Metal or Wooden Front doors

Front doors are an object of art, fashion statement and necessities. When choosing a front door for your new home or replacing your old front door, you shall have several options at your disposal as there are varied materials used to manufacture front doors. Steel, UPVC, wood, varied metals and other composite materials are all used for the making of a front door. Even though there are numerous options, but the two prominent materials since decades have been wood and metal. Both these materials possess their own pros and cons, and it is very difficult to point one as superior to the other.

Below is a list with detailed features of both metal and wooden front doors that shall help you in the selection of either of them –

Wooden front doors are known to be strong and durable. Individuals, who are hunting for an energy efficient material, must settle for wooden doors as they are weather resistant and can protect your home from outside temperature. Wooden unlike metal is a renewable resource and hence wooden front doors are environment friendly.

Wooden doors should be selected if privacy is utmost importance for you and your family. Wood is a sound absorbent material and hence wooden doors block outside noise to travel in the premises and also vice versa. For those who stay in noisy neighborhoods, wooden doors are a necessity and not a choice.

When security comes into the picture, the fact cannot be denied that metal doors provide better and efficient security than the wooden doors. Metal doors can withstand severe weather conditions and hence are perfect for areas marked with extreme hot or cold weather conditions. They also stand well against humidity and can also be used in places with extreme heat and humidity.

If you are looking for an aesthetic look, then obviously you will like wooden doors as they are known to impart a royal and aristocratic look. You can go with carved wooden doors that are hand polished or simply choose a sturdy hardwood front door and get it painted in a pastel color. Metal doors have also been known to wear unattractive and cold look, but now this statement is no more valid as metal doors are also available in an array of designs and styles. They can also be custom designed and painted in your preferred color, and you can easily achieve a contemporary look.

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