Save Space with Palet Sofa from Stone Designs

One of the most popular furniture nowadays is the sofa bed. Sofa beds offer a chance to save some space, yet are very functional and create flexibility in living spaces. Sofa beds are the best solution for rooms with limited space that should have both a bed and sofa in them.The Palet sofa bed by Stone Designs was inspired from traditional pallert, and the design is contained within the wood structure. Pieces of the sofa can be moved around to create high or low armrests, a side table or magazine rack.

Best features of  Palet Sofa is that saves a lot of room.Then you might have the space you need to put in a study table, dresser, wardrobe or other useful furniture.

The Singaporean Changi Bungalow from Formwerkz Architects

I precisely do not know what the word Changi implies but I’ve still come to like the name just of this house located in Singapore. Finished by Formwerkz Architects, the real challenge was to come with structure that could be sufficient to house a family of 11 people in a fairly constrained 4600 sq. ft. Add to that the fact that the architects also had to consider the traditional ‘feng shui’ requirements and the requirement of keeping everything under a single roof. Also, this ‘rare’ client wanted no bore to be drilled on the earth. The firm delivered what they could think of best in the form of this Changi Bungalow.

It’s obvious from the beginning that this is a modern place, with great designs and structures, plus it has some amazing features. What is also obvious is that it makes use of the natural elements to create a very relaxing and equilibrated place. It’s beautiful, modern and elegant. This some both for the exterior design as well as for the interior design and the way it’s decorated. However, there’s not a big difference in terms of décor. It’s a nice continuous line that reunites the outside view and the inside of the house. Anyway, this is a great place where you can relax and feel the peace and the calmness.

Dillon Residence Gets the Courtyard Treatment

Located in Arizona, USA, the Dillon Residence is a prime personification of a modern courtyard house despite the fact that this 1950’s house has only been re-created and not brought up entirely. The original form factor took the L-shape and that has been retained though it now gets the addition of a new separate Master Suite.

The new addition smartly envelopes the newly defined courtyard which also gets a pool at one end, adding life to this vintage property-the addition obviously giving an opportunity to expand the outdoor living.  What is important to note is the individual character of the Master Suite which in a way frees it from the L-Shaped portion of the house.

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Sleek freestanding fireplaces designed by Malm

Freestanding fireplaces are not built in or attached to the wall of a room. They have their own charm and appeal and can be very effective in changing the ambiance of the room. They instantly become the focal point of attraction.The sleek freestanding fireplaces designed by Malm lets have a clear view of the fire from  any angle against traditional wood fireplaces. The  freestanding fireplace is available in many colors, including a variety of porcelain colors, brass, stainless, nickel, copper plated or matte black finish.

There’s something about fireplaces that makes them very attractive. Maybe it’s the fact that they allow you to have fire inside your home. Or maybe it’s the great feeling that you get when you’re pulling up a comfortable chair in front of the fireplace, you enjoy a nice cup of coco or you simply read a book. But that is mostly true when it comes to those traditional fireplaces, that use the wood as combustible.

As for the modern ones, like these ones, they are also interesting and they have very nice and creative shapes and features. But they still can’t recreate the feeling that you get with the traditional ones. But there are also some other advantages when using a modern fireplace like this one. You can place it wherever you want, it’s smaller, easier to move around, it looks more modern and it’s more attractive and some of them even use some sort on non-toxic gas.

Residence Study in Mijares Spain

Guess we’ve dug too deep into the famous Spanish marvels slated to come up in the future as we just finished discussing about the school expansion but thankfully we will now talk about a Spanish House. The precise location of this facility is a small housing estate in Mijares Spain which brings in a rural environment along with the mesmerizing views of the mountains.

Talking about the house, it is placed parallel to the access road, which interestingly leaves a small and well oriented grassland in the front fascia.   Also, there is abundance of space left at the rear to come up with a little vegetable garden. The division of the house (categorizing the age) is done by the natural topography more than the house plan.

This is a very big residence. It’s actually huge. It has a very impressing exterior design, mainly because of the size. I would compare it with an industrial home. Anyway, it’s nice to have such a big place that you can enjoy. But bigger is not always better. In this case I’m not sure what to say. It’s seems exaggerated, but I don’t know if there’s a downside of the fact that it’s so big.
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TOOT Modern Leather Sofa by Cassina

Today I found a similar leather sofa like mine, this one comes from Cassina an Italian furniture company. Called TOOT Sofa this comfortable leather seating features a polished-aluminum frame that’s barely visible beneath the sofa’s supple, comfortable leather-clad cushions. The sofa comes in brown color and like the arm and back rests and cushions, which also come in two styles – firm for support, and a softer style that promotes relaxation and invokes sweet dreams.

It’s simple and modern, plus it has a nice elegant look. It comes in two different colors: a soft tone of grey and a tone of brown that resembles chocolate. You can choose to match it with the rest of your furniture of with the interior design of the room, or you can choose to create a nice color contrast. But since it’s the sofa I guess you can choose whatever color you want and start the decoration from there.

It has a leather finish, which makes it a little more sophisticated than the fabric covered one. It has a simple design and it’s durable and resilient. Furthermore it’s also very comfortable, and you tell that just by looking at the pictures. One thing I don’t like about leather sofas in general is the fact that the cushions are also covered in leather and that’s not very comfortable or pleasant. But other than that I find this sofa quite attractive.

Saving Space with Twin Chair

First time when I saw this furniture piece appears to be a common chair. But also the name suggest 2, Twin Chair.Made by a French designer Philippe Nigro this grate idea it’s useful for those who have problem with area. If you have more guest the number of chairs can be easily be doubled with the “Twin Chair” .The design its simple and unique connected with real life.

It’s a creative and interesting idea, not very original though. There are also some other similar designs that use the same technique and some of them are even more attractive. But the idea is very clever. Space is always a problem, especially in small apartments. And chairs are furniture pieces that are necessary but that however take a lot of space. It’s good to be prepared and to have enough chairs for everyone when you have guests but after they leave you have to deal with them and to find a place to sore them. But this way you can save a lot of space.

One chair can be easily turned into two different items, practical and useful. And the can be easily stacked and stored away when not needed. And whenever some extra guests are coming to visit, just separate them and the problem is solved. The chairs are simple and they can be used for the dining room.

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