Nautica Sutter Creek

Any plaid pattern on any cloth reminds me of the kilts the Scots wear so proudly and this bedding is no exception. But it is a pattern I like and admire, so I would love bringing it to my bedroom, too. Besides, all the mix of colours and the checkers are pretty playful and give your bedroom a comforting look. This Nautica Sutter Creek bedding set is perfect for any bedroom and it comes in five pieces, available in King or Queen size, depending on your wish or on your bed size.

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As incredible it may sound, the plaid pattern goes very well with the stripes of the pillow cases and the bed sheet. Any  way, the bedding design is important, but I think that the fabric is more important than that , if you want to have a nice and comfortable rest for the night. That is why I should mention that this bedding is entirely made of cotton, with 200 thread count sheets , so it is perfect for the hot summer about to come. It is OK to clean it in the washing machine and you will love having a bedding set that combines comfort, quality and good looks. The item is now available for $229.99.