Cloud no 9 Residence in Australia

This striking residence is not a new construction but the alteration of a historic building that dates back to the 1830s. The building is located in the inner city suburb of Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia. It was a project created with the help of Andrew Simpson Architects, builder Camson Homes and structural engineer Meyer Consulting. The construction was completed in 2011 and the project actually involved both the alteration of the original building and the addition of a new volume.

The building was originally used as private horse stables for a nearby mansion and it consists of a double height warehouse volume and a two-storey bay loft. It has been converted to a single family residence that is now at the border between history with the heritage value of the original design and the high tech environmentally sustainable side that the client requested.

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Tranquil, modern duplex in Bagaregården

This beautiful apartment is situated in a quiet area, in a building originally built in 1926. This is actually a duplex apartment, functionally divided as it follows: on the ground floor there’s the living room and the kitchen, thus the public areas, while upstairs you can find the bedroom and the office, area that require more privacy.

The kitchen and the bedroom are facing the courtyard. Even though the apartment has been renovated, there are still some of the original elements that have been preserved, such as moldings, mirrored doors and some cabinets. All the rooms have tiles floors. The building where this apartment is situated originally presented a classic style. However, after the reconstruction, the duplex now presents a modern décor.

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What is the difference between a home and a house?

Many have said in the past that a home is place where hearts live and house is a place where people live.  While many agree with this statement, when it is analyzed in its true logic, it can be confirmed that truly a home is for a family whereas a house is for anyone to live.But if you are really interested to know the in-depth meaning of a house, it means a residence or a duplex house for a single family to reside.

A house is understood to be a free standing constructed structure that has a good garden, perfect interior, main gate and the owner pays house tax annually.At times, when there are houses constructed for a sector or a community, it can be stated that home owners association have collectively constructed the houses and are collectively maintaining, lawns, security and maintenance.

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Elegant apartment in a historic building in Buenos Aires

This particular construction is an award-winning Patrimonio Histórico (Historical Heritage) building. It was built by architect Alejandro Bustillo in 1926. The building is located in Buenos Aires. Inside you can find the apartment we’re going to discuss in this article. It’s a 397 sq mt (4273 sq ft) apartment overlooking Plaza Rodríguez Peña.

 Buenos Aires Apartment

The apartment features French silk and brocade covered walls, large glass windows and oak floors from Slovenia. The apartment beautifully preserved the original décor as if it were locked in a time capsule. The living and dining rooms have cizy fireplaces and old crystal chandeliers while the master suite also includes a marble bathroom and a large dressing room.

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Multifunctional High Chair by CuldeSac

Having a baby is an unique and extraordinary experience for anyone. We all want the best for our children, concerning their care, education, toys and so on. Taking this into consideration, we would like to present you the new high chair designed by CuldeSac.

The Ovo chair is a piece that will certainly catch your eye, specially designed for a time when people are very busy, today’s families live in open multifunctional spaces and everything is in sight. In a time when kids are flooding every space with a lot of daily survival pieces conceived for parents, designed for children, this beautiful chair is perfect for you and your family.

This amazing piece is great for any space due to its design, one that has combined form and content, aesthetics and functionality. The Ovo high chair comes in three designs, each of them being simple and in a neutral color palette that allows you to integrate it in your current design. Moreover it has a lot of functional qualities which you will love, such as washable fabric, baby reins, adjustable tray and footrest.

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Chic and inviting retro interior décor

If you’re a fan of vintage decors, we have a very beautiful and inspiring apartment to show you. You could use it as inspiration material in case you decide to redecorate your own place or you can just remember some basic elements and then apply them creating an original interior design.

Chic and inviting retro interior décor

First let’s start with the living room. Notice the cozy rug and the sofa, covered with different sized-pillows in warm tones. The side table is also a key element, featuring a shape that is specific to this style. Moreover, the chandelier is especially beautiful. Of course, the décor wouldn’t be complete without a cozy fireplace. Moving on to the dining room, this space presents a wooden table with vintage detailing on the legs, covered with a linen and surrounded by wooden chairs that apparently have different designs. The cat is just an extra.

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Original dining room makeover

When moving to a new place it’s always chaotic. There’s a lot you have to do and there’s not enough time so you often find yourself overwhelmed. Nevertheless, there’s always something that can help: friends. They can make everything seem easier. Here’s an example that illustrates this affirmation. When moving into this new apartment, the owner felt like giving up. But with the help of some friends here’s how the new home turned up.

Before-After Dining Room

This is the new dining room. It once used to be a bedroom and it’s a narrow room with not so much space. There’s a window on one side that leads to the living room and two others on the opposite side. In order to obtain the look desired, the owner and friends started with the basic: some fresh paint and furniture. In order to make the room seem larger, a mirror has been added. It’s a simple trick that always gets good results.

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