Practical Faucet Natura by Newform

The look of a space will always depend on the details that complete the whole image and ambiance. There are pieces like a simple lamp, coffee table or armchair which will create a total different atmosphere when they are used for a certain interior. Most of the times, the choice of these elements are a matter of taste, needs and preferences. There are people that prefer a spectacular lamp, a practical coffee table or a comfortable and simple armchair which can make their life more beautiful and easier.

For spaces like kitchens or bathrooms the choice of faucets is very important. They may add simplicity, elegance, glamour or practicality to these spaces. Newform is a firm that preferred to combine a modern design with the practical use of the faucet Natura which actually represents a faucet and a container in one piece.

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The two-story house in Madrid

Located in Madrid, Spain, The Roncero House is an expansive residence with a contemporary design. The house was designed by ALT arquitectura and Ángel Luis Tendero and Bernardo Cummins. The construction was completed in 2011. The house is built into a slope and it features a narrow structure. It’s a two-storey residence with distinct entrances on each floor, which is quite unusual.

The Roncero House by ALT arquitectura

This was a difficult project that had to result into a non-logical structure with huge concrete surfaces. It had to be and to look contemporary and, as you can see, it was a success. The concrete structures that have been placed randomly are both interesting and intriguing.

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Unique vintage chairs by Mel

In case you’re familiar with this name, Mel is an inventive and inspired vintage lover. he started compulsively collecting vintage fabrics during her days as a Textiles Undergraduate in the delightful city of Norwich. She then moved to London and she decided to put her vintage collection to good use. So she started “Mel Made This”. Among the various items she created, there are three chairs that caught our attention.

Htie,Ivy and George Chairs

The chairs have personalized names: Hattie chair, Ivy chair and George chair. Let’s start with the Hattie chair. This is a 1970’s wooden chair that has been 100% covered in fabric. It features an orange floral design and the fabric doesn’t change the original design. It only makes it pop up a little. The dimensions are 80cm x 40cm x 40cm and you can buy it for £280. The Ivy chair is also a 1970s wooden chair, also covered in fabric. This time it’s a brown/orange floral design, with a different pattern. The dimensions are the same and the designs are also similar. The price for this chair is £280.

The George chair is a little different from the other ones. It’s also a 1970s chair but it has a different shape. The fabric used to cover it is also different, featuring a blue/pink floral print. The dimensions and the price remain the same.

Adjustable studio task floor lamp

This product is not the actual original design but a reproduction of a classic design. The original product was a 1930s British task lamp that was designed by someone who specialized in vehicle suspension systems. This one is a faithful reproduction of that design and it could successfully be compared to the original.

Adjustable studio task floor lamp

The lamp was made using spun brass and it’s fitted with tension-spring supports developed in the last century and refined over decades, thus possibly a better version of the original lamp. It also features a 360-degree swiveling head that glides on an extension arm that adjusts at 3 points to assume a range of positions. This makes the lamp very adaptable and also extremely versatile as it can be used both in offices, living rooms, bedrooms and even terraces or decks.

Adjustable studio task floor lamp

It has a very distinguished design and a hand-applied oil-rubbed bronze finish with antique brass accents that gives it personality. The lamp uses one 40W max bulb. Its dimensions are 25″W x 11″D x 60″H. In case you decide to purchase this extremely functionally piece, you can expect delivery in 3 to 7 business days. Now you can buy it for the special price of $299 as opposed to the original $379. The lamp is only available in one color and one size.

Dynamic residence in Beaumaris, Australia

The owner of this residence had a very special request. He was passionate for motorsports so he wanted a house that would reflect this and that would also feel like home. Vibe Design Group took over the project and tried to make his dream come true. As a result the team came up with a design that would create a sense of movement thus offering the client the dynamism he requested.

Dynamic residence in Beaumaris, Australia

Notice the unusual shape of this house. It appears that a portion of the façade has shifted below. It’s a trick used both for the aesthetic result and also for functional reason. The structure actually created a covered entry and it’s also linked to the balcony. The battened timber façade was used to balance the design and also disguise the garage door. As you can see, a lot of elements have a double function in this project, being both functional and decorative.

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Stylish contemporary residence is located in Dallas

This stylish contemporary residence is located in Dallas, United States. It was designed and built by Buchanan Architecture and it’s situated in a spectacular area with a very beautiful landscape. The residence covers a 2.652 sq ft area and it’s conveniently situated on the only flat point of a continuously sloping site.

The main building is facing an area covered with beautiful trees on the west site that also provides shade from the late afternoon sun. The trees also provide beautiful views and a very quiet image to be contemplated from the indoor areas. The living spaces located on the east also provide the inhabitants with the opportunity to admire the sunrise. This was actually a specific request from the owner.

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Home office wall cabinet with a hidden surprise inside

How would like to have a piece of furniture that has a double function? It would be a typical home office wall cabinet one moment and a fun and relaxing media center the next. Created by San Francisco’s Closet Innovations, this is indeed a clever design.

Home office wall cabinet with a hidden surprise inside

The main advantage is the double functionality and also the fact it would help you save a lot of space. The hidden areas contain tons of storage space and they can be filled with anything you want. In the middle there’s a large open area where you could conveniently place an LCD monitor that can be mounted on the back panel or simply placed on the shelf. You can also add a CPU case and even a comfy chair, if you can find a one with a cube-like shape so that you can hide it inside the middle bottom storage unit.

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