Expansive Dowd Residence

When looking at this beautiful residence you probably think that it must be new construction. You would be partially right. It’s a contemporary, new house that has been built on the ruins of an already existing property. The old residence was not is very good shape and it wouldn’t have been possible to save or renovate. So they architects working at this project decided to sue some of the elements that they were able to preserve as a base for a new building.

In case you were wondering where this beauty is located, here’s the address: 114 St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell Auckland. As you can see, it’s an expansive residence, quite big. It has a contemporary exterior design, a combination of concrete and wood. The delimitation between the materials has been made visible by the sue of different and contrasting colors.

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Casa El Destino- a Remarkable Villa

Although the season of vacations seems to be over there moments when you feel like taking a small vacation. It may happen that you feel tired, sad or bored and you need a place where you can relax and get a new and fresh mood. You need to recharge your batteries so that you can feel strong enough to face again the daily routine of your life.

Casa El Destino

There many extraordinary places that can offer you all the comfort, relaxation and peacefulness that you need. Perhaps one of these wonderful places can be Casa El Destino located in Punta Mita, the most northern point of Banderas Bay with views of the Pacific Ocean and across Banderas Bay to Puerto Vallarta with the Sierra Madre Mountains in the background. It is a remarkable villa which was completed in 2008 by Possenbacher Design and its interiors were made by Barbara Page Interiors.

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Coir Door Mats

All of us have door mats in front of our homes, but we rarely give this a thought. We just buy the door mat the moment we move in and then again when it is too torn and this draws our attention. The rest of the time we just rub our feet to it out of habit without even noticing it. Any way, the door mat is very useful because if we don’t have one we would bring all the dirt inside and spread it on the floors and all over the carpets. So I guess it really is important, as it collects the dirt and germs on our shoes and keeps them out. Manufacturers use all kinds of materials for door mats, but I found these Coir Door Mats and I think they are amazing.

These door mats are functional and very durable and they are made of coir, which is coconut fibre. This material is 100% natural and totally ecologic and also looks very nice in the twisted pattern of the rope mat. Some models have metallic insertions in order to offer more resistance and also to wipe the dirt off the shoes. If you like them like I do you can choose your favourite and purchase it for a price between $26.95-$34.95. 

How to remove nail polish from carpet

It is true that spilling of nail polish on the carpet can some times be very troublesome and within few minutes you will notice that your carpet has a stain. Even after working very hard to remove it, you are not able to remove the nail polish stain.But there are few important steps that need to be followed in order to remove the nail polish from the carpet and these are firstly to use appropriate solvents that can lift the stain from the carpet.

Nail polish remove

Secondly, wait for at least 20 minutes to see the results and allow the fan or dryer to be used on carpet for perfect results.  Some of the common products that are used for removing nail polish from the carpet are, hydrogen peroxide, nail polish acetone or any other cleaner that is safe to be used on the carpet.

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Warmpath – a table and a stove in one unit

Who would have ever thought to combine a table and a stove? Obviously, the designer of this unique piece of furniture. It’s an unusual idea and this is what makes it original, unique and particularly striking. The result is unexpected, even though the two objects that are combined are each very familiar and can be found in any home, as individual items.

Warmpath is definitely an unusual piece, an example of how the human mind works. Imagination and creativity basically have no limits and it’s thanks to them that we can come up with such intriguing designs. The idea behind this design was quite simple. Both the table and the stove can be defined as items that gather people together. The motivation now seems logical and it makes us wonder why nobody else ever though of that.

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Big Contemporary House by Gonzalo Mardones Viviani

Located in Comuna de Lo Barnechea, Santiago, Chile, this beautiful residence was designed by Gonzalo Mardones Viviani in collaboration with Cristian Delporte, Monica Perez and Karen Oetien. The house sits on a 2842 sqm site and occupies 841 sqm. The construction was completed in 2011. The residence is situated perpendicular to the street for two reasons: first to benefit from the natural light and second because the owners wanted a big garden and so they needed space for that. This also allowed them to create an external kitchen and a barbeque area.

The architects working at this project followed their usual pattern and chose a unique building material, in this case reinforced concrete and only one finish that in this case blends naturally with the surroundings. The furniture also respects a uniform pattern. All woodwork, all the windows and all floors are made of cedar wood, thus creating a continuity throughout the house.

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Minimalist Chapel in Riga International Airport’s North Terminal

When thinking of a chapel, the usual image that comes in our minds is something cozy, usually decorated with all sorts of religious elements. This is how they usually look like. However, there are exceptions. One of them is in Riga, Latvia. This particular chapel is part of the International Airport’s North Terminal. It’s an unusual location for a chapel but it’s not such a bad idea. It’s nice to have a quiet place where you can go to clear your mind. You can do that even without having any religious purpose.

Minimalist Chapel

That’s also the reason why the chapel is so simple and lacking of any specific representations. It’s because it was meant to be peaceful area where people can go regardless of their religion. The chapel was designed by ARHIS and it’s a modern representation of the traditional designs.

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