Possini Euro Design Dandelion Chandelier

I like dandelions because they are so funny and they make me laugh. They are like little heads with a messy hair style. And I did talk about the Dandelion Lamp from IKEA in a previous article published here, but apparently some other designers, too, has this source of inspiration and here is the Possini Euro Design Dandelion Chandelier. This time we don’t see a nice combination of metal spikes and paper “snowflakes”, but it is actually a big ball of brushed steel finish metal wire wound together and forming a dandelion.

All the wire ball is attached and suspended in the air by a sturdy chrome finish base that shows pretty interesting with the wires around. Of course, this chandelier or lamp works with light bulbs (40 watt G9 bulb), so when you need to change it you just need to remove a special part of the zig-zag wire. You can buy it for $89.99 and you will also get a ten 10 feet adjustable wire and cord.

Great Boat Shelves Collection

Sailing is a wonderful activity which fills you up with many satisfactions. It offers you the chance to practice a sport, to see the world or just admire the surroundings floating on the surface of a beautiful lake. For me ships, boats or planes occupy a special place in my heart. They remind me of some wonderful moments that I have spend far away from home or country and gave me opportunity to open my horizons and see the world from a different perspective.

Rowing was for me love at first sight. The moment I have learnt to row a boat I could not resist staying away from the lake where I could practice this activity. Rowing a boat is a great way of relaxation, of keeping you in a good shape and enjoying wonderful moments that the natural environment can offer you.

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Dramatic Residence in Los Angeles for sale

This exquisite house was originally owned by film legend Dorothy Dandridge who didn’t loom at the money when designing it. As you can see, the place still looks dramatic, even after a drastic restoration. The house allows splendid views from every room and it’s functionally divided into specific areas.

The house occupies 4368 sq ft and it sits on 0.20 acres. It’s a single family home, with 3 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms divided on three levels. The house is located in Los Angeles, more exactly in Sunset Strip- Hollywood Hills West. It’s a very beautiful and very dramatic place, with a stylish and theatrical interior design.

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Casual Design Synagogue in New York by Dror Architects

Today we would like to present you the Soho Synagogue in New York. Designed by Dror architects this synagogue was the first one of its kind in the community and represents a fresh vision that translates the inspiration of Judaism to a new generation.

The founders of this amazing synagogue, Rabbi Dovi Scheiner and his wife Esty, have come up with a place that not only represents their beliefs, but it also integrates their religion within their modern lifestyle. The architects played with dual meanings through the design details, such as the striped window that keeps the privacy which was once used by a fashion boutique, the stripes that can be confused with a bar code.

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10 Tufted Seatings We Love

Regardless of the style or interior décor of out home, when it comes to furnishing the house we all seem to want one thing: comfort. Everyone wants to have a comfortable and inviting home, where they can relax and have a good time, whether it’s just seating alone and watching TV or chatting and interacting with friends or family members. And what better way to do that than it a soft and cozy chair, sofa or armchair?

Here is a selection of 10 tufted pieces of furniture that we think you might like. They all have in common one thing: they are comfortable and will make you forget about all your problems in a second. This selection includes a series of armchairs, sofas and beds, as well as some ottomans and sectionals.

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Obus Indoor/Outdoor Light

You have indoor lamps and you have outdoor lamps. They are all used for casting light and allowing you to see the things around and where you are going, but they are usually a bit different. For example you need a more brilliant and focused light because you need to see clearly what you are doing or to be able to read using that light. Whereas outside you need a gentle light that is used to show your way, but not perform minutious activities. Any way, this interesting Obus Indoor/Outdoor Light tries to combine all the qualities of these two kinds of lamps and it is made to be used both outdoors and indoors, too.

That is why she has some special adjustments. For example if you place it on a flat surface it will cast some sweet ambiental light that is great for outdoors. But you can also hold it and lift it and in this case it will have a concentrated beam through its base to cast light where you need it. It can illuminate large areas evenly or focus or a small area. It is very easy to move from one place to another, as it works on batteries. Its LEDs use up to 3.2 watts of power and are rated to last 40,000 hours. It is made of PMMA  on the outside and it makes it weather resistant and great to use outdoors. Go here for further details and also if you want to purchase it for $250.

How To Choose Curtains For The Nursery Room

When you first get to design the nursery room for your baby, the whole process is incredibly exciting and you get overwhelmed by all the details you have to take into consideration. But everything has to be just right and no detail is too small, not even the curtains. So how do you choose the right curtains for the room? Following these tips might provide you with an answer.

The color.

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