How to decorate a kitchen with black appliances

When it comes to black, it is definitely a color that is often used nowadays. Further more, when it comes to home improvement or home, it is real fancy to decorate a kitchen with black appliances.

Though, there is always one problem related to black appliances. As most of the people don’t know how to compile the colors from their kitchen in order to look good – quite astonishing in some professional cases -, even though they have bought new, expensive and elegant black appliances, they can’t decorate their kitchen cleverly. What could be the result of such a thing? A total mess, of course, or in the best case, just another kitsch.

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Modern White Interior House in Kharkov by Vladimir Latkin

The photograph Andrey Avdeenko took some pictures of the Vladimir Latkin project who prefers simple and laconic forms, minimum of decoration and natural warm colours. The apartment has three entrances.

There is a billiard-room and bar in the mansard, and on the ground floor there is a Turkish bath and other rooms. The living area floor is covered with the artificial granite with an almost unnoticeable venge pattern. The walls are naturally milky-white. The space is furnished with the long table and chairs of the Italian company Calligaris. There is a light green Berloni suit of furniture in the kitchen with metallic Calligaris chairs.
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Twitter Second Floor Design

We covered here on Homedit Twitter offices on Twitter Headquarters and Twitter on San Francisco. Twitter grows day by day and the owner decide to add more space by taking over the second floor of the building they currently occupy. Also do not forget to follow us on @homedit.

So here are some pictures of Twitter’s second floor design from the San Francisco headquarter. As you can imagine, since it’s Twitter we’re talking about, it’s a colorful and modern place. But despite that, it has a very relaxing and quiet look, and the atmosphere seems to be very refreshing and welcoming. And the interior décor seems to be surprisingly simple and elegant. The details are very well chosen and they really spice up the atmosphere.
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Just a Luxury Bathroom from Savio Firmino

Over the past few years, the world has seen massive advances in technological development, but do we really need, or indeed want the very latest technologies invading our life? I’m sure that this collection from Italian company Savio Firmino will catch you .Nammed Collection 1941 is furniture set made in neoclassic style, each piece made with a huge attention, refinement and elegance. Now I will show you the luxury bathroom Collezione 1941 by Savio Firmino.

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Inspiring and Fascinate Design Ideas From Kara Mann

Kara Mann is a young Chicago interior designer who is in business since 2005.We enjoyed checking out their portfolio and here is the selection we prepared in order to give you a general idea on their creations. From instance the design is professional from simple interiors to complex decors, from a simple color pallet to an intense chromatic mixture, these creation are original and inspiring. Feel free to comment!

There’s something very special about this design. There are a lot of beautiful details and every room is different and beautiful. Everyone has its own preferences when it comes to interior designs. People often know what they want but they are having trouble finding it.

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How to pick the perfect kitchen furniture

Whenever it comes to kitchen decoration/redecoration, there will always be this primordial question: how to pick the perfect kitchen furniture? Indeed, in order to decorate properly a kitchen, certain “safety measures” must be taken before buying the furniture and the accessories.

First of all, we all know how important is the space economy in a kitchen: if it is too large, then there isn’t enough furniture and the costs for the heating will be quite big, and if the kitchen, or at least, the free space from the kitchen, is too small, then it won’t be enough room too move freely. Therefore, before choosing any type of furniture, make some room measurements, to see what surface do you have available for decorating.

Second, in order to pick the perfect kitchen furniture, you should choose a certain color for it, in order to suit the rest of the room. Either you choose to paint the walls, either you choose a certain color that would suit the rest of the room, having the properly colors is definitely a must for a kitchen.

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How to Decorate with Photographs

As we all like to keep in mind our memories as much as we can, decorating our house with photographs of ourselves or with people we love or are in touch with is quite a pleasant thing. Though, photos can be placed all over the house, as they wouldn’t suit properly.In order to decorate properly your house with photographs, you must have in mind some simple advices, advices that are related to the placement of the photo, the size and the physic form of the photograph.

Firs of all, as the readers have already been advised, photographs can not be placed all over the house. For example, photographs can not be placed in the kitchen or at the bathroom. You wouldn’t want to see granny near the garbage can as well as you wouldn’t want to see a picture of your beloved  near the shower, would you?

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