Modi sofa by Moredesign

Created by Moredesign , Modi sofa is a good sofa of the future: nice design, elegance, restrained and above all flexible! Useful for a small room, it is sufficient to remove or add cushions in the seating holes provided.Like a lego game , just play with modules like you want.

As you can see from the pictures, you can adjust this sofa depending on the situation and occasion you need it for. For example you can choose to place only the small pieces and obtain a stool, or add a row of taller ones for the back rest to get an armchair or even combine two seats together with a backrest in between. Or maybe put three or four bases in a row next to each other and just fill in the gaps with the appropriate parts to make a comfortable sofa. Yes, it is as easy as making a puzzle game for kids.{found on trendsnow}