Uber Expensive Speakers Draw Inspiration from the Eames Chair

The Eames Chairs have been ever so famous for a long time now and it is expected that new designs will usher, based on the same theme serving as an inspiration. We today have on the view the ridiculously expensive speakers that seemingly draw inspiration from the Eames Chairs. These speakers (each pair) cost an astounding $6000 and have been designed by Davone Ray. The important attributes of these speakers are the originality of design and the shape and they have a great ability to fit into a minimalist living room, ultimately succeeding in creating a great environment. This shape of the speaker reminds me of the shape of E.T.’s head in the movie starring Drew Barrymore as a girl. But I must admit it is interesting, though unusual. So if you want to have something unique, go for these special speakers and bolt them to the walls for more security, as probably nobody else except you will know what their purpose is and what they do. Or maybe some will think they are UFOs.

50 Modern Kitchen Designs Inspiration

Kate Anne from Melbourne, Australia wrote us with a request for a post on modern kitchen ideas area. She found the post I did back  few weeks ago, but wanted some more ideas about modern kitchen.So,there are so many people that like ultra-modern things and as such want a kitchen that fits in with this preference and for today we put together a collection of 50 amazing modern kitchen designs that are meant to release pressure.

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Retro Kitchen Design You Have Never Seen Before

A retro kitchen it`s not one of the most popular decorating ideas when it comes to kitchens these days. It implements the use of newer and vintage items. This means whether you’re into the nostalgic 1930s or the cool 1960s, you can easily integrate retro styles into your kitchen.Anyway it is fun to look back  and see what was considered cool and trendy in the past.There are actually few websites that are dedicated to documenting and digitizing past kitchens, one of those sites is Antique Home Styles. Of course things are very different nowadays, most people preferring the fully equipped and minimalist style kitchens. But there is one thing I like more about the retro kitchens: they used to be a lot more welcoming and merry, painted in vivid colours and models and having images of fruit and vegetables on the wallpaper or on the other objects and decorations used in there.

1930 Armstrong Kitchen

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Mt.Merino Perched Cedar Clad House is inviting

We love all these beautiful houses clad with numerous varieties of surrounding trees and in this case, cedar is working up its magic. This beautiful and inviting house is located on the top of Mt. Merino and other than the surrounding cedar trees, the views of the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains make it special. What is more is that the walls of this house are also made of cedar so the walls blend well with surrounding environment. The house encompasses a generous 2200 square feet so it has afforded a two-storey interior garden court as well. We also love the loft inspired living on the first floor and the outdoor dining room on the lower level.It is big and white , giving the impression of space and breathing fresh air. It is built of concrete combined with wood and it’s pretty modern and full of the latest technology gizmos, but in the middle of nature and having great view. The perfect location for the perfect house.[ Joel Sanders ]

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How To Decorate The Yard With A Picnic Table

The picnic table is probably the most popular accessory for most backyards. It makes everything more enjoyable and fun and it’s actually a multifunctional piece. Use it when you’re hosting a barbeque, a summer party or when you’re just chilling out with friends on a warm evening.

Pick a style.

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The Trump International Hotel and Tower in Waikki BeachWalk

The Waikki Retail and Hotel District is seeking desperate revival and there is a 2 million square-foot redevelopment intended for the same purpose. One of the keystones of the development procedure will be this new and stunning structure dubbed the Trump International Hotel and Tower.

This structure will serve as the western gateway to this area and it will also be symbolic of the renewal procedure. The hotel tower spreads over an area of 750,000-square foot tower and it comprises of 462 residential and hotel units, along with certain world class restaurants, an ocean view lobby bar and even a state of the art fitness center.

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How To Decorate A Guest Bathroom – Helpful Tips

If you have a guest bathroom, then you know the dilemma. How exactly do you decorate this space? Do you make it look beautiful according to your own standards or do you think of your guests when you decorate it? Well, the best solution is obviously a mix but how do you get that? It’s simple actually. These tips should put you on the right track.

Choose the materials carefully.

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