DIY simple side table

It’s always fun to find creative projects that you can do by yourself. Small decorative items are usually what we create but there are also other things we can come up with, for example something practical and useful like a side table. And that’s a really simply project because it doesn’t require much time or effort.

Here’s what you’re going to need to make a side table just like the one in the pictures. You’ll need a hammer, a cross-cut hand saw, an engineered square or 90-degree triangle, a sanding block, a pencil, lumber ((3) 1” x 6” x 6’, (1) 1” x 4” x 6’, (1) 1” x 3” x 6’, (1) 1” x 2” x 6’) and a box of #16 x 1 1/4″ wire nails.

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Nest Chair by Twig

I used to watch all the TV documentaries about animals and nature because I like to know things about the world I live in. It is so interesting and fascinating and you can learn many useful things. I still watch these shows with much pleasure and I encourage my kids to do so, too. For example I saw those little birds building a nest out of nothing and finishing it with great design and making it strong enough to hold the eggs and to resist all kinds of weather. I was and I still am fascinated by the way in which birds go hunting for little straws and leaves of grass, gather them all in one place they choose for the nest and start weaving until they get the masterpiece. Well, smart people borrowed this technique from the birds and applied it in many fields, one of them being furniture design and manufacture. This Nest Chair by Twig is the perfect illustration.

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Richard Garriott’s Brittania Manor II listed for $4.1 million

As you’ve probably noticed, this is a very unusual residence. It’s called Brittania Manor II so this should be a clue from the beginning. The house belongs to video game designer and space traveler Richard Garriott. In this case we would say that the home fits the owner. The residence takes its name from the castle of Lord British, rules of Brittania. Don’t even try to remember who that is because you’re never going to find out. He’s Garriott’s alter ego in the game series he created.

Richard Garriott's Brittania Manor II listed

As we would expect, the residence is unique and very impressive. The property is currently listed for $4.1 million and it’s searching for a new owner that would share the same love for fantasy and its creator. Garriott, who is the son of astronaut Owen Garriott, has been working at an even more impressive Texas house called Brittania Manor III. I suppose that’s also the reason why he decided to give up this one.

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Finestre Villas Located in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico

The Finestre Villa is located in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico and it was a project developed by CC Arquitectos / Manuel Cervantes Céspedes and collaborators Edson Castillo, Deyanira Yarza, Jose Luis Heredia, Hector Barroso, Adan San Juan. The list is actually much longer if we also add the constructors, work supervisors and interior designers. The residence sits on a 9.700 sqm site and the construction was completed in 2011.

Finestre Villas Located in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico

This is actually not a single residence but a multiple beach housing project composed of 8 units. The project would also include and integrate the trees and the vegetation from the site. As for the interiors, they feature a lot of wood structure, which is actually a very good idea. It creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere and it’s also very relaxing and intimate.

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Simple Lipper rectangular table and chair set for children

Unlike some other products designed for children, this table and chair set is actually very simple and lacks any bright colors. Still, it’s quite attractive. It was designed for children that already know how to draw, write and are capable of creating their own projects. The desk is also very nice for doing homework. The set was crafted from durable natural beechwood with a strong protective coating.

table and chair set for children

The desk includes recessed cubby shelves, perfect for storing books, crayons and other supplies the children might use. The set also includes two matching chairs. The dimensions of the desk are 33.25L x 21.75W x 24H inches and each chair measures 14.5D x 13.75W x 25.5H inches .The table and chair set is available in five different colors including cherry, espresso, natural, pecan and white.

I particularly like this set especially because it’s so simple and lacks all the usual decorations, prints, colors and other elements that we usually encounter in children furniture. Thos can be very distracting and the children usually see them as toys and not as functional products that can be used for something else. And simple products are more suitable for children that already go to school because they get used with grown-up environments. They stop thinking at themselves as babies and take everything more seriously. It’s not as fun to look at but sometimes it’s the better choice. You can buy this set for $144.98.

How to decorate a bedroom with white furniture

For a bedroom, your imaginations count endless.  Bright, clean, flexible, cozy,… are the adjectives you look for to get fit into your bedroom. Are not they?  White furniture has got all the answers. Here are some suggestions.

Bright and Clean:

White furniture enhances the play of light inside your bedroom. Thereby, it looks brighter than usual. Bright room looks comparatively cleaner. Again, white furniture let the room look spacious. However, a few mirror s of different shapes simply adds to the effect.

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The Japanese Kitchens – the perfect example of comfort

When I first saw the images about the Japanese kitchens I said to myself: “Just perfect!” …but what I liked the most was the concept of bringing people together in a space designed to include cooking, eating and relaxing at the same time. Every object in these kitchens is modern and captivates the attention; nothing compares to a room in which people enjoy spending time in with friends and family, a comfortable and inviting space.

Modern Japanese Kitchens

Toyokitchen’ s designs provide the aspects of traditional design in some modern settings. No matter you choose the warm tones with wood flooring or the cooler tones with stainless steel appliances, you have the same feeling of straight lines, a continuity of simple lines. The minimalist approach and the clean lines characterize the Japanese kitchen design.

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