Modern Masters Collection from Modern Rugs

The most famous rugs and carpets in the world are the Persian ones from Iran because the Iranians have a long long tradition in manufacturing them. But the technique of manufacturing very thick woolen rugs was little by little spread all over the world. In time the traditional oriental designs of the rugs were replaced by very interesting and original designs, more or less modern, depending on taste.

Personally i like the designs that are unique, even if they are a bit unusual. For example I discovered the amazing Modern masters collection of rugs that is offered by Modern Rugs and can be admired and also ordered directly online.

This collection of rugs have a very interesting design that was inspired by the modernist paintings and display geometrical shapes and wonderful combination of contour and colour. All the rugs from this collection are hand made and use wool as the only material. The wool used  has the highest quality and the design is unique and impressive. It is modern and makes the rugs look like real work of art, very similar to paintings.

The rectangles and circles get intersected and are outlines by black contours, while the perfect use of colours makes some of them look almost three dimensional. Take a look at these models rugs and you will see that I am right.You can order online and get the package at your home, without any trouble. The prices vary depending on size and model, too.