Original bed clothing inspired by notebook paper sheets

While children and especially teenagers can’t wait to get out of school and get away from all the notebooks and books, it’s not the same for grown ups. They actually miss the old days when they were going to school with all their friends and colleagues, when they had homework and essays to write. It’s funny how time can make you miss something that you almost hated a while ago. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everybody.

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This very different perspective will probably create opposite reactions for children and adults when they see this unusual creation inspired by notebook paper sheets. This funny bed clothing reproduces exactly the lines of the notebook. The set features a blue and red line patters on a dark beige background. Most notebooks have a white background but the dark beige is actually a very clever choice because it will trigger the nostalgia of the user with this vintage look.

It’s a very original and fun idea, even though some of us might have nightmares while sleeping in these sheets and other will have sweet anamnestic dreams. The paper sheets seem so real that you even want to write on them. This might not be such a good idea since ink is hard to get out of fabric. But if you use a non-toxic and non-permanent ink this could actually be very fun.{found on etsy}