Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie’s Rented A 16th Century Estate In Scotland

We love to always know what our favorite VIPs are up to, to see where and how they’re living and to watch their every move. They probably don’t like as much as we do, but these are the risks of the job. Today we’re going to take a look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s estate from Scotland, without disturbing them in any way.

The couple moved in Scotland while Brad Pitt is working on his new movie Glasgow. They needed to be close so they searched for a place to rent. They found this incredible 16th century towerhouse and they immediately fell in love with it. The mansion, resembling a castle, is located in Ayrshire and it comes with a 10 acre garden filled with trees, flowers and benches. Inside, the atmosphere is very inviting and cozy, just how a home should feel like. The mansion features several bedrooms, two dining rooms and official rooms and it can accommodate up to 18 people. It’s more than the usual family would need, but we’re not talking about usual people.

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Interesting DIY Silverware Lamp

Usually when you think of silverware pieces you may think of a nice dinner that you can prepare and some delicious dishes that you can eat using these items. On an elegant table you may notice a large plate, a small plate, a bowl, a knife, a fork a spoon and a teaspoon. Glasses should not be forgotten and some candles or other decorative ornaments that may decorate this table.

If you see this picture you will be surprised to find out what you may also do with your silverware or old and precious silverware that you do not intend to throw it away.

These silverware pieces may be transformed into an interesting DIY Silverware Lamp which will fit your kitchen table perfectly. You may use your silverware pieces to do a lampshade for a tabletop lamp. Besides a tabletop lamp, some wire covered with ribbon and the silverware pieces you will also need some time. It is a quite simple DIY project but which also will take you some of your free time. In case you are patient enough and you have all these materials and the project seems interesting to you, you may try it.

This DIY Silverware Lamp may also become a decorative and precious object which will add a vintage and elegant touch which will remind you of the old times when your grandmother used these silverware pieces as some ordinary utensils.{found on fourcornersdesign}

Impressive Lodge Hair Salon by Suppose Design Office

Architects from Suppose Design Office have created the Lodge hair salon. Located in Hiroshima City, Japan, this salon was designed to remove the general ideas.

The architects create spaces without any stereotypes, they try to go beyond anything you’ve ever imagined. This unique hair salon presents two spaces, one is closed and the other is open in order to meet the demands of both the customers and the workers. The place is divided in three spaces (the waiting, styling and shampooing rooms) with a mirror and shelves. The best thing is that there are no walls, just dividers.

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Banana Boys Bottle Stoppers

When two cultures and civilizations come into contact and the person in the middle knows them pretty well and is able to tell the differences and similarities, there is almost every time a positive outcome out of this. So when the Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni met the Asian culture in Taiwan , he saw it as a huge source of inspiration for his works. And not all the things he designed are work of art. Actually I can say most are very practical things that also look very well. For example these funny Banana Boys Bottle Stoppers remind you of the story with the monkeys that had each one hand over the mouth , eyes and ears.

The little monkeys on top of the bottle stoppers have some Chinese features and this is another hind for the inspiration. And only now do we remember the item’s usefulness: cover the bottles that are only half empty so as to protect its contents. These stoppers are perfect for the wine bottles your guests bring at occasions when you only sip the wine and the bottle is almost intact and you want to save it for later. You can find these items for sale for just $38 from Alessi, their manufacturer.

Mr. Smith Chair by Anthony Hartley

I remember those huge candy bars I used to eat as a child. They were coloured in different ways, but they all had the same pattern: long  stripes of red or green with white lines in between. They could be either round and pretty hypnotic or maybe shaped like a cane. But this particular design was the one that drew our attention and made us long for them. So when I saw this unusual Mr. Smith Chair by Anthony Hartley I immediately thought of those candy bars – just as colourful and striped with white.

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Iconic Apartment in Berlin

This beautiful apartment is located in Berlin and it belongs to Eva-Maria Steidel. The building where the apartment is located is named Hauselmann Tower after Mr Hauselmann who designed it and it was completed in 1953. Mr Steidel managed to buy the same apartment where MR Hauselmann himself once lived. She bought the place for 3,700 euros per square meter, or about 550,000 euros (about $780,000).

Located at the seventh floor of the building, this apartment is filled with history. It has varying ceiling height and an overall continuous design. The two main living spaces are connected, creating a very spacious room. The apartment also features what once was Mr Hauselmann’s office, currently Ms Steidel’s workspace.

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Soft Settanta armchair by Enzo Berti

Settanta is a very soft and cozy armchair that is part of a larger collection that shares the same characteristics. It was designed by Enzo Berti and it’s a great piece of furniture for the living room but that’s not the only option. Because the armchair has such a friendly shape, it can be integrated in a variety of different decors and assemblies.

Settanta was designed as a small sofa. It has similar characteristics to a sofa. It’s soft and cozy, it has a robust look and its design really resembles a mini-sofa. And with the image also comes comfort. Settanta is a very comfortable chair, a piece where you can relax and sink into. You might even fall asleep there. This soft upholstered armchair comes in a variety of colors and patterns. All of them are beautiful and elegant and would make a great additional to any home.

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