Network 33w BookcaseFull story

Posted in Bookshelves | by Loredana Sava, on November 21, 2011

Network 33w Bookcase

Bookcases are very useful, especially when your living room is small and not fit for a normal bookcase, so bookshelves are preferred. Besides, bookshelves can also be used for storing different things or for decorative purposes like displaying flowers, ornaments and so on. This Network 33w Bookcase is pretty special because it has just the...

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The Perfection of a Canadian ApartmentFull story

Posted in Apartments | by Alina, on November 21, 2011

The Perfection of a Canadian Apartment

An apartment can be changed into a modern and more appropriate place in which space can be better used that you always have the feeling that all the others are better than your own in so many ways. The way in which the flat in the picture was changed is obviously a very good solution,...

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The minimalist Terra dining tableFull story

Posted in Furniture | by Simona Ganea, on November 21, 2011

The minimalist Terra dining table

Today’s furniture is mostly minimalist. We now perceive as elegant something simple rather than something with lots and lots of decorations and details. In my opinion this is better because in the end it’s the core, the inner structure that matters and not all the embellishments. The Terra dining table is a beautiful example of...

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Glamorous Radisson Blu HotelFull story

Posted in Hotels & Resorts | by Simona Strachinaru, on November 21, 2011

Glamorous Radisson Blu Hotel

One of my favorite colors is blue. I just adore this color which makes me feel great and comfortable. Blue clothes, blue accessories, a blue car or anything else are things that will always be on my favorite list. Even the day I said “yes” in front of my future husband was marked by this...

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Stylish white interior design designFull story

Posted in Interiors | by Simona Ganea, on November 21, 2011

Stylish white interior design design

White is probably the most commonly used color when it comes to interior designs. It’s a color that can help us create the visual impression of a larger space in the case of small houses or apartments and it’s also a great canvas for those who want to create a unique and artistic décor. Let’s...

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Simply Frunished Small House On A Lake In FinlandFull story

Posted in Architecture | by Ionut Ciofu, on November 21, 2011

Simply Frunished Small House On A Lake In Finland

Since ever man has been living in perfect communion with nature.Taking every day only what  the surrounding area provided and no more.Now when we are living in an industrialized era and everything we do is based or depending on technology, some people decide to return in nature and live a simple quiet life. This home...

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