Unusual Mountain Home in Portugal

It is assured that everybody including me would love to own the house after the first glance itself. The architecture of the house has been borrowed from the Stone Age period. The amazing unusual house has been constructed in a peaceful and pastoral area of Portugal.

The hill house is marked with impressive stone house exteriors and also boosts untarnished and unobstructed scenic views of grass covered valleys and mountains. Besides featuring its irregular structure, the house has also been embedded with various traditional house elements. Shingled roof and charming windows perfectly enhance the mesmerizing look of the house.

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The World’s Most Expensive Bed

Made of Ebony, Sapele and Curly Maple this bed is claimed most expensive in the world. Pricing for the bed starts at $38,000 and can go over a whopping $210,000, depending on the materials used. Designed by Abdolhay Parnian this luxury bed include built-in iPad holders, charging stations, pop-up and swivel TV, computer monitors, hidden compartments, gold and stainless steel detailing and custom handmade mattress options with all natural materials that include wool, cotton, latex and horsehair.

A lot of people would be stupefied when hearing that this is the most expensive bed in the world.  It doesn’t seem so special when you first look at it. But wait till you see all the features it includes. Then you’ll agree that this a more than a bed, this is dream. Who wouldn’t like to have everything he or she needs right there, on the bed? There’s even a tv in there. If I has the financial resources I would definitely purchase this bed. I still think the price is a little exaggerated, but I would still considering buying one.

Right now I don’t know how many people actually have a piece like this in their home. Probably not many. I have to say this is a very good-looking bed. And I’m totally impresses by all the features incorporated. You can have a bed like this too. All you need is a lot of money.

Exotic house in the heart of Mexico

Spread over a huge area of roughly 2500 square km, this house is simply fashionable yet elegant. The residence has been embedded with all sorts of amenities in order to impart the lavish hotel like experience.  The house has been placed in an L-shape and thus has a large patio area with an impressive view. There are two levels of the house which has been designed beautifully. All the elements of the house have been given proper consideration and hence are distinct from each other and worth an appraisal.  The house is simply a haven.

Exotic houses are always interesting The all have a mysterious and original style. This is way there’s probably nowhere two houses that look the same. They might share the same style but they are different and have their own characteristics.

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Top class house in Zellerndor

Perfect for living with your home, this is a top class house in Zellerndor by Franz Architekten. In the first glance, the house appears as a house with an arrangement of a series of boxes. Well, this is exactly the way it has been designed.

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Spectacular residence with an amazing view in Austria

This house is simply out of the world as it has been constructed on a mountain terrain and thus allows a spectacular view of the capital city – Linz. Villa A,  designed by Najjar & Najjar Architects simply portrays the archeological advancement. Its exteriors are simply diverse and worth appraisal.

The residence is enriched with an eye catching roof and various glazing elements thus creating a true architectural amazing view. The bedrooms are located on the upper level and are accessible by stairs. The residence also houses a large open living space, a playroom, a garage, fitness and wellness room and also a home office.

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Contemporary house in Portugal

People all over the world prefer owning a contemporary house so that they can simplify their life and also flaunt their property. This building is an interesting contemporary residence situated in the heart of Portugal.

The building has been imparted with classic outdoor looks. There is also an enormous stunning swimming pool besides the patio area, which turns the house into an entertaining and fun crib. The interiors of the house are also worth mentioning as they have been designed beautifully. On the whole, the house boosts a flawless architecture and deserves a five star rating.

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Just Another AEG Side by Side Refrigerators

The AEG side by side refrigerator has an ‘A’ rating for energy consumption and is based on the no frost technology. It features an integrated ice and water dispenser.  One can get crushed ice of frozen ice cubes (3.5 kg) within 24 hours.  The AEG Pure Advantage which is water filtration unit dispenses water which is of good taste and the carbon filter is dual activated.

The water dispenser is shaped in such a way that one can fill bottles, jugs or carafes of any size.  The fridge capacity is 402 liters while that of the freezer is 218 liters. The two models are the Santo 85 616SK and the 85 606 SK offer dynamic air technology and No Frost system.

The Wave Touch controls temperature settings separately for the refrigerator and freezer areas.  Frostmatic function is useful for freezing food quickly so as to preserve the flavor, appearance and nutrition values. Coolmatic similarly is to cool large quantities of food or liquid.  Model 85 606 SK is priced at € 1,800 while model 85 616 is priced at € 1,950.

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