Great DIY Portable Fire Pit

Summer is almost over and autumn is knocking at the door. The hot summer days are almost finished and the rainy and cold days will take their place. Autumn is usually a sad season or a season which makes you feel melancholic.

A nice fire pit may cheer up and warm a little bit this type of atmosphere. Karen has a great idea of how you can do your own great DIY Portable Fire Pit. It will make your nights more pleasant and on your terrace you can enjoy some beautiful sunsets that will match perfectly this romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

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Small but inviting home in Antwerp, Belgium

Located in Antwerp, Belgium, this project was developed by CSD Architecten and it was a challenging one because of the small space available. They had to work with a plot measuring only 4 meters wide and 12 meters deep. The house was organized on split level around a central staircase. The top three levels contain the living areas: the kitchen, dining room, sitting-room, library and a work area.

These rooms have been separated by the private rooms, located on the lower levels Here are the bedrooms and bathrooms. The ground level serves as multifunctional space and laundryroom. The areas were very practically separated from each other and organized functionally so that everyone can enjoy privacy and intimacy.

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Simplicity at its Best by Anouk B

Nothing compares to the whiteness of the walls, which perfectly fits any shade, especially the black, brown and green existing in this place. What the Dutch stylist Anouk B did, was to create the most serene atmosphere, containing a hypnotic tendency. The repetition of the minimalist color palette previously mentioned, contributes to the general mood of the house that is calm, pleasant, simple.

The intention of the designer was to create a beautiful environment where everything exists in order to make people relax and feel at ease, a zen-like space where simplicity does everything. If the general tendency is white, there are the furnishings to make the difference and to counterbalance  the natural textures around.

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Beautiful DIY Succulent Book Planters

I guess everybody loves books although the preferences may differ. There are people who love history books, adventure books, romance books, books that treat a certain discipline, dictionaries and this list may become endless.

The idea is that once you enter a house you may find a book or several books that may attract you or even tell you something about the owner of that house in case you do not know him too well.Books are very practical, they do not take you too much space and they reveal you a wonderful world of information. They are also proved to be great companions as they do not bother you too much and help you to pass some moments really easily and fast.

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OZONE Nightclub Interior Design by Wonderwall

Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, also known as the world’s tallest hotel, is definitely a luxurious structure with high standards and a lot of surprising spaces inside. One of them is OZONE, a new nightclub designed by Japanese-based Wonderwall. Located at the 118st floor of the hotel, OZONE occupies most of the top floor and terrace. Masamachi Katayama, head of the Wonderwall Studio, declared that OZONE has been designed as a place full of surprises and excitement at every turn.

That’s exactly what the final result looks like. In fact, the nightclub is so busy and colorful that you don’t even know where to look first and you might easily get lost in there. The club was designed around a very special theme called “Edenic Experiment”. It’s an artificial, imaginary world, with a dynamic and interactive atmosphere.

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Cube Pavilion Restaurant on Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels

Considered to be experimental architecture, the Cube Pavilion is definitely a unique and very impressive structure. The Cube travels from place to place, popping up unexpectedly in different European locations. The Cube itself is a very curious structure that attracts people inside. Actually, the Cube Pavilion is a traveling restaurant that travels in all sorts of exotic places, from sandy beaches to rocky mountaintops.

The Cube never spends more than 12 weeks in the same place, so if you’re curious and want to have a unique experience in this creative traveling restaurant you should hurry. The restaurant has an intimate setting and the white décor creates a light and sophisticated image.The Cube uses technologically innovative materials, eco-sustainability and energy saving as well as enabling constant re-use.

The Cube-s ability to adapt to any location is impressive. But it’s not just that. The Cube’s interior can also morph from a restaurant to a full-service lounge. The large dining table quickly retracts into the ceiling and modular lounge furniture takes its place. It’s a very daring project that already has a lot of success. It;s always interesting to see where will the Cube go next. In case you have suggestions feel free to let them know.{picture credits by Carol Kohen + Andrea Martiradonna}

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie’s Rented A 16th Century Estate In Scotland

We love to always know what our favorite VIPs are up to, to see where and how they’re living and to watch their every move. They probably don’t like as much as we do, but these are the risks of the job. Today we’re going to take a look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s estate from Scotland, without disturbing them in any way.

The couple moved in Scotland while Brad Pitt is working on his new movie Glasgow. They needed to be close so they searched for a place to rent. They found this incredible 16th century towerhouse and they immediately fell in love with it. The mansion, resembling a castle, is located in Ayrshire and it comes with a 10 acre garden filled with trees, flowers and benches. Inside, the atmosphere is very inviting and cozy, just how a home should feel like. The mansion features several bedrooms, two dining rooms and official rooms and it can accommodate up to 18 people. It’s more than the usual family would need, but we’re not talking about usual people.

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