How To Decorate A Bar

Having a home bar is definitely something that most of the people only dream at. Though, there is a common mistake when it comes to home bars: people think that in order to have one, you must spend a lot of money on the proper accessories and decorations. Nothing more further from the truth than that. It is actually simple and cheap to decorate a bar. The only thing is mandatory is some free space in the living room or in the kitchen, places where usually a home bar is installed.

The main rule of a bar tells us that we should decorate exactly as the rest of the room is decorated. This is why the colors should respect the dominant color from the rest of the room.

If the room where the bar is placed is meant for sport watching or for hanging our with friends, certain things must be definitely placed: a small fridge for the beer and also support for the glasses. There is no need for a counter, even if it is recommended to have one.

The main mistake that people are doing when it comes to decorating a home bar is the fact that they confound the bar itself with the place where the drinks and the glasses are kept. No, that ain’t a bar.

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How To Decorate With Mirrors

Even if people used to use mirrors, on the past, just for beauty reasons, nowadays, decorating a house or a building with mirrors is quite in trend, and therefore, it is used by more and more people.

Though, how easy is to change decorate a house with mirrors? Well, to be honest with you, it’s not that easy, especially if you want to decorate it in a modern way.

Though, if you wish to use the mirrors in the old classic way, things aren’t that difficult. Most of the places where windows are placed are lobbies, entrance rooms, bathrooms and even dormitories. For these rooms, there are used regular sized mirrors, depending directly of the space allocated for the mirror and of the preference of the users.

The nowadays trend is to use large mirrors. The larger, the better. The wall-sized mirrors are used especially in lobbies or in enlightened places where the users can properly see how are they looking without using an additional lightning source. The only disadvantage of these large mirrors is the fact that they can easy break, and therefore certain precautions must be taken, in order to prevent the destroying the of the mirror. As you all know, once that a mirror is broken, the users can’t use it no more as it will have an ugly aspect.

In some bedrooms, mirrors are hanged all over the walls. This type of decoration offers more light to the bedroom, and of course, it is also offering some more powerful feelings for the couples who decided to decorate their bedroom with mirrors.

No further than that, mirror decorations are also used for elevators or for small places. By decorating with a large mirror a small place, the people passing through that elevator/small place won’t have the feeling that they are in a type of coffin and that is because mirrors will give the sensation that that space is larger than it really is.

The furniture producers began producing furniture with mirrors incorporated few years ago, when more and more people began to complain that the space from their apartments is to small. Therefore, nowadays we have closets with large mirrors on the interior part of the doors as well as there are mirrors incorporated on the exterior face of some pieces of furniture. The idea of this mix is perfect as it saves money and space, facts that are quite vital in the 21st century.

How To Decorate Outside Of House

When it comes to the aspect of a residence, there are 2 aspects that must be kept in mind: the inside and the outside of the house, or the backyard/front yard. If the interior of the house is quite important and has a major role for the comfort of those who are living in the house, the aspect of the outside of the house is also important, especially for those are in love with decorations and common sense décor for their backyard.

Though, there are different ways to decorate the outside of the house. The most popular ways to decorate a yard is by planting flowers and bushes, by planting ponds with fish and by using vases. Let’s talk about every one of them a little, shall we?

Decorating the outside of the house with flowers is the dream of every flower lover. Different models in different formats can be placed. Though, for the flower lovers, decorating the backyard with flowers can be really expensive, and certain precautions must be taken. The flowers need water daily, and special treatments, especially if they are rare and expensive flowers.

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How to decorate a living room with high ceilings

When it comes to living rooms,nowadays common trend is to project them with high ceilings. Why are people doing this? Even if some people will say that high ceilings will lead to water infiltration in the walls as well as dampness appearance, living rooms with high ceilings have an unique aspect, as they appear more beautiful than they really are, and if there are used some certain decorations, the living rooms will appear as nobile.

Anyway, when it comes to a high ceiling living room decorations, things aren’t as simple as they might appear, and that’s because a living room with high ceilings can’t be decorated exactly like a normal living room.

Of course, there aren’t rules for the decoration of a living room with high ceilings. Though, people must be aware of some things.

In order to prevent the dampness, walls with vertical opening are mandatory. The windows can be kept opened and therefore room ventilation can properly be done. Of course, the color of the windows should respect the color of the room, and therefore, classic color are recommended and not at all bold colors.

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Questions to Ask Before Buying Furniture

New furniture is for most of us something that we can not afford to buy too often. After all, we are facing the most powerful economic crisis the world has ever seen. Though, as from time to time, new furniture is mandatory, people willing to buy some new furniture for their homes should ask for some details before actually buying the item that they are in need of.

Well, ok, that library looks just awesome. Though, do you know exactly what you are about to buy and what are you offered by the shop? No. Without asking the salesman, customers can not know some details about their desired item. So, in the next following lines, people will find out which are the main 5 questions that they should get answers at, before buying any piece of furniture.

First of all, people should find out what are the sizes of their desired item. Of course, they should also be aware of how much space they have back home, or otherwise, their new furniture might not fit. And nobody would like that, would they?

The next question is related to the transport of the furniture. Do you get free transport for your furniture or do you have to deal with it. This question might save you a lot of money, as most of the furniture shops have their own free transport system. If you choose to transport the new item at your home, you might have to pay quite a lot more, as the transport for big items – especially if we are talking about libraries, or coaches- costs quite a lot.

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Black And White Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms

There aren’t more elegant colors than black and white, especially when it comes to home decorations. The contrast between these two colors has certainly several advantages, especially if people respect few aesthetic rules.

The advantages from decorating a bedroom, for example, with black and white are quite important, as they can dramatically change the aspect of a room. The main advantage for a bedroom that is decorated in black and white is the fact that will look extremely elegant. Further more, the white color will develop the idea of large space and hygene.

As concerning the combinations between these 2 colors in a bedroom they are numerous and everybody can make certain combinations without being afraid that they will ruin the aspect of the house.

For example, if a room is decorated only in white and yet, some accessories or objects are meant to be seen, these accessories should be put on a black support, only if they aren’t black as well. It will certainly look fancy.

The only thing about a bedroom in black and white is the fact that sheets aren’t recommended to be black. It will simply not look to good, and that is because the bed takes a lot of space, and by decorating in black, the light from that room won’t be so big anymore. Also, anyone who will enter in that bedroom will have the sensation that something simply doesn’t fit too good.

Though, the black color can be used for small cabinets and even for closets. Though, in order not to ruin the aspect of the bedroom, a black closet must be placed in the furthest corner of the bedroom. The same thing should be done with black accessories, as well. This will look extremely well, especially if the rest of the room is white, and that’s because it will make the room look way larger than it really is.

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Ladera Residence in Montecito Banishes Air Conditioning

It is the kind of day where we are talking about houses based on sustainable solutions and while the previous one was a decent facility this Ladera residence is lavish to the core. It is located in the hills above Montecito and the natural air cooling system incorporation in place of an air-conditioning set- up is a privilege courtesy of the California Coast’s mild climate.

About the lavish factor, the house is divided in two wings. Public wing– that includes living, dining and kitchen areas and opens up to the main outdoor dining and lounging areas.

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