Serenity Decorative Porcelain Dishes

Normally dishes are made to be used when you serve dinner or lunch. You use them as support for the food and they are more useful than decorative. But these are just the ordinary dishes, the normal tableware used every day. However, there are also other kinds of dishes like these Serenity decorative porcelain dishes which have only decorative purposes. They are used for embellishing the interior of a house and nobody ever dreams about serving food in them. That is because these dishes are so thin and delicate that I don’t think they could handle food inside.

These dishes are handmade of porcelain clay and the frilly margins give them a special appearance. You can buy them as a gift for somebody close who will appreciate this art form or maybe purchase them for yourself. I, for example, am totally thrilled about acquiring all kinds of unusual and unique stuff that is spread around my house giving it personality and style. You can have them for £35.00.

Count on Me Chair

Today, with all the gadgets and computers surrounding us, with all the tiny devices that fit in your pocket, but are very powerful and use advanced technology, we almost forgot how to make simple calculations, as it is easier to use your palm or iPhone for that. Even when you go shopping you leave it all for the shop assistant who also uses a machine telling them the change they have to give you. So the old abacus that our grandparents used for simple maths is now ancient history. However, I do like the design this device had with all the colourful wooden beads. Well, the Count on Me Chair is perfect and specially designed for people who are as nostalgic as I am after the old days.

The designer of this merry chair is Eva Korae and she used wood, metal sheets and colourful wooden beads for it. It looks great and if it does not provide the comfort of a soft cushion, it will certainly keep you up and offer you a great massage. If you like this crazy chair you can visit the designer’s web page and order it for 7,000 euro.

Contemporary Casa Del Cabo by Andrés Remy Arquitectos

This beautiful and quiet house is located in a closed community on the north of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The residence is surrounded by a lake on two of its sides and this provides the owners with very beautiful views all over the year and was designed by Andrés Remy Arquitectos . The owners of this place are an elder couple and no longer lives with the children and that needed a cozy space just for them. So they’ve decided to move here, where they can enjoy the privacy and beautiful landscape that the location has to offer.

The house is compact and functionally designed to offer the best views. On the east side the house features a semi-covered space in the place where the house meets the lake. This space serves as a garage and outdoor living area. It’s also where the back garden meets the front garden creating a very beautiful and relaxing environment. The part of the house facing south is more compact and intimate and offers more privacy. This is where the private rooms of the house are located, as well as the kitchen.

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Unusual Residence by AUAU Architecture

This unusual residence features a very distinguished look and a simple but eye-catching architecture. It’s located in Seto, Japan and it’s a project developed by AUAU Architecture. It was built in 2010 and it has a contemporary look emphasized by the simplicity of the materials and the very neat and clean exterior design.

YSY is a two-storey residence with an asymmetrical form and a very interesting and functional delimitation of the living areas. The idea was to create a small house with a contemporary look that would allow the owners to stay in close touch with nature and the landscape. The house features a semi-open entrance and several other fixtures that allow beautiful views to the outside world. There are several large windows, especially one in the kitchen that allows a generous view to the city below.

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Classic Adele leather barrel armchair

If you’re looking for a way to add a classical touch to your home, you should check out this armchair. It’s called Adele and it’s a barrel-back chair, featuring a traditional design with classical elements and details but still with a modern touch. This is what makes It so versatile and easy to integrate in just about any décor.

Classic Adele leather barrel armchair

Adele is made from an eco-friendly hardwood frame, both sturdy and durable. It’s then covered in eco-friendly high-density, high-resilience cushions that make this product extremely cozy and comfortable. The deeply tufted tight back and tall tapered-wood legs, together with the elegant silhouette contribute to the classical and traditional overall design.

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Elegant three-bedroom flat in London

There are many beautiful apartments and house in London and many of them have that look that reminds of the old times, with royal decorations and elegant furniture. One of them in this flat located on 32 Walton Street in London. It has a vintage-modern look, with comfy furniture and elegant decorations.

three-bedroom flat in London

One of the most intriguing pieces is the chandelier that can’t go unnoticed both because of its design and the color that stands out in that grey décor. The flat is in excellent condition and it went through a refurbishment that let to the luxurious look that it has now. The flat has high ceilings and the walls are mostly white. The rest of the décor is a combination of white, black, grey and some pops of yellow.

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Rolling storage unit

Every room needs storage and it’s never enough. But It’s never the same area that needs extra storage and that creates problems. We have a simple solution for that. This is a rolling storage unit that can be easily moved around and placed wherever it’s needed at the moment. It has a simple and versatile design that allows it to be used just about anywhere.

Rolling storage unit

It’s made from solid and engineered wood with chocolate-stained wood and it’s available in either black or white finish. The unit includes five casters that are optional so they can be removed of not needed. Two of them are locking. Inside you can place storage bins that are sold separately or that you can choose by yourself somewhere else or maybe improvise something.Assembly is required but the process is quite simple.

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