TOOT Modern Leather Sofa by Cassina

Today I found a similar leather sofa like mine, this one comes from Cassina an Italian furniture company. Called TOOT Sofa this comfortable leather seating features a polished-aluminum frame that’s barely visible beneath the sofa’s supple, comfortable leather-clad cushions. The sofa comes in brown color and like the arm and back rests and cushions, which also come in two styles – firm for support, and a softer style that promotes relaxation and invokes sweet dreams.

It’s simple and modern, plus it has a nice elegant look. It comes in two different colors: a soft tone of grey and a tone of brown that resembles chocolate. You can choose to match it with the rest of your furniture of with the interior design of the room, or you can choose to create a nice color contrast. But since it’s the sofa I guess you can choose whatever color you want and start the decoration from there.

It has a leather finish, which makes it a little more sophisticated than the fabric covered one. It has a simple design and it’s durable and resilient. Furthermore it’s also very comfortable, and you tell that just by looking at the pictures. One thing I don’t like about leather sofas in general is the fact that the cushions are also covered in leather and that’s not very comfortable or pleasant. But other than that I find this sofa quite attractive.

Saving Space with Twin Chair

First time when I saw this furniture piece appears to be a common chair. But also the name suggest 2, Twin Chair.Made by a French designer Philippe Nigro this grate idea it’s useful for those who have problem with area. If you have more guest the number of chairs can be easily be doubled with the “Twin Chair” .The design its simple and unique connected with real life.

It’s a creative and interesting idea, not very original though. There are also some other similar designs that use the same technique and some of them are even more attractive. But the idea is very clever. Space is always a problem, especially in small apartments. And chairs are furniture pieces that are necessary but that however take a lot of space. It’s good to be prepared and to have enough chairs for everyone when you have guests but after they leave you have to deal with them and to find a place to sore them. But this way you can save a lot of space.

One chair can be easily turned into two different items, practical and useful. And the can be easily stacked and stored away when not needed. And whenever some extra guests are coming to visit, just separate them and the problem is solved. The chairs are simple and they can be used for the dining room.

Randy Brown Architects Personal Facility in Nebraska

Famous architectural names always impress us with multifarious examples of their work, but what is more interesting to see is how they design their own houses. I have seen a lot of architect’s houses that can simply stun you and today we are out to excavate what Randy Brown owns in Nebraska.

After Randy bought this property in Omaha, Nebraska, he decided to move in here with his family, bringing all of his work along with him. That ‘work’ is the exact reason why this house looks more like a working laboratory than anything else. A c combination of rusted steel and vintage y-looking wood, gives everything around a rare look, but, it is still more of a lab.

The wood features are absolutely amazing. The image they create is very beautiful, abstract, modern and very interesting. There are a lot of asymmetries in this structure, starting with the shape of the house that looks a little odd. Then there are all sorts of features and pieces that continue this image.

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Doubly Oriented House Still manages to be Private

This of course isn’t the first dually oriented house we are covering here on Homedit but it is still different in a manner. Most houses with more than a single orientation end up sacrificing the privacy factor but this Northland House designed by Parsonson Architects in Wellington Harbour, New Zeeland manages to keep privacy intact. The first orientation of the house is east to the harbor and the hills beyond while the second one is west to the afternoon sun. What also manages to keep the privacy going is a protective courtyard wall where the courtyard serves as an integral part of the facility.

This is a very beautiful house. It has an impressing design, both on the outside and the inside. It’s placed in a great location and the views are very beautiful and quite amazing. But what it really impressing is the interior design of this structure. It has a very modern design, simple but very elegant and sophisticated, like many modern pieces.

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Modern glass doors by Italian company OTC Doors

Glass doors enable you to enjoy the view outside from your house. The Italian company OTC Doors comes with a modern collection of glass doors. The collection is  available in few different systems, including mounted to swingers – sliders and also comes in a variety of colors and screens, which can be personalized by sandblasting or engraving into crystal, satin or clear glass. If you choose the clear glass you will have a full view of outside and for those who choose  the Marilyn Monro designs will leave a modern impression ! Make your own glass door design or office .

Glass is usually associated with transparency. And most glass doors are transparent but this is not a general rule. As you can see from these pictures, there are several options when it comes to choosing a glass door, besides the classic transparent one.
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Seattle Penthouse in the Citadel Seattle

If you ever dream of living with the clouds, here is your perfect opportunity to do so courtesy of this high rise penthouse which is listed for sale. The penthouse has been listed for sale by Seattle’s Sotheby’s International Realty Agency in the Citadel Seattle. Such high fidelity living ought to bear a heavy duty cost and this high-rise penthouse is understandably listed at $6.2 million.

That’s a whopping sum of money demanded but only a penthouse as good as this can offer you the views capable of startling visitors. So much emphasis has been laid on the surrounding scenery that the furniture has been purposely kept neutral to maintain the aura.

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Inside an Artist’s Home!

Creativity has no limits and the artists are destined to achieve great heights just because of this factor. We here though often talk about houses and not artists but for a change, it is time to perceive an artists home and how he likes to spice up life in his surroundings. This facility is such a cool minimal modern space which is becoming more of a rarity these days.

Also, what is interesting is a dining room (amongst other things) with the old herringbone floors and the fiberglass Eames chairs. Some other rooms look blessed with the Scandinavian Influence where the floors are painted. We will let the images do the talking now.

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