Top DIY Halloween Accessories

There are lots of things that you make yourself and use to decorate your home for Halloween. Actually, this is probably the best way to go. It’s fun for everyone and you don’t have to spend time shopping for decorations, spend money and time and get home tired. Here are some things that you can make yourself and that are easy and fun to create.

1. DIY Halloween Mummy Lanterns.

Mummy Lanterns

In order to make these decorations you’ll need small balloons, plaster cloth, cooking spray, small LED tealights, a pin and scissors. The process is very simple and it won’t take long. Just blow up some balloons, cover them in cooking spray and then lay on the paper mache material. Don’t cover the entire balloon. Let them dry and after that pop the balloons inside. Cut an opening so that you’ll be able to place them on a flat surface and turn on the tealights.{found on homeseasons}.

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The Lobby collection from Fratelli boffi

The Lobby collection is a glamorous mix of fine details and refined designs. It’s a collection create exclusively for the living room and it includes a multitude or different pieces and designs to choose from in order to achieve an elegant, unique and sophisticated décor.

Kir Royal Sofa and armchair

This beautiful couple was designed by Christophe de la Fontaine. It’s a combination of classical lines and basic elements gently transformed into modern art pieces. The main structure is hugged by a thin sheet of wood, creating a curved back and an elegant silhouette. The cotton velvet upholstery with a three-dimensional flock texture then adds the final touches.

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Another Modern Residence in Maryland

This contemporary house is located in Bethesda, Maryland and it was designed by David Jameson Architect. It’s called the BlackWhite Residence, a name that expresses the idea of contrast that stands at the base of this concept. The house is not a completely new construction. It was created suing the masonry shell of an already existing house. This way the ruins were used for something productive and the new house emerged from the remains of an old one.

Residence by David Jameson Architect

In order to obtain a modern design, the main level had to be renovated while a second level was also added. The two levels are obviously not similar and the second one has significantly smaller footprint. The first level resembles a simple white box. It has small windows and a very compact look. The second level, on the other hand, is a series of four glass temples that emerge from the white base.

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Decorate your home for Halloween using pumpkins

Halloween is almost here and like any other year it’s time for you to start searching for ideas. Of course, the star will be the pumpkin that you usually carve yourself or in family as a fun project. If you have kids, then it’s one more reason to try to make something special. Pumpkins are a very fun to carve and they are probably the most popular decoration during Halloween. Let’s see if we can find some creative and fun ideas that might inspire you.

Halloween pumpkins

Usually, since the pumpkin resembles a head and also because of the legend of the headless horseman, people usually carve a face. This is the most common choice. However, if you want to be original, you can do something a little more elaborate like adding some detailing to the eyes, eyebrows and teeth.

Halloween pumpkins

You can even make a dragon head if you have the time and patience. If you don’t want something scary you can always go the other way and create something funny like a crazy pumpkin and, one of my favorites, a barfing pumpkin where you can also use the inside of the pumpkin.

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Unusual Melting Clock

I’ve always been a fan of unusual and creative items. So when I first laid eyes on this clock I immediately liked it. Clocks are one of the few items that are both useful and decorative. That’s why people always try to incorporate them in all sorts of decorative projects. This particular clock is called the Melting Clock and it has a very suggestive name.

Unusual Melting Clock

Its design was inspired by the famous Dali painting “The Persistence of Memory”, a naturalist painting where there’s a melting pocket watch that resembles this one. Someone had the great idea to use that concept and to make it reality. The Melting Clock is fully functional and its mechanism works perfectly.

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House in the south of Jakarta by TWS & Partners

This unusual residence is located in Jakarta, Indonesia and it was designed and built by TWS & Partners with principal in charge Tonny W Suriadjaja and structural engineers Purwa. The house was completed in 2010. It sits on a 300 sqm area. The concept behind this construction was to try something different from the usual lines, to try to create a different perception. As a result, the Distort House was born.

House in the south of Jakarta by TWS & Partners

Situated in an area where tropical village forest is still a big part of the surroundings and where a public park is located in the front of the site itself, the house benefits from beautiful views and plenty of natural surroundings. The green area in the front of the house is a transitional space between the park and the house itself.

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Classic wood bed system for large bedrooms

Most of the bedrooms usually need more than just a bed and a nightstand. Some storage space is also needed so additional furniture pieces have to be included. This means that the remaining space gets smaller and smaller with each occasion. But what if all those furniture pieces could be incorporated into one big structure? Then you could save a lot of space and you would only need a wall.

Stuff-Your-Stuff Classic Bed System

This classic bed system is exactly that. It’s a combination of a bed, towers, shelves and a desk. The structure is crafted with a kiln-dried wood frame and the bed sits in the middle. It’s surrounded by storage units or cubbies that you can use to store books, storage bins, speakers or other decorative objects.

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