Decorating A French Nursery Room

When it comes to the children’s rooms, these French nurseries are for sure a good alternative to the old classic full of toys rooms.

Basically, the French nurseries are designed and decorated depending directly of the needs of the children from that room. Though, all of them meet the same characteristics: they are decorated in soft colors, the furniture is at a small scale, the number of toys is reduced and the storage space is strictly reduced according to the needs of the babies.

A classic French nursery is decorated mostly with a bed or two, some baskets for the toys and a place for depositing clothes and toys. Certain accessories like pink/light blue curtains or wooden toys can also be added, but just for décor, as they will be of no use to the infants.

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The Club Hotel Singapore

This Hotel from Singapore surely knows how to treat its guests. What’s special about this hotel is related to the decorations. Each of them are decorated in black and white, even if the predominant color is white. Though, contrast is ensured by placing black objects and accessories in different part of the room

The contrast is bigger in the bathrooms, where the walls are decorated in black and white tiles. Though, this type of decoration changes dramatically in the lobbies and at the bars. There, there are modern decorations and also, modern furniture. We must say that the whole landscape is really well design as the pink couches suit perfectly the rest of the bars.

A terrace couldn’t have missed. Therefore, Hotel Singapore has an uncovered terrace, terrace that is decorated with several white tables and stools, perfect for those looking forward to enjoying of the nice view that Hotel Singapore is offering.{ via dezeen and thecoolist}

The Dream Mansion: Found Recently In Sweden

If anyone has ever dreamed at the house of his/her dreams, then he should have dreamed at this residence. This Swedish house is by far, the nicest place anyone could ever wish for: nice design, floral garden and constructed near the lake, lots of natural light and fresh air.The house reminds of the classic US ranches, even if it is not even close to a ranch: a classic design with big windows and a triangular shaped window at the first floor, a roof of red tiles, a chimney and white painted big windows.

As for the interior, this Swedish mansion is decorated successfully in a mixture of pseudo vintage style with elements of modernism: for example, in the kitchen everything is new and shiny, while in the other rooms, there are vintage accessories that remind of the old classic style: wooden beds in the bedrooms, wooden closets and tables, and a classic old style second kitchen.

Kitchen Design Ideas For Small Kitchens

As the lack of space problems represents one of the biggest home problems that 60% of the people are dealing with, it is no doubt that, in order to live a comfortable life, people have to find design ideas even for small spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms.As concerning the kitchen, here are some kitchen design ideas for small kitchens.

The first one is related to the minimalist style. If the kitchen is already small sized, then decorating it with fade colors and small scale gadgets is the right thing to do. As well, it is known the fact that the kitchen furniture that suits the minimalist style is small sized, or at least it does not occupy too much space in the kitchen.

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The American Dream, Now Possible With A Smaller House

This residence is certainly a modern art masterpiece on the outside. Geometrical figures built together, long bricks mixed with the classic red bricks and straight shaped lines, the perfect ingredients for the perfect house.

Even if the American Dream is built around huge mansions and huge cars, this house can represent successfully the vision of the American Dream: even if it seems to be a minimalist building, in the interior it is the perfect house for a family.

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Make The Impossible Possible: 24 Rooms In One Tiny Flat

This tuned up apartment from Hong Kong teaches everybody a very important lesson: even from the smallest places, people can extract something useful that’ll improve at least a little bit their homes.

This 32 square apartment would not be enough for anybody, as there aren’t enough possibilities to compile rooms like the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom and the living room in this small area. Though, this young architect has invented a system of sliding walls that can change dramatically the aspect of the room, as each wall is “equipped” with things are mandatory in the house. Basically, the one that is living in that house can change instantly the décor of its apartment, depending directly of its needs and will.

And, in order to save some money from the electric energy bill, the house is designed in such a way – with the help of a mirrors system- that in 95% of the time there is no need to turn on the lights. Video after you jump.

Secluded villa in Nagano features four roofs and stunning views

A typical house, whether it’s tiny or huge, modern or rustic, has a well-defined structure: a frame which encloses the interior spaces, walls, windows and a roof. Well this description doesn’t work for Villa – K.

The villa is located in Karuizawa, Nagano, in Japan. It was designed and built by Cell Space Architects and it has a very interesting and unusual structure. As you can see, there’s one a single floor level throughout the house. There are actually four different levels and, as a result, 4 roofs.

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