Signe Nordli Becker’s Paris home

This is yet another white home, this time located in Paris. It belongs to designer Signe Nordli Becker and it has been decorated with Nordic elements and using a lot of white. The goal was to obtain a romantic interior by using simplicity and elegance. The decorations have been gathered from all over the world. For example, notice the table and the vases from the living room, as well as the lamp that comes from a factory in India.

The designer first came in Paris in a vacancy as a florist but she ended up as an interior designer for Sia. She designed the coffee table from the living room herself. It’s obvious that this is an interior designed by someone who knows something about this domain. The colors combine harmoniously, even though most of the interior is white. This neutral color is often used in small apartments because it crates the false impression of a larger space.

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Lovely Alouette Collection by Atelier Areti

These days I pay a visit to an aunt of mine and I have also seen her adorable canary. Although she loves animals she does not agree with the idea of keeping them inside especially when you leave in a block of flats. The animal would not feel all right, it would be like a prison for it and there are also other problems that appear when it stays inside of the apartment. She told me how attached of it she was and how much she loves it.

Lovely Alouette Collection by Atelier Areti

It is a sweet little, blue bird that is called Rika. It is a canary that brings life and color in the apartment and makes you feel a better person, more optimistic and more tolerant.The same features seem to impress Atelier Areti. They were inspired by the sweetness of birds and created a lovely collection called Alouette. The moment you choose one of the models of this collection your interior will get a different ambiance.

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Creative interior design by Cheri Messerli and David Rager

After taking a look at the pictures I’m sure you all agree now that such a space could only have been designed by a very creative mind. Well, the reality is that two creative minds had to work together in order to achieve this result. It’s an interior design created by Cheri Messerli and David Rager. They are a graphic designer and respectively a fashion designer/stylist. Of course, from the equation can’t miss their dog Scout that is present everywhere.

Now let’s take a look at the actual house. As you can see, it’s a very cozy and inviting place. It doesn’t seem like a finished design but that’s its beauty. There are plenty of interesting and surprising elements that you can’t stop admiring. Let’s take a look foe example at that lovely origami structure made of a lot of paper cranes. It’s definitely something unique.

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Twist Bowl by Lynn Read

We use bowls for milk and cereals , that is most of the times. But sometimes bowls can be used for other purposes, for example for decorative purposes. This Twist Bowl by Lynn Read is the perfect illustration of my words, as you can see from the pictures how nice these bowls look. They are made of glass and they are hand blown and this gives them a certain distinction and makes them unique. The bowls are very colourful and look great and the artist – Lynn Read mixes all the colours and melts them and turns everything into liquid rainbows.

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Barbecue Thermometer

I am not too much of a cook, but I do try and when I do that I am rarely experimenting, but rather following instructions. There are a lot of good recipes that are so easy to find and if you follow every step of the way you cannot be wrong and the result will be the one expected. Well, one of the problems I encountered was the fact that some recipes said to set the oven for a certain temperature or to cook the food, especially the meat for a certain amount at time at a certain temperature. But I had no means of measuring this temperature. So I started looking for some utensil to help me with this. And I found this Barbecue Thermometer at Barrel and Crate and I think it is just what I was looking for.

The thermometer is the perfect kitchen gadget that will help you find out the exact temperature inside the barbecue meat. It has a long stainless probe that is attached to a thermo resistant plastic handle and this allows you to stick it in the barbecue in order to find out the temperature. You can use this thermometer either in the oven or outdoors when having a barbecue and everything done with extreme safety, as the probe locks when it is unused. It is made in China and has a digital display for a better reading, but you can’t immerse it into water; just clean it with a sponge. You can have it now for $19.95.

Cozy Carly Chair with botanical print

The Carly Chair is a new approach to the timeless wing chair. It’s amazing how such small changed like the fabric pattern in this case can change one’s perception over a certain item. This particular chair is a very versatile piece of furniture that can fit every home and basically every room.

Cozy Carly Chair with botanical print

The chair features a beautiful botanical print, not too bright but neither too boring, just perfect for this chair. It has a compact shape with sloped arms that add elegance, creating a curved and chic silhouette. The plush seat cushion is soft and cozy, making the Carly chair a very comfortable product and adding yet another reason for you to buy it. This particular model comes with an Anjou yellow frame.

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Spacious residence in Denver for sale

Located on 60 Kearney Street this beautiful modern property has just been listed for $1,850,000. It was designed by OZ Architecture, one of Denver’s Most Respected and Credited Architectural Firms. The residence features an open floor plan and a generous outdoor living space. The building was originally a 50s split level ranch, until it was turned into a modern home with a floating roof.

60 Kearney Street residence

The entrance to the house is made through a steel door. In the middle there’s a circular staircase with black concrete treads. It connects the lower and upper floor and it also separates the areas of the house. The residence includes a gourmet kitchen with 3 separate cooking sources consisting in 2 gas burners, an electric grill and a flat ceramic top with instant on halogen.

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