Kitchen interior color ideas

What would be a good color to use for a kitchen, is a matter of personal taste, but in order to gain real effect, color combinations are king, and will work miracles. In this case the combination or orange, with metallic silver overtones. While silver is dominating, to achieve the stylish look and adds the touch of class, the orange, that definitely is present, ads the cheer of summer to the kitchen, resulting in a unique looking kitchen, that is modern, cheerful, yet stylish.

This result can be obtained in many ways, as there are several varieties to the theme, where both colors support each other for the purpose they were used.

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Green Garden Furniture by Kevin Hunt

Covering furniture pieces with living and growing grass, Kevin Hunt had developed a series of garden furniture that presents exotic forms of garden decors. Each of the pieces cover static piece covered with grass and in result over the passage of time, the construction goes beyond the control of the artist. Grass is attached to the furniture pieces where a special dirt composition sticks to the material providing a growing base for the greenery.

At one time the furniture offers exotic appearance and green features. Whether it is the garden chairs, or dressers or doors for series of literal furniture for the garden.

Garden furniture is also known as the patio furniture and outdoor furniture. It is one of those types of furniture that are specially designed for using at the outdoors. Since the materials used is highly weather resistant, they do not fade out or get damaged easily due to external atmospheric effects.


House in Chaum by Prax Architects

This House in Chaum has been finished by Prax Architects and the task was to come up with a structure which had space for housing, an office and also a garage. Prax architects resorted to resolute contemporary architecture where the establishment and the organization of the building were based on the surrounding vernacular structures.

While the dwelling was directed to the southern direction, the workplace was set in the east and so was the much needed garage for storage purposes. The western ad the northern orientations were left with very few openings for protection purposes.

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Voglreiter Auto Residence by Markus Voglreiter

If you thought the Tamka from Poland was creative with in that limited space, how about this house on wheels from Austria.  This is a sight I’ve never come across before and I am sure many of you wouldn’t have too. It is dubbed the Voglreiter Auto Residence and it has been designed by German architect Markus Voglreiter.

Simply amazing, this auto residence is located in Gnigl near Salzburg, Austria and the surrounding areas make it look even more beautiful. Transforming the structure of the house into a car was a big challenge as it was originally a 70’s style house and then the architect also had to come up with two separate dwellings to incorporate two generations of a family. Add to this the fact, that the auto residence was laden with eco-lighting solutions as well. WOW!

Irish Ambassador Residence

Irish Ambassador Residence project in Wassenaar has two parts. The first one is an extension with a carport whereas the second one is a renovation of the existing structure. In the extension part there is a professional kitchen as well as an apartment for cook. Zoning plan has limited space and the apartment is placed half at the underground of the kitchen.

The incision is on the landscape providing daylight. Work surface of the kitchen works just like the light box and its extra meter of height to the façade of the room. Side façade of the kitchen as well as the apartment is patchwork of glued glass sheets that mirrors the lush green outside. In result the building blends effectively with the surrounding environment.

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Tamka Apartment in Warsaw Poland is Utterly Cheerful

You necessarily do not need a huge apartment or an area to make a surrounding cheerful and even a smallish accommodation can enliven your mood depending on how that facility shapes up. Tamka is good example of a cheerful apartment that only stretches over an area of 21.5 square meters but is still full of life.

The important factor is the color scheme which makes Tamka alive and credit also goes to the creativity of designer Jakub Szczesny who successfully created a fun and playful living space. There are pretty interesting elements in this house for example the transformable kitchen and dining area.  When not in use, the dining area looks more like a stylish white locker.

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Log Kit Modular Homes by PAF Architecture

Made with interchangeable parts the log kit modular homes are based on the concept of sort of legos for homes. Originally conceived by PAF Architecture in 2003 the designers were mostly concerned with snap lock parts for homes since that time. Strong focus on solar passive designs is the highlight of the architecture. The construction has simple yet striking architecture in the exterior or the building.

Usually the log kit house is a system of standardized as well as interchangeable and prefabricated parts that helps the user makes rapid assembly with great varieties. Hundreds of different configurations are possible depending on the way one configures the construction and architecture.

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