Playful school design covered in grass

How fun would it be to go to a green school. And by green I don’t mean ecological, with eco-friendly materials or ecological fixtures. I really mean a green school, that’s literary covered in grass. That’s the new Public School and Primary Roldan (CEIP). The school is located on the plain of Campo de Cartagena, in southern Spain.

The school definitely has a distinguished look and from far away it even looks like a miniature golf course. It was designed by Spanish architecture firm Estudio Huma. They’ve managed to design a very creative project. Estudio Huma also created a residential complex, thinking at the population influx.

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Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair Reproduction

People use to say that you can’t put price on comfort. However, that turns up to be a false affirmation, as we see every day that it’s not true. However, when you find a chair that is so comfortable you want to sit in there forever, the price tends to be less important. It’s the case of this stylish chair, a reproduction of the Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair.

Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair Black Leather

The original design was a classic beauty and this is a high-quality reproduction of that. It features the same unconventional shape and similar elegance. The chair features a cast aluminum base, with tilt and swivel mechanism. As for the design, the Egg Chair has a very fluid shape, with curved lines and an overall chic and stylish look. The chair required minimum padding thus being lightweight without sacrificing comfort.

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The Private GAP-Residence by Tetsushi Tominaga Architect & Associates

Located in Tokyo, Japan this modern and odd-looking house was a project developed by Tetsushi Tominaga Architect & Associates. The requirements were both clear and vague. They had to design and build a house where the limits between rooms and different areas were not very visible. In other words, they had to create a continuous space that would be both modern and poetical.

The exterior design of the house is very eye-catching, especially during the night. The house is very simple and consists of several geometrical shapes put on top of each other or combined in a 3D image. There’s a transparent space that is visible from the outside and that cuts the house in two, with a vertical line representing the staircase. There’s another transparent insert, this time horizontally.

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Small apartment near Strand for sale

This cute little apartment measures only 53 sqm but it compensates with a warm and cozy interior. It’s located in a quiet and highly desirable area close to Strand in Stockholm and it’s beautifully designed and functionally divided. On the rear of the building where the apartment is situated is a very lovely courtyard, quiet and relaxing and a source of natural light.

The apartment has a spacious lounge area with beautiful high ceilings and nice tiles. This is an area that can be used wither as a seating area, a living room or a dining room. There are already some dining room furniture pieces but you can always change that. The bedrooms and very warm and cozy. They feature double beds and wardrobes. There are also two large walk-in closets with plenty of storage space.

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Elegant Trophy Table Lamp

If you feel like you home needs a fresh touch, there’s a very simple way to do that and it involves little decorative objects, such as table lamps, wall art and things like vases and flowers. The lamps are a very common way of refreshing a décor. They are one of the most intriguing objects as they are both functional and decorative.

Elegant Trophy Table Lamp

This trophy lamp is especially elegant and stylish as it features a chic silhouette and an overall simple design. It features a glossy metal base with a beautiful shape reminding of the human body-s silhouette. I find this lamp particularly feminine as it has such a soft design.

In case you decide to purchase the lamp, you can buy it for £30.00 and it will be delivered to you in no longer than 3 working days, including the day you order. Because of the lamp’s beautiful but relatively neutral design, it would make a beautiful addition to any room. You can use it in the living room where it would make a stylish decoration, in the bedroom, on the nightstand where it would look romantic and it would also be very practical, or in the office, on your desk. If you have a reading corner, that would also be a great choice. The lamp is also available in the colors that are displayed in the picture.

Blue Facade House in Portugal by Sebastião Moreira

Located in Leça da Palmeira, Portugal, the Mp House is a beautiful residence designed by architect Sebastião Moreira in collaboration with Patrícia Moutinho. The house was completed in 2008. It’s a rather small house with a compact box-like look that is continued throughout and becomes a theme also adopted in the interior. In terms of interior design, the house features a simple, neutral, white décor.

The walls and the ceiling are painted white throughout the house. It’s a symbol of purity and simplicity and it’s also a very simple and clever way of making a space seem bigger and creating a more airy and fresh atmosphere. In order to create some contrast, the floors are made of wood and feature a natural finish that complements the whiteness of the walls and also brings some warmth inside.

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Rechter House in Tel Aviv Redesigned by Pitsou Kedem Architects

The Rechter House is located in Tel Aviv, Israel and it has been recently remodeled by Pitsou Kedem Architects. The house was originally designed by Zeev Rechter from whom it also got the name. It used to be a single-storey house for the designer and his family with an open plan design. As time passed, a second floor and a third wing were added to the building. This made the original design disappear slowly and to be hidden by the new structure. This also meant that the principles used for the original design were also abandoned.

Pitsou Kedem Architects were asked to transform this building into a new structure that could then be used by two separate families. The new owners didn’t necessarily care about the original design. The architects were able to redesign the building and to remodel both the exterior and the interior.

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