Ethos Oak Collection Coffee Table

Beauty meets functionality, in this practical coffee table.

This coffee table, part of the ethos oak collection, comes equipped with two large drawers with plenty of storage space, for magazines and other items typically required near the living environment in any home. This practical, and modern looking table has been crafted from solid European oak, and coated with hard wax oil. The table was created with practical uses in mind, so functionality is key.

Like all products from the well known ethos oak collection, this table was created to last, and will serve its owner well for many years to come. Ethos oak collection products are famous for their durability and the fact that they are manufactured from European wood, from forests that are properly treated.

The table comes in two different sizes: w:1100 d:1100 h:390mm and w:1300 d:800 h:390mm.Available for £846

Casa Familia from Architect Kevin deFreitas’

In South California the courtyard house designs are pretty famous, but the building monotony of those designs had to be broken by someone and Kevin deFreitas’ has managed to do that. Kevin has finished the Casa Familia which is a modern take on the courtyard house designs. It is two-storey house with a compact form factor which offers a lot more living space than a square footage facility can offer. The difference despite a courtyard accommodation is the way the designer has managed to blur boundaries between the indoor and the outdoor. He managed to achieve that by getting in great outdoor views by using large windows. The house also scores high on the sustainability factor by employing energy-efficient low-consumption technologies. It consumes 65-percent less electricity than the state mandated standards and 55-percent less water than the houses of similar sizes.

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Porada Meridiano Coffee Table

Faithful to the artisan tradition in Italy, Porada’s preference for wood, has joined forces with the majesty of glass and steel.

The result is a breathtaking coffee table, that will be the center of attention in any living room. Constructed from durable ash wood, combined with the finest leather. The table has a simple, yet elegant design, which makes it attractive, but also practical to use.

The frame of the table was manufactured using the finest Ash trees, that has been treated with no less than eight coatings, in order to ensure durability, for years to come.

The porada meridiano coffee table is available, square shaped as well as rectangle shaped, where the square version has the dimensions: h:350mm w:800mm d:800mm, and the rectangle: h:350mm w:540mm d:1320mm.

With the purchase of the porada meridiano coffee table, you bring a eye catching piece of furniture into your home, that is timeless and will serve you well for many years.

O-Flut from GlammFire With Pleasant Ambience Giving Happy Moments

Glamm Fire has always been known for creative and innovative products. Latest in the line is the O-Flut from GlammFire that is a decorative piece that was developed specially for the prestigious international Ambiente 2010 fair. In fact the device was considered to be ideal for both indoor and outdoor ponds.

With an MDF base and supporting the model structure in flute glass the device comes in two models. Highly eco-friendly in nature the O-Flut burns only bio-ethanol that makes the environment pleasant while not polluting it in any manner and that is why it is the environmentalist’s choice.

Leisure jacket in the O-Flut from GlammFire provides better protection against sand, dirt and moisture utilizing a read through and clear vinyl cover. Protective double closure zipper and high density foam frame interior provides outstanding security to the device.  Clean vinyl front cover provides full functionality for iPod touch screen and the device is extremely portable at only 8.90 oz.

New refrigerator-freezer combos from AEG

In the coming months AEG is introducing multiple refrigerator-freezer combinations on the market, that are stylish as well as innovative. The new combos will combine the two most popular features: The No Frost and Fresh Box features, that are designed to extend the storage period of stored fresh foods.

No Frost is a feature designed to ensure no ice is formed inside the freezer, which will save time cleaning the freezer, while the Fresh Box functionality will save time in terms of trips to the local supermarket. Food will remain fresh longer, and tastier. Thanks to AEG’s new Twin Tech evaporators, better ventilation occurs inside the refrigerator, keeping both parts of the combination in perfect condition.

Thanks to the Twin Tech system, the new AEG combos, will be approximately 15 percent cooler then the available combos from competitor brands.

The Cattelan Italia’s Spiral was designed by Ca’ Nova Design

Being the exceptionally stunning looking coffee table, Cattelan Italia’s Spiral truly is, it will be the eye catcher in any part of any interior design. With beautiful rounded black glass, combined with a classy looking silver layered base, this table is nothing short to a masterpiece of design. The table is available in the colors brown, red and icy blue, like frozen water. Each of the colors will look stunning in your home, and it is really just a matter of personal taste as for what color to go with.

The silver metallic base, which is a vital part on all different colored versions of the coffee table, gives the table its classy looks, while the rounded glass spiral, ads the uniqueness to the table. A masterpiece in every sense of the word, that ads a touch of style to any living room or lounge.

Zhongguancun Christian Church by gmp architekten

GMP Architekten, a Hamburg based architectural practice organization has designed the Zhongguancun Christian Church. Located in Beijing, China, the project features various vertical fins that run along the perimeter of the building. The result is unique homogeneous skin formation creating an atmosphere generating special lighting inside the church hall. It matches the ecclesiastical functions of the space.

Religious sects around the world seem to be more and more concerned with the modern images and they want to draw the younger generations. Zhongguancun Christian Church provides one of the latest contemporary designs that would see the light of the day.

Basic feature of the design is the light flowing and streaming through the hall of the church. Shape of the body of the church not only allows slight line to the south media façade of the Cultural Tower but it also emphasizes the special function in contrast to the commercially used building surrounding the church.

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