Opulent country mansion for saleFull story

Posted in Real Estate | by Simona Ganea, on September 9, 2011

Opulent country mansion for sale

When you say the words “country mansion” you usually imagine a modest house, maybe a two-storey residence, with a garden and maybe a deck or terrace, a traditional design and a simple décor. However, this is not the case for this particular mansion. Located on Sherbourne Hill, Stratford Upon Avon, CV35, this impressive residence is...

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Matthew Perry’s new Hollywood houseFull story

Posted in Real Estate | by Simona Ganea, on September 9, 2011

Matthew Perry’s new Hollywood house

You might remember Matthew Perry from movies or movie series like the famous “Friends” or “Mr. Sunshine”. He’s a famous actor and he’s also the happy new owner of a new home in Hollywood Hills. He recently bought a Mid-Century Modern with a cozy and inviting look, just what a home should be like. He...

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Impressive Rhino ChairFull story

Posted in Sofa and Chair | by Simona Strachinaru, on September 9, 2011

Impressive Rhino Chair

Rhino is an impressive mammal that imposes itself through a firm attitude and an image which reflects power and strengthens. Its imposing stature, its huge dimensions make of it a ferocious animal .The same features can be noticed to a hippo or an elephant. If you are a business person who would like to decorate...

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Modern Guna Villa by GMP ArchitektenFull story

Posted in Architecture | by Simona Strachinaru, on September 9, 2011

Modern Guna Villa by GMP Architekten

Imagine yourself in the middle of a forest and enjoying the comfort of a modern villa .I guess everybody dreams of such a wonderful place, an oasis of relaxation and peacefulness where nothing can bother you. Guna Villa represents such a place. Here you can enjoy the wonderful pinewood forest and the gorgeous views offered...

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Personalized and Comfortable Eco LoungerFull story

Posted in Kids | by Simona Ganea, on September 9, 2011

Personalized and Comfortable Eco Lounger

When it comes to choosing furniture for their rooms, teenagers are less preoccupied with detail and more interested in looks and comfort level. That’s why we usually see items resembling beanbags in their rooms. Those pieces are fun and comfy and they also have a very versatile character. This eco-friendly lounger features a beanbag feel...

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The new House Hotel in Instabul by AutobanFull story

Posted in Hotels & Resorts | by Simona Ganea, on September 9, 2011

The new House Hotel in Instabul by Autoban

When going in a vacation most of the times you end up in a hotel. And when choosing the hotel you need to consider the money you have, the conditions the hotel offers and the location. Usually people are willing to spend a little more money than they have previously anticipated as long as they...

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Blue Hills Studio Storage CartFull story

Posted in Office Design Ideas | by Loredana Sava, on September 8, 2011

Blue Hills Studio Storage Cart

Some offices are bigger and some are smaller. The item I am presenting now is perfect for those big offices where a person is supposed to deliver mail, messages, envelopes, stamps and many other small items to different people, on different floors, without ever mistaking them and delivering the wrong ones. That is why that...

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