Beautiful DIY Side Table

Side tables are useful pieces of furniture which make our life easier. They can support all sorts of things like a book, a magazine, and your cup of coffee or your cosmetics. Usually we need such tiny objects near our bed and a side table will be a perfect place where we can place them. Most of the common models of side table are small and short. Sometimes you may need a taller one so that can make easier your effort of taking objects from it.

Here it is a tall DIY Side Table which might be very useful to you.It is a beautiful DIY Side Table which you can do it if you get these materials first: a cardboard building tube of four feet length, two wood circle table tops, 25 strips of shiny vinyl of 2” wide and 36” long, tacks, staples a binder clip and high gloss polyurethane.

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The Nolitan Hotel Interior Design by Grzywinski+Pons

Nolita’s first luxury boutique hotel is ready to welcome visitors all over the world. The guests will be able to enjoy five-star dining as well as a very friendly and comfortable stay. The chic new hotel offer underground clubs, posh music venues and modern art boutiques together with comfy and inviting rooms. The hotel was designed by New York Based design firm Grzywinski+Pons.

Because the architects working at this project were native inhabitants and were familiar with the neighborhood, they knew exactly how to work in order to incorporate the new building in the surroundings and to make it feel part of the community. The architecture team worked closely with Edmond Li, Owner of Veracity Development and together they managed to create a very warm hotel where everyone would feel like home.

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The Home Interior Design of Swedish Designer Marie Olsson Nylander

When it comes to analyzing the personal home of a designer, everyone expects to see something unique, something that nobody else has. That’s exactly what Swedish Interior Designer Marie Olsson Nylander managed to do with her house. Located in Arild, Sweden, this 1970’s villa hadn’t been used for over 30 years. When the designer and her husband saw it they weren’t very sure they wanted it for themselves. It took them three visits to be able to make a decision.

After they purchased the placed, they immediately started to work. They had to make some changes in order to transform this place and to turn it into their home.First they needed to tear down the old parquet flooring and to replace it with a new one. Also they wanted to open up the ceiling. They further had to renovate the bathrooms and to knock out a wall in order to build a new porch. It wasn’t easy but they managed to create a whole new place that they can now call home.

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David Duval’s luxury homes are now for sale

David Duval is a former top ranked golfer who is currently ranked 149th on the PGA tour. He is also the owner of two very beautiful properties that he is currently selling. He and his wife Susie felt the need to simplify a little their lives and decided to start by giving up their two luxury homes.

The first and more expensive home is a seven bedroom, 8 bathroom house sitting on a 11.372 square foot property. They are selling this house for $9 million. It’s a large and luxurious property that also includes a mother-in-law apartment, a master suite, a media room and a sun room. The surrounding landscape is very beautiful and the property also features a pool, perfect for recreational moments.

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Fashion GUji OSAKA Shop Interior Design in Osaka

Nowadays, in such a busy society and such a crowded world, when everybody is always on the run, shopping has become a fashion. We do not have enough time to go to the theatre or to meet our old friends, but we must find some time to go shopping and be fashionable. The wide range of shops provides everything you could dream of, from the smallest details to the most important things we cannot live without.

Guji Osaka Select Shop located in Osaka, Japan and designed by Ninkipen! is a select fashion  shop, which fulfills your desires in terms of clothes. A white foundation and the new furniture pieces are the elements that attract people to a particular place designed to meet your expectations. The name of the shop, Guji can be easily seen thanks to the original lighting sketching it and providing a sense of humor.

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Relaxing Vacation Home in Sotogrande

Are you looking for a vacation home which is extremely relaxing? Do you want the house to be away from the complexities of life? Well, if this is the case, then should consider spending few days in this amazing relaxing vacation home. Situated in Sotogrande, this house is unquestionably very unique in all aspects.

The interior decorator has employed a unique combination of lacquer, wood and steel, in order to design the beautiful interiors of the house. Vital importance has been given to designing an even layout which allows in chunks of outside light to embrace the indoors so that the place appears spacious and stays airy and bright. Cream marble flooring running throughout the house has been blended with pristine white walls and lacquered wooden baseboard for enchanting warm interiors.

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Malmo – A Vintage Character Apartment

Every apartment has at least a shade that reveals the mark of the designer and the personality of the owner. The Malmo Apartment provides a vintage mark as soon as you enter the door. The whiteness of the walls gives an elegant air to the entire space.

Thanks to its whiteness, the kitchen is attractive and very fresh; the dining room is more than elegant, it is luxurious, but it makes you feel at ease. The entire apartment is great, the furniture and decorations  give the character of the place and that cozy feeling that is so difficult to encounter.

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