450 sqm Contemporary House Overlooking The Lake

Overlooking a small, man-made lake, this next house is located on a site inside a property adjacent to Kaoyai National Park, in Thailand. Designed by architects from Openbox Company this house is a contemporary beauty and was finished in 2010.

The architects had to take into consideration some elements when building the house, such as maximizing the views, ventilation and privacy. Everything was carefully thought so that the best lake views could be seen from the living and dining rooms. Siting on a 450sqm plot this stunning house keeps its views hidden. In order to enjoy the breathtaking views you have to go on an interesting journey throughout the courtyard.

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Top 5 Samsung Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens have become a must-have in anyone’s kitchen. Nowadays it’s a lot easier to use the microwave oven to reheat the food, to defrost or to even cook some simple dishes. In the old days everything was a lot more difficult and complicated, and nobody complained about it because they didn’t know a better way to do it. However, today we have a choice. Here’s a selection of 5 microwaves from Samsung that you might find interesting.

1) 1.7 cu. ft. OTR Speed Oven Microwave

This particular microwave oven features a large oven cavity that allows you to use bigger dishes and it’s very easy to use. You can select time and power by pushing only one button and the automatic defrost guarantees accuracy. Moreover, this particular model cooks faster than conventional microwaves. Available for $599.

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EC01 Byron Upholstered Armchair by Philipp Mainzer and Florian Asche

This robust but very comfortable armchair was designed in 2009 by Philipp Mainzer and Florian Asche. It has a geometrical design and it features clear and well defined lines. Despite its robust look, it’s actually a very friendly and cozy piece of furniture. Also, the design is quite simple and this allows it to become a versatile item that could be easily integrated in a variety of different places.

The EC01 Byron, as it is called, could become a very comfy addition to a traditional or even modern living room, deck, terrace or it can be placed in public areas like waiting rooms or similar spaces. The EC01 Byron armchair is available in both leather and fabric finish and even custom-made fabric upholstery is available on demand. You can choose from a variety of textures, colors and patterns and this allows the client to have the freedom of choosing the one that he likes best or something that best matched with the already existing furniture that he has.

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The Happy Magic Water Cube by Forrec Ltd. Architecture

In 2008, Beijing was the home of swimming and diving events for the Olympics so the Beijing Water Cube had to be reorganized as an international icon. Forrec Ltd. Architecture won the contract to design a water park within that structure and they had to work fast because they needed to make sure the new Happy Magic Watercube would re-open two years after the opening of the Olympic games. The team had to work hard but in 2010 the World Waterpark Association’s presented the Happy Magic Watercube.

There were some challenged to the project because the Water Cube’s skin could not be penetrated so water slides and tower could not be extended beyond the structure, Everything had to stay within the building envelope. It wasn’t easy to do that and to also make sure that the structure didn’t look crowded and cramped. The structure have been combined into an enormous interwoven composition.

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Practical DIY Concrete Planters

If you are one of the persons who love plants and who also take acre of them you definitely need a lot of space and many planters where you can put them.Sometimes the size of a planter is chosen by the size of your plant. A big plant needs a lot of space while a small one does not need so much space.If you have some free time you may also get your own practical DIY Concrete Planters.

Here it is the list of the materials you need: 5 tupperware containers, 1 tub Sakrete Fast Setting Cement Patcher, as well as a few utensils and solos cups – specifically an old knife for mixing and a measuring cup that had been used for other non-food things and some succulents.

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An Unforgettable Beige Apartment in Madrid

We all imagine our dream house, which must be large, nice and to reflect our personality. When you have a 105 m² house, all the furniture you cannot forget about representing you and all sorts of valuable objects you gathered in your life, things seem to be complicated. However, when your home gives you the warmest feeling you could imagine and every little object you own has its perfectly established place, things change. It is the case of a house in Madrid, which is the best example of a wide space with a pleasant air, given by the natural light and warm colors.

The beige walls and the white high ceilings are the perfect combination; nothing compares to the natural atmosphere the bedroom provides, with the simple lines of the furniture, the use of good materials: wood, metal, crystal, all these prove good taste and high quality. Once you enter the door, you encounter a unique feeling that  makes you feel welcome in the most contemporary ambient with the most neutral colors.

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Ways To Add Color to Your Room

A room decorated with neutral and nude tones unquestionably looks sophisticated and evergreen, but there is something very appealing, unique and welcoming about rooms decorated in a colorful manner which sets them apart from the rest. Many homeowners tend to believe that the most effective way to add color to the room is through paint. However, this is not true. You will be delighted to know that there are a myriad of interesting ways to add splashes of color in a room without disturbing the walls of the room. Needless to be mentioned, but these ideas work excellent for rented apartment where one is not allowed to paint the walls.

Pillows – One of the effortless and effective ideas to add color to a room is to introduce a number of throw pillows in bright colors. Besides accentuating the furniture pieces, throw pillows shall create an amorous space for you to enjoy.

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