Murray Feiss Pendant

I have said many times that I love pendant lamps, but when I saw this one I felt I really had to have it. Murray Feiss Pendant is so graceful and delicate, minutely sculpted and designed in an incredible way. The pendant looks just like a flower hanging from a nice flower stem that winds down from the ceiling, with stylized leaves and a curved shape. The light bulb is gently held inside a nice flower -like light shade that some people think similar with champagne glasses. The lamp works with a 100watt 120 volt Clear A19 Medium Incandescent light bulb .

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The pendant lamp has a Corinthian Bronze finish for the hardware and hangs gently from a strong chain secured to the ceiling. Since it is made in bronze it is pretty heavy, so it is advisable to make sure it is bolted to the ceiling and will not fall down to harm the people underneath. The nice shade is made of glass, but it is nothing usual about it. It is not clear glass, but rather matte and this allows the light to be diffuse and warm, pleasant for the ones in the room. The lamp is manufactured by Murray and Ferris and is now offered for a special price of $119.

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Posted in Lighting on January 20, 2012

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