Ottoman & Bench Collection

I really love those upholstered sofas or divans without arms or a back we so dearly call Ottomans from the people who first used them. Indeed, those unique furniture items clubbed with benches are a necessity for a living room space as they manage not to break the design symmetry of a giving furniture set. Matters get better when the offerings are finished in stain-resistant fabrics along with Aniline-dyed leathers.

You need to head over to restoration hardware to behold an amazing collection of both benches and ottomans and just in case you like anything you can of course get it ordered. All this furniture is vintage and it has a unique and interesting air of worn out covering.

The patterns on the ottomans or benches differ a lot and they can start from traditional Native American culture and go till modernism. The distinctive feature of all the pieces in the collection are the beautifully carved legs that are a real work of art. As for the soft part of the seating, it is covered and filled with different materials depending on the model.

How to decorate a romantic bedroom

Even if we are living in the century of speed, some of us still like romance as all that it is related to it. For most of the people, romance doesn’t mean too much. Though, there are still people who know how to appreciate properly this concept.

Without any doubt, the most romantic place from the life of a couple is definitely the bedroom. This is why there are a lot of people willing to decorate their bedroom in a romantic way.

How can this be done? Well, it’s quite simple. That’s because the concept of romance is pretty much the same for most of the people, and therefore, when it comes to romance and romantic decorations for the bedroom, it is easy to find what you are in need of to get the bedroom you have always wished for.

First of all, the luminosity of the bedroom shouldn’t be too strong. This is why interior designers recommend to all the couples looking forward to decorating their bedroom in a romantic style to use low power bulbs and chandeliers.

Also, as concerning the bed sheets, the mix between white and red is perfect. Either the sheets are white and the pillows are red or vice versa, it will perfectly suit the bedroom. Satin sheets are even more romantic, especially for those who like to make the long nights more romantic.

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Villa Bussum by Group A is Uber Contemporary

When you talk of modern and sculptural homes the Villa Bussum finished by Group A needs to be discussed thoroughly. The amazingly modern facility is surrounded by a Lush and it is the abstract building volume which embeds the house perfectly in the landscape.

The choice of materials and its form factor also help this house in drawing a contemporary repute. Loaded with two gardens (front and rear) it is dream and both these gardens have been combined by a sloping path. It is the same path which also serves as a covered garage while it also provides access to the basement floor.

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How to Build a Modern Platform Bed Yourself ( Video )

In the last years, “Do-It-Yourself” programs have become more and more popular. Why? Because people have realized that it is way cheaper, and more useful, to learn to make on their own what they were in need of.

There are some important advantages in making on your own what you are in need of. First of all, you will save a lot of money as you will cut off the price for the labor and the VAT taxes, and also, at the end, you will be proud to say that what you’ve built is just your opera.

For those who are looking forward to start making on their own stuff, we strongly recommend to start with something simple like a modern platform bed. It is quite simple to make and it won’t take too much time. In fact, you can build a modern platform bed on yourself in no more than one noon.

In order to start making this platform, you need to have these materials: three 4 foot by 8 foot pieces of 3/4 inch thick plywood, about 12 pieces of 2 inch by 10 inch planks, planks that are 8 feet long and 8 L-shaped metal brackets with a size of 3 inches long. Also, a set of 3 inch screw drivers are indicated.

Now if you have the above materials, you can start making yourself the platform of the bed. The first step is related to the creation of the platform itself. Use the 10 inch planks for that, and of course the screws. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to know exactly what size you are making the bed. Otherwise, the elements won’t fit or won’t be enough.

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Conifer Clad Retreat Finished by m.elle

We have come across a number of vegetation clad houses in the recent past and we’ve come to love all of them. Here’s another addition to that amazing wish list finished by the mother and daughter pairing of m.elle. You come to enliven yourselves on the mountains and a warm and cozy house like this situated exactly amidst conifer trees is like a dream.

Come to think of elegance and you find truckloads of that in this stone and aged wooden beam dream. For me grey was a color I will never like to see in my surroundings  but the way it has been used here makes me think differently.

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How to Decorate Your Living Room Using Turquoise

Even if some people might consider turquoise an exotic color, this color is in fact one of the most easiest colors to use in the real life. As it is light and suits a lot of complementary colors ( dark brown, black, dark red and so on), decorating a living room with this color is quite easy.

Before continuing, a certain thing must be recalled to all the readers: turquoise is way different than light blue, especially from that light blue that is commonly used in bathrooms.

When it comes to decorating a living room with turquoise, people have 2 possibilities: either they choose to paint the walls of the room with this color, either they choose to decorate it with accessories. The gamma of accessories which can be found in this color is quite large and includes candle supports, candles, chandeliers, pillows, curtains, glasses and many other more. And, as turquoise is complementary with the colors that are used for the regular pieces of furniture, it is definitely guaranteed that this color will definitely suit  in the landscape of the room extremely well.

This year, home interior designers are using turquoise as the main color for the most successful curtains. They compile the turquoise curtains with a dark colored string, and what results is definitely sophisticated and elegant.

Turquoise is also perfect for decorating the living room in the cold season. As it is a little bit cold, even icy, turquoise will fill extremely well the room. In fact, in can even be used as the main color for a modern table, especially if it is compiled with a brown table accessory.

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How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Home

It is mandatory for the ambiance of the house we are living in to be pleasant. Factors like lightning, sounds –whether they are from the interior or just from the exterior of the house- ,  interior home decorations as well as the atmosphere from the house are the main factors which determine whether in a house there is a pleasant ambiance or not.

From the above presented details, maybe the most important factor is the lightning. It has been reported that people who aren’t enjoying of enough light are unhappy and have problems with their eyes. Therefore, in order to prevent these nasty consequences, how can you choose the right lightning for your home?

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