Artbreaker for Your Office

We spend a lot of time at work and, even though that place is not our home, it still is a place where we should feel fine and that is why we try to make it a bit personalized in order to show it’s your office and not just any anonymous office in the building. Any way, all people bring an item or two that they like at the office and this item usually is both functional and decorative. For example this Artbreaker can be used as a decoration as well as a paper weight.

This item is actually a heart split in two designed by Francois Dellegret. Its name is derived from the word “heart breaker” and refers to the heart in the design and also to the art it represents. This heart made of steel is split in two halves, each of them plated with gold or chrome . They can rotate around a central hidden axis and, if you have enough imagination, get obtain different designs for your office desk. It makes the perfect gift for a business person and you can purchase it now for $64.

Big Dot Sofa for Your Pet

People have evolved a lot since the Stone Age and the primitive times when they first tamed wild animals and decided to keep them around the house. They say the first domestic animal was the dog and we all have loved this animal ever since. Dogs and cats and all the other pets are really good friends for their owners, not just surrogates of human friends. And since we live in the same house and share events and life in general, why don’t we take care of our little friends? So it’s not out of the ordinary to see special furniture for pets in the homes of animal lovers. This Big Dot Sofa is the perfect example.

This nice sofa is perfect for all kinds of dogs, no matter what their breed or size is. It is available in different combinations of colours and dots, this being the personalized design: the big dots. The frame of the sofa is made of wood and the cover is made of plush, which confers both a great look and also a sensation of comfort when your pet sits on it. If you like it, you can purchase it now for $196.

Hand Embroidered Coffee Tree Pillow

When you sit in front of the TV set for hours, especially at the weekend, you feel the need to lean onto something, to make your stay more comfortable and you use pillows for this. And if you are in the living room on the sofa and not in bed (it’s not recommended to have a TV in the bedroom anyway), you use a nice-looking pillow that can be easily part of the decor. These pillows thrown on the sofa have different shapes and colours, but they all must match the sofa and the ambiance around. For example this Hand Embroidered Coffee Tree Pillow is pretty special because it is embroidered by hand and it looks marvelous.

This 24″ x 24″  pillow has the soft inside given by feathers and the pretty outside is embroidered by hand with the finest New Zealand wool that is also hand dyed on a cotton canvas. As you can see by yourselves the effect is great because you have a unique and personalized pillow that looks great. The design is that of a coffee tree and it comes in different colours combinations. The product is now available for $240.

Soft and cozy Zoe armchair

Nowadays, modern homes tend to choose functionality over elegance or style. This means people have become more practical and more preoccupied about this aspect instead of just going for exterior beauty that does nothing than please the eye. However, don’t let this consideration make you think that out next item presented here is ugly or unappealing in any way.

The Zoe armchair is a perfectly beautiful piece of furniture. It’s also an extremely comfortable piece and this aspect is very visible from the beginning. It’s probably less elegant or sophisticated than other chairs might be but, if you think practically, who needs those things when you have such a cozy chair to relax in? The Zoe chair comes in a variety of colors and all of them are vibrant and fresh, perfect for a modern and colorful home.

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Vibrant Colors In The Kitchen

Beautifully selected cabinets, free flowing lines and lots of vibrant color in the kitchen simple means that the kitchen section looks very attractive. Sure, every house owner desire to design his kitchen in an impressive manner, and often scour for efficient designers and unique tips. However, hiring designers is not a feasible option for everybody as they tend to apply exorbitant fees for their services. Well, no need to worry. You can easily design a mesmerizing kitchen by introducing vibrant colors in various ways –

Here is a list of unique ideas to introduce vibrant colors in the kitchen –

Walls – The easiest way to design a vibrant kitchen is to paint the walls in bright colors. Choose bright colors such as yellow, lime, orange or green.

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Cozy outdoor furniture from Paola Lenti

Even though summer goes away quickly and soon it will be over, there’s still some time that you can enjoy outside, relaxing o your terrace, garden or backyard. Today we come with a very beautiful furniture collection that I’m sure you’ll like. Maybe you like enough to even buy it. The collection is a combination of designs appertaining to Eliana Gerotto and Francesco Rota from Paola Lenti. All the pieces have been designed for outdoor use.

The reason why they are part of the same collection is because the materials and techniques used to create them are similar and so are the designs. The collection features comfy chairs, poufs, stools and a very cozy lounge chair. The pieces are a combination of advanced technology and traditional craft. They have a very beautiful cozy aspect and they look like they were handmade. You can either choose to combine these pieces or just purchase them separately.

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Another Black and White Apartment by Geometrix

Nowadays the general tendency is that of creating simple concepts, but very well thought in order to fit into future trends. No matter the way designers choose to plan simple or luxurious constructions, what Geometrix does, fits into the pattern of modernity, even futurism.Their general perspective is to revive a black and white world in the most modern trends possible.

The general black and white atmosphere is completed by grey shades, without being boring. In a wide- open environment, every little thing is simple and modern at the same time. No matter it is a living room, a bedroom or an office space, everything is very modern, even futuristic. The presence of glass ensures transparency, while the modern furniture pieces are in harmony with the environment.

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