Belkin’s Modern Office Interior DesignFull story

Posted in Office Design Ideas | by Mocanu Andreea, on May 19, 2011

Belkin’s Modern Office Interior Design

We all know that work can cause a lot of stress and we would like to work from home. Keeping this in mind we would like to show you some office interior designs that will help you and your colleagues be at full load. HBC designed tech accessory maker Belkin’s headquarters, in Playa Vista, California....

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Simple Murano glass table lampFull story

Posted in Lighting | by Simona Ganea, on May 19, 2011

Simple Murano glass table lamp

Table lamps are very practical and useful. They light up the atmosphere just when you need it. You can place them on your desk and use them at night when you want to work and not disturb everyone. You can also use it for some extra light when you need to use the computer at...

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Minimalist 6-drawer dresserFull story

Posted in Furniture | by Simona Ganea, on May 19, 2011

Minimalist 6-drawer dresser

This beautiful dresser was made in Denmark and it has a very minimalist design. It’s a simple dresser that has 6 drawers and nothing more. There are no additional details or decorative elements that are visible. It’s one of the most elegant and beautiful dresser designs there are. The dimensions of this dresser are 54″w...

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Materials Used for Garden PavingFull story

Posted in How To, Tips, and Advice | by Stefan, on May 19, 2011

Materials Used for Garden Paving

Gardening is a passion for many of us and it’s also a form of art. It’s more than just picking flowers and plants that we like and arranging them beautifully. When taking care of a home’s landscape, paving is also an important element that can really make the whole design pop. So if you’re planning...

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Modern Morfeo sofa from DomoninanicaFull story

Posted in Sofa and Chair | by Simona Ganea, on May 19, 2011

Modern Morfeo sofa from Domoninanica

Among all the other beautiful and elegant furniture pieces that have been created by the Italian company Domodinamica there’s also this unconventional and funny-looking sofa. It’s called Morfeo and it has been designed by Stefano Giovannoni and Rodrigo Torres. It’s a very unusual sofa mainly because of those lamps that are incorporated in the design....

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Healthy and hygienic options for flooringFull story

Posted in How To, Tips, and Advice | by Stefan, on May 19, 2011

Healthy and hygienic options for flooring

When deciding on the choice of flooring, most of us tend to take into consideration factors such as durability, easy maintenance, attractive, color, etc and ignore the factor – hygiene. Well, frankly speaking, selecting a hygienic flooring is as important as selecting a flooring which is attractive, durable, attractive and easy to maintain. Healthy and...

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Gorgeous Penthouse Apartment in Gothenburg, SwedenFull story

Posted in Apartments | by Mocanu Andreea, on May 19, 2011

Gorgeous Penthouse Apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden

Situated in a beautiful historic building, this next apartment is a fresh, hip place for those of you who want a little more in living.The gorgeous penthouse has a lot to offer, such as sloping ceilings, exposed beams, designed chimney and more. This contemporary apartment has some beautiful brick walls that give the home personality....

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