A Modernist Forest House Finished in Stone

In the times of yore, the forest houses had the freedom of choosing whatever they liked in the forests, but with the ecology depleting the modern designers and architects have a tougher task in hand. Check out this modern forest house finished by Zecc Architecten in the woods Soest, the Netherlands. The facility keenly presents itself as a detached modern forest house by choosing an exterior material that almost replicates a stone. Add to this effect some wood details and the overall structure definitely connects with the pine trees surrounding the facility. Also, large expanses of windows have been purposely used to get in great views of the forest house. The house looks like a natural element in the neighbouring forest, as it is covered with natural stone and wood and this ecological approach makes it look normal there and not out of the ordinary or unusual.There are no boundaries like tall fences and the house faces the woods directly, having the interior garden filled with grass. The interior design is very modern, but the whole ensemble is great, even though a bit contradictory: natural and modern at the same time.

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Bluff Farm House by Australian Richard Cole Architecture

If you are on the look out for contemporary farm house ideas here is one finished by the Australian firm Richard Cole Architecture. To be precise, it is called the Bluff Farm House and it is located in Hunter Valley of New South Wales. This is the kind of the house which sets a modern tone in a rural setting although this particular house does not ignore the strong pastoral appeal of the site. What more can you ask for when you have a grassy, hilly terrain overlooking a meandering river, all set in a valley. The farm house in particular gets a glass-enclosed exterior that features a contemporary, overhanging roof, which provides some shade from the hot afternoon sun.

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Ideas to Decorate a Music Room

No other room in the house than a music room can be more relaxing. Right? After all, it is known the fact that the main purpose of the music, generally speaking, is to relax the listeners or at least, to amplify some of the feelings.

So, if people have this opportunity, they should decorate a room of their house as a music room.

First of all, and the most important of  such a music room is the music system and the sound system as well. If you can afford to decorate a music room, then you should also afford to buy a high quality music system. Well reputed brands like Sony or Technics should be the perfect choice for your music room. As concerning the surround system, if possible, it is recommended to not buy the classic system of 2 speakers near the music system, unless the furniture or the seats of the room are placed directly in the front of the music system. People should go for the classic surround system of 4 or 6 speakers placed all over the room, speakers that will ensure the high quality of the room.

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How to Choose Area Rugs to Complement Your Home’s Decorating Style

The aspect of a room depends in a big proportion by the rug that is inside it. This is why choosing the proper rugs in order to complement a home’s decorating style is definitely mandatory for any household.

Therefore, ho to choose area rugs in order to complements the home’s decorating style? Here are some tips.

If the living room is decorated in a classic style, with nothing extremely modern, then a Victorian rug should suit perfectly. Victorian rugs are usually flowered, with lots of colors, and are quite large. Therefore, they are perfect for classic living rooms, as long as they suit the other pieces of furniture.

If we are talking about a minimalist room, then rugs should not be placed in that room. Though, small carpets that might change the total aspect of the room can be placed, but nothing else more.

For the rooms that are decorated with crafts or pieces of art like statues and paintings, people should search for William Morris rugs. These rugs will definitely suit such a room, as they are known for the symmetry and for the fade colors, factors that can influence dramatically the aspect of such an arts room.

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Japanese Garden Furniture

As the Japanese culture is continuously developing among people all over the world, it is no wonder that people are looking forward to decorating their homes in a classic Japanese style. Whether we are talking about Japanese beds or Japanese gardens, we are talking about the same process that is developing in all over the world.

First of all, in order to get the Japanese garden you have always wanted, you must talk with a specialized designer. Or, if you consider that you might do it yourself, then you must learn something about the Japanese garden furniture.

First of all, the Japanese garden furniture is characterized by the bamboo furniture. Every garden that is decorated in this style should have a table and some chairs made of bamboo. Usually, the price for such a set – a bamboo table with 4 bamboo chairs – is somewhere near $250, VAT included. Does it worth? We say that it surely does, as it is mandatory for every Japanese stylized garden to have such a set of bamboo table and chairs. A nice accessory for such a set is a bamboo umbrella. With a special design, this umbrella can reach even 3 meters if it is opened at its maximum wideness.

Another accessory that is definitely a must have for every Japanese garden it is represented by the stone sculpted statues. Figures like Buddha or Japanese fighters will suit every garden, as long as they are properly placed. The disadvantage of such a statue is the relatively high price: a stone sculpted statue of Buddha may reach even $600 or even more.

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How to Decorate With Twin Beds

Bedrooms with twin beds are known to be family beds. Even if a family doesn’t have exactly twins, but has 2 kids or is expecting babies to be born, it can choose to decorate a bedroom with twin beds.

Though, twin beds have one rule: if a family decides to decorate a bedroom with twin beds, then the room must be perfectly symmetrical. As there is a concept between brothers that each of them has a half of room, in order to make them feel equal, the room should be decorated symmetrical. This means that if in the left side of the room there is a bin, the other part of the room should have a bin as well. And so on.

Also, even if the twin beds are known to be family beds, this doesn’t mean that they can not be used in other places. For example, hotels are decorating a lot of their rooms with twin beds, as well as most of the hostels. Though, the symmetry rule should be respected as well, as the same persons might be in need of the same objects, and it would be a pity to make them feel uncomfortable.

In order to decorate properly a room with twin beds, the owners should know for sure what people will be resting in those beds. If they know for sure, then they can order the proper furniture, as they will know what sizes to order. After all, no grown up can rest in tiny children bed, can he?

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How To Decorate A 400 Square Foot Apartment

No matter how you would do it, decorating a 400 square apartment is for sure a hard job. The lack of space can be quite an impediment for those who are in need of a new home décor, especially if they have to live in a small apartment like this.

Though, the situation mustn’t get desperate as there are several solutions that might help a lot at decorating a small flat, solutions that besides of their major role of improving the comfort from one tiny apartment, they might cut off some costs as well.

First of all, before buying the necessary things for the apartment, the owner should inspect a little the windows. Do they open vertically or just horizontally? In order to ensure fresh air in the apartment, every small apartment like this should have vertical openings for its windows. This will reduce some space, as it won’t be needed to open the windows largely to get fresh air. And in such a tiny apartment, even 10-15 inches might help at the space economy.

Also, for the main room, owners of a 400 square foot apartment should avoid the placement of the bed in the middle of the room. The bed, especially if it is a matrimonial one should be placed as close as possible to the wall. This will definitely enlarge the empty space from the room, as a bad placed in the middle of the room would be quite an impediment for any movement.

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