Modern Nest chair for outdoor use

This is probably the most cozy outdoor chair there is. It might not be all puffy and fuzzy but it looks very welcoming and warm. After all, it’s not called the “nesting chair” for nothing. It’s the kind of chair that your grandma used to have on her deck, but this time with a modern design.

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It’s not only a handsome piece of furniture but also a very practical one as well. And it’s very resilient, since it’s primarily made for outdoor use. It’s crafted from all-weather polymer wicker with an antique palm finish and the frame is made from powder-coated aluminum. The dimensions are 48.75”w x 45.75”d x 28”h and, as you can imagine, it comes fully assembled.

For more comfort you can also choose to purchase the Montauk Nest Chair Cushion and, to complete the set, you can also opt for the lounge chair and the sectional. A modern and innovative approach to the classic design that quickly became popular at only 499$.

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Posted in Outdoor on April 14, 2011

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