Orchid chair

There are two most important aspects that should be considered before buying a chair is whether the way it makes you feel is good and if the way that it allows you to sit is good for your spine. Back to the Orchid chair which is a great design chair made by Jin kim.The black version is more interesting with the Orchid and more accentuated. This chair is called the Orchid chair only because of the orchid painted on it – on the back rest. It comes in two models: black and white and, of course, the orchid is painted in white on the black chair and vice versa so as to obtain the best visual effect by contrast.

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The design of this chair is pretty special, too, as you can see the back rest getting prolonged until it reaches the ground and the balance is ensured by the two front legs supporting the rest of the chair. It is totally made of wood that is painted and lacquered and has a very delicate and nice shape, with a bit of a curve on the back rest, giving its whole appearance elegance and style.