Contemporary house in Portugal

People all over the world prefer owning a contemporary house so that they can simplify their life and also flaunt their property. This building is an interesting contemporary residence situated in the heart of Portugal.

The building has been imparted with classic outdoor looks. There is also an enormous stunning swimming pool besides the patio area, which turns the house into an entertaining and fun crib. The interiors of the house are also worth mentioning as they have been designed beautifully. On the whole, the house boosts a flawless architecture and deserves a five star rating.

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Just Another AEG Side by Side Refrigerators

The AEG side by side refrigerator has an ‘A’ rating for energy consumption and is based on the no frost technology. It features an integrated ice and water dispenser.  One can get crushed ice of frozen ice cubes (3.5 kg) within 24 hours.  The AEG Pure Advantage which is water filtration unit dispenses water which is of good taste and the carbon filter is dual activated.

The water dispenser is shaped in such a way that one can fill bottles, jugs or carafes of any size.  The fridge capacity is 402 liters while that of the freezer is 218 liters. The two models are the Santo 85 616SK and the 85 606 SK offer dynamic air technology and No Frost system.

The Wave Touch controls temperature settings separately for the refrigerator and freezer areas.  Frostmatic function is useful for freezing food quickly so as to preserve the flavor, appearance and nutrition values. Coolmatic similarly is to cool large quantities of food or liquid.  Model 85 606 SK is priced at € 1,800 while model 85 616 is priced at € 1,950.

Soapstone wood stove from NunnaUuni

NunnaUuni is the maker of soapstone wood stoves and has incorporated the century old technique for heat retention.  The company, based in Finland has used periclase on the surface of the fire chamber which makes sure that the thermal properties remain strong.

Periclase can withstand temperatures up to 1600 centigrade and a melting point which is close to 2800 centigrade.  When compared to talc, it is 6 times harder and the magnesium carbonate in the soapstone helps produce great heat which lasts longer as well. The structural design of NunnaUunni stoves requires heating of only 2 -3 hours to give steady and prolonged heat, for about 24 hours.

Heat from the NunnaUuni stove encompasses the house like the sunrays and envelops all with its warmth.  The advantage of a soapstone fireplace is that the heat from it warms all surfaces it touches and not only the air inside the house.  You can compare it to the effect of the sun in the open air.

Gaggia Accademia espresso machine

The Gaggia Accademia is a new coffee vending machine.  This contraption allows you to make coffees like espresso, Café latte, cappuccino (3 different strengths), espresso macchiato, latte macchiato, café ristretto, hot milk and tea as well.  Other than these, the machine is able to deliver ground coffee of 8 finesse grades.

The machine is equipped with two stainless boilers – one for the espresso and the other for water and steam. Gaggia Accademia consumes less than 1 watt of energy in the stand-by mode and is rated ‘A’ for energy consumption.  Other integrated features include a coffee bean container, an auto cappuccino system, the coffee grounds tray etc.

Since the cleaning and decaling is automatic, maintenance is bare minimum. One should not forget the 1.6 liter water tank (removable), 15 bar pressure pump and the 350 gm bean container.  One does not anything more to become a barista, as the results of this machine is just perfect and quick as well.

Ceiling Clouds Has Its Own Specialty

Coop himmelb (l) au, an Austrian architectural firm has won the International competition for design in 2006.  This firm along with Italian Heliopolis 21 has exposed considerable changes they have made to their ‘Ceiling Clouds’ project suggestion.  The modified plan has the structure of two blocks constituting the exhibition hall on the ground and the multipurpose hall that are connected by a lobby.

A two-story parking encloses the sports hall.  The parking structure can be seen along the new bypass that gives clearness to the building.  The multipurpose hall can accommodate 3000 people.  A bridge connects the new exhibition hall with the existing one to allow its continuity.

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Singapore Home Interior Design Pictures

When talking about Singapore Interior Design it is quite interesting to look at the legacy of house and homes in Singapore and how that has changed over the years. Nowadays the  color, light airy spaces, and modern furnishings are a must have.

It’s a very modern and beautiful place. The attention to details is again amazing. There are a lot of beautiful decorations and let’s nor forget the furniture which is also modern and comfortable, plus it has some unique features. I really like the vibrant colors. It’s beautiful how all the color tones work together to create a beautiful and equilibrated image.

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Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture is an architectural firm based in California, which as the name implies, specializes in landscape architecture.  Jeffrey, from this firm is a very creative and exceptionally skilled landscape designer.  He has a strong leaning towards the regional style and he wants that the owners develop a kind of bonding with the area they live in.

He uses fire pits in many of his landscaping work, which looks very different and creative. Anyone interested in having an enviable garden should definitely go through the website mentioned above, to have an idea of the variations in landscaping that this firm offers.  The landscape is very artistic and colorful too.

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