Unconventional Bendy Rubber Bookshelf by Luke Hart

Every one of us intends to become something and wants to get a great job which can bring them a lot of satisfaction, relaxed days, a good social position and why not, a lot of money. I am one of the persons who followed the ideas that I had when I was a little girl. Each time I was asked what I wanted to become my answer was the same, an English teacher. So, here I am, working as an English teacher. It is a hard job which presupposes a lot of extra work and the satisfactions are those spiritual and personal because the financial part is not such a bright side which can get you rich.

Unconventional Bendy Rubber Bookshelf by Luke Hart

As I have many papers to work with and a lot of books that I need to read imagine what kind of bookshelves I need in order to store all these items. Unfortunately my personal bookcase became out of space and my books of different sizes and dimensions are not perfectly stored. The thing that I hate most is the straight, solid shelves which do not allow me to store books of different sizes.

Luke Hart seemed to have an excellent idea and created this unconventional Bendy Rubber Bookshelf. This type of bookshelf can accommodate any kinds of books due to its flexible properties. It looks also funny and interesting.

Modern Bookstore Modrijan in Center of Ljubljana

Located at Trubarjeva ulica 26 in the center of Ljubljana, the Bookstore Modrijan is situated in an old building that dates back to 1938. The building originally served as a sewing place and textile store until it started being used as a national magazine, a state publishing house, a toy store, a cloths store and finally it was turned into a bookstore. Hopefully this will be the final makeover.

Bookstore Modrijan

The bookstore opened its doors in September 2009  and was designed by AKSL arhitekti d.o.o.. It’s not a typical crowded bookstore. As you enter, there’s five meter high entrance hall surrounded by a gallery on three sides. The bookstore measures a total of more than 300 sq meters and the space is filled with wall cabinets and islands.

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Living room makeover in just two weekends

Here’s a white box, student grad house that used to look quite depressing and sad until someone decided to give it a makeover. You might think it’s difficult to start such a project on your own, but it’s simpler than it seems. For example, take a look at this living room. It got a brand new look in just two weekends and with no professional help.

All you need for this is a little imagination and creativity. In this case, the sitting area got a new couch that matches with the rest of the elements from the old design. However, it seems like the measurements haven’t been quite right because the couch is kind of oversized for that small space. Nevertheless, it was what the couple wanted: a big couch to cuddle on. And the cats seem to like it as well.

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The mirror box by Eva Solo

The mirror box is a simple and yet ingenious piece that was designed by Eva Solo from Denmark. Because of its versatile and very simple design, the mirror box can be used to store a variety of different items, such as jewelry, make up, small memories or even a shaving kit. As the name clearly suggests, this is a simple box with a mirror integrated on the top.

The beauty of this design is the fact that it was made of stainless steel. This makes it very versatile and it means it can be used by both sexes and for a lot of purposes. The mirror is not just glued on the lid. It can tilted by the user so that he or she can be able to use it properly. The mirror box is available in both small and large sizes.

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The luxury Mezzatorre Resort & Spa

Mezzatorre is a luxury boutique hotel situated on the Island of Ischia, between Lacco Ameno and Forio, Italy. The hotel faces directly to the seat and thus provides exquisite views. It’s also surrounded by seven hectares of pine wood so you basically have beautiful views from every part of the hotel. Any one of the 45 rooms would be a perfect source of relaxation and harmony.

The luxury Mezzatorre Resort & Spa

The main structure of the hotel is an old tower that dates back to the 16th century, a historic building and that originally belonged to Baron Fassini and that has been used by the locals to defend themselves by the Saracens. The tower is surrounded by several other buildings placed among the pines and oaks, harmoniously blending with both the landscape and the tower.

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Home Office Space in a garage by architecten | en | en

Eindhoven, The Netherlands there’s a small green suburb called Schuttersbosch. There you can find a lovely villa that was built for a former Philips executive. The owner felt the need to have a private workspace like a home office where he could work and not feel like he’s doing that at home. A very handy solution was to create such a space in the indoor garage. However, nobody likes to feel like he’s working in a garage or basement or anywhere else he might find some space. That’s why creating a home office is a good idea.

In this case the project was conducted by architecten|en|en and the office was completed in 2011. Since the main goal was to camouflage the space and to make not look like a garage, a solution was to add a mask-shaped volume to the existing garage. This provides extra floor space and a south faced strip of glass dividing the addition from the existing roof also provides an abundance of daylight.

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The Meade nightstand

In order to obtain a cozy bedroom décor you have to carefully choose every little piece of furniture and then make sure they all match. In this article we’re only going to discuss nightstands, in particularly one specific design called Meade. I find this nightstand particularly attractive mostly because it has that cozy and casual look that bedrooms usually have. This makes it especially suitable for that part of the house.

The Meade nightstand features a simple design that’s also striking in the same time. That’s mostly because of the woven straw-hued raffia it’s wrapped in. This gives it a cozy look and contributes to the comfy and warm atmosphere in the bedroom. The nightstand is also sealed with a clear coat for a smooth finish and for extra durability.

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