Coutume Interior design Cafe by CUT Architectures

Developed in 2011, this project was the first Coutume Cafe in that area. It’s located in the center of Paris, France and it’s an unusual project because it combines a roastery and a coffee place, which is not something you see every day. This 90 sq meter project was developed by CUT Architectures in collaboration with Benjamin Clarens & Yann Martin architects.

The idea was to create a place were people can go to enjoy the best coffee in Paris as well as a selection of fresh and organic food. It’s not a common combination as people usually go to a coffee place whenever they want to chat with a friend or to simply enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, and they go to a restaurant when they want to eat. Now you can have them both in the same place.

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A Modern Penthouse Located 420 West Broadway in Soho

Is there anyone who does not like penthouses or who has not imagined how it is to own one? I think the one in the picture is beyond imagination or exceeds expectations. Seeing this penthouse located in Soho, New York, on 420 West Broadway, you would not think it was sculpted from raw warehouse space because it looks too good to be true.

The entire credit rests with the designer, Nico Ransch of UK-based Studio Architeam. Probably the most successful result is the dramatic double height living room with the glass enclosed viewing garden open to the sky. The construction was built on three levels, with three private terraces, every place being landscaped.

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Gorgeous Laranjeiras Residence in Rio de Janeiro

Summer is the season when everybody is looking for a perfect retreat place where you can feel comfortable and enjoy a private relaxing corner.Laranjeiras Residence is a gorgeous place where all your desires may be accomplished. It is situated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is designed by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados and covers an area of 10,225 square foot.

Rio de Janeiro is an exotic place which means an explosion of energy, life, known for its famous samba carnivals.This wonderful summer retreat is an excellent place which seems to integrate perfectly in the natural surrounding landscape. The designers used materials like steel and wood which helped them create this integration, a place which combines the rustic elements with the modern technique.

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Colorful, Playful Table Clock Book by Karlsson Clocks

The Table Clock Book by Karlsson Clocks is a fully functioning clock that disguises itself as a set of colorful, funny, creative books. This covert clock is great for those of you who want a time piece that won’t stand out and will blend in with pre-existing home decor.

This clock is a very interesting feature for any room, specially a kid’s room because it has bright colors and simple design. The hours are cleverly disguised as book titles and thanks to its looks like an actual set of books, you could hide it on a table or in a bookcase without it being noticed.

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Pawling Residence – an Ideal Refuge

We all feel the need to go away in weekends and if we have our own place where to relax and enjoy our free time, it is perfect. There are ideal houses to spend our weekends and we dream about them during the entire week. One of the best examples of such a refuge can be found in Pawling, New York.

The house has the form of a pavilion; SPG Architects being “responsible” for the nice, simple design from the middle of a traditional landscape that definitely makes you dream and see only the beautiful part of life.The moment you see this place, you feel the modern, yet calm, traditional air and you feel at ease admiring the beautiful details that make the difference.

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House Interior Designed in Lombardy,Italy

When you first look at this house, especially at the interior design, all you see is modern-looking place with very tasteful and stylish decorations and furniture pieces. It’s really surprising to find out that the house really dates back to the 16th century. It’s in fact a historic place that has been redesigned and renovated.

Located in Lombardy, Italy and today it looks very different than it originally did. It has been redecorated and the interior has been redesigned with a contemporary touch. However, there are still some details from the old design that are visible, for example the stone walls and the wooden roof that have been preserved. This is a small reminder of the house’s history and it looks quite unique in combination with all the modern elements.

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What furniture i need for baby room

Tears roll down a woman’s eye when she realizes that finally within a few days, her baby will be in her arms and she starts arranging everything for the newcomer. One of the most exciting periods is arranging the room that was left unused or was used for guests for your baby. You can play with the colors of the room, curtains, and murals. It feels so nice to realize that everything will be as per her choice.

You will be needing furniture for your baby’s room. The market is full of high quality furniture with a variety of style and designs. This furniture may be expensive but are durable. If you are finding the cost too high, there is furniture for you at a lesser cost also. The list of essential furniture for your baby includes bed, cradles, baby baskets, cozy mattresses, wardrobe etc.

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