Awesome Outdoor Living Ideas From Belgard

Nowadays many homes are designed around outdoor areas like decks, patios and porches. Decorating these areas can makes them more welcoming and beautiful. Outdoor living decorating ideas from Belgard are attractive and functional creating an extraordinary area.I love the design which was created around the pool surrounded by the outdoor fireplace. This outdoor fireplace is not meant to heat the surrounding area (after all we are outdoors), but it only has a decorative function. It is also very easy to use since you don’t need wood to keep it working, but it is supplied with gas and looks amazing, especially when the night is coming. These outdoor spaces around the house are most valued in summer when the weather is fine and the temperature is higher, so you spend more time outside, in the garden or patio or by the pool. Most ideas from Belgard involve the use of natural materials like bricks or rocks and wood because they are perfect for the nature around. The furniture is robust and most times the legs of chairs and lounge chairs are made of metal , also for functional purposes, because metal is a lot more resistant in the open than wood.

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The lavish Setai Penthouse featuring a Thai-inspired design

Most people would prefer a penthouse instead of a regular apartment because of the space it offers and, of course, because of the views. Usually the fact that penthouses are so spacious is not a problem as a large home is preferred to a small one but it can be a challenge when it comes to decorating it. If you want to see a perfect example of how you can make a spacious penthouse feel inviting and beautiful, just take a look at this place.

This is the Setai Penthouse. Located in Miami, this place impresses with its warm and inviting look. It’s decorated in a Thai style and this gives it a unique allure and charm. Also, it makes it feel very relaxing and stylish as well. The most interesting aspect in this case would have to be the mix of Thai-inspired elements. As you can see, the décor is quite unique. It features lots of statues, sculptures and interesting accessories related to the Thai culture.

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The Newest Trend For The Apartments: Let The Color Get Inside!

It is known that Swedish people are big lovers of big houses. This fact is proven by this modern apartment, decorated with white clean walls. Asides than being huge, this Swedish residence is a modern modality to compile all the rooms from a normal house in one huge apartment.

Even if the whole design is based on the white color, the thing that makes it delicious is the color arrangement: basically, there is a clear contrast between the white walls and white furniture and the rest of the accessories which are based on shades of pink and red: a pink sofa, red shelves and red sandstone on the kitchen, as well as red bricks on the balcony.

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Pictures from Dwell on Design’s show

Here are some photos from Dwell on Design’s show a show which runs through June 25-27 in LA.The principal attractions are green and eco-friendly ideas from chairs to wall flowers, garden and outdoor living sections were some of the most interesting and well-attended parts of the show. Everything is on display and you can actually touch what you want to see better. It’s kind of a bigger and better organized garage sale where you can see and buy all kinds of things used for interior decorations, furniture and all other things you can use for making your home look better. The main difference is that all these items are brand new and they represent the work of famous interior designers.But the idea is amazing any way, as people prefer to see what they are buying, instead of just seeing a photo in a magazine and imagine the rest.

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Mountain Residence in Spain by Cadaval and Sola-Morales architects

Guinovart Florensa Residence, masterpiece of the Cadaval and Sola-Morales architects, definitely distinguishes itself in a positive way in the mountainous landscape of Vall d’Aran, Spain. Even if this residence respects perfectly the history of the place, nothing is old in the house, as it was projected to be exactly as it is today: the house has the same form as it used to before she was redecorated: a classic- for that region- triangle shaped room with a solid base.

The exterior of the Guinovart Florensa Residence appears to be a tight, not penetrative enclosure. And, as it has a base of solid rocks and bricks, this residence respects the architecture and the history of the place. Though, on the interior, the situation changes 180 degrees: the residence is decorated in a minimalist style, with lots of free space and an natural light, natural light that is given mostly by the 2 main wall sized windows.

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Another Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas from Dielle

First time covered last year on October,on this post, the Italian company Dielle specialized in kids furniture comes with a new collection of furniture dedicated for girls.For those who want a modern and stylish bedroom for your daughter or daughters, check out the collection and these bedrooms could provide you with a lot of ideas of how to decorate a modern teenage bedroom. First of all, when you decide to decorate your kids’ room, you need to decide about the colour. Usually people choose pink for the girls and light blue for the boys, but you can also choose some neutral colours that go for both sexes light green or yellow or even orange. This is a compromise, especially when you have two children of opposite sex, but it’s not compulsory. Then it’s all about the little details that give personality to a room and the children’s room are supposed to be nice and joyful, so they must have cheerful decorations and posters on the walls.Of course the general design of the room and the furniture size is adjusted to the child’ s age. So pick the right idea for your kid and put it into practice.

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Urban Decor for Children’s Rooms

Due to the fact that we are living in a modernism era, nothing is anymore as it used to be. People, houses and buildings, habits, customs and so on; they are not anymore as they used to be. Not even children aren’t like children used to be 30-50 years ago.

And, as they are also facing this modernism phenomenon, it is perfectly normal for them to desire modernism in every aspect of their home, even for their bedrooms.

Though, how can a loving parent decorate his child bedroom in an urban style, without ruining the basic principles of the children’s bedrooms? It’s simple: urban décor can easily suit any bedroom of any children, as long as the decorator –in this case, the parents/tutors – has just a little of common sense.

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