How to make your own calender wallsticker

Wall calendars are a piece that’s both useful and interesting as a decoration. It’s a very simple and fun way of decoration your wall and it can be very useful and practical as well. However, calender wallstickers are usually expensive and not everyone can afford one. It’s not something to feel sorry about but rather a reason to get organized and make your own.

Even though they are expensive, such calendars can actually be very easy to make. You can actually do it yourself when you have free time.Here’s how: First delimitate the squares for each day of the month. Use tape for that and make sure the lines are straight. You can decide about the size. Make 7×5 squares. When you’re done start painting. Use the same color as the wall. When the paint is dry use chalk paint and do the same thing one more time. Paint two coats and make sure you stay within the tape. When the chalk paint is dry, strip off the tape.

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Hollywood TV Stand from Catellan Italia

Every person would like to have a taste of the Hollywood glamour, at least once in a lifetime. And also everybody knows that this can be a wonderful experience. But now you can taste it without having to go all the way to L.A., to the city where you can lose your head and money. You can feel and touch Hollywood from your home, wherever it might be. That is the reason why Catellan Italia designed this magnificent Hollywood TV stand.

This stand is, of course, designed and used for supporting your TV set, provided it is up to 42″ and has a reasonable weight that will not exceed 40 kilos together with all the other things you intend to store on the glass shelves. In order to do this the stand has to be pretty resistant, so it is made of stainless steel and has glass shelves, as I mentioned before. It is adjustable in height for the most comfortable view and also has wheels so that you can move it to the best area of your living room when you want it. It looks stunningly, but you will have to contact the manufacturer for an estimated cost.

Unconventional house in Australia

Located in Blairgowrie, Australia, this unconventional house was a project by McBride Charles Ryan. The house has an abstract shape that doesn’t really resemble anything. It’s neither open nor closed. The design is rather futuristic but it also seems to remind you of something, even though you can’t remember what it is.

It’s hard to describe such a house. Each person sees in it something different and maybe this is exactly what the design was meant to express. Also, with a design like this, it’s also hard to criticize it because you don’t even know where to start from or what to criticize. It’s a house far away from architectural conventions that tends to enter other disciplines.

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Cupcake Notepad

I love cupcakes and I can’t imagine any person who does not like them. They are sweet and taste great and they even look great. So what if now you have the possibility to make or leave notes on pieces of paper that look like a cupcake? This is the cutest office item and it is called the Cupcake Notepad. Yes, it ia a cupcake shaped notepad and it even comes in a cupcake shaped little box. It is totally feminine and sweet and also very useful. The notepad is always handy and you can use it for writing down the most important notes or leave messages for your colleagues. Either way it is a very nice way of doing your job and catch a smile every day, too.

If you like this item and want it for you or for a friend who needs a funny gift, you will spend just $5 for this cute surprise.

The Hercules Presideo lounge chair and ottoman set

At first, this chair seemed no different from all the other ones I’ve seen by now. But as I was looking closer I could see that it had a very beautiful design. It’s not something specific that you can put your finger on and say “this is why I like this chair”. It’s more like a complex combination of motifs. For example, I really like this chair because of the wooden frame that’s so delicate and elegant. I also like the combination of the sleek wooden frame and the puffy and soft cushions. Moreover, I like the color combination and I find it elegant and stylish.

The Hercules Presideo lounge chair is an extremely comfortable piece of furniture featuring eco-friendly leather for the upholstery and a simple but eye-catching design. The black metal base matches the rest of the design and it’s durable and resistant. The dimensions of the lounge chair are Overall: 33″(W) x 34″(D) x 34″(H). The set also includes a matching ottoman, featuring a similar design and the same materials.

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Cap Cana luxury retreat in the Dominican Republic

This peaceful and exclusive community is located in the eastern region of the Dominican Republic, just 10 minutes away from Punta Cana International Airport. It’s a very beautiful destination, especially recommended to those who seek harmony, peace and quiet. Cap Cana offer an impeccable array of services and amenities and it’s an exquisite luxury community that offers everything you need for a peaceful family life.

There you can find luxury villas, golf view lots, ocean front apartments, as well as plenty of opportunities for promoters and developers.
Cap Cana is an exclusive gated community that covers an area of 30.000 acres, including 3.4 miles of white sand beaches. As we previously mentioned, here you can find everything you need. The community includes a school district with the Cap Cana Heritage School, the Cap Cana UNIBE University campus and a business community center.

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Beautiful Decorative Pumpkin with Lights

Halloween is a holiday that has many legends related to it. One of them says that many years ago people used to transform their homes into some ugly and cold places so that the bad spirits avoid them. It is said that on the night of Halloween the soles of the dead relatives come back to seek for a new body to possess and this is a reason for people to make their homes unwanted .The Halloween tradition of ugly and scary costumes that are worn on this special night comes also from this legend.

Now people do not transform their homes into scary and cold places, for the contrary the light pumpkins and other decorative items seem to welcome the trick- and- treaters even from the front porch.

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