ABC office furniture collection

Just because the office is usually the place where you work, it doesn’t mean it has to look boring and lacking style or comfort. On the contrary, the office should be as welcoming and fun as possible so that working wouldn’t seem like an obligation but more like a pleasant thing to do. One way of making that happen is by choosing elegant and stylish furniture for the office. We have just the thing for you. It’s called ABC and it’s a lovely office furniture collection created by Bibini.

ABC has been designed by Luca Scacchetti for Babini and, if you take a look at the pictures, you’ll notice the simplicity and beauty of the design. The collection has been designed as an alternative for the standard office furniture that made your working place seem even more unwelcoming than usual. ABC brings style and grace and beautifully combines them with functionality.

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Goccia – a graceful handmade faucet collection

Goccia is a collection designed by Prospero Rasulo for Italian brand Gessi. It’s a collection of faucets which has been inspired by water. What better inspiration source for a faucet than water itself. You’ll notice that the faucets have very graceful designs with curved lines and elegant shapes. They are also handmade which quite uncommon these days, but it only makes them more special and unique. In order to emphasis the fact that water stood at the base of this collection, it has been names Goccia, which means “drop”.

The collection features several different designs and all of them are elegant and stylish. The faucets are available is brushed chrome or chrome with either white or black finishes. Another very interesting detail about this collection is that the tap is eco-friendly using water-saving technology. So not only that you’ll have a unique, handmade faucet in your home, but you’ll also be able to save up to 50% of the water. Goccia is a remarkable collection distinguishable not only because of the beauty of the designs but also because of the preoccupation for the environment.

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Modular Frank collection by Antonio Citterio

This next furniture collection is something that any living room could benefit from. It’s a modular collection, meaning that the pieces can be moved around and combined freely in order to obtain a shape that fits the space you have available. Also, this is great in situation when you have guests coming over so you have to change a little the way your living room looks like ir order to make accessible to everyone.

Frank does all that with style. It’s a very elegant furniture collection featuring a relatively simple design that still manages to be eye-catching. Frank allows a lot of different sitting arrangements to be created, some more formal than others, according to the situation and the user’s needs. The collection features six different elements that can be combined in order to form several different designs.

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Two Independent Houses in Estoril

In a residential neighborhood of Estoril Estoril the architect Frederico Valsassina designed one of the houses. The intent  was to build two single-family houses, independent but at the same time with communication between spaces. The result turned into two isolated blocks of different volumes and materials but with a common base, two former garages. One block is organized on two levels, the social area and the private space, while the other is organized on one level only.

The construction is surrounded by large terraces at several levels, but the aspect that provides a sort of austerity over the landscape is the concrete and glass mixture. The area that surrounds everything is reduced, revealing a contemporary image that is common nowadays. The first house as a whole is attractive in its modernity, with its brown color and interesting shape, while the second is appealing in its lightness and simplicity.

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Stunning Residence In Stockholm

Ideally located in a very prestigious building which is situated in the heart of the Stockholm city in between Stureplan and Humlegarden, the apartment encompasses an area space of three hundred and twenty meters. Excellent design, proper utilization of the space, beautiful and high comforts are few terms that describe this residence appropriately.

Classic hardwood material has been chosen as the flooring, ceilings have been kept high, and small details have been given optimum consideration in order to create a feeling of richness and luxury. The entrance of the residence opens to the living room, which has been exquisitely decorated with fine details. A separate reading area characterized with large bookcases blended with the living room also looks wow. The kitchen area and dining space have been introduced into a single layout plan.

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Great DIY Dresser Turned Into a Bookshelf

Books have always captivated our attention. They made us discover wonderful worlds of adventure, history, of romance admire great heroes that had to face all kinds of obstacles or pass different types of challenges.

I am sure that everybody has an incredible stack of books which deserve a wonderful storage place.Here is an idea which will make you proud of your own bookshelf. It a great and joyful DIY Dresser turned into a bookshelf. The design of this new bookshelf will offer you the chance to accommodate all your books inside it although they may be of different sizes. You will also add more color and energy to your interior décor where you will become impatiently to come in and get your favorite book. Your new bookshelf will also become a new point of attraction for everybody who will come inside the room and notice it.

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Spin bathroom collection from ps+a Palomba Serafini Associati

The bathroom is the place where people go for privacy, relaxation and alone time. Any bathroom has two basic components: the shower unit or bathtub and the toilet area together with the washbasin. It’s not a very nice combination if you ask me but that’s the way it is. Maybe someone will finally realize at some point that those two sides shouldn’t be together in the same room.

Anyway, today we’ll be focusing on the part that involves the toilet and the washbasin. These two pieces almost seem like a duo, like a couple that should always stick together. ps+a Palomba Serafini Associati noticed that too and they designed Spin. It’s a bathroom collection that features a toilet and a washbasin that share the same design. The similarities between the two pieces are very visible and they go as far as possible. That’s why the toilet unit is suspended and hangs on the wall. This way it looks just like the washbasin in terms of design and shape.

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