Home office wall cabinet with a hidden surprise inside

How would like to have a piece of furniture that has a double function? It would be a typical home office wall cabinet one moment and a fun and relaxing media center the next. Created by San Francisco’s Closet Innovations, this is indeed a clever design.

Home office wall cabinet with a hidden surprise inside

The main advantage is the double functionality and also the fact it would help you save a lot of space. The hidden areas contain tons of storage space and they can be filled with anything you want. In the middle there’s a large open area where you could conveniently place an LCD monitor that can be mounted on the back panel or simply placed on the shelf. You can also add a CPU case and even a comfy chair, if you can find a one with a cube-like shape so that you can hide it inside the middle bottom storage unit.

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Frightful DIY Candlesticks for Halloween Party

There so many events that appear in our life and there so many holidays that make our life more dynamic and more enjoyable. For each of these events people try to prepare themselves and their homes in order to feel the spirit of that specific holiday. So, you may admire the beautiful decorations for a Thanksgiving Day, gorgeous Halloween party’s decors or Christmas decorative elements.

Frightful DIY Candlesticks for Halloween Party

Personally, I am a fan of candle holders. Candles are perfect for all kinds of events and create a magic atmosphere and glow inside of any kind of interior. For a Valentine’s dinner they add more romanticism and intimacy .On Easter or Christmas dinners they become a part of the specific décor for these holidays and if you want to scary your friends even more you may think of some frightful candlesticks. Perhaps the next DIY project is perfect for the Halloween party that you need to prepare the following days.

As Halloween comes closer and closer you must be very prepared for everything. Some frightful DIY Candlesticks can be perfect for your Halloween décor. All you need is some materials like: empty bottles of different sizes, gloss enamel paint in various dark colors, acrylic paint with glitter in various dark colors, and red and black candles.{found on freshhomeideas}

Modern apartment in a factory building in Stockholm

It’s hard to imagine how a factory could become a cozy home. Still, there have been plenty f weird transformations that could top this one, like churches turned into family residence, boats used as homes or even light towers that have taken the place of residences. Today we’re going to take a look at this beautiful apartment located in Stockholm.

apartment in a factory building in Stockholm

At first it’s hard to believe that it once used to be part of a hat factory but the pictures are real so you have to choice than to get used with the idea. You can see the talent and the hard work that the architects and designers have put in this project. It’s actually impossible to find any trace of the old building.

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Cubkids Toddler Bed

Kids are cute and helpless human beings and they need all the help in the world to survive their first three years of life. They cannot do anything by themselves and they also try to gain their independence little by little by doing all sort of stupid things. For example they start rolling over the bed, not being aware that this way they can fall on the floor or drag some blankets over the face. This is why they need constant supervision and this is why they need beds their size. That is the best criterion in choosing furniture: respect the size of the owner: a small bed for a small person and a big bed for a big person. This Cubkids Toddler Bed is designed and made especially for toddlers, considering many of the problems that might occur and trying to prevent them.

The wooden margins of the bed are very useful, yet very decorative at the same time and they look the toddler bed look great. The subtle nautical hint that reminds you a bit of a sailing boat make it even more attractive and nice. The colour of the wood is sweet and gentle for the little eyes and the mattress is firm enough not to let them smother but also soft enough to be comfortable. In short this is the perfect bed for your toddler and you can have it for $595.

Normann Copenhagen – Norm 06 Hanging Lamp

It’s easy to have a source of light for a room: you simply attach a light bulb to any source of power with the help of a cable or cord and mission accomplished. But if you want to have a beautiful source of light – well, things get more complicated. That happens because most designers think of simple and impersonal lamp shade that can be produced and manufactured in big numbers for a good price. But if you want something exquisite and full of taste you will have to dig up a bit, either from store to store or, more conveniently, on the Internet. This is how I found this incredible Normann Copenhagen – Norm 06 Hanging Lamp.

Norm 06 Hanging Lamp

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Home World Map Shower Curtain

Some people are very good in History, some others in Chemistry and some , me included, simply love Geography. I have always liked learning everything there is to know about continents and countries and their capitals, towns and rivers, frontiers and all the other stuff kids learn in high-school in Geography. And one of my favourite games was to say the capital of a country and locate it on the world map in very few seconds. Of course, I needed a map for that and the political ones turned to be really useful, as the countries were colourful and had a clear design and boundaries. Any way, I have just found out that now I can combine my long gone passion for Geography with the moments of relaxation I spend in the shower, and this thanks to this amazing Home World Map Shower Curtain.

This shower curtain has a special design and it looks like a giant world map, printed on a PEVA sheet . It will turn your bathroom into an interesting room with a unique design and your long showers will be doubled by a pleasant experience and the time spent there will be used for locating countries on the map, finding out their neighbours and continent and so on. Besides, you can have it for just $14.99.

HEMNES COffee Table from IKEA

I like delicate and minutely designed and decorated things, but somehow I do like simple things better. I think that happens because I live in a pretty small apartment and I wish I had more space. As you know, the simple design of the furniture makes your living room look larger and creates the idea of space in contrast with all the adornments and accessories of a vintage piece of furniture for example. Well, I found this HEMNES COffee Table from IKEA and I loved it. It is my dream of perfect coffee table: not too big and not very small, either, just perfect for a couple of people to sit around sipping their steaming cup of coffee and having a good time around it.

This coffee table if square and made of wood and this feature makes it a bit warmer than a glass and steel table and also make sit more personal. It has a very useful shelf under the table top and you can use it for storing magazines, books or any other objects you like keeping near the coffee table. The table is available in black (my favourite), grey and white and you can purchase it for $119.

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