Modern Space Saving Sofa For Small Spaces

Nowadays many of the newly built homes on the market seem to be built with smaller bedrooms than the older, traditional properties did. And if you need two beds in a bedroom, then its a problem with space. But with the Doc XL  sofa from Clei the space should be a problem. This Doc XL sofa transforms into stylish bunk beds easy.

It’s unusual for a sofa to be extendable and to turn into a comfortable bed for the night. But it’s really uncommon for a sofa to be able to transform into not one but two beds. This is the first time I see something like this and I love the idea. It’s revolutionary piece that will completely change the design of small apartments or houses. In there, space is always a problem and the sofa is usually something that is not optional. The bed is not optional either so you’re stuck with two large pieces and you just have to have in your home.

But with this clever and ingenious design, you can have three pieces in one. During the day it’s just a sofa, a comfortable one by the way. And during the night, in just a few second and little effort, the sofa turns into two comfy beds. It’s a very useful piece in case you have extra guests over night or if you’re just having trouble with the space.

Contemporary Col-Letto Bed from Lago

A modern contemporary bed is a great option, they add great style with a modern look and offer great space saving options over traditional beds. An Italian company called Lago offers a cool bed, the Col Letto. Designed by Nusa Jelenec, this creative bed features adjustable sides that can act as a headboard, bed cover when guests are over, or even create a cave-like feeling when you’re lying in bed. The Col Letto comes in a variety of colors to complete your modern bedroom.

I really like this collection.  The bed is obviously the main piece of attraction. It has that flexible feature that really makes it stand out. And it seems very comfortable also. But the nightstands are beautiful too. They look so cute with that shape. This collection would be great to furnish a modern or contemporary apartment. Another detail that I like is that is comes in many colors and all of them are unique and beautiful. I would honestly buy this bed and the nightstand also of course, but I’m not sure what the price for this collection is so I might change my mind.

The adjustable and flexible sides are great because they can be used for many purposes, like to create a comfy headboard or to create a more intimate atmosphere in case you just want to hide in there.

Contemporary Home In Madrid by A-Cero Architects

This property is located on the outskirts of Madrid and is designed for a large family. With large living rooms, numerous bedrooms, several  restrooms, a padel  track and even a lake within its compound you have a feeling of what am talking about. The staircase that leads to the imposing walls have a well manicured grass you’d be mistaken to rest there thinking it was the lawn. The landscaping is elegantly done and a well trimmed climbing plant is allowed to spread amiably to the walls.

Perhaps what you won’t fail to notice about this A-Cero design is the particularly creative use of rectangles and triangles. A glance from the patio to the main foyer reveals walls protruding like some pyramids in a triangular design. Then a huge rectangular glass stand on one wall of a gallery room reflecting some flowery plants outside it’s difficult to make out which is the reflection and which is not.

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Doyle Hall by architect Specht Harpman

The Doyle hall is a project done by architect Specht Harpman. It’s a contemporary hall located in Austin, Texas, U.S.A contracted to VRW Construction Company.

The hall does not shy of space and it occupies a total square feet area of over thirty three thousand. It has enough rooms to cater for additional classrooms, faculty rooms and an extra café where students can take their refreshment in between classes. All this Harpman and the team achieves with functionality, visionary while at the same time capturing the aesthetic needs of a competitive institution.

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Oakland House by Kanner Arch

On a sloping site high above San Francisco Bay in Oakland, California lays some magnificent vistas sprawling from the Bay Bright to the Golden Gate Bridge. There is one vista that stands magnificently in this prime Oakland area. It has the impression of a paradise sneaking right in front of nothing-land. Think of a piece of UFO in your favorite park and you get the notion of what I am driving home.

Designed by Kanner Arch architects, this Oakland house captures the imagination of what we’d all love to call home. But it looks more like a seven-star hotel than normal home. What strikes the eye most is the generous use of glass.

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Beautiful Contemporary Home in Venice Beach, California

I have never seen this house but I have fallen in love with it. When I grow up, this is the place I’d like to be going home every evening after work because I already have a strong feeling that I will never get tired of it. From my research, this graceful home in Venice Beach, California does not make use of a single architectural design- it’s an amalgamation of ideas from different people, designs and cultures.

Thus when Lewin Wertheimer, its chief architect, sent down to work, he utilized Japanese, Mediterranean and Californian architecture so that if you are the kind of person who boost of international connections, all your guests will feel at home in this luxurious beach home.

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Top 4 Touch Stylish Kitchen Faucets That Makes Life Easier

Are you looking for modern kitchen faucets, perhaps to update your kitchen or to create an geek chic feel? With all the numerous faucet collections from various brands, it can really be overwhelming as where to look or where to start. In this post, we will show you latest modern kitchen faucets that makes your life easier and techie.

Semi-Automatic Touch Faucet by KWC

I want to start this top with the latest semi-automatic faucet by KWC, which features touch technology that was originally designed for use in kitchens and public spaces.I like to call smart kitchen faucet because blue indicates cold water, orange for warm and red for hot.

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