Clean, Elegant Office Interior by Landau + Kindelbacher Architects

We all know that work can cause a lot of stress and it would be preferable to work from house. Keeping this in mind, we would like to show you a wonderful office interior design that we hope will inspire you to do the same for your employees.

Designed by Landau + Kindelbacher Architects for ICADE in Munich, Germany, this next office emphasizes the slogan ” quality in everything we do”. After they have changed the entrance hall, the cafeteria, the conference areas, the auditorium and the management areas they opened the door for a new fresh design.

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Beautiful DIY Wood Sticks Candle Holders

Everybody knows that a source of light will always create a certain special atmosphere that will underline a wonderful décor. Usually the romantic persons, those who love sensitive things adore decorative sources of light or any other decorative things that might help them get a really romantic décor or a beautiful and sensitive place.

They might also be delighted by the following DIY project which they might add on their list of decorative things they can use for any special occasion or not.These beautiful DIY Wood Sticks Candle Holders are great for those who would like add a subtle light to their interior design or just enjoy a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

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Tiny Apartment Design in Manhattan

Space seems to always be a problem. We never have enough space and we always want more. Obviously, we can’t do that so we have to work with what we already have. In most cases this means a small apartment. But there’s no need to be sad or angry about that because there are some very clever ways to turn that small space into a very efficient and cool space that all your friends would be jealous at.

This tiny apartment by Normal Projects, in Manhattan is the perfect example. As you can see there’s not a lot of space in there. However, that tiny place manages to be very comfortable and to be able to adapt according to the user’s needs in no time. It’s all about that eye-catching closet that seems to take a lot of space. It’s just a closet and it gives more than it takes. That closet is a place to store cloths, a bed, a great storage space and it can even act as a home office. It’s not a magic closet, just a well-designed one.

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Classic Cardiff Tufted Armchair

This mid-century beauty is actually a combination of classic designs and modern elements that work together harmoniously to create a very comfortable and elegant armchair design. Combining looks and comfort is an easy process. Sometimes this results in this sad failures as the final product is either very comfy but not that attractive for anyone to buy it, either a beautiful piece that’s not that comfortable to use, so that’s not good either.

In this case the combination was a big success. Despite its robust look, the Cardiff Tufted armchair has a sort of elegance and grace that’s rare nowadays. This is a features that comes from the classic style that’s very visible in this case. The dimensions of the armchair are 36” wide x 39” deep x 37” high. As for the materials used, the frame is made of kiln-dried wood and the comfort is given by the T-shaped seat and back cushions.

The back is also curved, following the silhouette of the body and offering a more comfortable seating position. There are a lot of different fabric options to choose from. The armchair can also be customized with a specific color choice. There are over 75 custom fabrics and colors to choose from. You can choose something that matches with the rest of your furniture or, on the contrasry, something that would create a nice contrast.Available for 591 Euros.

DIY Mini Laptop Desk

As we live in the speed era, most of us are surrounded by all sorts of gadgets, machines, computers, LCDs, laptops that usually are meant to do our work become faster and easier and life more enjoyable. Many of us use a computer or a laptop for all sorts of things like reading, writing, listening to music, watching pictures so that they become some indispensable objects.

A laptop is more often used because it is portable, you can take it everywhere with you. It is more comfortable to use than a computer. The fact that you have access to information any time and anywhere makes you become more prepared for anything it might appear, you may be able to move yourself more quickly and earn more time. Sometimes a precious piece of information may signify a real life and death problem and that is why you cannot afford to cut yourself from an important source of information.

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Coutume Interior design Cafe by CUT Architectures

Developed in 2011, this project was the first Coutume Cafe in that area. It’s located in the center of Paris, France and it’s an unusual project because it combines a roastery and a coffee place, which is not something you see every day. This 90 sq meter project was developed by CUT Architectures in collaboration with Benjamin Clarens & Yann Martin architects.

The idea was to create a place were people can go to enjoy the best coffee in Paris as well as a selection of fresh and organic food. It’s not a common combination as people usually go to a coffee place whenever they want to chat with a friend or to simply enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, and they go to a restaurant when they want to eat. Now you can have them both in the same place.

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A Modern Penthouse Located 420 West Broadway in Soho

Is there anyone who does not like penthouses or who has not imagined how it is to own one? I think the one in the picture is beyond imagination or exceeds expectations. Seeing this penthouse located in Soho, New York, on 420 West Broadway, you would not think it was sculpted from raw warehouse space because it looks too good to be true.

The entire credit rests with the designer, Nico Ransch of UK-based Studio Architeam. Probably the most successful result is the dramatic double height living room with the glass enclosed viewing garden open to the sky. The construction was built on three levels, with three private terraces, every place being landscaped.

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