Fascinating Residence in São Paulo, Brazil

The site of this magnificent piece is on top of hill, amongst the many trees that are in São Paulo, Brazil. The foundation sets the house to spread across like a bar and is seen like a point of attraction in the city landscape. Created as a research trial of architecture, the house makes out an abstract impression of a filter. The shade given off therefore by the house is meant to be one of effect.

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Open Air Sculpture Residence by Marek Rytych Architekt

The one unique thing in this house is the paved roadwork that runs both within and without the house structure. It is so well done that one may confuse it for a stone carpet running in and out of the house. Designed by Marek Rytych Architekt which are proffesionals in an industrial form of architecture, it was designed as a sculpture, and thus becomes a collector’s item.

Raw decoration of the house use elevation substances. Sheet is used in the bathroom as well as the dining area. With numerous chunks of spaces, the house strictly portrays the picture of a sculpture or a painting.

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Awesome Luxury Residence In Germany By C18 Architekten

An awesome luxury building that gives that radiant view of the plain savanna land across the open end of the balcony. This luxurious German building by C18 Architekten is a stand alone, with huge rooms for the kitchen, entertainment suit and the living room.

With a rectilinear proportionate view of the whole villa, the building’s frontage is graced with the presence of a rectangular swimming pool, that gives the limestone walls along side it a view of the reflection of its waters.

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Glass Mountain House by CplusC Architecture

This is a simple, glass house that combines a touch of woodwork with frames of corrosive free steel and was designed integral by CplusC Architecture. The entire wall area is covered in crystal glass that comfortably runs from the ground floor up to the first floor. The weekender boasts of having the longest lasting corrosive protection for a system used in housing.

The hardwood used is from the Australian forests, and the covering of the roofing on the first floor is a softened kind of corrugated iron sheet, that is painted with a swift light gray color that gently compliments the forest cover that surrounds the building.

The seemingly endless work of glass makes it possible for anyone to view the outside from the inside and vice versa. Actually, one can literally view the other side of the forest through the house. The extensive use of glass in this house gives it a niche above others.

New and recycled Australian hardwoods were used to frame the steel structure. Soft-toned gray steel used for the dramatically angled roof blends with the muted tones of the surrounding bush. Glass was used extensively throughout the home, with dramatic effect. The structure seems to almost hover over the site and indoor and outdoor spaces merge seamlessly.{ via thecoolist }

Maytag French Door Refrigerator

This massive refrigerator has the capacity of holding most of your grocery as you watch it swallow them up through its four doors. The good thing about Maytag French Door Refrigerator is that up to 80 percent of the door is still closed when you are accessing any of the food inside. In essence, more energy is conserved in the process.

The refrigerator has stepped up the preservation of healthy meals, while saving up on the energy used while you constantly open and close the fridge. It uses a system of drawers in order to maximize your space, through a slide-open bin kind of a system.

The main compartment of the fridge is where such beverages like juices, milk and sodas are kept through slide doors that are quite adequate for this.Party trays which are large also have room in this awesome equipment and are allocated the lower partitions of the fridge.Suggested price starts at $3,000 with a 10-year limited parts warranty on the compressor.

23 Square Meter Apartment in Paris called Red Nest

From designer Paul Coudamy comes the most fascinating way of preservation of space, through the design of the Red Nest apartment built in Paris. Urban population has made it harder and harder to find the adequate space needed to come up with apartments. 23 square meters of space has been adequately used to come up with a bedroom, a dressing room, a home office and a living room. How is this possible?

A bookshelf that is slid to open and close hides the bedroom and changing area. The red and white painted apartment is also adorned with side by side mirrors which give a feel of the house being large. Below is a shelter like area that gives access to some kind of other room, not well defined. It is quite an interesting way to conserve that area that is needed in this era.

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Residence In Texas With Extraordinary Views

With an exceptionally good view of the city below, this is a three-story building that is surrounded with a wonderful garden like bush that naturally gives off its essence. The one bedroom piece of architecture lays generally at an n angle of 270 degrees, making it lay gently across a pivot of Leuders limestone.

Popping in for your first time, you will be welcomed to a heavy glass door which paves way to the ebony based staircase, that lead you to the main house. Once inside, you will be astonished by the amount of glasswork that gives the house its glare. One of these windows will give way to the sight of the private garden that has been planted outside.

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