Handcrafted Cork lamps by Robyn Brooks

If you’re looking for an authentic-looking decoration for your home, search no more because we have found something for you. Take a look at this cute lamp. It was designed and created by Robyn Brooks who can also offer you a wide range of similar products. The lamp is part of the Cork Collection and it’s a very beautiful accessory that has a very versatile design thus being able to easily integrate in a variety of different decors.

Each product is handcrafted with care and passion and thus each one of them is unique. All products are handmade in New York so it might take a while for it to be delivered. However, it’s worth waiting once you see the actual piece. This lamp is very special because it has a strange design that combines elegance with simplicity and basic materials.

The Cork Lamp is available is two different sizes. You can choose between the small version that measures 6’’ in diameter x 15.5’’ height x 1’’ Lucite Base. There’s also a larger version with the following dimensions: 8’’ diameter x 19.25’’ height x 1’’ Lucite Base.There are also several colors to choose from like Monaco, Monaco Dark, Gold Flecked Cork, Silver Flecked Cork and Natural Cork. Each one of them is beautiful in its own way and it’s guaranteed to help you create a pleasant luxury décor.Available from 575$.

Scandinavian residence in Poland

In case you were thinking that it wouldn’t be possible to recreate your favorite décor in another part of the world, we’re here to prove you wrong. There are lots of examples that can show the contrary. Here’s just one of them. This beautiful country house is located in Poland. It belongs to a couple that used to live in Warsaw but that finally found their dram home on the countryside.

The house needed some reconstruction work but in the end the new owners managed to turn it into the home they’ve always wanted. As for the interior design, here’s when they had to make some changes. Their idea of a perfect living space turned out to be very similar to the Scandinavian style. As you can see, the interior design is mostly composed of black and white elements with some neutral wood tones here and there. Even their cat matches the décor.

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Fluorescent outdoor floor lamp by Xuclà & Alemany

It’s easy to choose a lamp for your desk or for the living room. All you have to do is like it and see if it matches with the rest of the interior design. However, for the outdoor it’s a whole different story. Here the lamp doesn’t necessarily have to match anything. What it needs to do is look good in the particular space you want to place it. And, unlike in the case of table lamps for example, there are not as many models to choose from. However, we have one that we think you might enjoy.

This simple floor lamp is part of the Break collection and it was designed by Xuclà & Alemany. It’s a piece especially designed for outdoor use. It features a very simple and compact design. It’s basically made of two blocks that sit one on top of the other and that have a space in between from where the light appears. The idea is ingenious and the result is a chic modern outdoor lamp that can be used just about anywhere. You can place it by the pool, near the deck or the outdoor sitting area or somewhere in the garden.

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Contemporary 33rd Street Residence in Manhattan Beach

This impressive contemporary residence is located in Manhattan Beach, a beachfront city located in southwestern Los Angeles County, California, USA. It’s a very striking residence, with a design and architectural elements that really make it stand out in that area. Because of the inclined site where the residence is located, a certain design had to be adopted. In fact, all the houses from that area had to adapt their structure to the environment.

The residence was a project developed by Californian studio Rockefeller Partners Architects. It sits on a 4.500 sq ft lot and it’s quite an impressive home, with more than enough space for a small or medium family. The construction was completed in 2008 and there haven’t been any renovations so the house still features all the original elements.

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Turn your chair into an original work of art

I’m sure you’ve been in the situation where you have something that you don’t necessarily hate but that doesn’t completely make you happy and you wished you could have done something to change that. Let’s resume for now at furniture pieces, more exactly chairs. Here’s how you can transform a mediocre chair into an attractive and bold piece that you’ll love.

This chair was originally a knock-off Eames lounger that wasn’t really the type of chair its owner would like. It was a little too fancy and it was a knock-off so the owner decided to change that. He also has a matching ottoman that was in the same situation. So in a Saturday he decided to work on that. He decided to skip the piping and focus only on the upholstery.

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The Artisan Fire Pizza Oven by Kalamazoo

Everyone knows that the secret to a delicious pizza is not just the recipe but the oven as well. And we also know that there’s a whole different feeling when you’re cooking something outdoor. Imagine how fun it would be to have an outdoor pizza oven, to gather up in the yard and make some delicious pizza with your friends and enjoy the smell that spreads all over the place.

The Artisan Fire Pizza Oven by Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet is an American manufacturer specialized in high-end gourmet outdoor kitchens. One of their creations is the Artisan Fire Pizza Oven, the first pizza oven which has dual burners with individual controls. With a simple and compact design, this oven will perfectly in your yard, garden, terrace or any other outdoor space.

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Artistic and versatile prints for your home

Simplicity is always a good choice. You can’t really go wrong with a minimalist design. It’s a way of expressing the true beauty of an item and letting its inner qualities surface. But sometimes it’s good to have some diversity in your home, to alternate colors, patterns and styles. Fougere is a collection of fabrics that will bring out the artistic side or you.

When you want to change the atmosphere on your home but not to make a drastic change but a more subtle one, just enough to stop being bored with the old décor, a simple and easy solution is to choose some fabric you like and make some curtains, some pillows or to reupholster some of your old pieces of furniture. Fougere is a collection that combines prints inspired by the Royal Botanical Gardens of Europe and it features architectural structures juxtaposed with exotic flowers in an artistic and tropical mix.

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