Café Liberty Interior Design by SHH

Café Liberty is a restaurant located on the second floor on London’s iconic Liberty department store on Regent Street. The place was originally built in 1924 using the timbers from two ships: the HMS Impregnable and the HMS Hindustan. The restaurant has been redesigned by SHH. It was a tight-budget project, even more difficult considering its location. The restaurant has been re-integrated into the spirit of the original Arts & Crafts building using a series of vintage elements combined with contemporary pieces.

Some of the new elements that could be mentioned here are the reclaimed 1920s doors, a 1920s Arts & Crafts washstand, the reading desk and mahogany cabinet, the hand-blocked wallpaper and a series of reclaimed glass lights and three neon flying ducks designed by SHH’s lead designer on the project, Helen Hughes.

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Amazing Up Filer from Westerville Design

In case you are a teacher you work a lot with all kinds of documents, files or other kinds of papers. It is also my case and you can even imagine how my house looks like. It is full of books, magazines, documents, different types of school materials, old documents and so on. These days I had to search for a certain document and this was a real challenge. From time to time I reorganized them; update them so that I can throw the unnecessary materials and new space for the new comers. It is an activity that never ends, perhaps when I must retire.

I saw this amazing Up Filer from Westerville Design and it seems a perfect item for any teacher, architect or other people who need an organized storage place for all their papers.

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New York loft style in Denmark

Take a look at this beautiful minimalist apartment. If you haven’t read the title of this article you would have probably thought it’s a loft somewhere in New York. Well; you might be surprised to find out that this apartment is actually located in Denmark. This shows that you can recreate anything you want regardless of your location.

New York loft style in Denmark

The style of this apartment is definitely minimalist. The white walls and doors play an important role in this case. This way you get impression of a bigger space and it also creates that airy and fresh look. It’s also a neutral and elegant color that allows you to create beautiful and striking contrasts and to underline the dynamism of the interior décor.

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How to decorate the wall above the bed

There are many ways in which you can decorate the wall above the bed and this can include painting the wall, fixing a mirror, fixing a poster or by hanging various photo frames that carry lot of pictures and images.You wish to have the best for your bed room as it is a great place to relax and enjoy good sleep. So the perfect interior that you create should be in such a way that you must find lot of comfort and convenience on your bed so that you feel fresh for the next day.

It is true that you get tired during the day and when you get to home and have your meal, the best place you can refresh is on your bed and therefore, it is really essential that you make good efforts to create a perfect interior for your bed.Since wall has lot of empty space, it is a very good idea to give a good décor to the wall. As you make an entry into your bed room and when you look at the wall, you feel happy with the colors, designs and decorations made on the wall.

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Unusual Boeing Stearman PT-13 Engine Coffee Table

I am one of the persons who adore planes and go by a plane. Many years ago I went for the first time by plane and it was a special experience which offered me great sensations. I was so happy about this experience so that I could not resist getting a new chance of trying again the same sensations. So as one of my brothers began some courses of gliding I did not escaped the opportunity when he told me that I could accompany one of the pilots who were at the board of the plane which was supposed to take the gliders to the high sky .I was thrilled by this experience and enchanted by the fact that I got three flights.

Perhaps my passion for planes comes also from the fact that my grandfather, my uncle and my husband were soldiers for aviation.As I cannot afford myself to some other experiences of this kind perhaps a thing which can remind me of all these moments can be great .If you are also attracted to these things and love history too you can admire this unusual Boeing Stearman PT-13 Engine Coffee Table.

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Andi & Dean’s before and after master bathroom

Andi and Dean are a couple that decided to buy their own apartment in San Francisco last year. The apartment wasn’t in the best shape so they’ve decided to renovate and remodel it. The couple started to do that room by room and they were very careful with the budget. Let’s take a look at what they’ve managed to do with the master bathroom.

The couple saw some Anne Sacks tiles that really loved but they were over budged so they had to search for something else. They found a similar offer for less. The walls were covered with classic subway tiles and painted in a soft tone of green. For the sink, the couple found a very nice model at Restoration Hardware but it cost $1,200, not a very attractive price. After some research, they found this beautiful metal base cabinet at Restoration Hardware Outlet and they only paid one third of the price for it.

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Ananda In the Himalayas luxury spa

Ananda In the Himalayas is a luxury spa resort located close to the mythological city of Rishikesh. It’s surrounded by the beautiful Sal forest and the location together with the décor are an invitation to relaxation. This luxury resort is a retreat perfect for those who need to restore their energy and to create a balance in their ecosystem.

The resort uses the healing principles of the East and the West with a specific focus on Ayurveda and Aromatherapy, all combined with contemporary spa technology. After spending a few days there you can feel the harmony between mind, body and spirit. The resort sits on 100 acres of virgin forest so the location is perfect for relaxation. The connection to the nature is a clever addition.

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