MugStir Spoon

Most of us drink a mug of coffee in the morning, whether we do this at home or at the office. And since there are more people drinking coffee from the same place, especially at your office, you use a teaspoon to add as much sugar as you need, as people have different tastes. So every time I put sugar in my coffee I stir the coffee and then I try to find a place for my teaspoon. That can be annoying, especially when you drink your cup of coffee on the desk. Well, this interesting gadget solves my problem, as it offers the MugStir Spoon – the spoon that can stay hung to your mug so that you never lose it.

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This teaspoon sells in sets of three, each of a different colour, and is made of stainless steel. They come with a very funny coloured end (purple, pink and blue) that looks like a hook and helps you hang the spoon to the mug. This handle is silicone -coated and the stainless steel used for the spoon is perfectly safe to use with food and drinks. It measures 3.5″ long, the ideal size for coffee mugs. The set can be bought now for $10.99 from Quirky.