Outdoor bathroom designs

Outdoor bathrooms are increasingly gaining popularity all across the globe. Whether it is chilling cold climates or sunny warm climates, people are enthusiastically considering creating outdoor bathrooms. The airy, light, decorative and natural intersection of the bathroom with the outdoors is extremely appealing, especially for people who spend a majority of their time working in computerized offices and indoors. Undoubtedly, outdoor bathrooms are an excellent method to get back to the roots, and indulge in refreshing bath while allowing the soothing elements of nature to do their work.

If you are facing a tough time in designing and decorating the bathroom, here are few interesting design ideas for the bathroom –

First and foremost, try to design your outdoor bathroom open. The concept of open outdoor bathroom is indeed very appealing and will allow you to come closer to nature. Open outdoor bathroom will make you comfortable while you gaze at the blue sky while bathing, and also allow you to take a deep breath of fresh air travelling inside the area.

There is a wide range of bathtubs available in the market. You can either choose to go with the simple and elegant ones or install innovative and latest bathtub designs. It is advisable to keep in mind the available space and projected budget. Alternatively, a shower system may also be selected in cases marked with limited space and budget.

The color scheme you choose for your outdoor bathroom should blend with the nearby area. If you have trees and plants close to the outdoor bathroom, choose colors that complement greenery. Aqua blue, citrus green and bright orange may be selected for outdoor bathroom close to the swimming pool area.  Certain contrasting colors such as shades of black and red may also be selected to spice up things.

For the flooring of the outdoor bathroom, try and select options that feature brick or stone like finish. Gray and white stones may be used to create a boundary around the shower area. Varied colored tiles in different combinations may also be used to highlight the space.

Lighting is another vital element that can be taken into consideration to design the outdoor bathroom effectively. Employ solar powered lights on the ground and sidewalk for a mesmerizing experience.Lastly, decorate the place with delicate potted plants and ferns. Leafy plants would do the needful.

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4 Responses to “Outdoor bathroom designs”

  • Joseph says:

    It’s a slick concept–but a bit too open for me!

  • dl says:

    Ok, very fancy. But I just want ideas for a comfort station that is outdoors. A place to go to the toilet without going inside say if doing yard work, or for visitors to a yard party to use. Ideas for simple but functional “facilities” in my back yard / patio area.


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