The Plastic House by UNIT Arkitektur AB in Sweden

Do not be baffled by the name of this house as it isn’t finished in ‘plastic’ as the name suggests, but the choice of materials  is simple and so is the geometry as the clients wanted a larger house but the budget was limited. The entire old structure was brought down and the new building went for swapping of the old construction pattern and accordingly the bedrooms were moved down, while the living room and the kitchen were shifted to the upper floor. Also, the architecture firm had to bear in mind the Swedish constriction rules that demanded accessibility of a kitchen, living room, bathroom and a bedroom for disabled individuals as well.

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Parish House by Geninasca Delefortrie Architects

There cannot be a better definition of a ‘beautiful location’ than the Parish house in Saint-Blaise, Switzerland. Switzerland is already a beautiful country and then this Parish house is located in Saint-Blaise in front of a temple. The structure is made up of four lots defined by some old walls sheltering some orchards. The final project got two sides which include a reserved part translated by the nature of its secondary building and it gets a twin-framed roof right at the bottom of the garden. The second portion is the official one which is made up of a glass façade and of a single piece overhang that directly faces the church.[Geninasca Delefortrie Architects]

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Style and Charm at Their Best

You know how sometimes you enter a house and you feel like home? Well, this is one of those spaces. It’s a house that has a very inviting and comfortable interior design. It might not look like much, but it’s actually a very fashionable space. It has an elegant interior design with beautiful furniture, modern amenities and stylish accents.

Moreover, the layout of the house is nice as well. There’s plenty of space for socializing in this house. The living area and the social part of the house are in the same line as the dining space. it has comfortable and elegant furniture and it’s a very inviting space. The same thing can be mentioned about all the other rooms of the house. The wooden flooring gives them a warm feel and a nice charm. The texture and color of the floors also match nicely the overall color palette used for the house.

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Manhattan Leather Studio Sofa:The perfect leather sofa for your room

Your living room is the cynosure of scrutiny as most of your guests and friends are entertained in this room. You should buy a perfect sofa set so that should be in accord with the colors of the wall and plush interiors of the room. The Manhattan Leather Studio Sofa will add grandeur and glamour in an explicit manner. You should buy a comfortable and a supreme looking sofa set so that you can boast about its relaxing sitting arrangement and the magnificent design that speaks volumes about contemporary living. The Manhattan sofa will be the perfect choice so that the room looks spacious and elegant amidst the imposing presence of the swanky and contemporary leather sofa set which is very easy to clean and maintain.Available for $2,699.00 .

Wall Mounted Grills

Wall mounted grills are the lasted trend for those who don’t have enough space for classical grills. The wall mounted grills from Focus-Creation could be fold down when you prepare something with your friends or could be fold up when do not need it. This is a grate gadget for outdoor for your small yard.

If space is a problem for you, then gadgets like this one are probably the best choice. This is a very nice grill, that can be mounted on the wall and easily expanded when you want to use it. The rest of the time, it will be just a simple round fixture that won’t bother anybody. It’s a very clever design, very functional and practical.

Grills are a very common fixture. People usually like to spend time outside when it’s sunny and pleasant. So friends usually gather at someone’s house, improvise a seating place if there is not one already there and simply enjoy each other’s company chatting and having friendly discussions. And the image is not complete if you don’t have a grill to prepare some delicious meals for everybody. So a grill is a must have in this case. And if you don’t have a lot of space for a regular one, it’s no problem because this particular design is as practical and functional as the traditional ones and it takes very little space.

Classically Beautiful Apartment With Orange Chairs

Sometimes when you look at an apartment or house you can instantly know if it would be a great home for you or not. It’s something that doesn’t necessarily have to do with the little details like color palette, accent features, etc. but with the basics: architecture, layout, interior décor. To understand this better, take a look at this apartment. It’s that kind of simple but classy space that you can imagine yourself in.

The apartment is situated on the second floor which is a nice option. It has a tasteful and stylish interior design with beautiful materials and colors. I particularly enjoy the fact that, even though the main color here is white, there are also plenty of other colors used in the décor. The array of vibrant and bold colors is very beautiful and it’s very beautiful how they have all been combined and spread throughout the apartment in order to form a cohesive and balanced décor.

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Calligaris Caleido Round Coffee Table

When it comes to taste, form, beauty, and function; Calligaris Caleido round table is one of the best. They are regarded as one of the best contemporary Italian furniture. With clean lines and very smooth and elegant curves and manufactured using technologically advanced materials, these round tables are extremely elegant and most sought after furniture in the market today.

Collection of pure classical designs manufactured in collaboration of internationally renowned designers delivering Italian furniture designs in the unmistakable styles, Calligaris Caleido round table can add rare elegance to the home where it is set up. Table with stained aluminum folding and extensions or with chromed and satin finished steel frame also offers the buyer with choice of various color tones.

Different color tones like neutral, red, orange, black, and extra white and frosted glass tops these tables are available in three sizes of 900 x 750, 1100 x 700, and 1300 x 750 and free deliveries are offered within six to eight weeks.

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