Simple Design Ideas For Small Kitchens

Small kitchens are not exactly ideal and finding the right balance of function and style when decorating them can be truly challenging. But don’t let this depress you. Instead of seeing all the things that go bad in a small kitchen, try to see the bright side and find a way to make the most of the space you have.

Use simple, bright colors.

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The American Dream, Now Possible With A Smaller House

A dream home doesn’t have to be huge to feel perfect and we have the perfect example to illustrate this. A lovely little house from Atlanta with a simple design, geometric-inspired exterior and cozy and relaxing interior. It’s a house with many eye-catching details. As soon as you lay eyes on it you can see it’s no ordinary building.

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Make The Impossible Possible: 24 Rooms In One Tiny Flat

This tuned up apartment from Hong Kong teaches everybody a very important lesson: even from the smallest places, people can extract something useful that’ll improve at least a little bit their homes.

This 32 square apartment would not be enough for anybody, as there aren’t enough possibilities to compile rooms like the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom and the living room in this small area. Though, this young architect has invented a system of sliding walls that can change dramatically the aspect of the room, as each wall is “equipped” with things are mandatory in the house. Basically, the one that is living in that house can change instantly the décor of its apartment, depending directly of its needs and will.

And, in order to save some money from the electric energy bill, the house is designed in such a way – with the help of a mirrors system- that in 95% of the time there is no need to turn on the lights. Video after you jump.

Secluded villa in Nagano features four roofs and stunning views

A typical house, whether it’s tiny or huge, modern or rustic, has a well-defined structure: a frame which encloses the interior spaces, walls, windows and a roof. Well this description doesn’t work for Villa – K.

The villa is located in Karuizawa, Nagano, in Japan. It was designed and built by Cell Space Architects and it has a very interesting and unusual structure. As you can see, there’s one a single floor level throughout the house. There are actually four different levels and, as a result, 4 roofs.

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Modrobe a Funny Wardrobe by Matthias Ries

A good closet wardrobe set up will depend a lot on your personal needs. With this in mind, it’s important to consider what types of items you need to store before you start shopping for a pre-made wardrobe or make an attempt to design one yourself.The Modrobe by Matthias Ries is a funny wardrobe system should’t be boring!

This modular wardrobe system is easy to move, is light and flexible and also the legs painted in different colors to provide some originality. The system’s modularity allows you to choose among different container sizes and combine them with different leg sizes and colours.

Orange and Green The Key To The Perfect Rustic Homes

Rustic stylized houses has always been attractive. This Orange&Green vintage residence brings in the power of contrast and what effect can it give to a vintage decorated house, especially if the main colors are based on orange and green.

The key to a perfect contrast between these 2 colors, contrast that is quite accentuated by small and bold accessories that are all over the house, is also given by the usage of vintage decorations like old wooden table, and wooden doors – that are painted in green – and so on. Also, all the other colors used in decorating are shades of these 2 main colors, or at least, they respect the dominant color. Read the rest of this entry »

Contemporary lamp design by Enrico Zanolla

Contemporary lamps are increasingly popular in many homes. They add that extra touch in interior design and they are way beyond simply providing a functional aspect that traditional ones used to do. This upholstered lamp designed by Enrico Zanolla and Andrea Di FIlippo of DZstudio feature a very beautiful and interesting design with the buttons. The Clamp lamp is big and bold and will be a great source of light for kitchen or living room.

The design of this lamp is very interesting, though unusual for lamps. We are used to seeing only furniture being upholstered and buttoned, not lamps, but sofas and chairs. But this over sized lamp looks pretty nice like that, in this unusual design. If it weren’t hanging from the ceiling you might imagine it could be a piece of furniture, but it will make your living room look special and unique. It is now available in many colors.

Lamps are o longer seen as simple items that provide light when needed. Pendant are especially designed to look beautiful and impressive. Modern suspended lamps have a very unique way of making themselves notices. They have simple designs and beautiful shapes and colors but it’s the little details that make them stand out. So you don’t have to choose something very sophisticated and detailed to make your home look modern and elegant. This particular lamp design is very beautiful. It has a very friendly shape and little details like those small buttons that make them very interesting and special. They also come in different colors like the usual black or white but also some more vibrant colors like that bright green.

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