Expensive luxury villa in South Africa for sale

Located in Franschhoek, South Africa, this contemporary villa is definitely a very beautiful creation, one that a lot of people dream at and wish to own at some point in their life. If you’re one of them and think you could benefit from this spectacular residence you’ll be happy to know that it’s currently for sale.

It’s a 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom villa that sits on a 1,969,709 Sq Ft. area (182,992 Sq m.). The term villa is not really the best one to describe this property. It could be called a ranch, farm or plantation. However, these terms usually involve rustic and traditional designs, whereas this one is a contemporary creation. Nevertheless, it’s a unique property and it would make a great family home.

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Restored vintage farmhouse

Farmhouses are usually pictured as cozy, warm houses with a vintage interior and a classic beauty. This is also the look that this particular farmhouse had before it was restored. After the restoration the main lines of the décor remained the same, however with some modern touches here and there.

As you enter you get the feeling that you’re going to see an elegant, classic décor. Both the interior and exterior spaces share similar designs, with beautiful vintage furniture and an overall warm atmosphere. The outdoor dining area features a beautiful table made by a craftsman in the area and following the designs created by the owner. The outdoor area is illuminated with French industrial lamps, a very good choice for that space.

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Top 38 Retro Home Office Designs

Trying to keep up with all the changes and the tendencies in style can be exhausting. Sometimes you just want to sit down, relax and remember how much easier it would be if you could just go back in time.

A classical home office featuring bright colors and friendly shades

That’s obviously not possible. However, you can try to recreate your favorite era through the interior design. You’ll probably choose the retro style so today we’re going to turn our attention to three directions: the classic, vintage and country styles and we’re going to adapt them to a particular room of the house, the home office.

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Incredible Restored Cottage by Jacques and Eric Chevalier

People are incredible creative and inventive. They are able to build amazing structures, decorate and restore spaces in an amazing innovative way or mixing all kinds of styles in a harmonious way. Those who are able to do such things are very talented and passionate and express their feelings and views through the result of their creative work.

The architects Jacques and Eric Chevalier made a wonderful job when they decided to restore an old farm located in the French countryside of Province. They managed to preserve the original structure of this building and came with some other modern details as the presence of a swimming pool outside or the interior stairs that appear in the living area.

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Penthouse Apartment in a House by Krueck & Sexton Architects

This minimalist apartment is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. It was designed by Krueck & Sexton Architects and completed in 2009. The apartment covers a 6,500 sqf area and it was designed in three parts. First, the contractor wanted to make sure there will be a space designed for entertainment. Secondly, there also had to be an every-day living area and last, a retreat where family and friends could get together and spend quality time.

The space needed to be visually open, to have plenty of natural light but to also provide a sense of privacy. This is actually a penthouse apartment so there was plenty of space to do all that. Because of the location, you get the sensation up being up in the clouds. That’s what inspired the name of this apartment. It might not get you on cloud nine, but you’ll be close enough.

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Classic Lasalle Nine-Drawer Dresser

As soon as you lay eyes on this beautiful piece of furniture you realize that it’s not an ordinary one. It has a design and an allure that make it seem really special. It seems formal and sober but it’s also elegant and stylish. The Lassale dresser has a design inspired by the 19th century French cabinets you can still find in antique stores. However, it has its own character.

The dresser is part of the Lasalle bedroom collection which also includes the Lasalle bed and the Lasalle nightstand. They all share the same design that combines classical beauty with quality materials and craftsmanship. The dresser, as well as the other elements from the collection, is made of solid beech and beech veneer with ebony or mocha stain. It has a lacquer finish, mortise-and-tenon joinery and steel knobs with pewter finish.

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White Facade House in Santa Julia

Located in Santa Julià, Andorra, this beautiful modern house was designed and built by architect Josep Ferrando who worked with structural engineer Begoña Cazorla, construction architect Alfonso Villarreal and Guillem Aloy, Ekain Olaizola and Ferran Laguna. The house was completed in 2007 and it sits on a 500 sqm area.

The design of the house is quite simple. It resembles a compact concrete box. The rooms inside the house have been functionally divided between the two levels. On the ground level there’s a 12x14m area that contains the private and nocturnal parts of the house to the north while the south-facing part contains the public and social areas like the dining/living room and the kitchen. These spaces are opened to the garden.

The Santa Julia House by Josep Ferrando

The Santa Julia House by Josep Ferrando

The Santa Julia House by Josep Ferrando

The Santa Julia House by Josep Ferrando

The Santa Julia House by Josep Ferrando

In order to make the separation more visible and to visually create a distinction between the two volumes, in the middle there’s a large central structure that contains the stairways, the bathroom and the storage area. The second floor contains a studio and a library and the two volumes are connected through the dining room that has a double height ceiling. The property also includes a large outdoor swimming pool. Moreover, from the living room you can admire the views to the distant mountains while the other rooms offer views toward the nearby garden and the church.{found on archdaily and pics by Adrià Goula}

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