Original DIY Industrial Pendant Light

Those of you who would like to get an original design for a pendant light there is a great DIY project that can help you create an artistic pendant lamp design which can make your room look wonderful.

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In a space details make all the difference. A lamp, a certain type of table or some decorative items can create a special ambiance that will express your personality and your own special style and preferences. There people who prefer a colorful interior with unusual designs for their pieces of furniture or create their own original decorative pieces and people who are more sober and stylish and prefer an elegant interior with modern furniture and special objects that can decorate their house.

This interesting DIY project refers to a nice DIY Industrial Pendant Light that looks artistic and imitates the shape of a green fence. This nice DIY project will help you transform a simple bulb light into an attractive pendant light that will also bring a piece of nature inside your house.

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The process of creating this pendant light is really simple and all you need for this project is: a bulb guard, a bulb cord kit and a sparkly stick thingies. Now all you need to do is to yank the sparkly bits off the central stick and then twist them onto the bulb cage and your original pendant light is ready.{found on auntpeaches}