Bedford Smart Technology™ Large Recharge Station

Technology is very useful and it does make our lives a lot easier. However, it comes with a cost, I mean nothing is perfect and you must also accept the less pleasant things about it. In this case you have a lot of gadgets that work on electricity or that must be recharged to a plug. So when you come home in the evening together with all the family members, you will have a lot of cords and charging stations spread all over the desk. You don’t even need to have a large family: if you have a smart phone, a tablet, a laptop and you also want to charge the batteries for your camera then you will see plenty of cords and wires all over the place. And this does not look very well, believe me.

In this case you might want to use this beautiful Bedford Smart Technology™ Large Recharge Station that is made of wood and is both very useful and good-looking. It comes in white, black or brown and it looks classy and stylish even if you use it for recharging up to six technological appliances at a time. You can’t see the cords thanks to the four holes that allow them to go at the back where they plug in. You can use different adapters depending on your needs. The station also has a nice drawer where you can store different things. And all this for this week’s special price of $64 at Pottery Barn.

An Inviting and Inspiring Home of less than 45 m ²

We all dream about having our first home, no matter its size. It is that feeling of having something which is yours, no matter how it is. If you succeed to make this dream come true, it is a matter of time and money to do it according to your own taste.

The house in the picture perfectly fits into the pattern; an inspiring home with furniture pieces of small dimensions that proved to be the best option in order to maximize the space.Thus, the salon has two tables instead of one in the centre, a sofa and two small armchairs that allow modifying the distribution.

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Wonderful Piano Shelf by Sebastian Errazuriz

Piano is a sensitive musical instrument. When I was little I wanted to learn to play piano. After some years I have discovered the beautiful songs of Richard Clayderman who also played piano. The sounds that a piano makes you feel like you have wings and you can touch the sky.

For those who love this musical instrument and would like to decorate their house in a artistic manner and at the same time get a great storage space here it is an idea.

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Delicate Blossom Pendant Lamps by 3Form

Lights can be captured in different types of shapes of various dimensions. You may speak of pendant lights, floor lamps or table lamps. Their sizes can be small or can get some giant dimensions. The wonderful thing about a source of light besides the fact that it is a useful item in the house is the wonderful atmosphere that can create .The combination of colors and light is the one which will make your interior get a specific ambiance that will charm you and your visitors.

A source of light will also put in evidence the pieces of furniture that are used or other decorative items that will appear in an interior design. It is important to know how you choose your lighting for your house so that you can take advantage of all the interior aspects of your rooms.

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A Bright and Lively 90 m² Apartment

It is difficult to renovate a place, especially when the object of your work is an old building. However, when you know exactly what you want and you have good designers to share your plans with, everything goes by the book. It is the same story with a 90 m 2 floor that Dunia Garriga and Mario Calavera transformed into a house full of light that definitely impresses anyone.

The success was ensured by the addition of intelligent furniture pieces and the creation of passing areas. For example, the salon and the living are visually separated, but perfectly integrated; they provide a wide-bright space, thanks to the clarity given by the two existing balconies. Situated in an old building, the 90 m 2 house gained amplitude and an optimization of the space, perfectly fulfilling the main objectives.

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Unique five-level home in Turkey

When you think of a five-level home you don’t usually picture a house made of nine separate pieces of property with a cave-like design. It’s definitely a unique property and it’s the home of American photographer Laura Prusoff and her partner Nurettin Mantar, a Turkish photographer. The two share in common the same passion and they also had a similar vision of what they wanted their home to look like.They definitely wanted something special and unique and that’s exactly what they got.

They first bough a piece of property in Cappadocia, a region in central Turkey, back in 1997. They bought a small dwelling carved into the volcanic rock of the hillside for about $5000 to $6000. They then felt the need to expand their property and did that cave by cave, until they managed to gather nine different pieces and a total of 14.000 square feet of property.

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Cute DIY Mini Lego LED Lamps

Everybody seems to love Lego toys no matter his age is, whether it is a kid or an adult. Lego toys develop your creativity and imagination and seem to fill up your free time with an attractive and interesting activity.

Lego toys offer you the opportunity to develop your hands abilities and build interesting things that maybe you have never thought that you are able to do it. Usually kids love to build and they are even more satisfied when they see that they were able to do something with their own bare hands.

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