How to maintain a hardwood floor

Hardwood flooring is expensive flooring and therefore, every method has to be employed to maintain its sheen. Hardwood flooring has become the most recent trend in the modern housing and interior designing and the best thing is that the ultra modern flooring method gels well with various modern furniture and fixtures.

There are many benefits of hardwood flooring, and you can only sustain those benefits on long term basis only if you are willing to take good care of these floors, whether at home or office. Maintaining the shine of hardwood flooring will require that you employ extra ordinary methods, and these extra ordinary methods necessarily have to be the ones which do not require common household treatment methods for cleaning.

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Wonderful Akasha Villa in St. Lucia

Caribbean Islands have always represented an attractive tourist area. These islands seem attract tourists from all over the world like some magnets and charm them with their exotic views.

St. Lucia is one of these islands where there is a wonderful relaxing villa called Akasha. Its exterior design makes you think of a fairy tale castle ,where you may find hidden a beautiful princess or a charming prince.Akasha is a place which combines modernity with the exotic Caribbean lifestyle and amazes you with its beautiful views of the ocean.

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Delicate Charm Bathtub

There’s nothing like a nice relaxing bath after a hard day or work. Actually you might want to eat something first and then take a bath, right before going to bed. This will help you relax your body and it will also help you fall asleep quicker. Some people know that and they dedicate a lot of time to this process by using aromatherapy and other alternative practices meant to make the time spent in the bathtub more pleasant. But what people seem to forget is that at the base of all that process is the actual bathtub.

In order to be able to relax and to feel comfortable you need a bathtub that allows you to do all that. We think the Charm Bathtub might be the one. With its soft and curvy shape, the Charm Bathtub follows the shape of your body gently enveloping your silhouette. It has a very delicate design and it was designed for maximum comfort. It also features armrests strategically placed to enhance your comfort level.

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Clever wall coverings from IXXI

Are you looking for a fast and simple way of decorating your walls? IXXI has the perfect solution for you. This company is specialized is offering wall covering solutions in a variety of subjects and colors. You won’t have to get dirty painting your walls anymore. These decorating alternatives make the process easier and faster, and they are also more fun to do and to watch.

IXXI offers a wide range of different designs. You can choose from the already existing designs or you can create your own. Just use your imagination to come with something that you like or that you feel like it would look good in your home. This wall covering system is great because it’s fast and easy and it doesn’t require specialized training. The pieces are held together by an ingenious connecting system. Just use these crosses to keep the pieces in place.

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44 sqm Well Designed House

This beautiful house is located in the heart of Malma, and offers unique view of the Concert Hall. The design theme of the house effectively maintains the openness while keeping intact the seclusion and the privacy. An open layout theme has been adopted to ensure proper utilization of the space. The lounge shares an open plan with the kitchen whereas a kokson has been placed in the middle of the room, and beautifully unites the various areas of the house.

The floor has been exquisitely covered with ishikawa parquet, whereas the high ceiling height is unquestionably very impressive and creates a sense of openness. Large windows featuring the classic opening style have been introduced in all the areas of the apartment in order to allow the natural light flow freely inside and give way to the creation of natural open and calm ambience. The other most significant feature of the house which immediately gains attention is the black thick stripes on the walls.

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Luxury Huvafen Fushi Hotel

On these hot summer days everybody dreams of a small corner of Heaven where he or she can satisfy all his or her desires.Here is a wonderful place which looks more like a paradise. It is the luxury retreat place called Huvafen Fushi Hotel, located in the North Malé Atoll, Maldives.Huvafen Fushi is a wonderful hotel which has an incredible beach and villas over the water, pools and bars.

Here you can find everything your heart desires and the wonderful thing is that all these locations like the beach, the lagoon or the ocean bungalows that belong to Huvafen Fushi Hotel have private courtyards or decks, plunge pools, waterfall showers and outdoor dining areas.

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Van Amburgh Stackable Stool by Sam Johnson

Once upon a time, in the Victorian time to be more precise, there was a world-famous lion tamer who traveled all over Europe to show his skills to the people around. His name was Isaac van Amburg and he is the source of inspiration for this stool. I mean he was the one the designer thought about when he created it. And I think I know why: it looks just like the stool they use at the circus when they want to show the audience some tamed animals or some stunt: the round or pentagonal or even heptagonal base stool with some  irregularities on the sides, something resembling triangles.

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