Contemporary compact residence by Ze Arquitectura

This contemporary compact residence is located in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. It was a project designed by Ze Arquitectura and it’s a very functional house. The process began by searching for a central backyard that would later become the background for all the interior spaces. The owners wanted to be able to enjoy a tranquil and pleasant view from their bedrooms so the backyard was an important part of the plan.

Residence by Ze Arquitectura

The interior of the house is very functionally divided. On the first level were all the public spaces. Here are the vestibule, a double height living and dining room, a library, the kitchen a family room and a wood workshop. This way all the public spaces were gathered in one place and the users don’t have to joggle between two levels during the day.

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Funny Decorative DIY Pumpkins

Stockings can be found in different colors and various patterns. Perhaps nobody can think of other uses of this type of clothing the covering our feet but it seems that somebody did it.

Funny Decorative DIY Pumpkins

Once I have seen this funny DIY project I reminded of one of my colleagues from work who has a passion for stockings. She is a kind of collector. Each time she comes in a store which sells this type of clothing she searches for new and new patterns. She told me that she does not know the number of her pairs anymore, the colors or the various patterns that she managed to collect any more. Indeed each time she wore a pair of stockings we were watching her new patterns. We became admirers of her ingenious collection.

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How to make your closet bigger and more functional

Storage space is never enough and this is especially true when it comes to closets. Here’s an example of how someone managed to improve their master closet and make it more spacious and easier to access. The idea was to create a design that will keep everything neat and organized so that you won’t need to take everything out to find the item that you need. Also, a chic touch is always welcomed.

Dressing restauration

For a more stylish look, this closet got some new leopard print wallpaper for the background. Then it needed something functional, like some little cubbies where you could store your bags or shoes or anything else. The idea is that they are small enough to force you to be organized but still big so that you can use one for several items. One section of that wall was reserved for longer hanging items. This way they will stay there nice and organized and you won’t have to bother finding a place for them.

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Stockholm penthouse with rooftop terraces

This beautiful penthouse sits on a 302 sq m floor area and it’s located close to Karlaplan in Stockholm. The interior design is elegant and chic and some elements create a soft contrast between modern and vintage influences. The décor is simple, almost minimalist but the division of the rooms and the furnishing is very functional.

Big Stockholm penthouse

The floor comes from Frigren Jenny and Maria Sahlstrand and it’s very beautiful, creating the perfect contrast between the white walls and ceilings and the colorful furniture. The 5.5 meters high ceiling has some exposed beams kept purely for their looks. The windows are very large and they let plenty of natural light get in. And if you still need more light or fresh air you can always use one of the two terraces situated on the roof of the building. From there you enjoy the surroundings and admire the views over the rooftops and over the trees.

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Expansive modern residence in Hollywood Hills

The Open House is a residence located in Hollywood Hills. It has a modern design and its location meant that there was a unique chance to design a home that would benefit from incredibly beautiful views from any part of the house. This residence was designed by LA based firm XTEN Architecture.

modern residence in Hollywood Hills

In order to take advantage of the expansive views, floor-to-ceiling glass walls were incorporated into the design of the residence. Its location also meant that it offered the privacy that the owners would need and so the glass walls were not a problem. In fact, most residences from that area use this trick to expand their views and to take advantage as much as possible from the exquisite landscape and the surrounding area.

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Hotel Thoumieux in Paris

This is an elegant boutique hotel and it’s located in Paris. You’ll notice that Hôtel Thoumieux is a very distinguished creation with beautiful art-deco-inspired elements created by Thierry Costes and designer India Mahdavi. The hotel is situated above the popular Thoumieux Brasserie and it comprises 15 luxury rooms.

Hotel Thoumieux in Paris

Even though the name says so, Hôtel Thoumieux is more than just a hotel. It’s also a restaurant. The kitchen is lead by chef Jean-François Piège who prepares gastronomic masterpieces for his guests. You can enjoy his delicious creations in the 20-seat dining room that was named after the chef. The décor in this room was created by India Mahdavi and it’s both glamorous and inviting. The elaborate wallpapers create a sensation of sophistication while the potted plants make you feel more comfortable.

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Three Different Functions in one Sofa by Adele Cassina

When designing the interior of your home you have to take into consideration a lot of things. One of these things is style. Everyone loves unique and interesting furniture. But how about having both style and extra sleeping space?

The Didimo sofa designed by Adele Cassina is one of those pieces that will make you fall in love with it the moment you see it. Part of the Design Collection, this lovely piece can be a sofa, a bed for two or an island that can host many friends. This attractive sofa bed has a metal structure with an opening mechanism that can extend the seat and lower the back thus transforming the divan into a double bed or a large seating area. Moreover it is stuffed with foam polyurethane while the outer covering is in removable fabric, making it easy to maintain.

Another plus s the fact that you can choose the color of the covers, giving you the possibility of integrating it in your current design. As you can see it is a very unique sofa that is perfect for small spaces. Not only will it add flavour to your room, but some extra seating as well. All in all, the Didimo sofa bed is a comfortable and interesting piece for any space.

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