No° 0094 John Houshmand’s Low Table

With creativity and talent you can turn anything into art and beauty. There are numerous examples that perfectly reflect that. Many artists and designers used salvaged materials or repurpose items to give them a new function and a new life. When he designed the No° 0094 table, John Houshmand used salvaged wood. The result is not a table that has an old and worn look but one that looks modern and very chic.

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The table is part of Collection 03. The designer uses only salvaged hardwood and his creations are thus timeless pieces. By using salvaged wood not does he show his interest in preserving the environment but he also shows us how something apparently without hope and use can become a piece of something new and amazing. Such transformations are always interesting and spectacular. In the case of this particular table, it’s not the complexity of the design that impresses. The table is very simple and has a minimalist design.

In order to showcase the importance of the salvaged wood in his creations, the designer always managed to emphasize the natural beauty of this material. In this case, the base of the table is composed of several pieces of wood arranged in an apparently random pattern. They are encased in a transparent structure. This way they are visible from all sides and they have become the star of the design. The minimalism of the table does not make it ordinary.

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Posted in Design And Concept on August 3, 2009

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