Newport Bowl by Jill Rosenwald

Great chefs know a very important secret in the kitchen: the way in which you present the food is almost as important as the food itself because it makes you want to taste it in order to be able to see just how good it is. I am no exception to this rule and I always appreciate a nice-looking plate. Even if I am eating the most boring food, if the plate looks appetizing it makes me feel better and think better about the food, too. That is why I think this wonderful Newport Bowl by Jill Rosenwald is an amazing piece to have in everyone’s kitchen.

The first thing you notice about this bowl is the colour: vivid and daring, but attractive orange. This colour make you wonder, makes you curious about the content of the bowl and is a challenge in itself.  Then you immediately notice the interesting pattern. It is a kind of inverted “fleur de lis” – the symbol of the French royalty – that lies within an orange heart with a thick white contour. The design is definitely modern and simple, but very attractive. And Jill Rosenwald, the designer who created this bowl, certainly did a great job, as you will find yourself choosing this particular bowl out of a dozen others. It is now available for $180.

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Posted in Design And Concept on April 19, 2012

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