Ocean Mirror with Stingray Frame

Mirrors usually reflect the surface placed in front of them and when they are facing the blue skies or some water they seem to be depicting the ocean itself. Mirrors are also very nice and effective home accessories because they look so nice in any room you may place them. So, except for the very pragmatic use – when people use them to see their reflection and adjust it, mirrors can be used to bring a certain specific touch of elegance and style to any home. This Ocean Mirror with Stingray Frame is all the more special because its frame is made of a very unusual and rare material: stingray skin.

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Stingrays are mainly known because they look like giant and unusual birds living under the ocean. They are actually fish but their skin is very resistant and when it is dried it is used for manufacturing different objects. Craftsmen love this material because it looks great, has a whitish look and also makes every object pretty special. To be honest, stingrays remind me of the late “crocodile hunter” Steve Irwin, but this mirror is really beautiful, so I try not to think of this, but of the special design and the amazing way of processing stingray skin until it is ready to be used in the frame of a mirror. This mirror is available for 2,033 at Uber Interiors.