An Unforgettable Beige Apartment in Madrid

We all imagine our dream house, which must be large, nice and to reflect our personality. When you have a 105 m² house, all the furniture you cannot forget about representing you and all sorts of valuable objects you gathered in your life, things seem to be complicated. However, when your home gives you the warmest feeling you could imagine and every little object you own has its perfectly established place, things change. It is the case of a house in Madrid, which is the best example of a wide space with a pleasant air, given by the natural light and warm colors.

The beige walls and the white high ceilings are the perfect combination; nothing compares to the natural atmosphere the bedroom provides, with the simple lines of the furniture, the use of good materials: wood, metal, crystal, all these prove good taste and high quality. Once you enter the door, you encounter a unique feeling that  makes you feel welcome in the most contemporary ambient with the most neutral colors.

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Ways To Add Color to Your Room

A room decorated with neutral and nude tones unquestionably looks sophisticated and evergreen, but there is something very appealing, unique and welcoming about rooms decorated in a colorful manner which sets them apart from the rest. Many homeowners tend to believe that the most effective way to add color to the room is through paint. However, this is not true. You will be delighted to know that there are a myriad of interesting ways to add splashes of color in a room without disturbing the walls of the room. Needless to be mentioned, but these ideas work excellent for rented apartment where one is not allowed to paint the walls.

Pillows – One of the effortless and effective ideas to add color to a room is to introduce a number of throw pillows in bright colors. Besides accentuating the furniture pieces, throw pillows shall create an amorous space for you to enjoy.

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Inspiring hobbit house in Trout Creek, Mont

Here’s a more unusual place to spend the holidays at, in case you wanted to experience something different and unique. Located in northwest Montana, the hobbit house is owned by a very friendly 63 years old man called Steve Michaels. He makes his living as a broker of telephone answering businesses, running a company called TAS Marketing with his 59-year-old wife and he owns the house across the road.

The Hobbit House is definitely a big attraction. However, it’s not easy to get to. No matter where you live, this place is not close. But when you get there, a big hairy pair of slippers and a wizard’s hat belonging to someone named Gandalf await you. There you find out that the Hobbit House is a 1.000 square-foot structure built into a hill, on a 22 acre site filled with structures with dimensions varying from small to small enough to squash with your feet. Because the house is built into the hill, you can actually drive over it.

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Karen’s Beautiful DIY Planter Box

These days I helped my grandmother to clean one of her rooms and throw away some old and out of fashion stuff. Among the old teapots, out of fashioned clothes or other old stuff I found some old pieces of mirror. They were in good shape and I thought what I could do with them instead of throwing them away. Sometimes old stuff can become incredible new things which might be useful to you.

Then I reminded of Karen’s Beautiful DIY Mirrored Planter Box. All you need is some beveled mirrors and a hot glue gun.Scrape the stickers off with a razor squeegee. Trying to peel them off will only end in tears and pill popping. Lay your base, mirror side down and hold one of the mirrored pieces up to the edge of the base.

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O House in Australia by Reitsma and Associates

The guys from Reitsma and Associates comes to us with an impresive house designed by Trevor Reitsma,the O House boasts innovation in design with its feature central court and attention to detail. Located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, the dwelling is perfectly suited to the local climate with its seamless indoor/outdoor nature. Situated on a canal front in an urban Estate the brief was to ensure canal views were exploited, however privacy and zoning were additional criteria to be addressed.

The feature central court enables key criteria to be met. Complete with a pool, breakfast patio and deck the court provides a private outdoor space which is usable all year round. Floor to ceiling glazing frame the central area providing a glass sandwich effect and allows natural light to flood the primary living zones and walkways.

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The Bondi Rooftop Penthouse by Brian Meyerson Architects

I’m sure a lot of you know it’s like to desire to live in an area where there’s literary no additional space available for you to do that. So you usually give up that dream and try to find another one, more realistic this time. However, there is a way to achieve the impossible. It’s what the owners of the new Bondi Penthouse did.

They really wanted to have a home in Bondi Beach, one of sydney’s iconic beaches, but there was no space available for them to do that so instead they decided to build their home on top of an already existing building. This rooftop penthouse is located on top of a 1920 building and it’s almost invisible from the street.The entire project was done by Brian Meyerson Architects.

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What is the Difference Between a Porch, Balcony, Veranda,Patio and Deck?

With outdoor living gaining a lot of popularity, people all across the globe have now started constructing outdoor domestic spaces, which can be used for several purposes. Depending upon the availability of the space, there are various types of spaces, which can be constructed. These include porch, balcony, veranda, patio and deck. However, people tend to get confused between these as they are quite familiar and tend to use them as synonyms.


A porch is basically an attached section to the house which is open to the outside air and is covered with a roof. It is usually at the street level, and a house can feature a front porch as well as a back porch. In addition, porch is usually employed as a living space and people use it for casual seating purposes.

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