Eco-friendly luxury residence in Singapore lets nature become a part of it

The stunning residence you see here is located in Singapore and is called the Fish House. It was designed and built by Guz Architects and is very impressive indeed. The property is a tropical paradise. The views are simply incredible, even more stunning when you admire them from such a wonderful home.

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The Mummy Mountain Residence in Arizona, USA

We tend to cover a lot of beautiful contemporary houses from Arizona, USA, and here comes another entrant which is dubbed the Mummy Mountain Residence. Finished by Chen + Suchart Studio LLC, this house is in proximity with the natural properties of the construction site. The brains involved purpose-built CMU walls in an arrangement that allows the free flow of the landscape and the great views through the house. There are such great views on offer from this residence that you cannot just single out any site in particular as the best.

This house is very beautiful especially when you think about how beautiful it integrates in the surroundings. It’s a way of camouflaging your home to make it look more natural in its location. So the designers just used the color to create this effect. From the outside it doesn’t look very spectacular. It’s just another simple residence. But on the inside it’s a whole different story.

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O Interior Design Unit Specializes In Creating Contemporary Spaces

You may find the Denver, Colorado, based firm formed in 1999 bearing a strange name (which needs a bit of explanation) but the O interior Design firm is no stranger to the work of designing. The unit has been creating magic since 11 years and they excel in creating contemporary spaces which ‘definitely’ have an air of Hollywood Regency yet being comfortable and livable at the same time. We never admire designers who go for the over-the-top flares and that is where O Interior Design is so convincing-at least the pictures say so!

The first thing anyone notices about this place are the colors, more exactly the contrasting color tones used in all the rooms. They create a very nice visual image and they also have a great impact on the viewers. The bedroom is the best example for this. In there, the colors combine perfectly and they look very good together. It’s the black that is the most visible, especially when combined with the golden tone.

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CNC Milled Finish Tile by EVT is Uber Modern

It is amazing what a renovation spree can do to your surroundings, be it even a bathroom redesign; a simple change of tiles is good enough to add a new life to that bathing area of yours.  Milled tiles are quite the fashion these days as they are certainly capable of bringing out a new look and brand EVT is offering designs in the same genre. The CNC milled finish tiles from EVT add a luxurious tinge to the surrounding you choose be it any room in the house.

Metaluxe is one such offering that renders the same feel as the looks courtesy of the use of a real metal surface. This tile range is available in four finishes and a range of five colors capable of transforming the kitchen, bath and even your living area.

Miel Arquitectos Barcelona Apartment Makeover

Apartment makeovers can be a cumbersome exercise but with some assistance from a specific firm or some great ideas (vividly described) here and there can ease the task. We can always come to your aid by finding the ‘ideas’ we talked about and today we bring to you  a reworked facility by Miel Arquitectos in Barcelona.

The makeover task was dubbed ‘Santpere47’ and though we are not sure what it implies we love the golden lines and the circles which together create and effective design. We also like the introduction of new storage options like the bookcase under the stairs and the direct options on the walls. Another thing which looks effective is the lighting arrangement especially the staircase lamps.

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F2 House in Australia from Donovan Hill

Keeping it natural is a key for many modern clients and this F2 House, located in 30 Bamberry Street Fingal, Australia and finished by Donovan Hill will tell us the benefits of doing so. One of them which please me is the natural aesthetic value and when you go through the images of this house, you will come to understand what I am talking about.

The apparent boundaries of the house have been manipulated and we do not have a problem with that as it brings ‘more nature’ into the dwelling area and hence more life. What we also like is the utilitarian finish of the house making it one of the most beautiful and nature loving houses in the fullest manner.

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Save Space with Palet Sofa from Stone Designs

One of the most popular furniture nowadays is the sofa bed. Sofa beds offer a chance to save some space, yet are very functional and create flexibility in living spaces. Sofa beds are the best solution for rooms with limited space that should have both a bed and sofa in them.The Palet sofa bed by Stone Designs was inspired from traditional pallert, and the design is contained within the wood structure. Pieces of the sofa can be moved around to create high or low armrests, a side table or magazine rack.

Best features of  Palet Sofa is that saves a lot of room.Then you might have the space you need to put in a study table, dresser, wardrobe or other useful furniture.

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