Apu Tables Define Versatility at Its Best

The name up front may appear a tad funny to you-Apu, but then the versatility of this offering is sure going to baffle you. For one moment it is a serving tray and for another it is a side table and then furthermore it is even a flower vase. You are always in the need for such versatile pieces in the modern space constrained dwellings and here comes an option in the form of the Apu tables.

They ought to be tough to be such diversely functional and the strength comes from the use of a white ceramic top and base in solid oak, ash or American walnut. You see three Apu Table designs here and all are in different in structure and that is what makes them special as a collection.The entire design is modern and clean.

Effegibi Finnish Sauna Design Hates Being Utilitarian

We mostly know Finland for the famous cell phone brand Nokia which supports 70% of the country’s economy but what do the rest of the 30% people do. Well, a part of that minority percentage is brand Effegibi and this name is set to change the trend of utilitarian saunas. For this brand luxury is the key and that is what oozes from its latest offering-Sky Sauna Collection. The focal point of this design was to club function with fashion and the sauna is a clear example of the success of the blending scheme. The luxurious elements include combining cedar enclosures with glass ceilings.

The name sky is derivative for openness and the product definitely delivers that sense of openness. What is more is that it can be customized with laser-cut wooden panels.

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House in the Mexican Woods is Inspirational

Living in the woods is challenging but also satisfying because of the serenity on offer. We never let a house in the woods go by and today we caught hold of a habitat located in Valle de Bravo, Estado de Mexico, Mexico.

It is a great place to reside even because of the temperature conditions as the maximum is 33°C while the minimum is -2°C.  The location is great for people who admire the pine and oak laden surroundings. The overall project area was 650sqm and the architectural unit came up with a living, a dining, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a multipurpose room.The wok was made by Parque Humano. The house is a depiction of respecting nature and establishing a connection between the surroundings and the house.

Summer Decorating Ideas With Flowers For Your Loft

As summer has recently come, maybe it’s time to bring some improvements to your loft. One of the best things that you can change in your house is related to flower decorations. As you probably know, flower decorations can radically improve the aspect of the house, and, as we are facing the hot days of summer, it would be a pity not to have flower decorations.

During this season, the most sophisticated flowers that you can use in order to change the aspect of your loft are roses, sun flowers, fireweed, and peony. Besides of being just gorgeous, the above flowers are known to be resistant and easy to take care of. Also, they aren’t so expensive, at it is almost guaranteed that your summer will be a great one if you choose to use some summer decorating ideas with flowers for your loft.

A great idea for summer flower decorations is related to a special compilation: roses and candles. This will look just great, especially if you choose for this mix, complimentary colors. White roses and white candles will just look great, no matter what.You can always go down to your local flower shop or go to an online florist to get great ideas for your home.If yes, then try to add this time of gift to the usual Father’s day gifts and you will say that the father from your life will definitely be satisfied, especially if he is a flower lover.More info about fathers day !

Also, if you want to add more light to your loft, you should use bright color flower combinations like blue, yellow and orange colored flowers. The sunflowers will also be very effective into adding more light to the loft.

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How To Choose Modern Furniture For Small Spaces

As the size of a home gets smaller and smaller, it seems logical for the comfort to decrease as well, right? Well, that’s not necessarily true. In fact, smaller houses are often considered to be cozier and more welcoming. But what about the design and décor? Surely, a small place must be easier to decorate than a large one. That’s false too. Because of the limited space, clever solutions need to be found when choosing the furniture.

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Things you Should Know Before Decorating your Living Room

So you’ve decided to remodel and redecorate your living room. It must be very exciting but do you have a plan? You can’t expect things to fall perfectly into place by accident. You need to do your research and have everything planned before you actually start the project. So which are the steps you need to follow? You can find out right now.

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How to Look For the Right Home Accessories

There’s no place like home and nobody can say otherwise. But what makes a place feel like home? Well, it’s all about the accessories. It’s not the big things that give a space that cozy, homey feel but the little ones like the pictures on the walls, the fluffy rugs and the candles. So choosing the right accessories is very important.

The coffee table.

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