latest edition of furniture for your pool area. The unique feature of this pool area furniture has been developed with utmost earnest care. The pride and comfort of this invention is sure to transform your personality to live up to any occasion. Its sultry looks are certain to make your guests turn to regular visitors with an envying eye. With its power to relax your tiring souls, any hostility can be ended over a cup of coffee or a drink.

This impressive collection from Lloyd Flanders furniture promises the best of retreats within your home space. Its graceful structure will complement the mood of a resort stay when you settle down in its presence. Constructed using the best technology available, the sturdy aluminum frame work along with weaved cellulose strands gives the best of comfort and toughness for these furniture editions. This technology is further strengthened with scientific methods to ensure protection from moisture to guarantee maximum longevity.

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Eco Friendly Glass House in Unit Arkitektur AB

house in Unit Arkitektur AB offers something that is rare in a country like Sweden. Throughout the country the people are craving for a nice climate and that is what with its eco friendly glass structure the Unit Arketektur offers.

Located along the south of Varberg on Swedish west coast the property has a vast open field on the backside. A large barn and a small cottage is also there with the Glass house in Unit Arkeitektur AB. Icing on the cake is an extensive orchard that carries a variety of trees in it. The architecture is deviation from the traditional since unlike the yard covered on three sides by buildings, it has a 50 square meter greenhouse and also a smaller 70 meter building inside it.Unique feature of the glass house is that at the price of 100 square meters of living space one can get 150 square meters of space at this residential location.

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Water-Cooled House by Wallflower Architects

Water cooled house by Wallflower Architects is contemporary green house on a natural plot in Singapore. Focusing on water providing natural cooling as well as excellent appearance through the designs of the home, the house is a two story home with a pond on both first as well as the second levels of the structure. A long pond spans the entire length of the interior.

At the upper levels is located a central pavilion that is also skirted by a pond that creates the impression of palm lined waterfront. Pond in the second line is shallow but it intakes natural solar heat insulating the living portions underneath and provides an excellent natural air conditioning in the Hillside Residence.

A study as well as a living room is located on the first floor that has floored marbles that gives the impression of continuation of a pond. An underwater window appearing above the front door walkway and circular staircase giving a panoramic view of the floor above creates an environment friendly natural environment for the visitors to enjoy.[wallflower architecture via thecoolist]

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