Great Retro Charm House With Private Backyard

Harvey Park can be located in the southwest of Denver, very close to the mountains. There can be found three lakes, walking and biking paths, but also the place for ranch homes with an incredible style and indoor and outdoor connections. First, it provides the most beautiful atmosphere with the trees and the green space surrounding the ranch homes.

Secondly, these ranches have such a retro charm and character that you feel the need to spend there as much time as possible. Nothing compares to a home where you feel welcome and want to spend your free time in the best way possible. And what is best than a nice place under the trees, no matter you choose a hammock, a good book and an outside armchair or just to talk to your friends outdoors.

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A “Home Boat” in Vandans

When I think about a house in the mountains, I imagine a square or rectangular wooden hut, smaller or larger. The first thing I thought when I saw this house in Vandans, Austria, was a boat. In spite of the unusual form, the location is very beautiful and the design is great. In fact, it is a little house looking like a boat and it is quite interesting to find out its story.

Kletoth Lindinger Partners are the ones “responsible” for the “home port” project that could also be a sort of retreat to the childhood home. Besides all the rooms every common house has, there are the terrace, the gallery, the porch, the sauna that make this space even more attractive. The solid concrete structure and the mix of wood, steel and glass give a modern air to the entire place and make you feel safe.

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Splash of Color in a Black & White Environment

In a generally black and white environment, Geometrix brings something new: a splash of color, purple and even more elegance in the spaces it designs. It can be seen in every room, no matter it is an armchair, the vase with flowers on the glass table or a decorative object on a shelf.Among the details that give a special mood to the entire house, there are the interesting lamps of different forms, but also ceiling mounted lighting that make the living room very special.

The curtains and the marble floor have floral motives; the purple armchair with its interesting silver edge takes us back in the past. The bathroom in its blackness has very modern tiles and a floral motif that reminds me the floral motives of the Arabian 1001 Nights. A black and white environment provides black and white furniture, without being too much.

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Cute DIY Colorful Wall Clock

Kids love colored things. They are so full of energy and enthusiasm so that they adore colored toys, colored pieces of furniture or colored clothes. All theses colored items will inspire you life and joy and if it happens to use them for decorating your house they will bring more color and life to your interior design.

Here it is a very nice idea that will make your kid happy and you will also be able to bring some more color into his room with this cute DIY Colorful Wall Clock.For this easy DIY project you will need some 12 used color markers, a plastic box, a drill with drill bits, a tape, a pencil, a small clock mechanism and a pair of pliers.

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Multi-functional residence in Cotes Island, Canada by Balance Associates Architects

Located in Cortes Island, British Columbia, Canada, this simple but impressive residence was designed by Balance Associates Architects
in 2011. The project team was composed of Tom Lenchek AIA, Principal; Kyle Zerby AIA, Project Architect and their job was to design a home that could be used as a vacation getaway and also as a fulltime residence in case the owners want to spend more time there. It was a challenge because of the landscape but in the end they managed to use those elements in their favor.

The 1,850 sqf residence is particularly welcoming during the summer when it’s a perfect getaway place where the owners can relax and clear their heads. Because of the location, the house is exposed to the Straight of Georgia which delivers extremely high wind speeds and salt spray during winter storms, so it’s less pleasant to be there during that season. However, the residence is embedded into bedrock and steel columns that provide a solid structure and protection.

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Bamboo Steamer Basket

The modern person inside us knows that when you want to warm some food from the fridge you use the microwave oven. Well, that works most times but sometimes the food gets really dry and it’s not hat tasty any more. So the right thing to do is steam it, so that it can have the moist it needs. But how on earth can you do that at home, in your modern house? Believe it or not it is very easy in fact. You simply take a pot with boiling water that produces steam and place a bamboo steamer basket on top of it for several minutes. Cover everything with the pot lid and it will be ready in no time.

This bamboo basket is perfect for the operation I have described above because it is lightweight , with many holes in it leaving the steam easy access to the food. In my opinion it is also very nice to use for other things , too like a shelf decoration or maybe as a food basket on your living room table. ANy way, it is handmade and really pretty and you can have it for $46 directly from Japan.

How to Install Wall Tile in Bathroom?

The fact cannot be denied that tiles are one of the most popular and liked materials for the walls of the bathroom. Whether it is bathrooms of houses, malls, or corporate offices, there is nothing that can beat wall tiles. There is a wide variety of tiles available in the market in different colors, styles, finishes and sizes. The most significant feature of the wall tiles is that they are very easy to install. It might surprise you, but you can even install the tiles on the bathroom walls all by your own. Here is a list of guidelines to assist you out –

Firstly, you need to determine the number of tiles you would require to cover the wall. For this, you need to measure the dimensions of the wall so that you can buy the same footage of tiles. Ensure to add 10 to 15% extra for cuts and wastage.

Prepare the wall by making it free of dust, grime and dirt. It must be mentioned that the tiles can be installed to the painted as well as non-painted wall.

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