DIY Hoop Display Board

Bulletin boards and display boards are used in many homes to house and show off important items or things that need to be remembered at a later time. Most of these boards are made of cork and allow you to use push pins to attach and display items. But these pins can damage important items and many of these boards are fairly plain.

hoop display board

But there are other types of bulletin boards available. Here is an easy way to make a display board that leaves room for customization and won’t leave holes in your items.

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Make A Statement With A Metallic Kitchen Backsplash

When designing or remodeling a kitchen, the backsplash is one of the most important elements and one that you spend a lot of thinking about. Of course, the usual tile is a good choice and one that allows room for creativity but you can also choose to think beyond the basic tile. For example, a metallic backsplash would surely make a statement.

The aluminum backsplash is a nice choice in a kitchen with gray elements

A metal kitchen backsplash is a good idea if your kitchen features an industrial style or if you wish to add some industrial charm to a rustic or modern décor. It’s also a good option for minimalist kitchen interiors and a way to create a focal point without using bold colors.

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Easy 10 Ways To Spruce Up Your Garden For Spring

Spring is here, even if the temperatures in your backyard aren’t agreeing! It’s time to think about landscaping and cleaning up the garden once again. From weeding to re-mulching, it may not be the most fun part of the warm weather season but it’s essential. So, let’s take a peek at some easy ways to spruce up your garden for spring!

1. Clean it up!

Pull out any dead plants, flowers or new weeds that have popped up overnight. Grab fallen leaves, branches or any other debris left over from the winter. It’s a quick and easy pick-me-up the whole family can help out with! This means the ponds too!

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Mediterranean Villa Gets In Touch With Nature Through A Stone Facade

Featuring an eclectic design, this charming country house combines elements from the modern, industrial, rustic and classical styles, all melted in a beautiful mix and balanced throughout. The building is a villa in Mallorca and it was designed by Mastre Paco. The main concern when designing it was achieving a strong connection with the outdoors and creating a relationship between the two environments.

That was done by using materials such as stone and wood. The stone facade gives the villa a bohemian look, especially with the beautiful greenery surrounding it and complementing it with color.

The wooden shutters are also a very charming feature. The interior is a little different, here you find white beams and natural stone walls which, combined, create an unexpected décor. The flooring in the living area has a rough texture and it’s an element which maintains the organic and natural look and doesn’t let the interior become too modern.

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Bring Up Baby In Style From Day One – 30 Lovely Girl Nursery Room Design Ideas

As promised, we’ve gathered a bunch of ideas and examples for baby girl nursery rooms. Let’s say you have a baby girl. Don’t instantly jump to pink as the main color, although it’s a very valid and nice choice. Explore the options and think in steps. Be creative and, more importantly, have fun. If you’re more interested in ideas you can use for a baby boy nursery decor, then take a look at our article on this subject and find out more.

A nursery room with a traditional feel and classical décor elements

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Spring Cleaning: A Room-by-Room Guide

There’s something about the change in seasons, especially winter into spring, that makes us want to start fresh. This is probably why spring cleaning is so common – out with the old and grey, in with the new and fresh. But deep cleaning an entire house can be a daunting task, so much so that it sometimes never gets done at all because we don’t know where to even begin.

We know everyone’s time is valuable, which is why we created this Homedit spring cleaning guide. This guide provides an efficient and thorough game plan for your spring cleaning this year, taking you from room to room and focusing on getting in, getting it done, and getting out.

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20 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Light Switches

Light switches are most likely less visible for some of us. That doesn’t mean we don’t have to take them into account. On the contrary, they are as important as the furniture is, or any other decorative item in your room. Every detail counts so why don’t you let the switches say something about you?

1. Book spine light switch cover

If you have a home library, it would be a shame to spoil the décor of this sacred room with an ordinary switch. Books can also be used as decorative items, so, in this case, I believe a book spine light switch would be more appropriate. You only need a simple light switch cover, glue and 2 or 3 book spines (depending on the size switch). Use an X-acto knife to get the edges even.

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