Personalized jute-wrapped vasesFull tutorial

Posted in DIY Projects | by Simona Ganea, on March 6, 2012

Personalized jute-wrapped vases

Whenever you have some leftover material or anything else think twice before you just throw them away. There are a lot of things that you can make with simple leftover pieces and that can really make a difference in the décor. For example, take a look at these jute-wrapped vases. They look so simple and...

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Unique Caves of Civita in Matera, ItalyFull story

Posted in Hotels & Resorts | by Simona Ganea, on March 6, 2012

Unique Caves of Civita in Matera, Italy

Le Grotte dela Civita, translated in English as the Caves of Civita is a project developed in Sassi of Matera, Italy. The construction process started in 2006 and the project was completed three years later, in 2009. The result was this unique and luxurious hotel. It’s not like other luxury hotels. This one actually looks...

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Private Working Corner- DeskshellFull story

Posted in Office Design Ideas | by Simona Strachinaru, on March 6, 2012

Private Working Corner- Deskshell

Usually when you work you need your own space where you can have all the privacy and comfort that you need. Nowadays there are more and more open working spaces which encourage the team work, communication, collaboration and many other ways to work with people. Still there are moments when you need a peaceful and...

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Unusual Animal Shaped Mirrors by CreazioniFull story

Posted in Furniture | by Simona Strachinaru, on March 6, 2012

Unusual Animal Shaped Mirrors by Creazioni

Mirrors are interior items which cannot be absent from a house, especially when you have girls. Recently I have discovered that our little daughter who is only one year old has a special place where she goes the first time every morning. This place is the huge mirror from our bedroom. She loves to see...

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The creative Boombox SetFull story

Posted in Furniture | by Simona Ganea, on March 6, 2012

The creative Boombox Set

Pillows are one of the most versatile and useful accessories for the home. They can be very practical and functional when you want to sit comfortable on the sofa or bed, they can be just what you need after a long day at work and they also make beautiful decorations for the home. They have...

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Prefab Contemporary Desert ResidenceFull story

Posted in Architecture | by Claudia Atudosiei, on March 6, 2012

Prefab Contemporary Desert Residence

Usually I would say that you have to be crazy to move in the desert. Why people choose this kind of places, full of sand and lack of water and civilization? Now I know! Such a unique place, with a combination between sun, sand, shrubs and mountains is the perfect place to relax if you...

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The modular Rolly shelf unitFull story

Posted in Bookshelves | by Simona Ganea, on March 6, 2012

The modular Rolly shelf unit

This is the Rolly Shelf unit. It’s a modular shelving unit that was designed by Matt Carr. It’s one of those units that you can model like a puzzle. The Rolly Shelf unit is made of walnut wood. It has a lacquer finish that enhances the grain and the texture of the wood as well...

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