The Club Luxury Hotel in Singapore

Usually color is the aspect that accentuates certain characteristics of a place, but the following example is the supreme proof that  great design does not necessarily need color to emphasize the shape or the pattern of a place. It is The Club luxury hotel, located in Singapore, the space that makes the difference with its perfect combination of traditional and modern design.

What the designer Colin Seah of Ministry of Design succeeded to do was to capture ” a modern day nomad and the nomad of yesterday”  creating a sort of meeting point for the two sources of inspiration: the colonial past – represented especially by the statue of Raffles with the head in the clouds and the popularity of the area – a center for the Chinese immigrants.

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Butterfly Nomad Modular Room Divider

Not all of us live in luxurious huge houses or apartments. Some of us have to stay in tiny apartments that have one or two rooms and lack space. This is when you have to come up with very creative ideas and to do something to save space and organize things in your home beautifully. One of the most effective ways for this is to use a room divider, a temporary stylized wall that separates two areas in the same room because you use them each for different purposes, for example as living room and kitchen, bedroom and living room and so on.These temporary walls can be moved or removed, adjusted or used only in times of need. Butterfly Nomad Modular Rooms Divider  is perfect, as it is modular, meaning that you can combine all the parts so as to obtain a smaller or a larger wall, depending on what you need.

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Star and Flower Pancake Egg Rings

My children love pancakes and I think all children do. If this were up to them, they would eat pancakes every day. But every once in a while I do want to surprise them, especially at the weekends, and make some tasty pancakes that I afterwards cut in funny shapes. I like to make them look like geometric shapes like squares and pentagons and also to make them resemble a human face by adding a funny moustache and hair made of fruit or vegetables. ANy way, I have just found this item – the Star and Flower Pancake Egg Rings that saves a lot of time and makes your life a lot easier if you have kids and many pancakes to re-design for getting a funny result.

These rings are made of metal and they have a very nice shape: one of them looks like a flower and one like a star. And they come in sets of two. They are made of metal covered in Teflon, so they are non sticky.  The perfect shapes of stars and flowers can be now in your kitchen if you use these items. They have each a wooden handle that allows you not to get burnt while cooking pancakes and also make it easier for you to handle them. The handle stays cold during use so it is the perfect kitchen tool. You can purchase the set now for $4.88.

Relaxing weekend retreat in Chile by Mathias Klotz

This simple but beautiful house was designed in 1999 by Mathias Klotz. He designed it as a gift for Raul, a friend who needed a wheelchair-accessible home in Santiago. The budget for the project was only $80.000 so it was a challenge for the architect. Casa Raul was designed as a relaxing and quiet retreat, a simple place without sophisticated items or decorations.

Mathias Klotz tried to make that happen and he designed the house as if it was for him. What he didn’t know at that time was that a few years later it would really be his house. When the owner’s wife became too ill for weekend trips, they decided to sell the place and as Mr Klotz was examining the place he realized he wanted to have it for himself.

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How to add stairs to your deck

The deck in your house provides an additional open area. It is a great place to celebrate a small get together and even serves as a good place for relaxation. Now you can add stairs from the ground that leads directly to the deck. By doing this you can maintain the privacy in your room. For building stairs, you can always hire a carpenter. However, you can do it for yourself also. Though it will be bit tough but adding stairs to your deck all by yourself can be a good pass time if carpentry is your hobby. Here is a guide on building stairs by yourself.

 First, make sure you have all the necessary tools. The list includes the following – Drill, Handsaw, measuring tape, Shovel, Wheelbarrow, Trowel, Level, Framing square, Circular saw, Pea gravel, Fast-drying cement, Angle brackets, Deck screws and Masonry anchors. Now determine the number of steps needed from the ground to the deck and the height and width of the steps.

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Clean, Elegant Office Interior by Landau + Kindelbacher Architects

We all know that work can cause a lot of stress and it would be preferable to work from house. Keeping this in mind, we would like to show you a wonderful office interior design that we hope will inspire you to do the same for your employees.

Designed by Landau + Kindelbacher Architects for ICADE in Munich, Germany, this next office emphasizes the slogan ” quality in everything we do”. After they have changed the entrance hall, the cafeteria, the conference areas, the auditorium and the management areas they opened the door for a new fresh design.

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Beautiful DIY Wood Sticks Candle Holders

Everybody knows that a source of light will always create a certain special atmosphere that will underline a wonderful décor. Usually the romantic persons, those who love sensitive things adore decorative sources of light or any other decorative things that might help them get a really romantic décor or a beautiful and sensitive place.

They might also be delighted by the following DIY project which they might add on their list of decorative things they can use for any special occasion or not.These beautiful DIY Wood Sticks Candle Holders are great for those who would like add a subtle light to their interior design or just enjoy a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

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