26 Grey Owl Property In California

When you think lavish, you got to think of Irvine in California for this is one area where some of the most astounding houses stand until date. Today we talk about the 26 Grey Owl property, which is probably the only facility in Irvine with a surrounding vineyard. The facility gets a 13,500 square foot mansion is on a 1.73 acre lot.

The vineyard is good enough to produce two barrels of wine when harvested. What is more is a connecting tunnel for a home theater and the pool house. Listed initially at $17.5 million and now down to $15.495 million, this facility also has a huge gourmet kitchen with a walk-in-refrigerator and a large central Island with a pop-up television.

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The Vader House by Andrew Maynard

Australian architect Andrew Maynard is a pretty famous name when it comes to designing or renovating houses and his Vader House is a good example of his genius. This renovated space came up a year ago and is still being discussed across the internet for its finesse. This open-air home is the extension of the Victorian terrace and we’ve also come to admire its geometric space.

The house despite the renovation maintains the old brick perimeter which manages in rendering the old city charm amidst a modern construction pattern.   The lower level of the house gets the main living areas will the upper level gets a nice resting area under the angular ceiling.

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The Historic Sarkozy Carriage House in New York

This spectacular carriage house on view here has been standing famously since 1910 in New York and it is dubbed the Sarkozy Carriage House. Located on the East 75th Street in New York City, this famous carriage house has 8,475 square feet: 4 floors, 6 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. What is more is a 2,000 sq ft private garden which is definitely a rarity in New York City.

Interestingly the current owner of this house Oliver Sarkozy, who is a half brother to the French President put in a whopping $2 million to renovate the entire facility. Understandably, this property is now listed at $11,950,000 and we see no reason why it cannot fetch that price. Head over to the images to know more.
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Kler A220 Armchair Offers your Head a ‘Nice’ Rest

Piotr Kler has readied his fresh new range of the contemporary living room collection and the best out of the lot for us is the Kler A220 armchair which also offers a cushiony headrest. This leather upholstered armchair is basically a work of art which gets a deep seat and chrome square feet. This armchair is also available with a matching footstool just in case you are willing to spend more than £1,239. That may appear a hefty pricing to you upfront but you needn’t forget that this ergonomically designed offering has been crafted out of sumptuous leathers for which Kler sets high standards.

It might be an expensive chair, but it’s also unique and quite interesting. It’s a real work of art and that is obvious from the beginning. This is the kind of armchair that has that robust shape and still manages to look elegant and beautiful. I usually don’t like big and robust chairs but this is the exception. It’s a very beautiful armchair, with an original design. The red color suits it perfectly.

It’s a modern and clever design. The armchair is very comfortable as you can imagine. It’s a combination that is not easy to obtain. It’s hard to create something that really takes into account the comfort issue and that meets the user’s needs from this point of view, and in the same time to make it look beautiful. And this armchair is beyond beautiful, it’s artistic.Available for £1,239.

How To Turn A Small Bedroom Into A Dressing Room

Small bedrooms are perfect projects if, for example, you’d want to add a home office or a dressing room to your house or apartment. But thinking about all the things you could do and actually doing them are two separate things. You need to follow some steps if you want the project to be successful.First of all, take out everything in the room and clean in. check the walls and the floor for mold, repair any damage and prepare the room for what’s to come.

After that, pick the lighting fixtures. The light needs to be just right so you’ll need the ceiling fixture as well as some task lighting like these tiny lights around the mirror.

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How To Decorate A Nursery Bedroom

Whenever a child appears in the life of a family, after a while he/she must get her/his own room. Now, when it comes to decorating the nursery, most of the people make some mistakes, and that is because they don’t know how to decorate properly a nursery bedroom.

Therefore, how to decorate a nursery bedroom?

First of all, the nursery room should be decorated in just one color. Usually, if the child is a boy, then the room is decorated in blue, and if it is a girl, then the room is decorated in pink.

The bed must be placed in a place where nothing can fall on in, and therefore, the bed mustn’t be placed near the shelves and neither under the chandeliers. This way, any danger that might appear is prevented. For the parents looking forward to add some uniqueness to the nursery bedrooms, they can choose to add some satin curtains for the beds of the infants. This will look lovely and the children will be prevented from being bitten by flies and mosquitoes.

As concerning the rugs, they must be from a really soft material, as that might be the place where the kids will play. A hard material might harm the feet of the infants, and therefore, decorating a nursery bedroom with a hard rug is strictly forbidden.

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How To Choose Living Room Colors

Whenever it comes to redecorating the living room, the first question that comes into everybody’s mind is “What colors shall we use for the new style?” Indeed, the living room is maybe the most important part of the room, as there are usually held all the daily activities.

First of all, people should know exactly in what style they are about to decorate/redecorate their living room. Though, if they have no idea and they are just in need of a change, then here are some ideas.

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