Exotic-looking building turned into a residence in Lo Cañas,ChileFull story

Posted in Architecture | by Simona Ganea, on December 13, 2011

Exotic-looking building turned into a residence in Lo Cañas,Chile

This exotic-looking building is actually a lovely family residence. It’s called the Lo Cañas House and it’s located in Lo Cañas, La Florida, Santiago, Chile from where it also gets its name. The residence has been designed by Francisco Abarca and Camilo Palma in 2009. It was then built in 2009-2010 on a 2.500 square...

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Modern Watergate Apartment in WashingtonFull story

Posted in Apartments | by Mocanu Andreea, on December 12, 2011

Modern Watergate Apartment in Washington

Robert Gurney Architect has renovated the Watergate Apartment. This modern one bedroom apartment is located in The Watergate complex, in Washington DC, USA. The building was designed by Italian architect Luigi Moretti, and is considered to be one of Washington’s most desirable addresses. Located on the fourteenth floor of the building, this contemporary home was...

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An Original Christmas Tree Made out of BooksFull story

Posted in Design And Concept | by Simona Strachinaru, on December 12, 2011

An Original Christmas Tree Made out of Books

For those who think of an eco Christmas tree, this type of tree is an excellent idea. This way, another Christmas tree escapes from being cut down.So, you can search all your green books from your bookcase and build your own original Christmas tree.The dusty books that you forgot somewhere in your bookcase have a...

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Storsele Chair from IKEAFull story

Posted in Sofa and Chair | by Loredana Sava, on December 12, 2011

Storsele Chair from IKEA

I simply love IKEA. It’s because they have so many things to like and all the items seem to have been created just for you. It is impossible to stop by an IKEA store or to visit their web site and not find something that is so nice and good looking that you want to...

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Countertop Bag DryerFull story

Posted in Kitchen | by Loredana Sava, on December 12, 2011

Countertop Bag Dryer

My mother taught me that it is very healthy and useful not to spend money in vain and to use and re-use some items if you can do that and save both money and energy. I mean why would you buy a new bag every time you go shopping instead of using the one you...

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The New Moscow office of Walt Disney StudiosFull story

Posted in Office Design Ideas | by Simona Ganea, on December 12, 2011

The New Moscow office of Walt Disney Studios

Everybody is familiar with the name Walt Disney. We grew up with the movies and cartoons created by this company. But when we were kids we never wondered how and where were those cartoons created. Well, it just happens that in Moscow there’s a new Disney office so we’re going to take a look at...

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Sunshine Cosmos Storage BushelFull story

Posted in Kids | by Loredana Sava, on December 12, 2011

Sunshine Cosmos Storage Bushel

Every time I clean my house I find something to store. There are many toys and newspapers, magazines and all sorts of other things like recycled paper, fire wood or socks, dirty laundry or something else you need to deposit somewhere for a shorter or longer time. And since they can’t have their own place...

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