Mid-Century Ranch in Lynwood available for $396,000

Lynwood, one of Denver’s Favorite Mid-Century Neighborhoods, is also the place where this incredible mid-century ranch is located. It’s a very spacious residence, with plenty of rooms for a small family. The house is a combination of retro and modern elements that work together to form an original design and architecture.

The entry on the property is made through a bright red/orange gate. You then enter a private courtyard where you can relax, enjoy a cup of coffee in the shading or simply spend some time outside. Then you reach the glass front door that lets you inside the house. There the atmosphere is very cozy and inviting. The furniture and the décor are modern but still with a vintage touch. The large amount of wood used for the flooring and ceiling, plus the wood furniture contribute to the whole ranch-like look.

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Georg Jensen Elephant Bottle Opener

You need a lot of things around the house, many of them so small that you don’t realize you need them until you do. One of these things is the bottle opener. Yes, I know most bottles nowadays have an easy to open cap that is switched and leaves you access to the contents of the bottle. However, there are still some soda or beer manufacturers that still use metal caps that need a bottle opener. And if you need one any way why shouldn’t you use a funny one? Like this bottle opener that was designed by Jorgen Moller  for Georg Jensen , Denmark .

The designer was inspired by the elephant shape while he was on a safari in Africa and combined this with his Scandinavian tradition and made this beautiful elephant-shaped bottle opener. You use the space between the elephant’ s trunk and feet to open the bottles. The device is made of steel and this confers the necessary resistance needed for opening the bottles. This item can make a very funny and useful gift, too and you can buy it now for $55.

Kids Cafe Made of Cardboard

Kids are smaller replicas of their parents and they learn all the things they have to do in life by imitating them. So it is only natural to see them play their favourite game: let’s play adults! They mimic adults and try to behave just like them and, if you are a parent, you must admit that you can often see your kids using your very words on several occasions. So they pretend to be grown-ups and that is why they want their own “homes”, miniature houses made for their size where they can play this game better. So if kids see you, their parent, drinking coffee, they will “drink” imaginary coffee out of small plastic cups. ANd if you offer them a real cafe for this it’s like a dream come true.

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Elm & Willow Family House by Architects EAT Architecture

This beautiful and quiet family home is located South Yarra, Victoria, Australia and it’s not a new project. The project, developed by Architects EAT Architecture, actually involves the restoration of an existing Edwardian house. Some part have been preserved and redesigned while others, like the rear of the house, were demolished in order to make place for a new addition to the house.

The new structure that has been added creates a very visible contrast between the dark corridor of the house and the open and transparent addition. The idea was to create a mixture of open and closed spaces that would represent interchangeable elements and could be used as the owners pleased. The house is an U-shaped plan with a north-facing courtyard in the middle. Even though the house features concrete floor and roof slabs, these have been detailed and designed in a way that make them seem light, floaty and airy, contributing to the overall bright and simple look of the house.

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Microsoft Romania Office Interior Design

The local headquarter of the biggest software producer is a big, creative and very colorful space. “Workspace Advantage” is how the company calls the concept of attempting to functionally use as much space as possible from a certain building. Microsoft Romania rented 2.450 sq meters in the southern tower of the City Gate building. That space can accommodate up to 190 employees, even though there are offices for only 121. The company moved in the new headquarter in January 2010 and it currently has 125-130 employees.

This is possible because of the company’s policy that allows employees to also work from home or from the client’s or partner’s place. Another interesting fact is that the company is trying to implement a system that would require employees to change their workspace as frequently as possible. Around 60% of the employees often change their workplace while the others have a stable office. The headquarter features a restaurant area where employees can eat, 16 conference rooms as well as several rooms called “Phone Both” where employees can use their phones without disturbing the others.

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PAS House, a skateboarder’s dream

Everyone has a passion. For some it’s music, for others is painting and for some is skateboarding. If you belong in the third category prepare to be amazed, because we’re going to show a house where everything is skateable. PAS House is a 753.5 sq foot prototype for a house that Francois Perrin of Air Architecture is currently designing in Malibu. The new house will belong to former pro skateboarder Pierre-André Senizergues (PAS).

We can’t say anything for now about the Malibu house, but we can analyze the prototype. This one is fully equipped with sofa, bed, furniture and even kitchen appliances from the Skate Study House collection. The complete residence will measure 2.200 square feet and it will be located on a site overlooking the Pacific, at the top of Malibu.

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450 sqm Contemporary House Overlooking The Lake

Overlooking a small, man-made lake, this next house is located on a site inside a property adjacent to Kaoyai National Park, in Thailand. Designed by architects from Openbox Company this house is a contemporary beauty and was finished in 2010.

The architects had to take into consideration some elements when building the house, such as maximizing the views, ventilation and privacy. Everything was carefully thought so that the best lake views could be seen from the living and dining rooms. Siting on a 450sqm plot this stunning house keeps its views hidden. In order to enjoy the breathtaking views you have to go on an interesting journey throughout the courtyard.

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