Simple DIY Brick Pizza Oven

More and more people seem to appreciate the healthy, bio food. They have seen the negative effects of junk food and are willing to prepare their food at home. Although it is more easy and comfortable to get out at a fast-food and order your favorite pizza at home we need to think of our health and good habits and examples that we need to teach our children too.

Sometimes cooking at home may become a relaxant activity which might disconnect you from your ordinary stuff like the problems that you have at work or in your private life. As pizza seems to be a type of food that can be prepared very easily everybody wants to cook it at home. For amazing and best results a pizza oven becomes a very important item in everybody’s kitchen.

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Simple, modern and comfortable Ikea Poang Chair

Are you searching for a nice chair for your home but you don’t want anything fancy or over the top? If what you seek is comfort and simplicity, maybe this chair will could be the one. The Ikea Poang chair is a simple, modern-looking and very comfortable piece of furniture that features a casual design and would probably integrate in just about any décor.

Ikea Poang Chair Armchair with Cushion

The chair features a frame made of layer-glued, bent beachwood that is a flexible material and that also contributes to the comfort level that this chair offers. The high back also provides great support for the neck, thus allowing you to adopt a comfortable position whether you’re watching TV, having dinner or simply talking with your friends. Why suffer when you can relax?

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Furry beanbags for a cozy winter

It’s time to get ready for winter that seems to approach quickly and not very friendly. Soon we’ll all be in our homes, searching for cozy spots where we can cuddle and laugh at the snow and the low temperatures that can’t reach us anymore. For that we found a very cute and cozy piece that we hope you’ll like as much as I do.

Furry beanbags for a cozy winter

Beanbags used to be very popular a while ago and they’ve started to gain advantage again. However these are no ordinary beanbags, but furlicious seats where you can cuddle up and fall asleep like a cat. These cozy beanbags come in two sizes and they feature a plush slipcover that makes them extremely soft and comfy.

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Barn turned into a contemporary home in Surrey, England

When you find yourself in an old house surrounded by the same old items and the same furniture you had when you first move out, maybe it’s time to make a major change, The same thing applies to those who are looking for a new home but they didn’t find it yet. Maybe you should stop looking for the perfect home and take some other options into consideration. Such an example is this lovely contemporary home that once was a barn.

The barn, now a contemporary home, is located in Surrey, England. Its conversion was a project by Stedman Blower Architects and it such a blast that it even appeared on the famous TV show “Grand Designs”. The new building features a highly modern design and an original layout. A lot of things have been changed. However, the exterior has basically remained the same. That’s a part of the plan. This way the impact is much stronger when you enter.

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Bosch Relaxx’x ProSilence bagless vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a must-have in any home. However, despite its functionality, we often wish there was another way to clean the house, maybe a more quiet solution. Well, you don’t have to wish for anything else anymore because we found the perfect quiet vacuum cleaner. Bosch Relaxx’x ProSilence is a 1.4 W quiet vacuum cleaner made from durable high-tech materials and it’s a piece that combines power, efficiency and pleasure.

Bosch relaxx prosilence vacuum cleaner

This is actually the quietest bagless model the company has ever made thanks to the new SilenceSound system. You will also be able to obtain the ultimate cleaning results with minimum power consumption thanks to the innovative RobustAir system and unique CompressorTechnology. Moreover, the advanced self-cleaning system offers deep cleaning results, thus requiring minimal maintenance.

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Expansive Dowd Residence

When looking at this beautiful residence you probably think that it must be new construction. You would be partially right. It’s a contemporary, new house that has been built on the ruins of an already existing property. The old residence was not is very good shape and it wouldn’t have been possible to save or renovate. So they architects working at this project decided to sue some of the elements that they were able to preserve as a base for a new building.

In case you were wondering where this beauty is located, here’s the address: 114 St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell Auckland. As you can see, it’s an expansive residence, quite big. It has a contemporary exterior design, a combination of concrete and wood. The delimitation between the materials has been made visible by the sue of different and contrasting colors.

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Casa El Destino- a Remarkable Villa

Although the season of vacations seems to be over there moments when you feel like taking a small vacation. It may happen that you feel tired, sad or bored and you need a place where you can relax and get a new and fresh mood. You need to recharge your batteries so that you can feel strong enough to face again the daily routine of your life.

Casa El Destino

There many extraordinary places that can offer you all the comfort, relaxation and peacefulness that you need. Perhaps one of these wonderful places can be Casa El Destino located in Punta Mita, the most northern point of Banderas Bay with views of the Pacific Ocean and across Banderas Bay to Puerto Vallarta with the Sierra Madre Mountains in the background. It is a remarkable villa which was completed in 2008 by Possenbacher Design and its interiors were made by Barbara Page Interiors.

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