Tamka Apartment in Warsaw Poland is Utterly Cheerful

You necessarily do not need a huge apartment or an area to make a surrounding cheerful and even a smallish accommodation can enliven your mood depending on how that facility shapes up. Tamka is good example of a cheerful apartment that only stretches over an area of 21.5 square meters but is still full of life.

The important factor is the color scheme which makes Tamka alive and credit also goes to the creativity of designer Jakub Szczesny who successfully created a fun and playful living space. There are pretty interesting elements in this house for example the transformable kitchen and dining area.  When not in use, the dining area looks more like a stylish white locker.

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Log Kit Modular Homes by PAF Architecture

Made with interchangeable parts the log kit modular homes are based on the concept of sort of legos for homes. Originally conceived by PAF Architecture in 2003 the designers were mostly concerned with snap lock parts for homes since that time. Strong focus on solar passive designs is the highlight of the architecture. The construction has simple yet striking architecture in the exterior or the building.

Usually the log kit house is a system of standardized as well as interchangeable and prefabricated parts that helps the user makes rapid assembly with great varieties. Hundreds of different configurations are possible depending on the way one configures the construction and architecture.

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Bloom Lamp: A Lamp That Blossoms into a Flower for Lighting

I am not too much of a lamp freak but this Bloom Lamp design from designer Patrick Jouin has got me interested. The reason which makes this lamp special is the ‘fact’ that it draws inspiration from- the blossoming of a flower from the bud stage. The designer has been able to replicate the phenomenon perfectly and hence the Blossom christening suites it perfectly too.

As soon as you turn on the Bloom Lamp, it opens its petals to emit light and the moment the power is cut, the petals get folded again. Beautiful, isn’t it?

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40 Wonderful Dining Room Design Ideas

The dining area is where your family members or buddies, to dine or eat together. For today we put together a collection of 40 gorgeous dining room design ideas that are going to give you inspiration .In these collections of dining rooms are so many options to consider when choosing room decor it might seem overwhelming. Several factors should come into play initially as you begin to plan the room. These factors are style, color and function from contemporary to classical.

A round table allows everyone to better interact and to feel closer together

The dining room is mostly functional, because it’s the place where you enjoy the dinner with your family and friends. But this doesn’t mean it can’t look good too. And here are some ideas, actually 40 ideas that might inspire you the next time when you decide to redecorate your dining room.

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Bleu Nature Kisimi Furniture Collection Draws Inspiration from Nature

Nature inspired furnishings and furniture collections always have a special place here on Homedit and today we bring to you the Kisimi collection.  This nature inspired furniture collection has been finished for French outfit Bleu Nature by designers Frank Lefebvre and Bastien Taillard. The choice of materials has been utterly unique and the overall package includes a couple of tables and a pair of lamps.

Talking about the lamps first, these are made of acrylic glass and natural pebbles and they are reminiscent of the frozen underwater landscapes. The tables also have the same look and they feature weathered planks and natural grey natural quartzite under the acrylic glass.

A lot of people love nature and don’t get to spend much time admiring it. So they are constantly trying to incorporate nature-inspired elements in their home décor. There are a lot of pieces like this, for example tree-shaped bookcases, or flower-shaped chairs and all sorts of ideas. The easies thing to imitate is the tree and its branches and it’s a spectacular image. But you don’t necessarily have to replicate the forms. You can just adopt a more modern and simple style. Like in this case, the lamp is actually made from glass and real pebbles. I really like the lamp, it has a very beautiful and interesting design. The table is quite attractive too.

Joongho Choi Designed RIDDLE Wavy Front Dressers

It is time to break the monotony created by those flat-faced front dressers and to upgrade to a fresh looking wavy design dubbed the RIDDLE. RIDDLE front dressers have been designed by Joongho Choi and it is a series of bedroom and accent chests which is determined to offer a fresh look to your surroundings. The wavy panels are marked by signs of love and luck which make these dressers look very cool along with being functional at the same time. Another interesting design trait is the use of same colors and materials on the inside of the storage area.

The bedroom is a very important room of the house. Obviously, the bed is the central piece in there. But there also other furniture pieces that are also very important. For example the dresser. Everyone needs a dresser. It’s not easy to find the perfect dresser for your bedroom. People usually match this item with the rest of the furniture, mainly the bed or the nightstands.

But if you want something simple and special, you should consider this option. It’s a very beautiful design and it has a really nice wavy shape. It would look great in a modern bedroom. The collection includes two versions: the smaller and fun one and the bigger one, with alternating colors. They are both equally beautiful and elegant.

Learn cooking from your smart Fridge

A cool assistant in the kitchen, that is what this new refrigerator is in a nutshell! The kitchen device, designed for people that have not taken to cooking as a past time, but rather go for the quick TV dinner, and is intelligent. It can actually assess what food is in store, and from it come up with a complete recipe for a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner!

What’s more is, it will give you step by step instructions, on how to prepare it, from start till serving it! Those instructions are presented through voice, for the ultimate cooking class experience.

No more micro wave food that contains no healthy ingredients, with the assistance of this fridge, you will dish up healthy meals in no time at all, and you may even enjoy it! Healthy and smart, what’s not to like? {found on yankodesignand design Ashley Legg }

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