Modern Wall Tile for Kitchen & Bathroom by Fap Ceramiche

Italian company Fap Ceramiche revealed its latest collection of modern wall tile for the kitchen and bathroom.These contemporary diamond-cut wall tiles come in a trendy horizontal subway style measuring 15 by 56 cm, and feature a chic satin finish atop a range of cool colors to bring a fresh face to your space.

Modern Wall Tile for Kitchen & Bathroom by Fap Ceramiche1

Modern Wall Tile for Kitchen & Bathroom by Fap Ceramiche

The tiles you use in your bathroom or kitchen are an essential part of its decor. Wall tiles especially affect the overall ambiance of the bathroom. They can make a bathroom look colorful and vibrant or dull and staid. If you are looking for bathroom wall tile ideas, you have a lot to choose from. Also can be used for kitchen. You can cover the entire wall with tiles or you can decide to tile only the wall in the shower areas or you can cover half the wall with tiles and the remaining with paint. Whichever you choose, make sure that the tiles go well with the overall feel and color scheme of your dream.

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Posted in Bathroom on January 4, 2010

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