Decorating Around Dark Floors

Hardwood flooring looks simply awesome for your home and office. After the light floors,the dark and black floors will give amazing floor experience to you and adds difference to the indoors of your home and office. If you are planning to decorate the floors of your home or office in the dark/black floors, it will be simply great to think about making something more creative and innovative.

Dark/black hardwood floors can be the most amazing and sought after things that will easily gel with any home or office décor. One significant thing to take note of out here is that when you go for hardwood dark/black floors you should buy light colored furniture. The combination of dark/black floors will blend with light color furniture and increase its effect.

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Valeo glass meeting table by EPCR

Meeting and conference tables are a challenge mostly because they have to incorporate a certain design and style. A meeting table can’t be very brightly colored or have a playful design because it’s not appropriate. It has to look formal and as simple and functional as possible. Still, it needs to be elegant and stylish and it’s not easy to incorporate all those ideas into one piece of furniture.

Valeo is a meeting table that is very close to all those characteristics. It manages to be simple and formal but, in the same time, to do that with style. The Valeo table is part of the Valeo Collection and it was designed by Fauciglietti Engineering, EPCR. It features aluminum legs in round section that can be painted in liquid aluminum or bright chrome. The base structure is made of wood and covered in leather for a more sophisticated and stylish look. The base can be either X or V-shaped.

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Roundy Residence by The Miller Hull Partnership Architecture

Whenever we spend our holydays on the beach admiring the sea or the ocean and we see the beautiful bluff we involuntarily imagine how it would be to actually live there and to be able to enjoy all that beauty whenever you want. Here’s a property that might help satisfy our curiosity.

Located in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, United States, this beautiful property stretches along the bluff, providing incredible views to the owners. Because of the unusual location, the house had to be structured differently, in a way that would allow the owners to take advantage of the landscape and to use it their favor. This way they take advantage of the passive solar heating during the winter while during the summer month they can enjoy the shade.

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Colourful Cake Stand

When you have small children it is compulsory to bake and cook tasty things and something sweet at least every two days. You can make cookies cakes, a big birthday cake or some pancakes – anything as long as they are sweet and taste well. But in this case you should have a special ceramic or glass cake stand that you can use to place or display your masterpiece. Well, I found a very nice-looking and colourful cake stand on the Internet, from Daisy Dog Studio and I loved it. It is simple in design, yet full of colours and perfect for kids.

It is made of ceramics and painted in white with very nice and colourful concentric circles. It is about 12″ wide and 4″ high, so perfect for parties or every day use. You can have it now for $70. I guess a bit of colour in the right place can work miracles.

add-On Modular Radiator from Tubes

Sometimes I think that people who design things you need around the house don’t have any inspiration and imagination whatsoever, but they only concentrate on the practicality of the item. Or at least that what what I thought when I was looking for new radiators for my home. All of them had absolutely the same shape and design and only differed very little in size. But my house is pretty singular and the  rooms in it are very different both as size and design, so I needed different radiators for each. Finally I gave up my dream and bought regular ones, but I did find this incredible modular radiator on the internet, even if it is only a concept and I am not sure where and if they sell the product.

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Wood Base Stools from Cherner Chair Company

Some homes have a common area for the kitchen and living room. They are linked and only separated by a low wall or a counter. This way you can talk to your guests and cook at the same time. And if you have some proper working hood, the smell will be unnoticed. Well, in these homes with a counter or even a bar in the living room area, you could use some bar stools. Your friends will sit comfortably on them and the design of the modern bar stools will improve the look of your house.

This Wood Base Stools from Cherner Chair Company is perfect for any modern home. It is both very modern in design and material and also a bit classic because it is produced by a company with a long tradition in manufacturing furniture. This wood base bar stool keeps the original instructions belonging to Norman Cherner, the founder of the company, who designed it in 1859. However, the stool is now made of bent plywood with an increasing thickness and a laminated wood base. There is also a metallic chrome footrest between the stool legs, which makes it all the more resistant. You get to choose the colour from the few available and also the height (either counter or bar height) and you can purchase one for $699.

UP-Incredible Floor Lamps by Lucente

Decorating a place takes a lot of time, professionalism, imagination and good taste. The person who is engaged in such a business needs to take into account many details that refer to the owner’s preferences, the dimensions of the space, its location. The result of the work needs to be a wonderful and comfortable living space filled with the perfect light that will create a great atmosphere.

The Italian company Lucente came with an incredible design for some floor lamps called UP.Actually UP represents an oversized floor lamp that can create an outstanding décor for indoor or outdoor area too. These giant floor lamps are made of polyethylene and use rotational molding technology.

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