Modern Living Bath from Saturn

Active people do not have any free time. They have all kind of preoccupations or work all day long. These people do not like to lose any second and take advantage of every moment. Time is precious for them. They tend to do more things at the same time if it is possible. Nothing is lost everything is turned to good account.

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Living Bath is a bathtub that does not represent a classic, relaxing bathtub. It is a luxurious, modern bathtub. For those that think to do something else besides a bath, it is a perfect model.

Saturn presents them a multi-media bathtub. It includes: a whirlpool bath, 15’’ water-proof TV, PC and Internet through TV displayer, music therapy with MP3 digital, weight scale, digital remote control antibacterial filter, and low noise silent pump.

It is a dynamic model that assures you all the conditions of a modern bathtub. While you enjoy your bath, you can listen to your favorite music, watch a nice movie or latest news on TV. Although you take a relaxing bath, you will be able to be in touch with the outside world, so you will not miss anything important.