Funny DIY Halloween Wall Clock

The night of Halloween is considered to be a spooky night when the spirits come to life again and haunt the houses. Perhaps few of us know that this particular holiday is dedicated to the Day of All Saints when people used to commemorate those dead relatives, going to their tombs and lit candles.

There are many legends related to this holiday and people who believed in the life after death and the spirits who were supposed to come and haunt them tried to find all kinds of tricks to keep them away. They used to turn off the fire in their homes and wear ugly costumes so that they could scary these spirits.If you want to add a Halloween decoration to your home or you just simply want a new face for your old wall clock then the following DIY project is perfect for you.

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Questions to ask when buying a house for the first time

Buying a home is really a very big task and this requires lot of planning.  One will have many doubts and questions because home buying involves lot of money and one has to be sure about the process which is involved in buying a home.Going through proper channel and finding a good seller is definitely a very big task. Another important fact is, you must prepare a list of questions that can be asked in order to be sure that you are doing the right thing at the right time in the right place.

Questions to ask

Therefore,  one of the main question is, why am I buying a home now and what are my future plans for this house? How long am I going to live here.Real estate market is very huge and it is definitely subject to witness lot of changes in the market that depends on several factors.

Therefore, you need to plan every aspect that selling your home whenever you wish to and similarly when you wish to buy a new home, you need to make a good analysis of all other aspects.

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Unique Porch House Design in Vanderpool

This lovely house was completed in 2010 but it doesn’t look like the typical contemporary buildings. It’s modest and it’s rather traditional. That’s because the owners didn’t want an impressive house but one that they could call home and where they would feel comfortable. The house is located in Vanderpool, Texas, USA and it sits on an area of 1,500 sqf. It was designed and built by Lake | Flato Architects.

Miller Porch House by Lake | Flato Architects

I guess we could say that the location chose the design of the house rather than the owners. They only wanted a small house that would allow them to be in close touch with nature and the climate and the environment did the rest. The Porch House is a simple, sustainable and practical house and the rooms and the landscape are a unified whole.

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Portable picnic table

Picnics are always fun. We get to go out with friends and we get to spend time in the middle of nature, play games and start a fire, wait for the food to be ready while drooling at its delicious smell… There almost nothing to dislike about a picnic, except maybe the lack of comfort.

Portable picnic table

If there’s something I would change about that is the way everyone has to eat sitting on the ground, crowded, with all the food in the middle and no space to sit comfortably. Here’s an item that has the ability to change all that. This is the Portable picnic table and it’s a very practical and functional item that will change your picnic experience completely.

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Original Office Design by za bor Architects

Za bor architects have created a wonderful office design for the Yandex company, more precisely the Kiev branch, in Ukraine. Being one of the most popular Russian Internet segment and constantly developing, the Kiev branch had to move into a new office.

The architects created an eco-friendly place, an office where you can find comfortable, quirky, cheerful spaces instead of a dull gray area. They also wanted to give it a modern aspect and make it a warm and welcoming place. Having a small space to work with, a tiny 290sqm, they came up with an interesting design. The room is flooded with natural light through a huge arched window that offers splendid views of the opera house.

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Marguerite Chair by Borek Sipek for Driade

Driade is a well-known furniture company that sells chairs, stools, tables and many other similar items all over the world. Borek Sipek, a Czech designer, was hired by them and the combination proved a great one. One of the results of this association is the Marguerite chair that has a special and delicate design. The chair has a very nice floral back rest that looks like a stylized lotus flower and simply looks great.

The chair is made of lacquered aluminum and has a refined exquisite shape and look. The material used for Marguerite  Chair by Borek Sipek makes it lightweight and easy to move from one place to another and it can also be used for outdoors because aluminum is not affected by weather. You can use it just like that – with the aluminum framework, but if you want more comfort, you could add a cushion. It is removable, so basically your choice. You can order the item here for $424.

Blur Building

Switzerland was chosen to host the international exhibition pavilion in 2002 and in Yverdon-les-Bains. It was a great success partly to the location chosen and designed on this occasion. It is called the “Blue building” and it was designed by Diller Scofidion+ Renfro. The building is nothing out of the ordinary in itself, but it does have something special that was the biggest attraction then and now, too. It is a special mechanism that produces a continuous curtain of blur that surrounds the building and makes it really special and unique.

There are special mechanical devices that pump out water from Lake Neuchatel and throw it around the building through 35,000 high pressure nozzles. This makes it possible for the mist to always surround the construction and attracts tourists. But this is not all. There is even a smart weather system that measures air temperature and pressure, wind direction and intensity and then decides the amount of water pushed through the nozzles in order to obtain the wanted effect of mist. Great design and visual effect.

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