Ladybug Pillow

Children seem to be fearless – at least while they are very small. For example I saw my little boy talking to a huge dog that, of course, looked at him understandingly and also I saw him holding all kinds of bugs in his hands without a trace if disgust or fear. The conclusion is that kids love insect, especially the ones coloured in a vivid way like ladybugs. Ladybugs are small and pretty and they look so cute with those little black dots on their wings! Ladybugs are a sign of spring and happiness. So you can only imagine the smiling face of kids when they see this nice Ladybug pillow from Walmart.

This ladybug is a very comfortable pillow because it is made of ultra soft chenille. It is very soft and cuddly and it is the perfect pillow for your little baby, both comfortable and nice looking, funny and easy towash in the washing machine. Purchase the item now for just $16.54.

Bright and cozy three bedroom apartment in Stockholm

Located in Östermalm, a district in Central Stockholm, Sweden, this apartment would be a beautiful choice for a family. It’s a large apartment, with a lot of open spaces and an overall airy and inviting look. The apartment features 3 bedrooms and two ¾ bathrooms so a small family would definitely find it appealing.

The rooms are large and very bright. This impression is also given by the white color that’s been used for the walls, the ceiling and by the large windows with white drapes. Even though the floor is brown, white rugs have also been used. Also, there are several large windows placed on the walls and on the fireplace that increase the impression of a larger space.

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Water Tower Turned Into a Home

There are plenty of unconventional houses. Some are old churches, others are boats, but a water tower house is something we don’t see as often as the other ones. Nevertheless, this was the dream of Patrick Mets who always wanted to was fascinated by water towers since he was a teenager and always wanted to live in one.

In 1996 he managed to find one that had just what he wanted so he bough the place, even though it had been previously sold at a public auction. Later, he found out that buying the place was the easy part. Because the tower was located in a protected zone with restrictions on construction, he had to spend eight years before he found a loophole that allowed him to pursue his dream. He declared the tower a historic building so he was allowed to turn it in a family home as long as he kept the structure intact, which is exactly what he wanted.

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Practical DIY Chalkboard Kids Desk

When we were kids we used to do many nasty things and our parents did not seem so enthusiastic when they have noticed them. Many of these things were done due to the fact that we wanted to express our feelings, thoughts or personality. They were the proof of our imagination and creativity.

Usually kids need to express themselves and the things they done are the result of this need. So, you need to create a perfect place for your kid where he or she can do such things. A chalkboard kids desk might be an excellent object that will combine the educational side with that of creation and play.

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Vertical Gardening Ideas

Do you love gardening? Is the limited space in your garden preventing you from enjoying your passion? Well, no need to worry. Not everyone is blessed with the privilege of extra space for landscaping. There are scores of people who have a small balcony or a tiny backyard. However, this does not imply that they cannot have a garden. It simply implies that they need to get extra creative.

You will be delighted to know that creating a vertical garden is the perfect solution to the problem of limited space. There are umpteen numbers of plants, which grow and can also be trained to grow up and thus consuming almost 10% of the space.

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Challenging Eco-friendly House in Australia – Point Lonsdale Beach House

Melbourne-based studio Baenziger Coles have created another stunning house in Point Lonsdale, a coastal township on the Bellarine Peninsula, in Victoria, Australia. This unique house is a sanctuary to retreat to and has an inspiring design that will leave you speechless.

The architects took on a daring project that had a few challenges. One of them was the site which was flat and uninteresting and this made it hard to obtain an original shape. Another challenge was to create a two storey home in a single level houses neighborhood.

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Visiting the Amazon headquarters in Iaşi, Romania

Amazon Development Center had recently moved its headquarters in the new office building that’s part of the larger project called Palas. The new space is a 2000 sq m area and it presents several advantages. The building is located in center of the city and this offers the employees easy access to the nearby restaurants and relaxation areas. Also, the hotels located in that area are another advantage as employees from the other Amazon centers often visit this location. Finally, there’s also the underground parking space that has been created as part of the Palas project.

The new headquarter is designed as an open space and it includes 10 meeting rooms and a very nice relaxing area that includes things like restaurants, a billiard room, an xbox and massage chairs. There are no official information regarding the number of employees working there, neither the number of parking spaces. However, we know that in the late 2009 there were 29 persons working at the Amazon and that in the summer of 2010 there were another 12 free spots on the Amazon’s website.

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