Transformable Shelf

Have you ever felt the frustration, from getting the notion that furniture is controlling you, instead of the other way around? That cabinet, that due to its dimensions can only fit in that particular corner?

We all have, but there is a better way: Through using the transformable furniture created by Martin Sämmer, it is time to take back control and shape our furniture the way we want to! No longer will placement of our furniture be dictated to us, by the lump shape of it, because now we shape the furniture, with ease!

The transformable shelf, can as the name suggests, be transformed into any shape you require it to be, making it suitable for any environment, no matter how big, or how small. This by itself is amazing, but, due to its simple yet elegant design, it will look good in any shape!

K House an Amazing Beach Facility

You wonder why a house could ever be dubbed like that and for that christening to be fully understood, it requires a closer look at the pictures. The K House is a holiday beach facility finished by Australia’s Ashton Raggatt McDougall Architects and there is a big logic behind that dubbing. This house takes the form of the letter K and is meant for families whose name begins with the same letter. Surprisingly, the alphabet K is a significant symbol for design as it can afford a great building height as well as appreciable views. On the inside, this house gets the garage on the main floor as well as the outdoor living area. The ground floor has a sound-proof home theater, a couple of bed rooms, a bath, a cellar and also storage. What is a more is a K Shaped book shelf which houses a 5,000 book collection.

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25 Of The Most Creative Staircase Designs

The staircase is an important architectural element in any home, hotel, resort and anywhere else. Wherever there’s a staircase there’s also an impressive focal point in the design. Like in the case of any other design element, the staircase has evolved. It has become an expression of the designer’s creativity, both in terms of material usage and actual shape and structure. We have selected 25 amazing staircase designs and we invite you to admire them as we continue.

Spiral staircases have always been beautiful and they can be even more impressive when they have modern architecture on their side. This is the staircase from the Armani Store in New York and it’s more than just a functional structure. It’s a symbol of style and elegance.

Floating stairs are mainly modern and they’re usually seen in contemporary and modern homes. These particular stairs take the design even further and impress with their geometry and clean lines. The staircase was designed by Florence architect Guido Ciompi for The Gray Hotel in Milan and they basically reinvent the basic floating stair design.

The black and white stripes are inevitably reminiscent of the zebra, the creature that had them before they became stylish and popular. It’s easy to see why this is called the Zebra Staircase. The alternating stripes create a very interesting visual effect.

Who says that staircases are just for indoor spaces? Exterior staircases can be just as impressive. This one is on a larger scale. It’s a huge staircase that’s actually part of the building’s roof design and it leads up to the terrace.

In a museum of contemporary art you expect everything to be impressive and artistic, even the architecture. Designed by Zaha Hadid for Maxxi, this spectacular staircase can be seen at the museum of contemporary art from Rome and it perfectly fits the theme.

When there’s not much space to spare, everything has to be well thought through. The staircase remains an important part of the structure and décor of a space but in such cases it also has to respond to the need to saving space. Bookcase staircases are a very clever and very functional innovation.

The idea behind bookcase staircases is to either use the staircase wall as a bookcase with shelves and compartments or to transform each step into an individual storage compartment that can be used for storing books and other items. In either case, you save lots of space.

The museum of modern art from Luxembourg also has a beautiful staircase. It features delicate curved lines and transparent glass guardrails with steep handrails. This allows the design to become the star. Notice that there are steps on both sides of the staircase and the reason for that is the desire to create symmetry as well as to create a unique and unexpected look.

Staircases are made from all sorts of materials and the combinations aren’t always what you would expect to see. For example, this staircase is made of plywood and concrete and it has a simple and modern look, with a subtle vintage touch that gives it character.

Sometimes it’s not the actual staircase that impresses but the small details that are part of its design. This staircase has a minimalist design and doesn’t exactly stand out with anything. It’s the it’s the stainless steel webnet accessory that makes it unique.

When you have to deal with small spaces or when you simply wish to think outside the box, you can come up with all sorts of ingenious ideas. For example, this staircase has been transformed into a bookcase. The space under each stair is a compartment for storing books and the same thing can be observed about the walls supporting the stairs.

Spiral and curvaceous staircases are beautiful by definition. Their structure and shape allows them to be very elegant and stylish. But they become even more impressive when the design gives them character and contributes to an overall simple but very chic look. This beautiful marble staircase has been designed by Gabellini Sheppard Associates LLP in collaboration with Jay Smith.

The connections between a bridge and a staircase aren’t that many so combining them means creating a whole different type of structure. The result would be a suspended staircase bridge like this one. It’s unusual and it’s original but the characteristics of the landscape have to allow such a design to be used.

Contemporary staircase designs aim at being impressive, sumptuous but also very simple at the same time. This is achieved with well-balanced features like in the case of this imposing staircase. It has polished stainless steel walls and a red center and the contrast created is very strong and impressive.

Even though symmetry has been a crucial design detail for a long time, modern creations try to liberate themselves from this element. This staircase features an asymmetrical design but, at the same time, it’s also well-balanced and has an overall cohesive and simple look.

Staircases are also often used for storage. For example, this staircase wall features built-in storage compartments. They can be used for storage or simply as spaces where decorations can be displayed. It’s a simple and very clever idea that is most useful in small homes.

If you want to keep the storage compartments hidden, you can use doors to cover them. The interior of each stair can be hollow and thus used for storage and the door would give it a simple and cohesive look. Small holes will allow you to open the doors without revealing the true purpose of the stairs.

A floating staircase is the perfect cover for a wall bookcase. You can use the space under the staircase for storage and create a large bookcase with shelves and compartments. If there’s enough space, you may even create a cozy reading corner, also under the staircase.

