Nice DIY Acrylic Bedside Table and Lamp

Once you have become a parent your life has changed completely. Nothing seems to be like it used to be and all the time the baby comes on the first place. A baby needs a lot of things and you will discover how much your house decoration will change. All the baby’s things will occupy your territory and you will find out that you need an extra wardrobe, a place for the crib, some boxes for the toys, and special tools for preparing the food or his or her hygiene.

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A table lamp and a bedside table are things that should become compulsory when you have a baby. On the bedside table you need to put all sorts of things that are necessary to be close to you and a table lamp will become helpful each time the baby wakes you up during the night. Believe me that on the first two months you will need these things as the baby wakes you up from two to two hours.

The following DIY project is a real help for those who need such things. It combines a bedside table and a lamp together. Actually there is a lamp which is placed inside a bedside table. This project refers to a nice DIY Acrylic Bedside Table and Lamp.

The process is real simple, all you need to do is to buy some acrylic pieces that you must glue them together with an acrylic glue. Then you must spray some glue on the lace and stick it to the underside of the table.{found on at}