An Example of High Standards on a Dermatology Clinic by Archimania

When we have to go to a clinic, we need to encounter certain standards and an inviting and modern atmosphere in order to feel at ease. Woodbury Dermatology Clinic stands for all these and even more. Located in Memphis, Tennessee, it is one of the works designed by Archimania, providing a warm, inviting and modern environment, which ensures confidence and trust.

The four parts of the clinic include two components: a simple stone one and a glass and wood form, a private space for employees and a public seating area. The clinic is actually formed of stainless steel panels, providing that privacy so necessary for the exam rooms and, at the same time, keeping an open and friendly environment on the interior, while the rear seminar room is in wood and glass.

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Nike Air Hangar In Portland By TVA Architects

TVA Architects have created an amazing building on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. Siting on a 40,000 square foot site the Nike Air Hangar is located at the suburban Hillsboro Airport.

The hanger is white with the USA’s flag on one of the walls. This design creates the feeling of a clean, big, airy space. Moreover the places for travelers and pilots are very modern, spacious and have some luxurious elements. These rooms have huge windows that bathe these spaces in natural light. What’s more the exterior has a simple design, with trees and benches for relaxing and enjoying a beautiful summer day. Another interesting feature is a room full of sporting items, a real man’s den equipped with a comfy armchair and two televisions.

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Contemporary Teodora armchair by Massimo Scolari

When you first look at this chair all you see is a chic armchair with a pleasant color and an artistic design. It doesn’t look like it offers many options and it seems a little rigid from this point of view. However, you would be surprised to fins out the contrary.

The Teodora armchair is a contemporary creation of Massimo Scolari and it comes in a variety of different options. First of all, it’s obvious from the pictures that there are two versions of this armchair: the fixed and the swivel model. They both look sophisticated and chic but there are some important differences. The swivel evrsions offers adjustable height and tilt and its base is in dye cast aluminum with satin-finished nickel. For the fixed versions, the base is glazed-flexible stainless steel. Both versions offer wither rigid polyurethane or flexible cold-foamed polyurethane for the back frame. The seat is in multi-layer with padding in multi-density polyurethane for both models.

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4.100 sq meter TriBeCa Loft Residence by A+I Design Corp

Located in New York City, this 4.100 sq meter project dates back to 2010 and it was a real challenge. The architects working at this project were A+I Design Corp and the project team was formed of Brad Zizmor, Anastasia Amelchakova and Eliane Maillot. The challenge was to unify and naturally combine the two separated areas that resulted from the process of combining the two building in the past. There was an East and a West area that were obviously very different from each other and this had to stop.

The project team also has to try to preserve the loft’s history as a warehouse and later as an artist’s studio. Some obvious changes were made in order to do that while still being able to create a new design and a new structure of the house. A new outdoor terrace and a garden were added in order to provide some natural light and to create an open space. The kitchen and family breakfast room were positioned in the brightest part of the apartment so they can benefit from the natural light.

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Lovely DIY Patio Cocktail Table

Most of the people adore spending as much time as they have available outside, in the middle of nature. For those who have a house with a beautiful garden these moments are indispensable.

It is great when you have the opportunity to have a nice cocktail or a cup of coffee on your terrace, enjoying the fresh air and the beauty of nature. Here you may also invite a friend or a god neighbor who can accompany you and share these wonderful moments together. These relaxing moments are even perfect when you also have the outdoor pieces of furniture that you need and can make your staying more comfortable.

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The New Hotel in Athens

The “New Hotel” in Athens wasn’t always new. In fact, back in 1958 it was called the Olympic Palace Hotel. But 40 years later Greek Cypriot art collector Dakis Joannou saw it and decided he wanted to transform it into a whole different place. So the owner of Yes Hotel Group started his plan of turning this hotel into a new structure. In the process, he was determined to salvage each and every old floor and dingy mirror, trying to preserve the original material but in the same time creating a new design.

The new building was entitled, very suggestively, New Hotel. The architects working on the project tried to save as much as possible from the original building. They polished the marble floors and reconditioned most of the existing structures. Since Dakis Joannou was an art collector, he wanted to share his passion with the guests. So there are postcards, amulets and shadow puppets that can be seen all over the place. They are kept in acrylic glass plates just above the walls.

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Creative first apartment design in Tel Aviv Israel

When moving in a new apartment, especially when it’s the first time you’re doing that with your loved one, is a very important decision. You obviously want the best and you try to find a place that would be your dream home. However, for Ron, a design student from Tel Aviv, it wasn’t like that. When he first bough their first apartment with his girlfriend, it didn’t look like a dream home at all. That’s because it didn’t have to. Ron was ready to redesign the place together with his girlfriend.

We already knew he was a design student. What we didn’t know was that he had such a creative mind and such talent. In the process of redesigning the apartment, they tore down the walls in the kitchen in order to open it up to the living room and dining area, obtaining a larger space. The bedroom was also enlarged by closing an indoor balcony. Most of the items you see were personally designed and built by Ron. One very interesting and creative detail is the wall clock. Also, the cat play area is an eye-catching element.

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