Lovely Computer Desk/Table Armoire

Today we would like to present you a beautiful piece of furniture that will give a plus of flavor to your space. The Furinno Computer Desk/Table Armoire is a great element for any home. Not only does it provide space for all your computer elements, but it also keeps them hidden.

A good desk is able to create a good mood and contribute to successful and fruitful work. The Furinno Armoire can provide all of this for you and your family. With its simple and functional, attractive design this piece of furniture is great for your home office space. Moreover it features a pull out keyboard drawer, CPU and printer storage areas. Made out of engineered particleboard with commercial grade laminate PU paper this desk is easy to maintain and can perfectly integrate in your current design. Furthermore, you can order it online for $49.99 at only one dimension that is 31.69″l x 31.69″h x 23.94″d. This lovely piece can also be used for something else, like hiding your kid clutter in the storage area and putting your laptop on it.

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Ferm Living Tree Trunk Vase

If you’re in the mood for something unusual and original, take a loom at this intriguing vase. It’s doesn’t look anything like the usual vases we see wherever we go. That’s because it’s shaped like a tree trunk. I personally find this design very interesting and original.

Tree Trunk Vase

The vase was designed by Trine Andersen and it’s inspired by Scandinavian nature. The vase is sculpted from an actual tree trunk. Also, in order to keep the wood safe and sound, there’s a removable ceramic cup inside. Since the vases are made from actual tree trunks, this also meant that each vase is unique and it varies in terms of color, shape and size. The designer uses alder wood to create the vase.

It’s a very interesting idea. Such an intriguing vase will definitely add personality to your décor. It’s an eye-catching item and it certainly does its job as a decorative piece. The approximate dimensions of this particular vase are 15cm. There are other sizes available as well. You can buy this unique vase for £39.95. And if you further want to decorate your home in the same tone, you can also opt for the Ferm Living Tree Trunk Tealight Holder, featuring a similar design. There are also other nature-inspired products you could find, like a tree trunk side table or a pebble coffee table.

Colorful eclectic interior design

If you can’t make up your mind and choose one particular style to go with, then maybe the eclectic style is the one for you, as it can be defined as a the combination of multiple ideas, styles or tastes from various sources. Such an interior décor could be a very good choice for those who like to be original and to come up with new and interesting combinations. Let’s take a look at this particular residence for example.

Remember that being able to master the eclectic style doesn’t mean possessing the ability to match styles but rather to be able to mix them in order to get a new look that hasn’t been created before and that matches your personality. Creating an eclectic interior design requires creativity and imagination. You’ll have to innovate, to mix colors and textures in an unusual but pleasant way and to come up with fresh ideas.

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Beach house in the middle of a tall forest

When picturing a beach house you usually assume it’s situated somewhere close to the beach, where you can see and admire the water and the sand. In this case you would be wrong. This beautiful contemporary summerhouse is situated in the middle of a forest that edges the road along the beach front. Building the house was a challenge because at first the site was almost entirely covered in mature trees. Most of them had to be removed in order to make room for the house but it was a sacrifice that the owners decided to live with.

The residence is separated into two volumes, for private and public spaces. The private area consists in bedrooms and a garage that are housed in two towers constructed as freshly sawn stumps of the trees that have been removed. The house has a compact look. However, it features an irregular design with interior spaces that seem to have been carved out of the freshly cut wood.

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Rubik’s cube chest of drawers

Everybody is probably familiar with the Rubik’s cube, a puzzling toy that is at first fun and then it gets annoying and sometimes obsessing. But let’s stop at fun and take a look at this Rubik’s cube-inspired piece of furniture. Unlike the original piece, this is not a brain teaser as it only focuses on the fun part. The chest only has one of the three required axes of rotation so you wont be able to scramble the pieces neither to solve the puzzle.

Rubik's cube chest of drawers

Nevertheless, it’s going to be challenging to have such a piece in your home. First, the drawers are well hidden and hard to spot so the first step would be to detect them. Then you’ll have to solve another puzzle, as they all have locks hidden in different locations. It’s both fun and challenging, as long as you’re not in a hurry.

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Autumn Leaf Lidded Storage Box

In some cases, no matter how big your house is, you’ll eventually end up needing more storage space. In such cases you’ll need to find some ways of solving the problem. One option would be to add some storage boxes. Here’s a stylish variant you could choose. The autumn leaf lidded storage box is both elegant and practical.

flower box

Storage boxes are not necessarily a solution for when cabinets and closets are full. They can also be sued as part of those units. There are plenty of furniture pieces that include large shelves where you can place baskets or storage boxes. This particular model has a simple and beautiful design. It comes in black and it features some leafs painted on one side in autumn colors, hence the name of the product.

It’s a stylish alternative to plain and boring storing boxes. Why settle for something plain and simple when you can opt for something more stylish and colorful? This one is both stylish and practical. It has open side handles for easy carrying and it also comes with a lid. You can buy the Autumn Leaf Lidded Storage Box for the special price of £10.00.

Adjustable Architect Lamp

Regardless of the type of desk or table you have, at some point you find yourself in need of a lamp. In that case you begin the search for the optimal product that would satisfy your needs. Let me present you the Architect lamp, a product that could end your search as it is practical and good-looking in the same time. The Architect lamp was designed for desks and tables and it takes very little space as it clamps to the desk, headboard, shelf, etc.

Adjustable Architect Lamp

This characteristic makes the Architect lamp extremely versatile. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including a reading lamp that would not take nightstand space, a desk lamp, a romantic lamp functionally clamped to a shelf, etc. The Architect lamp features a glossy finish and it comes in several color including berry, white, silver, green, aqua and orange.

The lamp is height-adjustable and it comes with a 60’’ black cord. It’s also UL listed so if you’re purchasing with the intent to use outside U.S. or Canada you should use an adaptor and voltage converter for your country. The lamp is made of aluminum and it has a very simple design. It’s not a product meant to be especially elegant or stylish but rather functional and practical. You can buy the Architect lamp for EUR 25.35.

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