Molly’s stylish dresser makeover

You might be familiar with this dresser design. It’s the IKEA Rast dresser and has a very simple design, perfect for DIY makeover projects. Because it’s so simple, the dresser is like a blank canvas that be basically turned into a piece of art with nothing but some inspiration and some basic materials.

This particular dresser got a very stylish makeover. The piece belongs to Molly who wasn’t quite happy with the way the dresser looked. Also, she felt like she could do a nice job remodeling it so she didn’t waste any time and got to work. She wanted a chic look for her new dresser. She planned on including it in the dining room so it had to look presentable. In order to do that, Molly decided to take maters into her own hands. She took this lovely dresser, very beautiful, strong and durable but without an eye-catching design.

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First she had to patch up the knob holes because she had them removed. She wanted a different approach so she opted for another type of hardware for the dresser. Then she decided to paint it. She chose a beautiful tone of blue. Since it was such a beautiful color, Molly thought it would go well with some metallic accents so she chose those golden flat corners. She also drilled holes in the center of each drawer and added those campaign style pulls. Now the dresser has a whole new look, perfect for Molly-s stylish dining room.{found on ap}.

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Posted in DIY Projects on February 9, 2012

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