Vintage Enamel Tea Pot

When I enter a vintage shop or maybe a garage sale, I feel like stepping into another world. I smell and taste a world from the past, a world long gone, but still present in our hearts and homes. All these things for sale there belonged to somebody and have their own story to tell. You only need to want to listen to it. This Vintage Enamel Tea Pot come from the mid twentieth century and looks really great with all its whiteness and red edges, with its enameled exterior and vintage design. It is simple and neat and looks great.

This combination of white and red is amazing and the colours look great together. Besides, the old- fashioned material used for the tea pot and the enamel on it bring a certain rustic air to your kitchen and the tea will get a special flavour in it. I admit I like it because it feels like a breath of fresh air in the modern kitchen where everything is made of plastic and steel and where this special tea pot changes the whole picture on the spot. Thsi vintage tea pot can now be ordered directly online for the fair price of $45.

Duck Mirror

A person needs to see himself or herself in the mirror in order to check if all the details are OK, if all the clothes fit and if the hair is not having a bad day. Women especially can’t live without a mirror because they constantly need to apply some lipstick or mascara and to pick some invisible threads from their dresses. My guess is that they used rivers and lakes instead of mirrors because they were invented. Any way, vain as they may be, mirrors are very useful and you need at least one in every home. This mirror is very special and funny because it looks exactly like a regular mirror, except for the “duck legs”. Yes, they are the reason why it is called the “Duck mirror“.

The mirror looks like an eggs with duck legs or maybe like a duckling struggling to get out of its egg. It is very funny and it is designed by David Dear from Kikkerland Design. The oval shape of the mirror makes it perfect for your face and the “duck legs” support allows you to place it on your bedroom table or on a side table, without the fear it might turn over and break. You can have it now for $82.

Modu-licious #3 from Bludot

When you have a house you will see the most difficult thing is to keep it clean. This happens when you live in it for more than five years because you gather all kinds of smaller or bigger things and at a certain point you no longer know where to store everything. This Modu-licious #3 from Bludot is the perfect storage space for your house. This piece of furniture is cleverly designed, so you do not guess what it is used for and what room it was designed for. You can use it where you need it and it will fit perfectly anywhere.

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Spectacular Architecture by Chenchow Little Architects

The Pitched Roof House in Australia was designed by Chenchow Little Architects. Showcasing an interesting geometrical shape you would think that you wouldn’t even fit inside. Nevertheless, the house is spacious and offers its residents an unique perspective of their surrounding area due to the triangular shaped windows.

Being built around the strict building code guidelines for the neighborhood, this house is a modern, fresh edge home. It brings a new perspective on architecture and is an astounding residence. The architects had to follow the council’s requirements, so they used pre-weathered zinc, charcoal colored glass and warm toned wood in their design. If it weren’t for the council’s specific measurements this building wouldn’t have looked as spectacular as it does.

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Turn plain leather barstool into unique art projects

For those who like original pieces of furniture, here’s how you can achieve that with barstools. The idea is very simple. You just take some plain and simple barstools with leather upholstery and you paint them using a stencil and some paint made especially for leather.

Leather bar stool paint DIY

It’s not a difficult project and it doesn’t take very long. However, you will have to disassemble the chairs or, of you’re ordering them you can just leave them like that since most of them come unassembled. Then sand the chairs with a fine sandpaper to give the paint something to grip to. Stenciling will be easier if the chair have a basic shape without too many curved or unconventional details.

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Two storey modern residence on 1441 S. Clarkson Street for sale

This beautiful residence is currently for sale for $995,000. It’s a modern house, with a simple and very beautiful design. It’s called the Glass Box House, mostly because it features several expansive windows and glass walls and sliding doors. The house was designed and built by Angelo Marasco and his wife Nancy.

The request was to design an eco-friendly, sustainable and green house that would have the potential to become a cozy family home. As a result, they’ve created a residence with an open floor plan, a lot of natural light coming from the windows and glass walls and that was also energy efficient and built with green materials.

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Antique Montgomery Side Table

These days I entered an antiquity shop where I could admire all sort of antiquities. Here you may find old musical instruments, jewelry with all sorts of embroideries in a silver or gold finish, old books or vintage items of clothing. The moment you pass the door of this type of shop it seems you enter a different world.

You may imagine the elegant gentlemen with their chic hats or the ladies with their velvet dresses and elegant umbrellas. The old music that tackles your ears and the portraits that appear on the wall make you become a part of that epoch where all these elements were so precious and useful at that time.

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