The Elegant Punta Tragara Hotel in Italy

It’s time for another luxurious hotel. This time we’re going to analyze Hotel Punta Tragara. This beautiful and very elegant hotel is located in Capri, Italy. It’s a hotel that is basically a piece of history. It was originally designed by the legendary architect Le Corbusier and it’s a luxurious place in every detail.

It’s one of the most romantic places and it offers breathtaking views over the Faraglioni and the sea. The hotel has also announced the opening of its penthouse after a major refurbishment. This top floor luxury suite measures 968 sq ft and it includes a chic living room, a large and elegant bedroom and an expansive bathroom with infrared sauna and its own Jacuzzi. You can relax right there in your room.

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18 Children Room Design Ideas

A kid’s bedroom is one place where you can be creative, bold, and adventurous while trying to give the child his own personal space. A child’s bedroom should be so designed so that it reflects a vibrant expression of his taste and personality. However, it should also be functional so that his possessions can be properly stored, and he may use the room for studying as well as playing.

Here is a list of children bedroom ideas to assist you design a fun and funky space –

The easiest method to design an impressive is by selecting a theme for the room. Try to determine whether the room is used more play or for study. If the room is more like a children playroom, keep the theme creative, colorful, whimsical and playful. On the other hand, if it is more like a study room, adopt a simple and inspiring theme. Few popular themes you may choose are nature, storybook or cartoon characters, space, animals, sea world, etc.

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Pienet Kivet Bath Rug

It’s a late autumn but it already feels like winter and, even if my home is warm and cozy, I still don’t like the moment when I get out of bed and go into the bathroom. Everything there feels so cold and makes me cuddle again in my warm and welcoming bed. However, since I do have a job and have to go there every morning, I need to overcome this feeling and try to do my best for having a great start every day. That is why I decided to purchase a new rug for my bathroom: something soft and comfortable, coloured in a cheerful tint and modern enough to look great on my bathroom floor. So I found this Pienet Kivet bath rug that is perfect for what I had in mind.

The rug is made of cotton, which makes it soft and very good for the bathroom, as it absorbs the water spilled by mistake on the floor. It has an interesting design, with indented circles coming out, making it pretty adherent, so you will not have accidents on the wet bathroom tiles. The rug was designed by the guys from Marimekko, a Finnish company, and they proved to have great ideas and to design modern products. The item is available in the colours that you can see in the picture and you will have to access their web site to see where you can purchase it.

The 747 House in Malibu

You might find the name of this house familiar. It reminds of the Boeing 747 that we all know. You might be surprised to find out that there’s a very strong connection between the place and the house. In fact, roof of the house is actually a wing of a 747. It’s definitely a unique way of designing a house by David Hertz Architects.

The owner of this place is a woman who co-owns a Mercedes car dealership and she wanted her new house to look feminine and to have curved lines and a delicate structure. As they were working at the design, the architects who were responsible with this house realized that a wing from an actual airplane would actually be a good idea for the roof. It was curved and it had a feminine touch, just what the owner wanted.

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Chalkboard Globe

I love Geography and I have always had a passion for this. I wanted to know all the countries of the world since I was a little kid and I can see this is my daughter now. That is why I decoded it would be a good idea to get a globe so that I could show her what our world looks like. Of course, the normal globe with all the continents and countries colourfully painted on is very interesting, but I found something even more interesting, this time for myself. This  Chalkboard Globe is the perfect gift for a person like me who loves Geography and would love to have notes on a chalkboard globe instead on a normal post-it. Or maybe it could be the perfect gift for an extravagant person who wants to have a cruise around the globe and does not know where to start. Any way, the point is that this is a great gift, no matter what you decide to do with it afterwards.

You can use this globe as an unique accessory for your desk or living room and it will make your room more interesting. It is indeed a chalkboard globe, so you can write on it using chalk, but all the outlines of the continents are already painted in permanent white paint. As for the rest of the black background, you can use it for making notes, calculations or for leaving funny messages to your boyfriend or husband. A great gift for $112.

Casale Cerfoglio – a luxury fully staffed villa in Italy

This beautiful property is a fully staffed villa located in the area of Todi. It’s a place that offers privacy while still offering all the modern conveniences and spectacular views. The villa is situated in an area filled with contrasting images: medieval towns and Roman ruins, first class restaurants, golf, wine tasting and the Casale Cerfoglio. The villa is easy to access from every part and it offers panoramic views to the whole area.

The villa was originally built back in the 15th century when it used to be house a church. When the church was abandoned, the property was expanded and turned into a casale or country house. The ground floor still features the original church walls and arches that are visible from the living and dining areas. The property still includes a private chapel, a reminder of what it once used to be.

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Elegant Brentwood beveled glass desk

Just because the desk is the place where you work and where fun usually ends, it’s not a reason to make it look sad and dark. On the contrary, the workspace should be as light and happy as possible so that you feel good while working and do it with pleasure. So make yourself an elegant and nice workspace with the Brentwood desk.

Gold Leaf And Beveled Glass Desk

If the large and heavy desks are not your taste, maybe a light and elegant design would be more appropriate. The Brentwood desk provides comfort, an ample workspace and plenty of storage space, which is exactly what you need. Still, it doesn’t loom heavy and it’s quite small when you look at it. The open shelves really help in this sense.

The Brentwood desk features an elegant beveled glass table top and gold leaf structure, perfect for an airy and elegant design. It would be a very nice desk but because of its design it could be a great dressing table. Just place a mirror behind it and it would look beautiful in the bedroom. The dimensions of the Brentwood desk are 54” w x 28” d x 30” H. You can expect delivery in 5 to 10 days but if the item is out of stock then it might take up to 6 or 8 weeks. You can buy it for $1,350.00.

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