Luxury Mountain Hotel In The Himalayas

Somewhere in the Himalayas there’s a very beautiful remote hotel called Shakbti 360 Leti. The hotel was designed by Jamshyd Sethna who’s a travel professional from Bombay, India. The designer really loves the mountains and this was the major factor that influenced him and made him decide to build this hotel. Since the location and the views were the most important elements that determined the construction, the hotel had to fully use its location and to offer the best when it comes to landscape and views.

The hotel was designed as a place where one can go to relax and rejuvenate, letting the surroundings fill him or her with energy. It’s a quiet and calm place, away from all the noise and clutter of the city, a place that seems to have been taken away from a dream.

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Interesting Bird Nest Giant Bed

Kids seem to have more energy than a machine. They are able to walk, run and play all day long with any stop. I have just experienced this thing with my own daughter. Although she is only ten months she is sable to walk and run very well. For the moment I sustain her as she is not able yet to walk on her own but everyday she makes big progresses. The funny thing is that I seem to get tired more quickly than she does or I fall asleep faster than she. Perhaps the youth of her organism is the main key here. The inconvenient is that cannot do anything in the house if she is not in a safe place where she cannot escape from.

Interesting Bird Nest Giant Bed

Thus I saw this interesting Giant Bed which seemed to me great for when you have kids. It is a great place inspired by the bird nest where kids can sit comfortably and feel secure. The Giant Bed looks like a real bird nest where your baby seems to play and wait for his or her parents as a real baby bird.

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Elegant Velvet Sofas and Loveseats by Coleccion Alexandra

Our senses are receptive to any kinds of stimuli .A certain fragrance of a flower or a perfume cannot escape our nose, the appearance of some strident or vibrant colors are always perceived by our agile eyes and all kinds of surfaces, materials of different texture are quickly felt by our touch.

Velvet is a remarkable material which you can feel its soft texture from the first sight. It is not even necessary to touch it. Velvet is a material which inspires you style, elegance and luxury. It is representative for a certain period of time when the ladies’ dresses were made of this delicate and soft material.

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Top 5 New York Park Avenue estates for sale

There are a lot of beautiful places in New York. Park Avenue is, of course, one of the greatest locations. It’s not easy to find something for sale in that area. That’s why we’ve done the research for you. Here are 5 estates that are currently for sale on Park Avenue.

1. 765 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10021 United States.

765 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10021 United States

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Rustic yet elegant house in Biarritz, France designed by Isabel López-Quesada

Spanish designer Isabel López-Quesada is famous for her beautiful interior decors, for the way she sues texture and color and the way she manages to combine styles and materials in a harmonious and stylish composition. This is a house located in Biarritz, France. As you can see, it was designed by the same talented artist. It’s a very inspiring house, with a beautiful interior design that is different in each room and yet there’s a continuity throughout the house.

Isabel López-Quesada interior design

Notice how cozy this place looks. It seems rustic and yet it’s also very elegant, a combination very hard to obtain. The furniture doesn’t belong all to the same category, not even the one in the living room. Notice the vintage/antique lounge chair sitting between a rough wooden coffee table with storage underneath and a chic sofa, with a simple and stylish design.

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Classic and contemporary interior design

This residence is owner by a young couple who had a lot of imagination and exuberance, specific to their age and wanted to come up with a dynamic and original interior décor. They decided to mix styles in order to obtain the look they were aiming for. You’ll notice that there’s a harmonious mix of both classical and contemporary elements in all the rooms. In the living the atmosphere seems to be very casual and inviting. The sofas placed face to face invite you to sit down and relax while having a pleasant conversation with the other guests. It’s a functional arrangement, very good for the living room.

Classic and contemporary interior design

The unusual coffee table that you see in the middle was actually designed by the owners. It’s a representation of their personal tastes and it integrates quite naturally into the décor. Even though they’re a couple, they don’t have the same tastes and they don’t like the same things, which is actually natural and very common. Considering this factor, they had to reach an agreement so they’ve decided to mix and match their favorite items.

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Impressive Thurston Wine House by Jones Studio

Autumn is the season of wine. It is the moment when grapes are ripped and ready to transform them in delicious and perfumed liquor called wine. There are so many types of grapes, of various colors and with different aromas. They are also used in cosmetics and a glass of wine near a delicious meal becomes a real medicine for our organism. It is important to know how we can benefit from the curative properties of these fruits and to appreciate a good wine.

For those who would like to delight their views and other senses with the image of some great bottles of wine and taste their perfumed liquor here it is a great place which can offer them such privilege. It is called Thurston Wine House and it was designed by Jones Studio.

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