Modern architecture has allowed the original staircase design to adopt many changes. For example, the staircase no longer has to be a freestanding element. It can become a part of the whole décor as its delicate curved lines follow the line of the walls and extend on the sides.

Marble staircases are particularly elegant and luxurious. Given the fact that the material is already precious and unique, the staircase doesn’t need an elaborate design in order to stand out. In this case, the minimalist design of the staircase is complemented by the spiked walls.

There’s something about glass staircases that makes them extremely interesting. Glass is a strange material. It seems so transparent and delicate and yet it’s very strong. It’s why glass staircases don’t seem to be safe when they actually are. Being able to see through the stairs and you walk on them gives you a unique sensation.

The effect is even more strong when you have a floating staircase that connects several levels. A staircase made entirely of glass is a challenging thing to design and build but the results are always impressive.

This spiral staircase is also made of glass and as you reach the top you find a glass bridge. When you’re sitting or walking on that portion the entire lower level reveals itself to you and the sensation is unique. It’s not something that everyone would enjoy but it’s definitely special.

This floating staircase seems even less safe and more fragile than the ones presented so far. It lacks any handrails but it is protected by a transparent glass wall. Yet it’s difficult to feel safe when everything around you is transparent. Still, the sensation of actually floating while you go up the stairs is not something you can recreate.

Glass and steel are not materials that would seem to match at first. Yet they balance each other nicely in this case. The spiral staircase is made of glass and the handrail is made of stainless steel. The result is a modern and stylish design.

We’ve already talked about staircases that can be used for storage but we’ve fund another design that can be added to the list. The idea is to design each stair as a drawer. You can use this space to hide or store all sorts of things and the best part is that you save lots of space.

Some staircase designs impress with the materials used, other with their clever versatility and functionality and other with their shape. This staircase is quire ingenious as well as special. Each stair is shaped like a skateboard. It’s an interesting idea for a themed décor.

Here’s another interesting design. It’s an industrial-style staircase but this is not the detail that makes it special. It’s the fact that the steps have been designed into two individual parts. This way, each foot has its own staircase to use.

Even though hand-carved staircases might not be perfect and their lines might not be straight, they are always unique. Also, they have character like any other handcrafted piece. If you also find a spectacular idea for it, the effect is even stronger.

The design of this metal staircase is also unique. The fluidity of the lines contrasts with the rigidity of the material. The staircase features an organic shape and its design can’t be compared with anything else.

This is a conceptual staircase and it was a creation of architects Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann. It doesn’t impress with its design or little details but will its location. A staircase suspended on the exterior of a building is not exactly something you expect to see.

Beaver Street Reprise in San Francisco is a Great Live/Work House Plan

We just finished mentioning how brilliant Craig Steely is with his Veldt Carr Apartment and now we are out to explore the designers very own home that also serves as his working place. He resides in San Francisco and his facility is dubbed the Beaver Street Reprise and this place is the work station for his painter wife too. They also have a growing son whose needs also were changing with time and hence the Beaver Street Reprise needed some rework. Therefore, the kitchen was relocated while the living room and the dining area were shifted to a new rooftop level atop the existing two-storey, wood-clad home. The new addition looks amazingly elegant and it features floor-to-ceiling windows. Also, it opens onto an outdoor living space with a sod roof and a south-facing outdoor deck. The workplace is located in the lower part of the house.

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Ethos Oak Collection Coffee Table

Beauty meets functionality, in this practical coffee table.

This coffee table, part of the ethos oak collection, comes equipped with two large drawers with plenty of storage space, for magazines and other items typically required near the living environment in any home. This practical, and modern looking table has been crafted from solid European oak, and coated with hard wax oil. The table was created with practical uses in mind, so functionality is key.

Like all products from the well known ethos oak collection, this table was created to last, and will serve its owner well for many years to come. Ethos oak collection products are famous for their durability and the fact that they are manufactured from European wood, from forests that are properly treated.

The table comes in two different sizes: w:1100 d:1100 h:390mm and w:1300 d:800 h:390mm.Available for £846

Porada Meridiano Coffee Table

Faithful to the artisan tradition in Italy, Porada’s preference for wood, has joined forces with the majesty of glass and steel.

The result is a breathtaking coffee table, that will be the center of attention in any living room. Constructed from durable ash wood, combined with the finest leather. The table has a simple, yet elegant design, which makes it attractive, but also practical to use.

The frame of the table was manufactured using the finest Ash trees, that has been treated with no less than eight coatings, in order to ensure durability, for years to come.

The porada meridiano coffee table is available, square shaped as well as rectangle shaped, where the square version has the dimensions: h:350mm w:800mm d:800mm, and the rectangle: h:350mm w:540mm d:1320mm.

With the purchase of the porada meridiano coffee table, you bring a eye catching piece of furniture into your home, that is timeless and will serve you well for many years.

O-Flut from GlammFire With Pleasant Ambience Giving Happy Moments

Glamm Fire has always been known for creative and innovative products. Latest in the line is the O-Flut from GlammFire that is a decorative piece that was developed specially for the prestigious international Ambiente 2010 fair. In fact the device was considered to be ideal for both indoor and outdoor ponds.

With an MDF base and supporting the model structure in flute glass the device comes in two models. Highly eco-friendly in nature the O-Flut burns only bio-ethanol that makes the environment pleasant while not polluting it in any manner and that is why it is the environmentalist’s choice.

Leisure jacket in the O-Flut from GlammFire provides better protection against sand, dirt and moisture utilizing a read through and clear vinyl cover. Protective double closure zipper and high density foam frame interior provides outstanding security to the device.  Clean vinyl front cover provides full functionality for iPod touch screen and the device is extremely portable at only 8.90 oz.

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