The Berthillon French Kitchen Island

This beautiful piece is Berthillon and it’s a French kitchen island. It’s easy to see the French inspiration. The piece was designed using as inspiration after iceboxes found in French butcher shops of the early 20th-century. However, it’s an original creation with distinctive features.

wood kitchen island

The Berthillon kitchen island is hand crafted using old carpentry technique that might be seen as old=fashioned but they can’t be matched by any modern creation. The piece is made of solid acacia and the material, together with the hand-crafting technique and the care result in a beautiful antique, a piece with character and personality that would complement any kitchen.

Even though the design resembles an antique, the kitchen island benefits from modern practicality and functionality that we got used with. It features three small drawers and two spacious cabinets that open from the either side. Each cabinet features a fixed shelf. The design is compact and solid and that’s exactly the charm of this beautiful piece. Add the beautiful antique details and the functional storage space and you get an exceptional piece for your kitchen. It’s also a very practical area for cooking, featuring two 2 3/4″-thick rubberwood butcher blocks on top that offer plenty of room for chopping and preparing the ingredients for a delicious meal. You can buy the Berthillon kitchen island for EUR1302.11.

Three-storey contemporary residence for sale in Washington Park

This beautiful and cozy residence is located on 1050 South Corona St. and it’s a very beautiful contemporary building. It was designed by Sprocket, Denver’s Hot Design Build Team and the project involved the use of natural materials and the creation of open spaces and inviting indoor/outdoor living areas.

The property is currently on the market and it can be bought for $699,000. It has a warm and organic design even though it was built using bricks, steel, wood and glass, a combination that is not necessarily seen as a standard choice. The house has three floors featuring 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The master suits is especially beautiful, featuring a spacious walk-in closet and a spa bath.

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The Tudor collection by Jaime Hayon

The Tudor collection was created by Spanish designer Jaime Bayon for Established & Sons and it’s basically a collection of chairs and armchairs, all featuring approximately the same design with small adjustments. For example, there’s the same chair but with a different upholstery or with a different stitching or finish. Even though the chairs look exactly the same in terms of shape and dimensions, they are completely different one from the others.

The Tudor collection features beautiful and elegant silhouettes, inspired by Henry VIII’s six wives. I’m not sure how they could have been the inspiration for a collection like this one, but let’s just leave it like that. Notice how the design of the chairs is simple and yet opulent in the same time. It’s an elegant collection, both modern and traditional.

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Interview with New York Interior Designer Tricia Foley

Tricia Foley is a New York interior designer specialized in all home design and know for her simple, classic style, her work includes retail consulting, branding, residential interior design, magazine editorial and book publishing etc., and her clients like Ralph Lauren Home, North Fork Table and Inn, Pottery Barn, Target, Sears, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s Home Stores.

Homedit: Were you always interested in design? Tell us about the moment when you decided this is the way to go.

Tricia Foley: Yes, I think I should have known when I turned my shoeboxes into houses when I was about 8, and then as a teenager chose my babysitting jobs based on the shelter magazines the neighbors had.

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40 Children and nursery Interior Decor Ideas

When it comes to children, there are so many ideas and so many opinions that it’s hard to make a decision when choosing something as little as a pacifier or as important as a crib. There are a lot of different companies that specialize in this department and that offer furniture especially designed for children. French “Vertbaudet” is only one of them. It’s a very popular name mainly due to the high quality and the original ideas that it offers. Here are some examples of decors you can choose for your little ones.

The name of the company is as playful as the designs it offers and it can basically be translated as “the green donkey”. Here you can find everything you need for your baby, from the moment when the mom patiently awaits for the baby to be born to new-born cloths and accessories and furniture. Here are some examples of interior decors you might find inspiring. There are several furniture collections to choose from. They are all colorful, fun and children-safe.

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Mishima Small House Family in Tokyo

This family residence can be found in Tokyo, Japan. It was created with the help of Keiji Ashizawa Design, project architects Keiji Ashizawa and Chino YamaguchiÅ and structural engineer ÅFASA Akira Suzuki. The house was completed in 2010. The main idea behind this project was to create a residence that would offer privacy to its inhabitants and that would also integrate in the surroundings.

For that there had to be a functional positioning of the rooms. The private areas of the house such as the bedrooms and bathrooms have been placed on the first and second floor, thus increasing the privacy level. The living room and the kitchen are located on the third floor and the study area is just above them in the loft. The location of the rooms has been carefully chosen so that they would benefit from the maximum potential of the sunlight.

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How to make your own calender wallsticker

Wall calendars are a piece that’s both useful and interesting as a decoration. It’s a very simple and fun way of decoration your wall and it can be very useful and practical as well. However, calender wallstickers are usually expensive and not everyone can afford one. It’s not something to feel sorry about but rather a reason to get organized and make your own.

Even though they are expensive, such calendars can actually be very easy to make. You can actually do it yourself when you have free time.Here’s how: First delimitate the squares for each day of the month. Use tape for that and make sure the lines are straight. You can decide about the size. Make 7×5 squares. When you’re done start painting. Use the same color as the wall. When the paint is dry use chalk paint and do the same thing one more time. Paint two coats and make sure you stay within the tape. When the chalk paint is dry, strip off the tape.

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