How To Decorate A 400 Square Foot Apartment

Living in just 400 square feet of space is challenging, no matter how you put it. You have to use every trick in the book if you want to make it work and if you want the space to feel like home. The best way to find ideas is by looking at examples and we found the perfect one: a tiny studio in Austin, Texas.

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Minimalist kitchen design ideas

If you were to pick a room of the house which should feature a minimalist design, wouldn’t that room be the kitchen? It’s a natural response. We enjoy minimalist kitchens because they all look so clean, simple and tranquil. But there’s more to it than that.

Clean lines and straight angles give the kitchen a professional look

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French Country Decorating Ideas

If it’s about France, then it is definitely about Romance, country style and cheese. For those looking forward to decorating their house in a nice and romantic way, the old classic French country style is recommended.

If you have ever seen any French movies, despite the fact that they must have been awful, you may have seen how the French country style is.

Though, here are some more ideas.

First of all, no house decorated in a French country way shouldn’t have French decorated bedroom. Basically, a bedroom like this should be decorated with a big matrimonial bed, with green or sea colors. Also, the walls should have a neutral color. Though, the curtains should have the same color as the sheets, and also, the curtains should also have different decorations. As for the lightning sources, simple chandeliers with 2 or 4 heads should do the trick.  If possible, then the coverage of the chandelier should have either floral decorations, or just oval shapes.

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Decorate Your Living Room With A Wall Fountain

Can anything from a living room impress more than a wall fountain? To be frankly with you, the answer is totally negative. Besides than being extremely good looking, living room wall fountains are also known as powerful stress relievers, and therefore, if they can be afforded, they definitely worth their price.

Ho can you decorate a living room with a wall fountain? It’s quite easy, as long as you have enough space. Usually indoor wall fountains are made out of resin or even fiberglass. Though, as fiberglass is much more expensive and doesn’t offer too many advantages, resin wall fountains are preferred instead of the fiberglass ones. Also, they are cheaper, more durable and can easily be decorated with other wall fountain accessories, things that aren’t applicable at the fiberglass wall fountains.

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Decorating Children’s Rooms Tips

For some loving parents, decorating their children’s rooms properly should be something mandatory. As every child is in need of his/her own space, decorating correctly such a room might have a tremendous influence upon the child, as it can help him/her to develop some useful habits.Don’t know how to decorate the room of your child? Here are some tips.

First of all, the room should be decorated in bright colors. Kids need as much light color as they can get, and also, it has scientifically proven that bright color can be helpful to the personality of the child. And let’s face it: almost every kid is afraid of darkness and of dark colors.
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How to Paint Old Wood Furniture

Let’s face it: vintage furniture is the perfect decoration for any retro house or room. As well, old wood furniture can perfectly suit any room or house as long as it is well taken care of. Though, after a while, the old wooden furniture may loss some of its colors, or why not, may get some defects, defects that might not be corrected without applying a proper painting.

But how to paint old wood furniture? In the next following lines, you will find out what exactly needs to be done in order to paint –without failing- old wooden furniture.

First of all, it is recommended to buy wood strippers and apply on each part of the furniture. If the furniture has multiple components and doors, then they should be carefully removed and each of them, as well, should get a treatment with some wood stripper. A special case is the case of the varnished old wood furniture: in this case, the wood strippers are no good. In their place, steel wool can easily be used, as it is more effective and recommended by most of the furniture manufacturers.

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How to decorate a Japanese bedroom

If you have ever seen “Memoirs Of A Gheisha”, then you must already know how a Japanese bedroom looks like. It’s a common trend nowadays, among teens and even matures, to decorate their bedrooms in a Japanese style. Though, as they haven’t studied enough, in a lot of cases people are making deliberately or not, a total mess out of their bedrooms.

In order to decorate a Japanese bedroom, some of the Japanese decorating principles must be respected.

First of all, the walls should be painted in a solid color. Therefore no posters or silly pictures are allowed. The family pictures make an exception, though, but there is also a rule for them: maximum 3 pictures in the whole bedroom.

The second principle is related to the furniture. The Japanese are usually concentrating their furniture in the middle of the room. Even if the Europeans as well as the rest of the people are used to place the bedroom near the wall, the Japanese are placing it in the middle of the room. Also, the bed does not have a high platform, and this is why most of the people think that the Japanese are sleeping on a mattress. Nothing more further of the truth that that.

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