The X3 Offices in Timisoara by Ezzo

This creative and very interesting project was conducted in Timişoara, Romania. It’s a very bold project with a striking design. It’s not a common combination of adjectives that could be used to describe most of the other offices in that city or even in the country. So it’s one more reason to be proud of this project.

Fresh x3 Office in Timisoara

The X3 offices belong to an international; web design company. The interior design was the result of the teamwork between Stefan Lazar and Alexandra Avram from Ezzo. The office covers a surface of 250 sq meters and it’s situated on two levels. On the first floor, two glass offices are situated. They have small friendly desks and a décor fitted for a happy workplace, where people work with pleasure. The second floor consists of a kitchen, a chill-out place and a conference room.

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The new Taj Falaknuma Palace in India

When someone hears the word “palace” they immediately think of a sophisticated, huge place, with lots of luxurious rooms and incredible decorations. This particular palace is located in Hyderabad, India. It sits on a 32 acre plot and it sits 2000 feet above the city. It’s a very nice and luxurious retreat.

The palace was originally called Falaknuma Palace and the word Falaknuma literally means “mirror of the sky.”.The Palace went through a 10 year renovation process and now it’s a boutique hotel. The renovation was conducted by Taj Hotel Group and the Palace is currently called Taj Falaknuma Palace. This places dates back to 1884 and it has been designed by Italian Architect William Ward Marret. He shaped the palace to resemble a scorpion with two stings spread out as wings on the north. It’s a dramatic look.

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Sight- Sculptural Balcony Furniture by Tim Kerp

Once you are inside a museum of art you can admire various objects of art that can take your breath away. The style, the materials or the combinations of colors make you become an admirer of what it means beauty and art.

You may have the same feelings if you come to choose this wonderful balcony furniture called the Sight.Sight is designed by Tim Kerp and represents a combination of modern art and contemporary furniture. The first impression you have when you see this interesting piece of furniture is that of viewing an exceptional sculpture. It looks like a huge vase that comes from ancient times. Its modern design and materials brings you to the contemporary period when you can enjoy the modern facilities and comfort.

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Surprising house on the edge of Narrabeen Lagoon, Australia

Designed by Choi Ropiha Fighera, the Narrabeen House is located in Sydney, Australia. It takes its name from the Narrabeen Lagoon. Considering the exotic location, the house looks surprisingly simple and quiet. There a very contrastive image between the way it looks like when seen from the street and the incredible view that lies beyond the house.

The surprise factor is definitely important in this case. But so is the incredibly clever design of this house. Functionality is the word that better describes it. Unlike most people would think, this house is not composed of just one unit. There are several different units that are combined in such a way that they seem like a singular structure.

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Charming House With A Small Pool

There are several houses, which are exceptionally beautiful and well designed, but there are very few houses, which are characterized by an excellent layout along with flamboyant features, and this is what perfectly describes this house.  Genuinely constructed in the year 2000, this house has been unquestionably planned efficiently and features a well considered and transparent layout.

The welcoming cool entrance leads one to the spacious living room which has been given a glass ceiling for the best view. A warm cozy fireplace has also been designed in the room so that one can enjoy those perfect cozy moments on the chilly winter nights. The living room also houses the entrance to the well decorated cobbled terrace in the west as well as south. Further up, lays the roomy and delicious kitchen featuring an open fireplace.

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Simple Hotchkiss Residence by Scott | Edwards Architects

This simple but yet striking house is located in Vancouver, Washington, USA, It was built in 2010 by Scott | Edwards Architects. The project team that was working at the project was composed of Rick Berry, Kelly Edwards and Jason Wesolowski. The house is a simple and modern structure that occupies 1.988 sq f of land. It was built for a couple in their 70s. They actually lived on the property for many years but they reached a point when they realized that the house was no longer usable and had to be completely rebuilt.

They wanted their new home to be simple, quiet and calm. It now has 1.5 bedroom areas with incredible views over the river and Mt. Hood. As you can see, the house is wrapped in wood which created a very calm atmosphere and a welcoming design. The couple had a budget of $550k which was enough to create their new dream home. They wanted something simple and easy to sustain. As a result they got a compact home, perfect for them.

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Nice Cóm-oda Folding Chairs by Mr. Simon

Pieces of furniture are indispensable but they also occupy much of our space. We cannot live without the existence of a table, bed or chair. It is the reason why more and more people prefer the multifunctional or foldable pieces of furniture. These items help them save money, space and they are also very practical.

Here it is an example of some nice Cóm-oda Folding Chairs designed by Mr. Simon. The Spanish term “cóm-oda” mean “comfortable and it also refers to the English term “commode”.

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