Maxfield Pie Server

Autumn has come and it brings cooler weather and yellow leaves, rich crops and more time spent indoors. And usually, when the family is together for the weekend inside a house with full cellars (or not), it’s time for the home baked pie. It’s good and tasty even if the recipe is very different depending on the cook. Any way, no matter when you eat it and where, a hearty slice of pie is always welcomed. In these cases you would find this Maxfield Pie Server very useful.

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This pie server is not just a regular one, but it is silver-plated and it shows style and tradition, wellness and family. It has a stainless steel blade that shines brightly in the evening light of the fire and a silver-plated nickel handle. You should wash it by hand so as to avoid removing the silver layer. The pie server looks great and it is both useful and very decorative, too. You can purchase it for $45.