Minimalist and multifunctional table

We are constantly concerned about the space we need in order to feel comfortable. Our homes are never big enough. But instead of constantly expanding them and making them larger and larger we could try to save space. Multifunctional and expandable furniture is particularly useful for that purpose. This table introduces a very interesting aspect related to that concept.

The table is small so it occupies very little space in any home, regardless of the size. This alone could be a great advantage. However, the table has other surprises hidden underneath its minimalist design as well. Notice those yellow, soft, round structures that cover up the base of the base. They are not just purely decorative elements. In fact, they hide a very interesting surprise. Those yellow things can actually be removed from the table and sued as seats.

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This way this tiny piece of furniture provides you with both a functional side table, mini coffee table or accent table and four comfy seats. It’s a very interesting design that responds well to our current needs for more floor space. The table was designed to occupy very little space and to also incorporate seating units in its design. It’s a beneficial situation from many points of view. The best part is that both with and without the yellow soft seats, the table looks very beautiful, simple and modern.

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Posted in Design And Concept on September 4, 2012

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