2011 IKEA Dining Room Designs Ideas

Like previous post about IKEA living room ideas, now its time for IKEA Dining Room Designs Ideas from 2011 catalog. We know that a dining room is the place for people to interact and enjoy delicious foods, but if they can’t find themselves feeling comfortable in the eating room this is not going to happen. IKEA comes with some interesting and modern ideas form small spaces to big, from classic to modern and so on. You kind find this dining room ideas on IKEA catalog.

Everyone has its own style when it comes to decorating the home. Some people like to experiment and to choose some interesting features but some like to maintain the classic look and to make sure that the décor looks elegant and simple. Some other people have a problem when it comes to decorations. They just can’t stop.

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Tacoma’s Stadium Has Its Own Uniqueness

Tacoma’s Stadium District has a 5 unit condominium called Stadium 302, which are 3 storeys high. The neighborhood is predominantly single family homes with residential buildings, walk up apartments and a retail center. The planning and building is such that Stadium 302 gives maximum living area to its residents and has a single exit stairway preserving valuable floor area.

The stairway is placed in such a way that there is total acoustic separation between dwellings.  Each unit has an outdoor living area and a top floor penthouse.  The first and second floors have two bedrooms each plus ten dwelling units.  Interiors are of limestone, walnut and blackened metals.

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2011 IKEA Living Room Design Ideas

The IKEA catalog was released several weeks ago, and here are some modern living room ideas for those who moving into a new home or renovating your present one. The new collection of modern living rooms has some new features but also depends your style in the best manner. There are many living room ideas that can suit every home design and every trend. Well, here are some pictures of the 2011 Ikea Living Room Design and Decorating Ideas.

You has a chance to analyze the dining room ideas and it’s time to change the theme and go to some living room ideas. We already know that this is the most important room of the house, except for the bedroom of course. So the design has to be perfect and to meet all the user’s needs and expectations.

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Awesome Tree House by Mount Fuji Architects Studio

Mount Fuji Architects Studio has come up with an unusual home for a couple in Tokyo, Japan.  The house is in a residential area but the architects have been successful in giving a different look to the urban environment.

The first thing one would notice is that the ceiling is not at all leveled.  Going inside the house you will know why.  You will see a gigantic cylinder like structure right in the centre of the house.  Near the ceiling this structure starts fading into a spiral shape.  No wonder you have the strange looking ceiling. Read the rest of this entry »

Panda Forest at Adelaide Zoo

The Giant Panda Forest at Adelaide Zoo is one of the leading exhibits for the decreasing number of our giant panda species.  The Panda Forest’s design and its research programs symbolizes the Zoo’s main principles, i.e. education, environment, research, conservation while redefining a zoo’s concept in this century.

After having been assigned with two giant pandas’ care for a decade since 2007, Adelaide Zoo had chosen HASSELL to devise their new home. HASSELL began by visiting the seven existing displays with his team. Understanding the behavioral personality of the giant pandas was essential to plan an ideal environment where the species could live as in the forest.

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Minimalist House by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

At It man-shi, Okinawa in Japan, this building serves as a special court house for a made for each other couple.  Having been built on a 3M grid unit in all XYZ directions, this house has four vertical plates standing as the outer walls.  The roof slab of the house is made up of one horizontal plate.

An efficient and well-designed arrangement is drafted by inserting a void of 3M x 18M that serves as the courtyard of the house.  Wall-like furniture of dimensions 3.0M (3×1) height, 9.0M (3×3) width, and 18.0M (3×6) length are into the concrete structure space of this building.

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HEALTH CLINIC with a hygienic look

This building serves as a skin care clinic providing health care facilities for the community.  Art deco style is incorporated in this modern building.  There are strong vertical elements that can be seen on the wall blades between windows, window height, and balcony railing lines.

At the entrance, the glass box serves as a receiving room.  This commercial building is built of natural stone in the exterior giving it a professional look.  The building mass, which is distanced from the front side, avoids the bulky look.  The building looks very artistic when viewed from a distance.
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