Great DIY Halloween Mummy Lanterns

People love to celebrate all sorts of events: anniversaries, weddings, the moment they get a promotion or when they get a better job, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine’s Day and so on. As every event means a lot of preparations a dinner table is almost compulsory for each of these events. In order to get a nice and enjoyable ambiance each of these dinner tables will have decorative items specific to the event .Lights or candles are some accessories that cannot be absent as their glow will create a special atmosphere that everybody will enjoy it.

As there are only a couple of days until Halloween some great DIY Halloween Mummy Lanterns will look wonderful on your dinner table. For this lovely DIY project you need some materials like: small balloons, plaster cloth, cooking spray, small LED tea lights, a pin and scissors.

The process is not complicated. The balloons are covered by a coating of cooking spray and then you must lay some paper mache material on them but not on their entire surface. After they dry you need to pop them inside. Then cut an opening so that you can create a flat surface in order to put them somewhere, turn on the tea light and put the mummy covers on them.{found on homeseasons}

Quiet and luxurious penthouse in Soho

This intimate and chic penthouse is located in a quiet residential building situated in Soho. The penthouse was originally a warehouse space until it was turned into a duplex by Nico Rensch of Architeam, UK and Victoria Blau Architects. Now it’s a stylish, modern and minimalist penthouse with lots of interesting details in terms of interior décor. Of course, the most impressive area of the duplex would be the living room.

Luxurious penthouse in Soho

It’s just any living room. It’s a double height space with a glass enclosed Zen viewing garden that manages to connect the inhabitants with the beauty of the nature. Such properties are rare and hard to find so we’re very lucky to have found this one and to be able to present it to you. The penthouse covers three levels and it features a total of approximately 3.500 square feet of interior space, plus 2200 square feet of exterior space consisting in private terraces and beautiful landscape.

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The Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk

Standard computer desks usually feature a compact design with lots of drawers and shelves for storage. However, something it’s nice to get out of the ordinary and forget about everything and go after your heart. If your heart tells you to go for something chic, elegant and stylish, then we have something you might like. The Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk is an unusual piece, both striking and inspiring.

The Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk

This is basically an L-shaped glass desk produced by Z-Line Designs. Because of its shape, it’s ideal for corner placement. Moreover, it’s a desk that could be sued by two persons simultaneously so the couples would love it. The desk features a sturdy metal frame with reinforced plates on welding joints and a black powder coat finish. The top is 6mm/5mm tempered glass.

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An aparment full of color and life

We all dream about redecorating our apartments according to our own style and personality and, at the same time, we want to do it the best way possible. Pedro Varela and Renata Pinho, architects who did a great job with an apartment in Porto,Portugal, provided one of the most enchanting solutions.

The result is so good, that you have the impression of finding yourself in a perfect place. What fascinates more than anything else is the color: yellow, as nothing compares to a color that makes you feel happy, full of life and enthusiasm and definitely makes you dream about the moment when you get back home.

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Great DIY Hypertufa Table

When you have a house of your own with a garden and beautiful yard all you can think of is how can you relax and enjoy the fresh air on these wonderful summer days taking advantage of these great spaces?

How to Make a Hypertufa Table

All you can do it is to add some pieces of furniture that can make your relaxing moments more enjoyable.This DIY Hypertufa Table is a great project for your patio. Perhaps you should know some things about hypertufa first.Hypertufa is an anthropic rock made from various aggregates bonded together using cement.

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Wood Grain Bath Rug

When I was a little girl I used to spend a lot of time at my grandparents who lived near the woods. Every once in a while my grandpa would cut a tree and chop it until it was perfect for the fireplace. I was simply fascinated by all the circles inside the tree trunk and I asked my grandpa what they were. I found out that they marked the number of years in the tree’ s age. It seemed so cool! I counted the age of so many trees since then, but I still like the pattern made by all those concentric circles so different in shade and intensity.This Wood Grain Bath Rug is a very well done replica of this pattern and proves to have a great design.

The rug is perfect for the bathroom because it is made of polyester and this material is very good for wet places, as it dries rapidly and does not catch mold easily. Besides, the rug has a latex backing which has anti-slip and anti-skid qualities. This way you will be perfectly safe in the bathroom, even when it is damp. But you cannot use bleachers or very strong detergents, but you can wash it in the washing machine. You can buy it now for $19.99.


French Chef’s Kitchen Island with Wine Racks

Since in the kitchen there’s usually no way you could have too many storage, a kitchen island is usually a very good idea. It provides both storage and some additional work space, plus it can also be used as a decorative piece. Here’s a beautiful kitchen island design, with an elegant design an antique look.

Kitchen Island with Wine Racks

It was crafted with a metal frame and a thick rubberwood butcher-block top. It’s a very practical piece of furniture, featuring drawers, wine racks, shelves and towel bars that make each piece unique. The corners are wrapped in brass plated and the island also features a think, solid wood structure. The wood has an antique or vieux bois stain sealed with a matte varnish that gives it a very distinguished look.

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