Behold the Magical Work of Gary Spain

Well if you are in the mood to give your interior a fresh new look, you must consider giving a thorough look to the work of San Francisco interior designer Gary Spain. His style is not overly wacky but whatever he creates has the ability to leave you spell bound. His principal traits are combining a variety of color, pattern and furniture of different eras to give a facility a fresh new modern vibe. Here is a collection of some of his work and to say the least, there aren’t apt words that can describe his creativity. It simply is magical and captivating!

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Learn cooking from your smart Fridge

A cool assistant in the kitchen, that is what this new refrigerator is in a nutshell! The kitchen device, designed for people that have not taken to cooking as a past time, but rather go for the quick TV dinner, and is intelligent. It can actually assess what food is in store, and from it come up with a complete recipe for a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner!

What’s more is, it will give you step by step instructions, on how to prepare it, from start till serving it! Those instructions are presented through voice, for the ultimate cooking class experience.

No more micro wave food that contains no healthy ingredients, with the assistance of this fridge, you will dish up healthy meals in no time at all, and you may even enjoy it! Healthy and smart, what’s not to like? {found on yankodesignand design Ashley Legg }

LEMAYMICHAUD Architecture Design Office

When it is time for architects to choose an move into a new office, one can expect nothing less than excellence, without limits, and this is exactly what LEMAYMICHAUD Architecture Design Offices had in mind when they gave the new building in Montreal its makeover.

Be amazed with offices where old connects with new, contemporary, with timeless. It clearly shows what a good architect like LEMAYMICHAUD can do when there are no clients to reckon with. Working without restraint, certainly brought forth the best of his abilities.

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Los Molles House of Cachagua Chile

At first look the atmosphere of peace and tranquility, will enter your being, at this retreat from the hectic pace of day to day city life. Located in the off-coast area of Chile, surrounded by nature, only a short strawl away from the Pacific beaches.

The house itself was designed by DRN Arquitectos, along with the beautiful gardens that surround it. Living at this serene location is to be one with nature.

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Luxury Outdoor Furniture from Roberti Rattan

Traditional combinations of wicker with rattan, has been responsible of a whole new collection of outdoor furniture, that takes advantage of almost five decades of research and improvements on what materials to use, for creating your own little piece of paradise.

The furniture can be used outdoors as well as in doors, in lounges, living rooms, but also gardens. through use of aluminum and polyethylene optimal protection against extreme weather conditions is guaranteed, and so are the tables, that are constructed from solid teak wood, that was made to last, but also to be pleasing to the human eye. The luxury furniture, requires almost no maintenance, and can be left outside, even during the winter months.

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Dominion Tables by Michal Maciej Bartosik

At one instance they are perfectly solid and in another they are a mere void, such is the nature and the true description of the Dominion tables. If any of you were present at the ICFF you would have understood what I am talking about, for the other, it is the dominion series from Michal Maciej Bartosikthat are being talked about here.

Dominion indeed is a complete series of light objects that reproduce the abstract universal plane ad infinitum. What is interesting is that the products are ambiguous in form and scale and they exist as both solids and voids. The series is now a part of the Klaus Collection and is available through Klaus by Nienkamper.

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James Boned Inspired Balnearn Boathouse

This Boathouse is a pure consequence of watching James Bond movies ardently and it is dubbed the Balnearn Boathouse. The facility has been finished by Mckenzie Strickland Associates and it is located on the shore of Loch Tay.

It has been constructed over an artificial cave and that allows space for a speedboat to be driven in and tethered to the ceiling before an electric winch hoists it into mooring position-perfect James Bond Style. Talking about the living space, the boathouse has a kitchenette, shower room and a fold-away bed. The roof of this house has been purpose-built to look like the extension of the loch itself. There were a lot of technical complications involved in bringing up this facility on water but the design team did a fabulous job.

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