Luxury Huvafen Fushi Hotel

On these hot summer days everybody dreams of a small corner of Heaven where he or she can satisfy all his or her desires.Here is a wonderful place which looks more like a paradise. It is the luxury retreat place called Huvafen Fushi Hotel, located in the North Malé Atoll, Maldives.Huvafen Fushi is a wonderful hotel which has an incredible beach and villas over the water, pools and bars.

Here you can find everything your heart desires and the wonderful thing is that all these locations like the beach, the lagoon or the ocean bungalows that belong to Huvafen Fushi Hotel have private courtyards or decks, plunge pools, waterfall showers and outdoor dining areas.

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Van Amburgh Stackable Stool by Sam Johnson

Once upon a time, in the Victorian time to be more precise, there was a world-famous lion tamer who traveled all over Europe to show his skills to the people around. His name was Isaac van Amburg and he is the source of inspiration for this stool. I mean he was the one the designer thought about when he created it. And I think I know why: it looks just like the stool they use at the circus when they want to show the audience some tamed animals or some stunt: the round or pentagonal or even heptagonal base stool with some  irregularities on the sides, something resembling triangles.

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Duck Brush by Iris Hantverk

Creative minds see the world in a different way: if you see a brush that you use to wash your toes and fingers, they see a duck that quacks and swims happy on the water in your bathtub. Don’t laugh! It’s true. Normally when you want a bath brush that is what you expect to see. But when I saw this amazing Duck brush I was first stunned, then I started smiling and I thought I should buy it. Once it gets your attention, you will certainly want it and that is the point.

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Stylish holiday home in Jalisco, Mexico

Even if some of us don’t like to admit it, everyone needs a brake every once in a while. It’s always nice to be able to go away for a few days and to relax and have fun, either with your loved one or with friends and family. Ideally it would be to have a holiday home where you can go to, maybe one like the SJC House, located in San Juan Cosala, Jalisco, Mexico.

This particular mansion has everything one would need n order to feel good and to forget about all the problems and worries. The SJC House is located close to Lake Capala so it has easy and almost immediate access to the lake and the beautiful nature surrounding it. It’s the perfect refuge during summer. It was designed by Ricardo Agraz and it was destined from the beginning to be a vacation house. The house covers 550 square meters on a 2,200 square meter property. The rest is divided between the front yard and the backyard. It provides easy access to the road by simply crossing the front yard. The backyard is where all the fun takes place. There’s a pool and a nice terrace that await the guests.
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Details Make the Difference

Every man has his own personality, but also every house has its own personality. If for a person it is very clear, the personality of a house is given by the details. According to the style, a house can be modern, urban, classic, but the decorative objects give its style, character and uniqueness.

These objects that are smaller or larger can be photos, pieces of furniture, art objects. They may seem insignificant, but in fact, they are the elements that make  life comfortable for all of us, they make the difference in an apartment or a house. Details represent the beautiful part of a home, providing information about the personality of the owner, his taste, giving color and animating what is ordinary, common, normal.

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Luxurious DIY Leather Ottoman

Usually DIY projects are really easy to be done. They do not take too much time, they make you feel a useful person, make you become an eco friend and they are quite cheap. These are the usual benefits from these DIY projects and they can easily charm you to put them into practice.

Take for example this DIY Leather Ottoman. If you think of this project you might think that it is hard to do, take you a lot of time and can be even expensive. For the contrary, for $50 and an easy work you can do a really great and comfortable DIY Leather Ottoman that will look luxurious and will make your relaxing moments more pleasant.Here are the materials you need: wood glue, wood stain, and poplar wood, natural bristle chip brush, old leather jacket (a big one), furniture straps, quilter’s thread, leather needle, fiber fill, canvas. You may also need some tools like: chop saw, nail gun, drill, staple gun, sewing machine, and scissors.

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The Flower chair by Pierre Paulin

Among all the other nature-inspired pieces, there’s also this graceful chair called “Flower”. It was designed by Pierre Paulin for Magis in 2009 and it has a very beautiful design. There’s not something particular that makes this chair so beautiful. It’s rather a combination of several aspects that combined give this design.

The Flower armchair is a modern piece of furniture with a very versatile design that allows it to be included in basically any kind of home. It’s also a great piece of furniture for outdoor use. Flower is made of injection-molded plastic. It’s very durable and resistant and, unlike the usual plastic chairs, this one weights more than 20 pounds. This adds stability, even though it might make the chair a little harder to move around. The dimensions of this beautiful piece of furniture are 22.8″w x 30.7″h x 44.9″d, seat height 19.7″.

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