Mariposa Chair By Kate Rider

Kate Rider recently graduated from Edinburgh College of Art,and made the  exploring with the beautiful Mariposa Chair. A base tapered perforated metal which plays on the contrast between the feminine side decorations inspired lace and masculine image of locksmith. Mariposa chair is perfect to be used both indoors and outdoors and has a unique, delicate design.


When you look at the photo and do not know what it is in there, you might imagine it’s some kind of a decorative object or even lacework – at least that was my first impression. It is actually a lot more resistant than that as it is made of steel and this way it can support the weight of the person sitting in it, whether thin or heavier. This chair is meant to be used in pair: one painted in white and one in black, this way allowing couples to choose the one specific for their sex and also luring them into having private conversations and time spent only for two.

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Posted in Sofa and Chair on October 6, 2009

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2 Responses to “Mariposa Chair By Kate Rider”

  • Cameron says:

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  • Kate Rider says:


    If anyone is interested in these chairs, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or phone:


    Best Wishes – Kate Rider